Directors' Wives


Another door opened and a small Chinese man entered. The Chinese women knelt in adoration. He clapped his hand and they rose. He gave orders to them in Chinese. They turned to Clare and began to undress her. She thought of struggling but remembered what Mason had said about doing everything she was told. The four women surrounded her as they undressed her. Her blue business suit and matching pants, blouse, low cut black lace bra and matching knickers were swiftly removed. For a moment at least, with these women surrounding her, Clare felt safe. But Mr. Wu clapped his hands again and the women stood aside, revealing Clare's nakedness. He stared at her lush body and Clare tried to cover her breasts and trimmed pussy but, Mr. Wu gave orders in Chinese and the women filed out.

He walked towards Clare and reaching her, gently, but firmly, put her hands to her sides. He walked around her and seemed to be surveying every inch, every contour of her beautiful body. Clare was on display and she felt humiliated.

"You are a very beautiful woman."

He beckoned her to the bed without another word and she lay down on it. There was no mistaking what he wanted. He had been wearing a red silk dressing down with a large yellow dragon on the back and front. When he discarded it, he was naked.

Clare was amazed at the size of his hardened cock. It was huge and seemed out of proportion to his small frame. He mounted Clare and began to kiss with enormous passion. She didn't want to, but she responded just as eagerly. The mere physical contact of his smooth skin made Clare's nipples react in an excited way.

Mr. Wu kissed her neck, her shoulders and finally halted at her magnificent breasts. For a moment he paused, as if in sheer admiration at her enormous assets. He resumed his kissing, sucked gently on her right nipple, then left, systematically switching between the too. It brought deep moaning from Clare.

"Uuuugh" was all she could manage.

He went between her breasts and licked and kissed, travelling down her bare, slim body. Clare did not care now. She was lost in her own fantasy. A fantasy of a lover seducing her and ravaging her body.

"Oh my God, oh my God."

This, she repeated, many times.

Clare became ecstatic with joy as her "lover" gently pierced her trimmed pussy and gently licked left, then right in a loving, tender way.

Mr Wu was careful not to make Clare climax until he was ready. He eased his swollen cock gently into her pussy and with expert rhythm, began to push in and out. The increasing pace excited both of them. They were now both lost in this world of mutual lust. They both began to moan and scream. Each moan and scream grow louder with each corresponding movement. The friction caused the heat of their bodies to increase and this led to them both to perspire heavily.

Clare's juices began to flow wildly and Mr Wu began to cum. The collision of his hot cum and Clare's juices made them both scream.

"Aaaargh," they exclaimed together. They were both breathless and just sheer, mutual exhaustion, made them sleep.

Next morning, Clare was woken by a sensational feeling in her pussy. She looked down and saw a young Chinese woman in her early twenties, gently caressing it.

"Ooooh." moaned Clare.

The sensation stopped with the sound of clapping hands and a firm order barked in Chinese by Mr. Wu. The young woman bowed respectfully and left.

He took Clare by the arm and had her kneel before him . His huge, hardened cock was directly in front of her face. There was no mistaking what he wanted.

Clare took this huge piece of manhood and slowly began to suck. She began to bob in and out, all the time noticing Mr. Wu's increasing pleasure with each stroke.

"Mmmmm," she muttered as her rhythm increased. She could feel the first few drops of cum. Finally an explosion of cum in her mouth overflowed on to her face and down her chin. Mr. Wu screamed in joy. Breathlessly, he spoke to Clare.

"You have done well. I believe your services will be further required by my company."

"Oh no, Mr. Wu. I did this just to save my husband's job. It fulfils his contract."

"I'm afraid you misunderstand, young lady. The contract is only valid as long as you service my needs. Mr. Mason assures me of this."

"The bastard never said anything to me?"

"Nonetheless. It is true. Now please get dressed and leave. I have a very busy schedule this morning."

Clare was in shock as she walked to her car. As she sat behind the wheel she tried to comprehend what had gone on. She pinched herself. Maybe it was just a nightmare. No, it was real alright. She had been trapped by her past. John Mason had her in a prison of sexual servitude and there was nothing she could do. Her eyes began to well up as she drove home, angry and dejected.

To be Continued...

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