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Dirty 30

byC Love©

For my 30th birthday four friends and I decided to have a weekend blowout in Miami. We rented adjoining hotel rooms in a hotel too expensive for us to normally stay in. We had dinner at a fancy steakhouse that required jackets, and we took a limo from the restaurant to the club where we'd reserved a VIP table. The five of us rolled into the club like rock stars and as we were being led past the velvet rope, I immediately noticed a group of beautiful young women at the other side of the bar. I made eye contact with one of them, a gorgeous dark curly haired Latina with almond eyes and pouty lips.

As we all got settled in I asked the guys if they'd noticed the same group of girls, and to a man we'd all seen them. After a round of drinks, we asked our hostess to buy the ladies a round and invite them to join us. A few minutes later I saw them making their way toward us. There were seven of them, all early to mid 20's, all straight out of a bikini magazine, and one in every flavor. The girl I'd made eye contact with was Stefani, part Cuban part Colombian. There were two blonds in the group, Jill and Alison, one tall and skinny, the other curvy with great breasts. One aerobics instructor from Barbados named Kessia. A short redheaded Costa Rican named Nati. A brunette from New York with a perfect ass named Amy, and one biracial beauty with green eyes named Ana.

The ladies joined us for drinks and things progressed pretty quickly from there. I took a couple of turns on the dance floor with both Stef and Kessia, and everyone seemed to be hitting it off quite well. The drinking and the dancing soon turned into some rather familiar touching, sitting on laps, and eventually some kissing. I didn't really think anything of it when Dan started making out with the busty Alison, or when Amy used her perfect ass to give an impromptu lap dance to Tony. But when Ana, who was sitting on Eric's lap, leaned over to kiss Kessia, who was sitting on my lap, then kissed me, and followed that with an approving bite of her lip and a moan of "mm hmm," I knew the night was going to get out of hand.

As the kissing and groping and fondling started to become more common and get more out of control, Brent finally suggested we all go back to the hotel. The only problem was that the limo rental was only one-way, so we'd have to grab taxis back to the hotel, and with 12 people, that was a lot of cabs. I hopped in a taxi between Stefani and Kessia, and had a hand on each of their asses as they both leaned in toward me. I kissed Stef while Kessia nibbled and sucked on my neck, and then turned to kiss Kessia while Stef bit my neck. Their hands were rubbing my chest and my crotch as I went back and forth kissing one and then the other. Just when I was about to pop, the cab came to a stop and we hurried up to the room.

We did a pretty good job of controlling ourselves in the elevator—just some light petting—but as soon as we walked into the room the clothes began to fly. Brent was already there, lying on the bed with Nati sitting on his face and Jill sucking his cock, all three of them naked.

As the three of us were helping each other out of our clothes to join them, Kessia leaned forward over the bedside table to take off her jewelry. Without even thinking, I dropped to my knees, and buried my face in her beautiful backside, licking her moist pussy from behind. She grabbed the table for support and let out a moan. She lifted up one leg and put it on the bed to give me better access to her pussy. But before I could get a better angle, Stefani was on her knees in front of me, licking at Kessia crotch. I could feel Kessia's knees get weak as Stefani's tongue played with mine inside of Kessia's pussy. I heard the door open and close and knew another threesome was joining the party. I didn't look, but I heard Dan come in and knowing his penchant for busty blonds, figured one of the girls had to be Alison.

I had my left arm wrapped around Kessia's waist to hold her steady, with the other hand reaching down to finger Stefani's neglected pussy. Stef had one hand on my cock, stroking me, with the other fondling Kessia's breasts. Finally Kessia's dam burst and with a major convulsion of her entire body, love juice came flowing like a river. Stef and I did our best to lick it, but I felt some dribble down my chin. It wasn't there long as Stef began to lick my chin and neck and face clean. She soon pushed me down onto my back and we began to make out, with her body rubbing against mine, her trimmed pussy teasing my fully erect cock.

I discovered pretty quickly that Stef really enjoyed when I would firmly grab her ass or breasts, and so I did, as well as pull her hair and suck her neck and tits. I looked up as Eric, Tony and Amy walked in the door to complete the orgy. Dan as I'd guessed had Alison on all fours on the bed, fucking her doggy style while Ana was beneath her in a 69.

Stef put a condom on my shaft and lowered herself onto me. Her pussy was so moist and warm, and I'd been involved in so much foreplay, I almost came right there, but was able to control myself and she began to ride me. The unbridled lust that we'd built up all night finally let loose in a wave of loud, furious, aggressive, sweaty sex that probably only lasted five minutes, but left both of us in a panting, post-orgasmic heap on the floor.

Kessia had pried Eric away from Tony and Amy to have his cock all to herself. Amy meanwhile, was sitting on the table with her legs wrapped around Tony's waist as he pumped in and out of her. I could tell from the grunts and screams coming from the bathroom that Brent and Ana—who'd been with other people earlier—were introducing themselves to one another, while Dan was living out his fantasy and enjoying both blonds on one of the beds. I was sitting against the wall with Stef sitting between my legs leaning her back against my chest. Nati crawled up and sat between Stef's legs as the three of us watched all of the action. We watched as Eric shot a load all over Kessia and then the two of them fell into the spoon position.

"You're not done are you birthday boy?!" He called out.

"Nope. I'm just getting started. Thought I'd take a break and enjoy the show." I replied as I played with Stef's breasts and pussy and nibbled on her neck, my cock getting hard again as I watched her in turn play with Nati's breasts and pussy. I knew the three of us would be part of the action again soon.

That was Friday night, and not one out of the 12 of us left the hotel room the entire weekend. We called room service for food, champagne, and even sent the guy out for another load of condoms. As Sunday morning dawned we were all doing a quick recap to make sure every girl had sampled every guy, and to make sure we'd christened every bed, table, shower and surface in the two hotel rooms. We started to get dressed to go checkout, but the goodbye kisses turned into goodbye quickies, and the resulting goodbye orgy ended up lasting longer than any of us anticipated.

As I sat in the seat on my flight home, I couldn't help think about how my 30's were already shaping up to be the best years of my life. I leaned back in my seat, smiled and asked the flight attendant for a blanket, because I didn't want the whole plane to see that even though he was tired, my 30 year old cock was still ready for more.

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