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Dirty Babymaking


I'd been dating Saoirse for three years when we got married. She was 22 and I was 25. I instantly fell for her. She was a Northern Irish girl working here in my native England, slim and petite, standing 5"4 with long red hair and the most beautiful blue eyes. Her figure was well proportioned despite being slim and she had the most perfect small, extremely pert breasts imaginable with an arse to match. We always had a fantastic sex life and were very adventurous. Saoirse loved to talk dirty during sex. She liked me to cum on her belly, pussy and/or tits while she brought herself off, but personally I always preffered to spend my load inside of her. I always fantasised about getting her pregnant, even though she was on the pill. The thought of petite Saoirse, having my seed gushing into her fertile womb, swelling her flat little belly with my child always turned me on. I never mentioned this to her in case it freaked her out, or she thought I really wanted a baby. We'd been married two years before I felt ready for that.

We were cuddled up on the sofa one night with a bottle of wine. Saoirse can never hold her drink and, as usual when she was typsy, she started to get horny. she began kissing me so I seized my chance and began kissing her neck and caressing her leg. She began to breathe deeply, moaning as I slid my hand up her jeans towards her tender crotch. I began to breath gently on her neck, which always sends her wild, causing her to gently open her legs to allow my hand to slowly rub her through her jeans. She turned around and kissed me passionately.

I placed my hands on her shoulders and pulled down her shoulderstraps. She pulled her top off over her shoulders revealing her milky white skin and the dark blue silky bra containing her shapely breasts. She reached around behind her and unclipped it, letting it fall to the floor. Without removing her jeans she reached down to my groin and began to unzip my fly. Lucky for me I was going commando that day!

My unbelievably sexy wife pulled my now erect cock from my trousers, kissing me again. She winked at me and said 'I'm gonna be your dirty girl tonight baby. Anything you want, just ask!"

As she had my cock in her and and wasrubbing it up and down with her palm I thought it'd be rude not to ask. "Baby," I said pleadingly "why don't you give him a little kiss?"

Saoirse was only too happy to oblige. She crouched down and, keeping her hand around my cock, lovingly kissed the tip of it. She then looked up as she began to kiss and lick up and down the length of my shaft. "Does that feel good baby?" she asked. She didn't need to ask. She already had her answer from the moaning emanating from my mouth. With this, she placed the tip between her lips and began to work her mouth up and down my entire length, using her hand to basket-weave me at the same time.

I have to admit, Saoirse is a little expert when it comes to cock sucking. Looking down and seeing my gorgeous redhead working my cock like this, I almost wanted to nut in her mouth. I reached my hands around and under her, cupping her firm, delicious breasts in my palms. She began to let out muffled moans of pleasure. I then began to squeeze her little pink nipples between my forefinger- she has a real thing for this! As her moans began to get more frequent I said "Baby, did you really mean it? Anything I want, just ask?" Saoirse pulled my dick out of her mouth and grinned.

"Of course baby. Anything you want." I was in two minds. Should I really ask her?

My fantasy eventually got the better of me. "You know your packet of pills in the bathroom?" Saoirse nodded. "Go and flush them down the toilet." She looked up at me confusedly for a moment. Her facial expressions changed as what I had asked her to do sank in. First she looked a little shocked, then she looked slightly offended, then a smile gradually began to spread across her face.

"Oh....you mean....?" I nodded my head. "Oh, baby, okay! You wanna start trying for a baby?". She Stood up and looked at me.

"I've always wanted to knock you up baby," I replied "so much that whenever I blow my load inside you I secretly fantasise that I'm impregnating you. It just turns me on soooo much!" Saoirse gave a little chuckle.

"Naughty boy!" she said as she wagged a finger at me "I've never really thought that that could turn someone on before! Well, whatever floats your boat lover!" She disappeared out of the living room door of our small one bedroom flat. I could hear her clattering about in the bathroom for a few moments before she called me in. I walked in to join her. the empty packet of pills was in the small bin next to the toilet, and Saoirse stood over the toilet with a little pile of loose pills in her hand. "Ready baby?" she asked eagerly. I smiled and nodded. She upturned her hand, sending the pills clattering down into the toilet bowl. She grinned. "Now, let's make babies!"

I took her by the hand and led her back into the living room. I looked into those deep blue sexy eyes of hers and kissed her again. She let go of my hand and walked over to our armchair, standing there in just her jeans. She smiled seductively and beckoned me over. Walking over to her I wrapped my arms around her waist and embraced her, running my hands up and down the smooth, silky skin of her back. I leaned my forehead against hers, bringing my hands around and placing then on her belly, slowly moving them up towards her breasts. I cupped my hands around her breasts once more, squeezing them gently. I then looked down at her jeans. "Well these'll have to come of if I'm to get you pregnant!" I winked, removing a hand from her breasts and placing it at the top of her button up fly. With a quick yank, I unbuttoned the whole thing, causing Saoirse to gasp in anticipation. I moved my hands to her thighs, sliding her jeans all the way to the floor.

She slowly slipped her jeans from her feet and I stood back and looked at her standing in just her silky dark blue knickers which matched her bra. We'd been married two years and were together for 3 before that, but her hot body never failed to drop my jaw. I stepped back up to her and embraced her once more, kissing her and squeezing a buttock with one hand and caressing her back with the other. I slipped the hand on her buttock into the back of her knickers and steadily brought it round to the front until I could feel her soft bed of neatly trimmed red pubic hair . I always asked Saoirse not to completely shave her thatch if she didn't mind. The fact that her hair down there was as red as that on her head made her even more attractive to me!

The hand in her knickers searched around for the little nub full of nerve endings, finally finding it. As my fingers flickered around her clit, Saoirse, her arms around my neck, began to gyrate her hips in rhythm to add to the stimulation. She began to moan deeply. She rested her forehead on my chin and continued to gyrate, a growing moistness developing between my fingers and a visible damp patch spreading in her knickers.

I plced my other hand on her left shoulder and pushed gently in a bid to get her to turn around and face away from me, which she did willingly. I then pushed her forward slightly so that she was bent over the arm of the chair. I continued rubbing her clit as I slid my hand down her back to her knickers, pulling them aside roughly before sliding my hand back up her back. The beautiful pink flesh of her pussy lips was now exposed and begging to be filled. I brought my hand around from her clit and rubbed two fingers slowly up and down Saoirse's hole. She was dripping wet be now, and, hearing her moan, I stuck two fingers deep inside her without warning. She gasped and cried out in pleasure, a little excess juice squirting from her pussy. She cried out louder and louder as I thrust my fingers in and out of her soaking pink hole, "Oh yes baby! Yes baby! Finger fuck me! That's the spot just there!"

Her pussy began to contract with orgasm. I chuckled inside. It was always so easy to make Saoirse cum. She beganpushing her hips back onto my fingers, literally fucking my hand. As she did this the cries turned quickly into ecstatic screams of lust.

I couldn't resist any longer. I unzipped my fly and reached inside to pull out my prick. Saoirse must have been able to guess what was about to happen because her body began to tremble in anticipation. I positioned myself directly behind her and started to rub the tip of my rock-hard member up and down my beautiful wife's glistening slit. She began to moan deeply again, expedting any moment to feel my cock fill her soaking, waiting hole.

"Fuck me baby...." she began to sigh almost under her breath "fuck me good and hard.....give me a baby......I'm gonna have your baby"

The sound of her asking to be impregnated sent pangs of pleasure through my whole body. I couldn't wait anymore and easily slipped my cock right into her, filling her tight pussy instantly. It felt so good I could tell I wasn't going to last very long! I started slowly, rythmically pulling my cock almost all the way out of her then all the way back in up to the hilt. As I looked down could see Saoirse's juices covering my hard cock. She was letting out regular cries of pleasure as I slid up and down her well lubricated love canal. I lookd down at her beautiful milky white skin, her flame red hair draped over her shoulders. Even with my cock buried inside her I couldn't believe my luck in being married to such a gorgeous woman!

She sped things up by pushing back forcefully against me. I grabbed hold of her hips and began to make harder, faster and more aggressive thrusts. This caused Saoirse to scream out in pleasure.

"Oh, fuck me hard!" she cried "Come on baby, you saw me thow those birth control pills away! Give me your hot, sticky seed!" I was struggling to hold on now as she continued to yell "Give me a baby! Make me pregnant! Make me pregnant!"

I burst. I let out an almighty moan of release as I sent my thick, potent semen into Saoirse's fertile and unprotected womb. Jet after jet squirted from my dick into her deepest and most intimate parts. "That's it!" she moaned as she felt my sperm impregnating her "Give it to me! Give it to me!".

As we both wound down I could feel my seed seeping out of Saoirse's pussy and along my dick and balls. I withdrew and Saoirse, exhausted, turned around to face me. We were both in a state of euphoria. "Well baby..." she panted "there's no turning back now. I'm probably pregnant now after that. There was SOOO much cum!" She smiled.

"No regrets?" I asked her.

"None." she replied "But I think we'll have to keep trying just in casethe first time didn't work." I nodded and grinned.

Over the next several weeks we kept trying for a baby. Eventally, Saoirse's pregnancy test did come back positive. That was 7 months ago now. Every day I hug my beautiful wife and gaze down at her swelling belly with pride, remembering the first time we tried.

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