tagIncest/TabooDirty Book Store Ch. 02

Dirty Book Store Ch. 02


Welcome back pervy people. ;) If you've not read "Dirty Bookstore Ch. 1" I would recommend it. It's not necessary but it will give you a general background.

Disclaimer: This story is fantasy, not real. All those depicted are over eighteen years of age, if you don't like the subject don't read it, yada yada yada. We are all adults here people, lets act like them.


Today was my best friend's first day. After my last week adventure I told her all about it and she decided to quit her retail job and join Cathy, Susan, and I at the Dirty Bookstore. John was THRILLED to say the least, he had been haggling us to help him find a new girl for a while and he took one look at Elle with her 6 foot tall frame, red hair, and ass you could balance a glass on and hired her on the spot. He took her photo and posted it along with ours on the website and advertised her as our new sub and the reservations came pouring in (I still hold the top spot though ;) ).

I brought her in on a Monday night; usually a quiet night but we still get a good number of guys (and girls for that matter). George met us at the door, eyeing the pair of us lustily. Tonight I wore skintight jeans and a see through lace top with a bright red bra. Elle wore ripped jeans and a plain black tank top. He whistled at me and swatted my ass.

"Whose you friend Catie?"

"This is Elle," I said giving her a little push forward. "John just hired her." She shook George's hand and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Is anyone in observation?" I asked.

"I think Susan is tied up." George laughed and opened the door for us.

We entered observation to see Susan being fucked hard by a large hairy bear of a man. Sweat was running down his body and he was pounding her sweet pussy furiously, obviously close to erupting his cum inside her. Susan was bound on the cushion and by her screams and the look on her face she was obviously enjoying herself.

"Oh god yes! Fuck me! Fuck ME! Make me your whore!!"

I pointed to the mirror and explained the idea of observation to Elle as we walked through. When we got in to the store we saw another beefy man jacking himself off and spurting his spunk all over the mirror while watching Susan get pounded.

"Hey buddy!" John yelled from the register. "You better clean that up!" John chucked a towel at the man's head. The man grunted as he milked the last of his cum from his short thick cock and set to cleaning himself up.

"Hey John," I said, approaching the desk with Elle on my heels. "What have we got today?"

"Well hello again Elle." He smiled and kissed both our cheeks. "Catie, you've got an anonymous and two others in a few minutes and Elle you have a guy coming in about half an hour for a 5 o'clock appointment, here is what he wants."

"Alright." I took the paper John handed me and grabbed Elle by the elbow to lead her to the dressing rooms. "Thanks John."

Once I shut the door behind us I turned to her, "nervous?"

"Kinda..." she turned to the clothing racks. "Are these all for us?"

"Yep, all the girls are about the same size so we just share everything." I began riffling through the racks. "John gave me your appointment's outfit request."

"He gave you what?"

"Outfit requests, most of guys who want a sub do it." I chose her outfit and held it out for her. "Perfect." She looked at the outfit. It was a tiny, sheer, pale pink baby doll top with matching boy shorts. "He wants your hair in pigtails and oh...and don't shave." I winked at her.

As she dressed I found myself a domme outfit. Black assless chaps with red crotchless panties and a black leather bra. I also grabbed a red riding crop to bring as well.

"Do you wanna come to my appointment and wait before yours gets here?" I asked the back of Elle's head. She winced slightly as I bound her hair up into tight pigtails.

"Sure, will they mind?"

"I am the mistress." I laughed. "They aren't allowed to mind."

Dressed and ready to play we left the dressing room and when we got to the front desk I could see the back's of 3 heads in observation.

"John, Elle is gonna wait with me until her appointment." John nodded in response.

"You're toys are waiting." He grinned mischievously. "You'll see."

We entered observation and my domme side took over as I saw the men in my presence.

"Well well well...." I said facing the men. "You just couldn't stay away, could you." I asked as Elle gasped when she recognized the faces of my father and uncles (they aren't really my uncles just my dad's best friends but I've always called them uncle). They were standing as they were the last time, my daddy in the middle and Uncle Rob and William on either side. "That's right Elle...my daddy came back to see me. He and his friends are naughty little sluts who need to be punished."

She giggled as she plopped herself down into a chair giving them an eyeful of juicy pussy. As I gazed down at the men I noticed significant growths in their pants. I knelt down in front of them and placed my hands on the bugles of my Uncle Rob and Uncle Will. As I began to rub them through their pants they started to move their hips with my touch. I removed my hands and stood before them.

"Now, I am so very wet right now...see? I rubbed a finger between my wet slit and ran it under my father's nose. He groaned, his cock straining against his jeans. His tongue poked out to taste me and I decided to treat him, I watched as he sucked hungrily on my finger. His hand moved down to his rock hard dick that was still throbbing inside his pants. I removed my finger and slapped his hand away with my riding crop. "Don't even think about it." I said, "No touching...not until I give you permission."

I turned to Elle, "Ellie baby, why don't you come here and join me?" She stepped up next to me and within seconds we were attached at the mouth, her tongue twining with mine, I hardly noticed the tall handsome man in a doctors coat walk through Observation. But just as I was about to dip my finger into her wet slit...John opened the doors.

"Hey now." John laughed. "Sorry to interrupt but Elle, you're man's here." Elle sighed and gave me one last kiss and followed John out.

Once she left I resumed my place in front of the men.

"Well...."I said, staring at them, all three hand their zippers down and cocks out. "I guess you liked the show?" All three nodded vigorously. "But...didn't I say NO TOUCHING!" I shouted. All three dropped their cocks sheepishly. I slapped the ridding crop against my hand. "You will be punished...but not yet. Since you liked that so much I think I'll give you another show."

I dragged a chair directly in front of them and sat in it with my legs spread and picked up a small vibrator that I had brought with me.

"Now...you will all stroke you're cocks while you watch me but if you even think about cumming, you will all leave with blue balls. Do you understand me?" They all nodded and obediently picked up their rock hard disks.

I turned my eyes to each of them in turn as I began to rub my clit. Uncle Rob was on the left, he hand is pants and briefs pulled down to just below his balls. He hand on hand on his juicy cock and was pumping himself slowly with his fist, his other hand was cupping and tugging on his large hairy balls. I spread my legs open further and pulled my large breasts out of the leather bra cups. A collective moan went around the room as I slid the vibrator into my dripping pussy.

I began to fuck myself as I watch the other two men. In the middle was my daddy, he hand both his hands alternating on his cock, hitting the ridge where the big mushroom head connected to his shaft. A thick bead of precum was oozing from the top. Uncle Will was pumping himself hard and fast, making a loud wet squishy sound. A combination of watching my daddy and uncles jack off and not having cum in a few days and I was writhing in a massive squirting orgasm within minutes. My pussy juice spurted up and over their cocks but all 3 of them had stopped stroking themselves.

"Strip...now!" I snapped after my post-orgasmic high wore off and all three men began to strip, their still hard cocks bouncing lewdly against their stomachs. Once they were all standing naked they assembled themselves back into a row.

I approached my daddy and put his hand between my legs, his fingers sliding into my soaked pussy. He moaned slightly as did the other men.

"Do you want to fuck this pretty pussy daddy?" I asked sweetly, my tongue flicking against his ear. "Do you want your sweet baby girl to ride your dick so hard? Do you want to make me scream with your huge dick deep inside my tight pussy?"

"Oh god yes baby." He moaned, "Please let me fuck you so hard." I backed away and he whined slightly at his hand leaving my pussy.

"You have to do something for me first." I said coyly, stepping out of his reach.

"Anything baby," daddy said, his hands reaching for me. "I'd do anything for you."

"Anything?" I smiled wickedly. "You'd do absolutely anything for your beautiful baby girl?" He nodded vigorously.

"Uncle Rob, Uncle William." I pointed. "Go stand in front of Daddy." They did as they were told, their cocks bouncing as they walked. "Daddy, I want you to get on your knees and suck them so hard until they cum in your mouth and all over your body."

"What?!" Three angry voices shouted.

"You heard me." I snapped, smacking all three of them on the ass with my riding crop. "You do want to fuck this pretty pussy don't you daddy?" Daddy looked from my hand rubbing my wet pussy to the two hard dripping cocks in front of him, his own cock shrinking slightly out of fear. I hit him on the back of the knees and he dropped to the floor. "Now SUCK! And suck like you mean it." I ordered

Reluctantly daddy took Uncle Rob's cock into his mouth and grabbed Uncle William's cock in his hand and began to jack and suck.

"Oh god!" Uncle Rob moaned. "You're better then my wife!" Daddy's head began to bob up and down, he took his hand off Uncle Williams cock and stroked Uncle Rob's shaft while sucking just the large mushroom head into his mouth, his other hand began to fondle Rob's balls.

"That's it daddy." I said standing behind him. "Suck him hard, I want to see him shoot down your throat. "I pushed his head down, burying his nose into Uncle Rob's pubic hair, while daddy was deep throating Rob I looked up to see Uncle William looking slightly forlorn that he was left hanging. "Don't worry Uncle Will, I promise you'll get your turn.

By now Uncle Rob was fit to blow, his hands holding daddy's head as he fucked daddy's south like a madman.

"Oh god, oh god oh god!" He was moaning.

"Daddy, I want you to put a finger in his ass." I instructed. I licked daddy's finger and led his hand down to Uncle Rob's puckered hole. "You really want to cum don't you Uncle Rob?"

"Yes! Fuck yess! Catie, baby girl." Uncle Rob moaned, thrusting his hips harder. "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum baby. Ahhhggggh!" Daddy shoved his finger into Rob's asshole and set him off cumming like a bottle rocket. With one final thrust Uncle Rob held daddy's head down and with a grunting cry I could see his cock convulse in daddy's throat as his cum began to shoot down daddy's throat.

"Come on daddy." I stroked his hair, "swallow like a good boy." Daddy swallowed again and again obediently milking the last drops with his mouth.

Uncle Rob slumped down on the couch, breathing hard.

"Now it's Uncle William's turn daddy." I stroked his hair. "Suck his cock like a good little cocksucker and you'll get my pretty pussy as a treat." With my pussy as an incentive daddy began sucking Uncle William's cock.

"Oh shit!" Uncle William grabbed daddy's head, he'd been holding off for so long I figured it wouldn't take him long. "Oh God! That's good, suck it all you dirty little cocksucker!"

"Daddy, I want you to let him cum all over you." I told daddy. I reached around to feel daddy's massive hard-on. "I can tell you like this daddy, you're cocks all nice and hard again...and dripping."

"Uncle William." I reached around to toy with his ass. "You like daddy sucking you don't you?" He nodded and thrust his hips up making daddy deep throat him. "How bad do you wanna cum Uncle Will? How bad do you want your sweet little niece to watch you cum all over her cocksucker daddy?"

"So bad baby girl...I am almost there." His breathing was heavy as daddy began to tug on his balls. "Oh fuck! I'm cumming!" He screamed and pulled his cock from daddy's mouth, he gave it a few strokes and then his cock convulsed as he began to spew his cum. Stream after stream pumped out of his cock all over daddy's chest and stomach. He milked the last few drops and collapsed next to Uncle Rob who was somehow hard again.

Daddy stood up, covered in cum. I grinned widely at him.

"Are you ready for your present daddy?" I asked, sitting down on the cushion.

"Yes baby girl." He drew me into his arms. "I've been waiting for this for so long." He took my face into his hands and kissed me deeply. I moved my lips to his neck as I straddled him. I shoved him back onto the cushions and aligned my pussy with his rock hard dick that was dripping precum.

"Are you ready to fuck your sweet little daughter daddy?" I asked him. In response he grabbed my hips and thrust himself into my waiting pussy impaling me onto his thick cock.

"Oh god! Daddy yes! Yes! Just like that!" I screamed, rocking myself back and forth on his huge dick that was filling me up. "Fuck you're daughter, daddy." I began to ride him hard as I looked over my shoulder to the men on the couch. "Cum for me Uncle Rob, Uncle Will. Watch my daddy fuck me so hard and cum for me." I ordered. Both men grabbed their fresh erections and started stroking.

I continued to bounce myself up and down on daddy's dick. "How does it feel daddy? How does it feel to have your own daughter on top of your huge hard cock?" I panted.

"It feels so good baby." Daddy pushed me off of him and arranged me on my hands and knees facing the men on the couch. Then he grabbed my hips and began to thrust into me from behind hitting my g-spot. "How's that feel Catie? How does it feel to have your daddy fucking you from behind?" He asked as he reached around to rub my clit.

"Oh god daddy!" I screamed. "Fuck me hard daddy! Fuck me until I can't take it anymore! Make your baby girl cum!" I could feel my orgasm approaching. "Oh daddy! Daddy I am gonna cum!"

"Cum for me Catie!" Daddy growled in my ear. "Cum all over your daddy's dick."

My muscles clenched around him and my pussy juice began to squirt all over his dick and drench the cushions.

I heard a grunting cry and looked up to see Uncle William cumming all over the floor. "It looks like Catie baby is quite a squirter." He said milking his cock. I whimpered as I continued to orgasm, my muscles convulsing daddy's dick again and again.

"Cum inside me daddy." I begged. "Cum for me please!" Daddy began to thrust my poor pussy harder and harder. "Fuck me DADDYYY!" I yelled. I could feel his cock stiffen and felt the splash of his cum inside my pussy. "OOOHHH!" I moaned as his orgasm set me off into a second orgasm that milked the last drops of cum from daddy's cock.

Daddy collapsed onto the cushions and I stood up, surveying the scene. I grinned wickedly as I left the room with daddy's cum running down my leg.

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