tagFirst TimeDirty Chrissy Goes to College Ch. 2

Dirty Chrissy Goes to College Ch. 2


Hi all! Thanks for your votes on my first submission! Just to remind you, I AM real, and so are the stories! I am a 22 year old college grad – read my bio for more info!

* * * * *

Now that Rob and I had found each other, there was no separating us. We were together constantly. To my surprise, I found out Rob was a virgin! After I sucked him off in the car on the way home from the mall, he was ready to quickly give up his cherry. But I wanted to make him wait. I figured the longer we waited, the better it'd be for both of us.

That didn't keep us form tearing each other's clothes off whenever we had the chance. Rob was studying Physics in college. One day, I walked in the Commons and saw Rob sitting there engrossed in a Calculus book. The Commons doubled as the theater the drama group performed in. During lunch time, there were tables set up on the stage, and Rob was camped out at one of them. I was wearing a form-fitting take-top with spaghetti straps, thigh highs and a tiny black miniskirt. I sat down next to Rob, facing out toward the rest of the students in the Commons. I knew anyone could look up my skirt and see my bare pussy. I rarely wore undies. The thought of some guy (or girl) getting a glimpse of my tight pussy made me start to get wet. I put me hand on his thigh, and stroked it gently.

"Let's go back to my place," I purred in his ear, We often cut class and went to my house during the day while my parents were at work.

"Can't...Calculus is kicking my ass. I have class in three hours and I need to finish these logarithms," he replied.

"Aw, come on," I whispered. "Would you rather be doing Math?," I asked, "Or would you rather be doing me?" With that, I snapped the garter holding up my right thigh high stocking. Rob heard it, quickly put his hand on my thigh and said, "Let's go!"

We were at my house in minutes, tearing off each other's clothes. We got to my room, turned on some soft music, and fell naked into my waterbed. Rob lay to my left. I reached over and stroked his stiff cock as he kissed me deeply, my soft velvety tongue circling his. He put his whole hand over my shaved, wet pussy, and rubbed my clit with the base of his palm. He slowly slid his middle finger inside of me. I moaned, softly, while moving my hand lower, playing with his swollen, huge balls. I looked down and saw the shaft of his cock was red and ready to burst.

I got up on my knees next to him, filled my mouth with spit, and slowly lowered my mouth to the base of his rod. I reversed my way back up, sucked firmly on it until it noisily popped out of my mouth. Then I licked a trail down to his balls. I carefully sucked one, and then the other into my mouth. Rob groaned and moved his right hand under my ass and back to my moist cunt. He wiggled a finger inside my sugar walls while I spread his legs and ever so softly tongued his puckered little asshole.

I swung my right leg over him, and straddled his body. We had been playing this same game for weeks. I hovered my wet little pussy over his hard fucking cock. Grabbing it with my right hand, I rubbed it over my clit. Slowly and in circles at first. Then faster and faster, ever increasing my pace. I came quickly, shuddering with a small orgasm that nevertheless poured juice all over Rob's balls. Next, I moved his cock back and forth across my opening. We had been doing this for weeks. Usually, I say, "Can I put it in?" Then Rob would reply, "Yes..." only to stop me at the last second.

This time, he didn't stop me.

I slowly moved down his cock. It was so big around I though I almost cried out in pain! I had to lower myself onto it very slowly. Rob seemed to hold his breath the whole time. When I finally reached the base of his cock, he said, "God that feels incredible!" I lowered my chest onto his and we stared held each other for a few moments, before I slowly lifted my pussy off his cock. He tried to lift his hips, but I reminded him we needed to take precautions. I reached over and pulled out a condom from the drawer in my nightstand. Rob quickly grabbed it form my hands, tore it open and hurriedly covered his cock.

I put my hands on his chest to steady me, and I slowly started to move up and down on his hardness. Rob put his hands on my ass, as moved faster and faster over him. Up and down on his cock, as the friction of his pubic hair hitting my clit brought me closer and closer to the edge. Rob started meeting my pussy with rapid thrusts of his hips. Harder and harder we fucked, under finally, I started to feel his cock twitching deep inside my stomach. I brought my right hand to my clit and started stroking it.

"I'm cumming!" Rob exclaimed.

I couldn't respond, because just as I felt the rubber balloon up with his warm cum, my pussy started to contract around his cock. I felt like I was milking the hot jizz from his cock. He kept thrusting into me, until the pulsations in his rod finally subsided, and my pussy melted around his cock. I laid down again against his broad chest, lightly kissing his nipples. I moved m lips to his, and kissed him. He licked my lips.

"That was incredible," I sighed.

"No it wasn't...it was more than that," replied Rob.

We both laid there, and fell asleep. We woke up a few hours later, and realized it was almost time for my parents to get home. Rob got dressed and we quickly made the bed. The next day, my mother found the used condom in a tissue next to my bed. She questioned my about it, and told my father. Gold old Dad made Rob come over and read him the 'riot act'. He shouldn't talk...the way he likes to peek in on me while I am getting out of the shower...but that's another story altogether!

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