tagGroup SexDirty Debbie Gets Owned

Dirty Debbie Gets Owned


Gabbie was sitting out by the pool in her aqua string bikini. It just barely covered her perky B cup boobs. At 18 years old, Gabbie was by far one of the most gorgeous girls on the block. She was 5 ft. 1 in. tall and 90 lbs. She had braces but pulled it off well. She had long legs and long dark hair. She was well tanned and loved to look good. She decided since no one was home that she was going to try to get rid of tan lines. She pulled off her tiny top to let her tits get some sun. She rubbed her lotion on them and her nipples got hard and she let a low moan. It was then she noticed that her neighbor Debbie was watching her from Debbie's upstairs window and decided to put on a little show.

Debbie was 31 years old, 5ft. tall and 120 lbs. with 34DD tits. She had blue eyes and long honey blond hair. She was in her bedroom upstairs when she noticed Gabbie sitting out by the pool in her string bikini. She thought Gabbie was gorgeous but didn't realize how hot she was until she saw her take off her small bikini top. It made her pussy wet immediately. Then the most amazing thing happened. As Debbie watched her, Gabbie starting to play with her gorgeous tits. She pinched her nipples and squeezed her boobs together. She took her right hand off her tit and reached across her flat tummy and undid the strings on the side of her thong so she could rub her young tight cunt. Knowing she was being watched made Gabbie even hornier as she rubbed her clit hard working herself up. As Gabbie rubbed her cunt, Debbie reached into her pants and matched Gabbie's movements. What Debbie didn't realize is that Gabbie knew she was being watched. It made her orgasm that much more intense knowing the hot neighbor was watching her. Debbie watched as Gabbie came hard, and at that moment Debbie came too. It was the most erotic experience ever for Gabbie, and she realized she wanted to fuck Debbie.

The next day Gabbie hatched a plan to get what she wanted from her beautiful neighbor. She waited to her parents went to work and invited her boyfriend over to go swimming. She put on her red, white and blue bikini which was her smallest swimsuit she owned. The top just barely covered her big pink nipple and the bottom was no bigger than a piece of rope. She wanted his little soldier to be at full attention while she teased him. And she was going to tease him until she knew Debbie was watching her.

When Gabbie's boyfriend got there she led him out to the pool shaking her ass while she walked. She could already see the tent forming in his swim trunks. She conspicuously looked over towards Debbie's house thru her sunglasses to see if she was watching out her window. Debbie was once again looking out the window so Gabbie decided it was time for the show.

"Sit right here for a minute." She told her boyfriend.

The dark-haired bombshell walked to the other side of the pool and dove in. She swam under water to the near side and climbed out and walked towards her boyfriend. She started rubbing her tits over her bikini top while walking towards him. As she approached him she turned her ass towards him and ground it into his hardening cock. He let out a soft moan as she performed a lap dance. His cock felt so good sliding up and down her ass crack. She reached up and undid her top letting her tits bounce free. She then stood up, turned around and dropped to her knees and pulled out her boyfriend's rock hard piece of man meat. She started to rub her hand up and down his shaft with one hand while reaching into her tiny bikini bottoms with the other. She looked over to the neighbor's house and saw Debbie reaching into her own shorts. That was all the incentive she needed to gobble the big cock in front of her in her mouth. She stuck her boyfriend's hard on deep in her mouth causing her to gag and slobber all over it. Gabbie took his cock out and started to lick his ball sack while stroking his hard boner. She sucked one ball at a time. She loved the taste of his balls on her tongue. She then sucked down his cock again working it deep in her throat. Gabbie was so good could deep throat a baseball bat she was that talented. She continued to suck him off as she played with her wet cunt, shoving her fingers deep inside.

Debbie watched from her window as Gabbie deep throated her boyfriend's hardness. She couldn't believe how hot this made her. She had started fingering herself inside her jeans but it wasn't enough. Unaware that she could be seen by Gabbie, Debbie stripped down in her bedroom and grabbed favorite toy. It was 10in. long, silver and white vibrator with a curved end. She started to rub against her clit just as Gabbie stood up and pulling her bikini bottoms off. She straddled her boyfriend's hard cock and slammed herself down on its hardness. Gabbie rocked back and forth on his cock trying to get it as deep as possible inside her slick wet pussy. Watching this, Debbie shoved her vibrator in her own tight cunt. Gabbie rode her boyfriend's cock hard and fast feeling her orgasm build up. She was ready to explode all over her boyfriend's prick. Knowing she was being watched made her even hotter and hornier. She got off her boyfriend and got on her hands and knees looking towards Debbie's house. Her boyfriend got behind her and stuffed his cock deep in her cunt.

"No, I want in my ass." Gabbie shouted.

Her boyfriend withdrew from her tight, wet pussy and eased in her ass. Debbie couldn't believe it. She never thought Gabbie was such a dirty girl. As Gabbie got her ass pounded by her boyfriend, Debbie fucked herself hard with her toy. Her own orgasm was building and ready to gush out. Her knees got weak as she came harder than she had cum in a long time.

Gabbie's boyfriend pounded her tight asshole harder with every stroke and was ready to cum also. He pulled out of her ass and spun her around and let go as he jizzed all over her face and tits. Gabbie took his cock and licked him clean loving the taste of her girl juice, her ass and his sperm all at one time. She then looked over to Debbie and blew her a kiss.

Debbie couldn't believe what just happened. Not only did she just watch her neighbor's daughter have sex, apparently Gabbie knew it the whole time. She didn't know what to do but she swore she'd never do that again. Little did she know this was only the beginning.

Around lunchtime, Debbie's phone rang. When she answered it, it was Gabbie.

"I know you were watching me, I suggest you come over and talk to me about it or I will tell my mom that you were watching me" was all she said and hung up.

"Shit!!" was all Debbie could think.

Debbie walked across the yard towards the neighbors' house and knocked on the door. Gabbie answered and told her to come in. When Gabbie shut the door, Debbie turned to her and gasp. Debbie was wearing a very hot schoolgirl outfit, a button up shirt sleeved shirt that was slightly too tight, a short plaid skirt that barely covered her tight ass, knee high socks and heels. Her hair was in pigtails. Debbie instantly felt her cunt getting wet.

"So you like watching me fuck my boyfriend huh? And also I caught you watching me masturbate yesterday too." Gabbie said.

"Omg, I'm so sorry."

"Don't be it made me even hornier knowing you were watching. But know you have to make it up to me. You are gonna fuck me."

"I don't think that's appropriate. You are only 18."

"I don't care. You were watching me and now you're going to be my little sex slave. If not, I'll tell my folks that you watched me and masturbated while I was swimming."

Debbie replied, "That's a lie. You were fucking your boyfriend."

"But if you tell them that they will know you were watching me. You're screwed either way. So you might as well do me and get enjoy it."


Gabbie grabbed Debbie and kissed her deeply. Debbie was hesitant at first but then returned the kiss passionately. Gabbie pulled back and demanded, "On your knees slave."

Debbie got down on her knees, and Gabbie pushed her to the ground. Gabbie stuck her right foot against Debbie's crotch and started to rub it. Debbie moaned slightly.

"Lick my foot." Gabbie demanded.

Debbie took Gabbie's foot and started to suck on her big toe. Gabbie moaned loudly. Debbie continued to lick Gabbie's toes like it was a little penis. She sucked on it long and hard. She licked all five of the toes on Gabbie's foot and then licked the top of her foot.

"You're doing a good job slave. I wonder do you lick pussy as well as you just licked my toes?" asked Gabbie. "Let's find out."

Gabbie then walked across the room to the couch.

"Crawl to me slave."

Debbie crawled across the floor towards Gabbie, keeping her eyes glued to Gabbie's spread legs. Under her skirt, the young teen was wearing a pair of "Hello Kitty" panties, making her look even younger than her 18 years. It was obvious that Gabbie had outgrown them as they were so tight that the panties clung to her pussy lips. They were almost visible thanks to how wet the little panties were.

"Lick my cunt whore slave. Lick me thru my little girl panties."

Debbie shyly started licking the hot young dark haired beauty's panties, tasting the teenager's sweet juices that were pouring out of her wet hole. Deciding she liked the taste she dove in tongue first. She licked up down her wet slit. At the same time she reached up to grab Gabbie's perky tits and gave them a gentle squeeze. Gabbie stood up and removed her skirt and panties than sat back down. She then grabbed other ladies head and shoved her back into her own pussy. Debbie eagerly licked every inch of the teen's bald little pussy. Debbie sucked Gabbie's little hard clit as she started to finger fuck the younger girl. Debbie than stuck her tongue inside Gabbie's wet hole, using her tongue to fuck the gorgeous young lady's cunt. Debbie was trying to get as deep as she could, trying to taste every bit of Gabbie she could. All of the sudden the Gabbie let out a loud moan and released her girl juice all over the older blondes beautiful face.

Gabbie stood up and looked at Debbie. "Go home and wait for me to call you. My parents are going out tonight and you are going to come over and service me and my boyfriend."

"Yes ma'am" came the reply from Debbie.

As soon as Debbie got home she went to her bedroom, got naked and threw herself on the bed. She started rubbing her clit. She couldn't believe how horny what just happened had just made her. She stuck her middle finger in her tight wet snatch, bringing herself to the brink of orgasm. She stopped herself before she came. She then grabbed her favorite toy, turned the vibrations up and jammed it up her horny pussy. She came instantly. Her juices gushed out of her. She couldn't believe how much she came. When she was finished she cleaned up and got dressed and awaited the phone call.

A little after 7 o'clock, the call came in.

"I want you to wear your shortest skirt with no panties. Also you white tank top with no bra. I want you accessible to my bf. He and I are going to use you good tonight."

Debbie dressed as she was told and walked next door. Gabbie opened the door and they both walked into the living room where Gabbie's boyfriend was waiting for them.

"Honey, this is the surprise I told you about. She is here to serve all our sexual needs. Let's start with her giving you a lap dance."

Gabbie walked over to the stereo and put on some music. It was Britney Spears' "Hit Me Baby One Time"

"Dance slave slut." Commanded Gabbie.

Debbie started to dance seductively, teasingly lifting her shirt to just under her huge tits but never showing anything but the lower half of her breasts. She raised her skirt to show off her great ass but not enough to show off her hairless twat. She then went over to where Gabbie was sitting and ground her ass into the younger girl's crotch. After that, Debbie walked over to the young man and stuck her ass against his crotch feeling his hardening cock against her ass. It sent electric shocks thru her whole body. As she rubbed her ass against the boyfriend's crotch, she took off her shirt squeezing her DD breasts. She then stood up and rubbed her tits in the young man's face. She then turned her ass too him and bent the whole over showing him her sexy ass and her tight pink hole.

"Suck his cock while I watch." Gabbie said.

Debbie didn't argue or resist. She reached for the button of his jeans and pulled out his huge cock. It felt heavy and warm in her hands as she gave the head of it a nice long lick. His pre-cum tasted sweet and couldn't wait for more. She swallowed his cock down her throat in one breath. As she sucked down the cock in her mouth, she felt something on her cunt. She looked down and Gabbie was sucking on her clit, and rubbing a finger a long her brown eye. Before she could say anything, Gabbie inserted her middle finger deep in her rectum causing her to jump in surprise and take more cock down her throat. Gabbie worked her tongue into Debbie's cunt making Debbie moan on the cock in her mouth. Gabbie fingered Debbie's ass while she licked Debbie's pussy. All of the sudden Gabbie's boyfriend exploded in Debbie's mouth. She swallowed all she could but it was too much as a good bit dribbled down her chin.

Gabbie then pressed her tongue deep into Debbie's mouth tasting her boyfriend's cock and jizz in Debbie's mouth. They shared the cum between them, passing it back and forth. Gabbie then pushed Debbie to her knees and her boyfriend got behind the older beauty. He slipped his hard cock into Debbie while Gabbie lay down under Debbie and had the lovely girl eat her out. Debbie was getting pounded from behind as she ate the teen beauty's bald twat.

"Put it in her ass."

Gabbie's boyfriend obliged, shoving his cock deep into Debbie's tight sphincter. He pounded her ass hard and fast. If it kept up like this she wouldn't sit right for a couple days, but she absolutely loved the feeling of the hard dick in her ass. All of the sudden from behind them they heard the worst possible sound.

"What the fuck is going on in my house?" Yelled Gabbie's mom.

Gabbie's mom, Michelle was 5 ft. 2 in. tall, 100 lbs. of total MILF. She had long dark hair like her daughter with enhanced 34c tits. Gabbie's stepdad was heavy set with short hair and a light complexion. He was having a mixed reaction to the scene in front of him. Here was the hot neighbor, with his equally hot stepdaughter having sex with his stepdaughter's boyfriend. It was hot but seemed to be wrong for him to think that. Knowing it was wrong didn't stop him from getting a hard-on instantly seeing the scene.

"Mom, I wasn't expecting you home so soon." Gabbie said.

"Apparently not!! I asked you what was going."

Gabbie replied,"Well, I caught Debbie watching me the other day so I blackmailed her into joining us."

"Is that so?"

"Yes. Would you like her to serve you and dad too?"

"She is pretty hot, how does she lick pussy?" Mom asked.

"She is an amazing cunt licker, almost as good as you mom." With that Gabbie placed a big kiss on her mother's lips. "Slave girl; show my milf how good you eat cunt."

Debbie could not believe what just happened. She was going to have to serve everybody in this house. Even more so, she couldn't believe how bad she wanted to. She literally craved being this family's sex slave. She crawled over to Michelle and undid her pants and pulled them and the MILF's purple thongs down. She stared at her perfect looking pussy with just a little patch of pubic hair. She dove right into licking and sucking at the beauties' pussy loving the fact that this was the same place Gabbie came out off. That made Debbie want to get deeper in the wet folds of Michelle's cunt.

Meanwhile, Gabbie kneeled in front of her step dad and pulled out his hard cock.

"Daddy, have you ever thought about your daughter sucking this hard pole? Maybe of pounding this tight pussy of mine? Here's the day your dream comes true." And with that she shoved his meaty cock in her mouth. Her boyfriend came up behind her and slipped his cock inside her pussy. As Gabbie sucked her daddy's cock, the boyfriend slide his cock in and out of her juicy wet cunt.

Gabbie then told her boyfriend to fuck her mom in the ass, she had a great idea. She lay down and had her step dad slip into her pussy. Debbie continued to lick Michelle's pussy as Gab's bf fucked the milf in the ass. He could feel his orgasm building and went to pull out.

"No I want you to cum in her ass. The slave will lick it out of her tight ass. And then she will drink my daddy's cum out of my wet cunt."

The bf shoved his hard cock back into Michelle's brown eye and shot his load deep in her ass. The milf than straddled over Debbie and made her open her mouth. She let the man juice drain out of her ass and down the neighbor's face and mouth. Debbie swallowed it eagerly loving the taste of cum from the milf's ass. At that moment Gabbie's step dad unloaded his load deep in the teen beauty's cunt.

"Eat my daddy's cum from my pussy slave girl." Commanded the teen.

Debbie did as she was told. She stuck her tongue into the younger girl's pussy digging the cum from the wet folds. She lapped hungrily, swallowing every bit of jizz up from the girl.

"Now I wanna see daddy and my boyfriend DP this slave slut, while I lick my mom's hot box."

Gabbie's boyfriend laid on the floor as Debbie straddled his hard cock and rammed herself unto his hardness. She sat still as the step dad came up behind and shoved his man meat in her ass. As soon as he got all of his meat deep in her ass, they got a rhythm going pounding her ass and cunt. Meanwhile, Gabbie laid on top of her mom as they started eating each other's cunt. This isn't the first time, they've played together. Gabbie loved the kink of eating her mom's pussy, the sheer fact that it's the same birth canal that she herself came from. And her mom just loved eating her own daughter's cunt. The taste of a young nubile girl made her pussy drip.

The guys pounded Debbie's pussy and ass. She was in ecstasy being pounded so unmercifully. Her ass and her cunt were sore, but she loved it. She couldn't believe how much she was enjoying being used like a common whore.

"Let me know when you are ready to cum boys. I have on last thing for this slave slut to do." Gabbie said.

"We're ready now."

Gabbie got up and walked over to them. "Shoot your load on my feet. I want her to lick it off."

The guys pulled out and aimed their cocks at her feet and jerked off their cocks. They shot their load all over her toes and feet. Debbie crawled over to the teen beauty and started to lick the jizz off Gabbie's toes and feet. It was the most amazing feeling of Debbie's life. Here she was licking the cum of two guy's off this teen girl's feet and was absolutely loving it. She licked up every drop and then placed a kiss on each of the young lady's feet. She then stood up and kissed Gabbie, then Michelle, the boyfriend and the step-dad.

Gabbie then said, "You are my sex slave slut. You are going to service me and my family from now on. And anyone else I tell you to. I own your body and cunt."

Debbie didn't even put up an argument. Deep down, she knew it's what she wanted. She just nodded her head in agreement, knowing her life would never be the same.

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