tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDirty Doctor Dickter

Dirty Doctor Dickter

byGeorge VI©

Disclaimer: This story is fiction. In real life, the author does not condone non-consensual sex of any kind. All characters are over eighteen.


Private encrypted diary of Dr. Liberty Dickter. Entries for September 27.

6:00 AM, Memorial Hospital.

Physicians work long days, and my days are generally no exception. Sometimes mine started earlier than most, in the hospital wards. One reason I like to come in early is because it is quieter. Another reason is that the third shift nurses are still on duty. They are often newer and more vulnerable.

Mr. Blodger, one of my patients, was eighty-two and looked it, but yesterday I saw him groping Lisa's ass while she checked his vitals. The offended tall slender brunette shift head nurse whispered, "Don't!" in an angry voice, as she removed his hand from her rear. But she took no punitive or retaliatory action, as nurses know that their license is on the line for such moves.

This morning, I secretly gave Mr. Blodger a tablet of Viagra. I doubted if he could get, much less keep, an erection without it. Then I found Lisa at the nurses' station, and whispered to her, "Mr. Blodger needs relief." She looked at me, got my drift, and with an expression of sheer dread, walked down the hall to Mr. Blodger's room.

A few minutes later, I peeked behind the curtain in Mr. Blodger's room, and saw Lisa, naked from the waist down, straddling the old man on his bed, fucking him, tears trickling down her cheeks. The old man had a big wide-eyed smile on his face, his bony hands reaching up and fondling the thirty-four year old wife and mother's small tits. Fortunately for Mr. Blodger's health, Lisa was doing most of the work, thrusting her nice butt in and out as her pussy slid up and down the pale old man's red cock.

I'd fucked Lisa many times myself, since I caught her making a near-fatal med error at the end of a double shift. I was just toying with her now, and giving pleasure to an old man. But mostly, I wanted her out of the way for a while so I could get Stacy alone.


I knew what I wanted to do for a living at a very early age, as soon as I learned that doctors got to see women naked. I'd had visions of my bespectacled family doctor looking at and even touching all of the neighborhood moms and other attractive women naked, thought it had to be the world's greatest job, and it put the bug into me to study medicine. So while voyeurism had always been a part of my nature, somewhere along the line I got addicted to control, if I may do a little self-analysis. Nudity was part of being a doctor, but when I was older I started thinking of all of the things that I could do to a woman behind closed doors that would cause sexual embarrassment, fear and humiliation. Whatever medical school taught us to do to make the patient comfortable, I wanted to do the opposite. And I started practicing and perfecting these techniques before I was even out of residency.

Then I learned that when you are a powerful, respected doctor, there are many ways to get women to do what you want them to do. In the medical field these days, all personnel are under a constant paranoid cloud, in fear every day, knowing that one wrong move could cost a patient's life, get them sued, lose them their license, get them arrested, or all of the above. And I've caught nurses making mistakes that, if I hadn't noticed, would have jeopardized a patient's life. I've caught mistakes post-mortem. I've caught staff members writing prescriptions on my script. I've caught nurses reacting to offensive patients' molestations. And I've framed innocent staffers with all of these offenses. Through years of practice, I've managed to turn a number of my female staffers and ward nurses into virtual slaves with threats of arrest, loss of license, and the like.


6:30 AM, Memorial Hospital

I admired Lisa's silent humping of the smiling old man for a few minutes, and returned to the Nurse's station, where I found Stacy. Stacy was a recent "catch." I caught her for the second time making a med error. She knew I had her, and I was ready to collect my reward for not turning her in and ruining her nursing career, taking away her livelihood, and perhaps worse.

I stood next to Stacy at the counter, pretending to look at a chart with her, and put my hand on her hip. When she didn't object, I slid it down over her butt. The flimsy nursing pants and cotton panties were little protection for her young tender ass. Stacy wasn't a raving beauty; a slender brunette of about 5' 5" with small breasts; but behind those glasses and her button nose was a cute late-twenties wife.

Stacy let out a gasp and clenched her butt cheeks when my hand found it for the first time, but then she stood motionless as I whispered in her ear. "It's time to pay your debt for my saving your career at the risk of my own license. Room 1204 is empty. Meet me there in ten minutes."

Stacy simply nodded as she blinked back tears, and I released her from my grip. Two residents were approaching the desk. When Stacy was out of sight, I turned to the residents, and mumbled, "If you want to watch Stacy fuck, room 1204 in twenty minutes."

I got to room 1204 before Stacy, and laid on my back on the window bed, with the curtain drawn. It was still early for me, and I wasn't wide awake. I heard the squeaking of nurse's shoes at the door, and Stacy slipped through the curtain and found me in bed. I casually motioned her over to the bed. She stood at my side, and I whispered, "Take down my pants." Stacy did as ordered. Her hands trembled as she unzipped my fly and opened my pants. While she whipped out my semi-hard cock, I reached behind her and groped her ass. She whimpered, but was otherwise silent.

"Give me a hand job," I whispered. Without looking at me, she obediently stroked my cock to full erection. I reached up with my left hand and gently grabbed the back of her head. I turned her face towards mine, and pulled her down to me. Her lips met mine, and I kissed her lips, slowly and gently at first. Stacy stopped stroking my cock, but I took her hand and made her continue. I worked my tongue into her mouth, slowly and deeply. I could hear our lips and tongues smacking in the silent room.

Stacy's uniform top had buttons down the front. I unbuttoned the first several buttons. I could see her small white bra, and reached inside her top with my right hand, slid it inside her bra, and fondled her small left breast. I undid the rest of her buttons, reached up with both hands, and pulled up on her bra cups. Both of her small pale titties were exposed. They were small and cone-shaped, capped with light brown eraser-sized nipples. Not big, but kind of sexy, especially considering I was likely the only man besides her husband to get to play with them since she got married. I wondered if she told him about her troubles, and my demands. I wondered if she would tell him later what I was doing to her. I doubted it, but I hoped so.

While still worming my tongue around inside Stacy's mouth and sliding it around her tongue, I felt both tits, and tugged on her hard nipples. Then I slid my left hand around behind her, inside the elastic waistband of her slacks, inside of her panties, and massaged her bare ass cheeks.

I slid my tongue out of Stacy's mouth, and very slowly kissed and licked my way down her chin, neck and chest, leaving a trail of saliva, until my mouth found her right tit. I took the whole tiny tittie into my mouth, and slowly sucked. I could hear my breathing around her tit, while Stacy was forced to arch her back so her tits could dangle down and meet my wet mouth.

I stopped suckling Stacy, put my left hand on the back of her head again, and guided it down to my throbbing cock. She tried to pull back, whimpering, but when I held tight, she knew what I wanted, and reluctantly placed her lips on my cock head. She slowly slid down my shaft, and began sucking cock. I could now let go of her head, and while the young nurse blew me, I tugged her pants and white panties down her hips, until a triangle of brown pubic hair was exposed. It was fairly full, but looked trimmed back just a bit.

I combed my right fingers through Stacy's pubic hair before rubbing the mound beneath it. I slid my index finger over her slit, and detected some moisture. Stacy spread her legs as wide as she could with her pants half-way down her thighs, with no instruction. As I pushed my finger in, she arched her pubic mound into my hand, and whimpered through her cock-filled lips. Tears were trickling down her nose and onto my crotch. She still had her glasses on.

"All right, Stacy, climb on up here," I quietly ordered. The slender nurse let her pants and panties slide to her feet, and stepped out of them. I tugged her top off of her shoulders. Stacy removed her glasses and put them on the table. Her bra was still resting on her chest, and her shoes were still on.

Stacy lifted her left leg up and climbed over me. She rested her bare butt on my legs, then slid up until my cock touched her pubes. Then she slid down over my cock, which was glistening in the dim light from Stacy's saliva. The young wife slid down my shaft. She was extremely wet, warm and slippery. And it was quite a tight fit, much to my pleasure.

After I reached around her and unhooked her bra, Stacy was naked except for her shoes and white socks, and a gold chain necklace with a cross on it. Nurses rarely wore wedding rings, but Stacy had a gold band on her finger. Her conical tits hung down as she humped me, with her hands on either side of me for support.

I grabbed hold of Stacy's bare hips, and then grabbed her ass cheeks as they thrust forward and back. This was the first look I'd gotten at her bare legs. She wasn't tall, but her calves looked nice and her thighs were smooth as I caressed them. I wondered if she'd shaved her legs and trimmed her pubes specifically for our "date".

The bed made some creaking noises, and Stacy emitted some little quiet grunts as she humped me. My breathing was slower. We were both trying to be quiet, as the door was open and the curtain was the only thing keeping us from being exposed to the hallway. I could hear footsteps of various nurses, orderlies, and doctors walking down the hallway.

I caught something moving out of the corner of my eye. It was two eyes, and then four eyes, peeking around the curtain. It was the two residents. Stacy hadn't heard them. From their angle, they could see Stacy straddling me, her thighs bare, her naked ass thrusting, her tits dangling down and swinging, her nipples hard. Her eyes were closed, and her mouth was open.

I enjoyed being watched by the interns, but mostly I loved the thought of these cocky young doctors watching this young married nurse being naked and fucking right in the hospital ward. I was having trouble keeping from coming. But I waited for Stacy.

I could tell by Stacy's quicker thrusting, facial expression, panting, and growing whimpers, that she was close to an orgasm. This did not mean that she was glad to be fucking me, or that she wanted to be here. It only meant that the young wife couldn't control herself when faced with a dirty old man in a taboo situation. Little doubt that the moment was every bit as hellish as Stacy imagined it would be, and her forced pleasure and penetration at my hands and cock was has nearly unbearably humiliating.

Knowing time was short, I reached down and found Stacy's clit, and diddled it with my fingers. That was all she could take, and she gyrated all over my lap. It was also enough for me, and I shot my jism up into her pussy.

I was starting to subside, but Stacy was still shuddering on top of me, throwing her head back. Just then there was a flash of light, and a clicking noise from my right. One of the residents had taken a picture with his cell phone camera.

Stacy looked over at him, with a wide-eyed look of shock. Another picture was snapped, as Stacy realized that she was being seen fucking a doctor, then she likely recognized the two young interns, who may have been a couple of years younger than her.

Stacy let out a gasp, and started to dismount me. Another flash went off just as she had her legs spread wide. She climbed down off of me as more flashes went off. The two interns laughed. Stacy's panicked expression went back and forth between me and the two interns. She quickly found her panties on the floor and started to pull them on just as another flash went off. She nearly fell over while putting her pants on over her shoes. She threw her top on without even putting on her bra, and started to walk out of the room before realizing that her glasses were still on the table. She retrieved her spectacles, and stormed out of the room with her bra in her hand, running toward the bathroom, while the two interns and me laughed.


7:15 AM, Memorial Hospital.

I had one more "chore" to do before finishing my rounds and heading to the office. That chore was Laura. I found her in the hall and dragged her into the empty break room, and gave her the whole routine, how I had found the wrong med charted on the patient that almost died yesterday, how badly she screwed up, how her young nursing career was at an end only months after it started, I hoped her malpractice insurance was good. I read her perfectly, and Laura started to cry.

I looked her up and down. Laura was in her first year out of nursing school. There weren't a lot of absolute major babes in nursing, but Laura was close. Her five-foot nine inch frame was capped with shoulder-length dark brown hair, crowning a pretty, wholesome face. Her legs and butt were killers, and her tits appeared to be at least C cups, not humungous but quite full and riding up high. I've seen bustier nurses, taller nurses, even prettier nurses, but Laura had a complete package, and in a twenty-three year-old body. She was a polite Midwestern girl, wholesome. I loved the way that she would bend at the waist when she picked things off of the floor or bent over a patient, and I could see her panty crotch between her legs through her thin white pants.

I put my right arm around Laura, and laid it out for her. "Laura, I don't have to tell anybody. I can cover. I can risk my license and my practice for you."

She looked over at me with a hopeful, puppy dog expression, until I pulled her to me and said, "But, it'll come at a cost." I moved around behind her, and put my hands around her waist. "You're very pretty, Laura. If you do a few favors for me, I'll do a giant favor for you." I slid my hands up her torso, and cupped both of her breasts over her cotton uniform top.

Laura gasped, but didn't push me away. "No, please..." The usual whimpering and some mild pleading.

But she knew what I wanted now, and with some further reassuring comments from me like, "You won't get hurt, your career is safe" comments from me, and she simply endured a little groping and a bit of goosing.

As much as I'd love to fuck this young hottie nurse, I had just fucked, and I had a long day ahead of me. That would have to wait for another day. But I still had a plan. "Finish up your shift, and meet me at the elevators," I ordered. Unlike Stacy, who I let mull her options for a day until she realized that she had no choices, I didn't give Laura any time to think about what was happening, and what I was going to make her do.

I looked at charts at the front desk until I saw Laura leaving. I met her at the elevators, but I acted like we weren't together. I simply whispered, "Follow me." She followed me out the elevator, down the hall, over to the next wing. When we were alone in a hallway, I asked, "Have you ever done a lap dance?"

Laura gave me a quizzical look, and said, "NO!"

"Not even for a boyfriend?"


"How about a strip tease?"


But you've seen strip teases. You've seen lap dances. Do you dance?"


"Then you just do a sexy little dance, but take off your clothes. And then you give lap dances."

Just then we turned the corner to the hallway marked, "Residence dormitory."

I think Laura was figuring out where we were. "Oh, NO!" But I knocked on the second door to the right, and grabbed her by the arm. When Asif the intern answered the door, he gave me a quizzical look, but let Laura and me in. This was Asif's dormitory room, which he shared with two other residents. "Hi Laura," he said.

Also in the room was Chad, a short but hairy resident, and Norman, a homely Jewish resident. They each said hi to Laura. They didn't know she was coming, but the fact that she was with me gave them a clue what she was here for.

"Got any dance music?" I asked to no one in particular. Asif, a short Indian resident, clicked on his MP3 blaster, and started some dance music at a fairly quiet volume. It was still early in the morning.

"Laura wants to dance for you," I said loudly, looking at Laura. She hesitated, but when I said, "Go on," she stood in the middle of the room, still in her dark blue uniform top and white pants and white shoes, and started to sway her hips from side to side.

Asif and Chad sat on the edge of their dorm beds on either side of Laura, while Norman grabbed a chair. I also sat on Asif's bed. "Alright." "Go Laura!" they said. Laura shook her shoulder-length straight dark hair a little, her arms at her sides, with a slightly shocked expression on her face, like she couldn't believe what was happening, what she was doing. But with some more encouraging comments and instructions from the three residents, she got her hips moving more and her feet off the floor and her hands in the air. All three young doctors-to-be I have personally heard make private comments about Laura in the past, and likely all of them have flirted with her or hit on her before, if not harassed, as residents often do with attractive young nurses who have little recourse for complaints.

Laura's tits were starting to bounce under her uniform top. "That's it, shake those puppies," said Chad. Chad was a good looking young guy, but a typical rich cocky arrogant med student, that someone like Laura likely hated. But on his command, Laura thrust her chest out to make her tits shake.

"Take the top down, Laura," said Asif, in his heavy accent. He clarified, "Take it off." Laura glanced sideways at him, and then started to unbutton her uniform top. Her big white bra came into view. When she got the top completely unbuttoned, Asif let out a "Yeah, baby, slide it off now." Laura slid the garment off of her shoulders, and danced in her bra. Her cleavage was dancing out of the top.

"Turn around, shake your butt," said Norman.. Norman was short and ugly and was known to bully nurses who didn't jump at his commands. It went without saying that someone like Laura would find Norman particularly unattractive, physically and otherwise. Now as Norman barked out his command, Laura turned her back to him, and shook her butt right in his face. Without her uniform top covering her butt, every stitch of her white panties could be seen through her thin white nurse slacks.

And soon the slacks were coming down, as Norman told her to take them off. Laura slid her pants down her hips and worked them down. She tried to be graceful, but had trouble kicking them off of her feet. Laura's panties were simple white cotton, but were tight on her gorgeous butt, which was a foot away from Norman's face.

"We need some dollar bills," said Chad, and he leaned over and grabbed his wallet off of his night stand. He pulled out a crisp one, and stuck it into the waistband of Laura's panties. Asif and Norman also got some bills, and were stuffing them in her bra and into her panties from behind, which caused the top of her butt crack to be exposed. I pulled out my wallet and got in the act, stuffing a bill into her bra, and got a feel of Laura's cleavage.

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