tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDirty Dozen Ch. 04: Stella, Elsa and Romee

Dirty Dozen Ch. 04: Stella, Elsa and Romee


Author's note: as should be obvious to everyone, everything I write is pure fiction. Some of the sex acts depicted are not realistic. Do not try this at home. Everything here is my own work, which I freely and unconditionally license to anyone who wants to publish it on a share-alike basis as long as it is legal to do so in your jurisdiction and done with good intentions between enthusiastically consenting and informed adults. You are also free to plagiarise it or pass it off as your own work, although I wouldn't recommend doing so as there are far better things to steal...

CW: This edition opens with a scene of submissive sex and role-play which some may find distressing. Obviously there's also sex.


"Ah! Awar! Aaargh!" Lais screamed as I pounded her asshole. As she wasn't using the safeword that we'd agreed before getting it on, I knew that she was fine to go on. I spanked her ass and pulled firmly on her long black hair. Lais wasn't a great actor. Despite her insistence that we try a rape roleplay, she wasn't good at maintaining the facade and plenty of moans of pleasure slipped out. I spanked her again as punishment, watching her ass jiggle.

"Fuck... fuck... no..." moaned Lais, not at all convincingly. I kept pounding away at her asshole, going balls deep with every thrust and really enjoying the feeling of being inside her, as well as this new submissive side to Lais.

With a groan, I came deep into her asshole. I held myself in, my cock staying erect, as we caught our breath and got ready for round 2. Then my phone rang. I reluctantly withdrew from Lais' asshole and answered it.

I wasn't sure if it was good news or bad. The bad news was that Lais was going to have to go back home. We'd been fucking several times a day ever since I did a photoshoot with her a week earlier. The support staff had flown back to America, leaving Lais Ribeiro and I in a private beach mansion in the Bahamas. I was really enjoying our romp, but it looked like it was coming to an end.

The good news, at least from my perspective, was that she only had to leave because Victoria's Secret would be flying three models out for a group photoshoot. If they saw Lais here then word would definitely get back to her husband. The last thing either of us wanted was for her family to break up because of our affair. Right now she could tell her husband that the shoot had overrun and tell VS that she'd been spending the week with her family, but the other Angels would see through it if they saw her here.

The next morning I drove Lais to the airport, and waited in arrivals to pick up the three newbies. It was completely impossible to miss them. There was surely no doubt in the minds of anyone around that the three stunningly beautiful blonde women strolling from their gate in short skirts and low-cut tops were supermodels. I recognised all three from parties I'd attended with Candice. They were Stella Maxwell, Elsa Hosk, and Romee Strijd. Surprisingly, the three of them were travelling without the usual entourage of wardrobe people, make-up artists, and hairdressers, instead dragging large suitcases behind them.

Elsa was the first to recognise me, and led the others over. I didn't really know any of them, but they all greeted me with a hug. I offered to help with the bags, and grabbed a trolley.

A short drive later, we were at the beach house. The girls went upstairs to relax before our shoot, and I pondered my options. I had been running out of things to do with just one girl, but three opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

After the girls had been relaxing for an hour, they came downstairs in matching white negligees, each holding an armful of bikinis.

"Wouldn't it have been easier to bring the suitcases down?" I asked.

Stella and Romee glanced at Elsa. "Erm... no, they're cumbersome," said Elsa. "We don't want them getting wet or sandy."

I wasn't going to argue with that. We went down to the beach and the girls posed together. My favourite shot was one of Stella and Elsa leaning their heads on Romee's shoulders, both of them sticking their butts out to display their panties. It was a very sexy shoot, even more so because the girls seemed to have absolutely no problem changing in front of me or each other. I asked Stella why they didn't cover up like the other models had done, at least at first.

"Why would we?" she replied, as she stripped off. "We've got great bodies, we're not ashamed, and besides, we know you've already seen plenty of models naked. We're not afraid."

Stella was right - they did have awesome bodies. I thought Stella's was the best, as she could rock a thong even better than Lais, but I certainly wouldn't have argued with anyone who preferred Elsa. Romee, a little younger than the others, didn't have their pure sex appeal, but still had a very nice butt and was arguably the most naturally pretty of the three.

We'd only been shooting for half an hour when Elsa, the oldest of the three and apparently the natural leader, put an end to the charade.

"You've got plenty of great pics. The execs will love them. How do you want us?"

She was incredibly open. I thought quickly. "Are you all on birth control?" Alas, all three shook their heads.

"I'm trying for a baby," said Elsa.

"I've only been fucking women lately," said Stella, who was openly bisexual.

"I'm single, so every time I meet a guy I just use a condom." said Romee.

None of us had condoms, so vaginal sex was off the table. I didn't want to risk getting any of the girls pregnant, which would end both our careers. Still, oral and anal were on the table.

Inexperienced Romee Strijd seemed a good place to start.

"Romee, suck me," I said. The young blonde obeyed willingly, dropping to her knees, pulling down my shorts, and freeing my raging hard-on. I was about to fuck three sexy supermodels, so I wasn't likely to lose my erection any time soon.

As Romee licked my cock, I looked at the other two. "Stella, after this I want to be in your ass. Elsa, lube her up." Stella went down on all fours, presenting her ass to Elsa. The Swedish model pulled down her friend's thong and dove into her ass cheeks, just as Romee began to suck me in earnest. Romee did a great job of distracting me from the glorious sight of one supermodel rimming another, taking my entire length into her mouth with a glorious deepthroat. I held her head in place as she simultaneously sucked, licked, and hummed, breathing through her nose and restraining her gag reflex. Honestly, her technique was somehow better than Candice's despite being ten years younger. Probably came from growing up with YouTube tutorials and porn.

I soon shot a load down Romee's throat. The gorgeous woman pulled herself off my cock and looked up at me with a smile. "Thank you. I hope I get some more of your cum later!"

It was now Stella's turn. She and Elsa were both clearly enjoying themselves. I considered presenting my cock to Stella's face for another blowjob, but I decided she wouldn't be able to properly concentrate, and in any case I wasn't going to let Elsa have all the fun with her butt. I gently moved Elsa aside, and the horny model switched to rimming Romee without hesitation.

"You should know, I've never had anything up there before," said Stella. "I haven't been with a man since I was 16, and that didn't go very far..."

"Don't worry," I said. "We're both lubed up, you're relaxed, and I'll be gentle. If at any point you want me to do something differently then just say. If you want to stop, just say."

"OK," said Stella. "Please fuck me!"

I knelt behind Stella, positioned the head of my cock against her tight asshole and gently pushed. Elsa and Romee had done good jobs, and I slid into Stella surprisingly easily. "That's the hardest part over with," I reassured her. I kept gently easing myself deeper into her, until I was finally pressed right up against her buttcheeks.

"That feels so good," said Stella. "I should have tried this years ago." She turned to the other two. "Romee, come over here and lick me!"

Romee was in the middle of receiving the most enthusiastic rimjob you've ever seen. "Sorry, Stella, I wouldn't know what to do!" the young blonde admitted, a little embarrassed.

"Try playing with yourself," I suggested. "I'm about to work my way out and in again. Let me know if you feel uncomfortable."

"OK," said Stella, who licked her fingers and reached down to rub her clit. I withdrew slowly as she let out a soft moan.

"Would you mind going a little faster?" she asked. I sped up just a little and began thrusting back in. "Faster... faster... there we go!"

I was only going slightly below my ideal pace, which was faster than most women could bear. Stella was doing remarkably well for an anal virgin. It probably helped that her asshole wasn't as tight as more experienced girls like Candice or Josephine, but it was more sensitive. That worked both ways though - she was more sensitive to anal pleasure as well as pain.

My balls slapped satisfyingly against Stella as I rhythmically pounded her. Her moans of pleasure were only getting louder as we fucked. I stuck to her perfect speed with discipline, not wanting to take her out of the zone with a wrong move. A woman wouldn't agree to have anal with someone who hurt them or one of their friends. She probably would have anal with someone who made one of her friends have their first anal orgasm. I liked giving girls orgasms for both their own pleasure and my ego, but with a tight-knit group of friends like the Angels, word-of-mouth was really important. If I wanted a chance with Lily Aldridge or Adriana Lima then I couldn't have one of the Angels complaining about my prowess.

Fortunately, I felt the tell-tale signs of a woman approaching anal orgasm. Stella's ass tightened around my cock, and she let out a long, loud, shuddering moan. This tipped me over the edge, and I came suddenly.

"Thanks," I said to Stella. "You were really good."

"You weren't too bad," said Stella, grinning at me over her shoulder. I spanked her ass, and she pulled an expression of mock outrage. I leant in and kissed her deeply on the mouth, my erect cock still lodged firmly in her ass.

When Stella broke the kiss, I pulled out of her ass for the last time. "OK, Romee, your turn," I said.

"No, it's my go!" said Elsa, throwing herself at me and grasping my dick. She started to suck me off, immediately deepthroating me.

"Erm, I'd like to remind you that I've just been balls-deep in Stella's virgin asshole," I said.

Elsa pulled off me. "I know, I can taste that!"

"Well either way, I'm not going to waste the good work you've done getting Romee ready for me," I said. Elsa couldn't really argue with that.

"Thank you!" said Romee.

I stood behind Romee, who was on all fours with her tight ass raised high in the air. "You have a spankable ass, Romee," I said. "I'd really like to spank you."

"Go ahead," she said. I brought my hand down on her right cheek. Romee let out a little whine. I spanked her again, and then switched hands. Spank. Spank. Spank. Spank. Spank. When my handprint stopped fading between strokes, I decided it was time to bury my cock inside my fifth Angel. Then I had an idea.

"Stella, get underneath her and show us what you can do," I orderered.

Miss Maxwell didn't need to be told twice. Although bisexual, she clearly had a preference for women, and the chance to lick as beautiful a cunt as Romee's didn't come along very often. Stella enthusiastically rolled under Romee, who collapsed down to her elbows and knees.

In this position, I had to lean right over Romee in order to properly angle myself into her ass. The feeling was incredible. Romee had a great ass, but of the five Angels I'd fucked (and Elsa, who stood masturbating and trying to catch my eye) she was the least endowed. That didn't matter in this position, which was exposing my cock to parts of her asshole I wouldn't normally be able to reach.

"Fuuuuuuuuck," Romee moaned. "This is increeeedible..."

Below us, Stella was really going to town on her friend's clitoris. That was helping Romee relax and enjoy my assfucking. I really pummelled her as hard as I could from my awkward position, pushing her down onto Stella and increasing the pressure on her pussy.

As I drilled away at Romee, Stella repositioned herself and started licking at my balls. This was truly incredible. I was having amazing anal with a young Dutch blonde while an equally beautiful blonde delicately lapped at my scrotum. Ordinarily I think I would have blown my load there and then, but I'd already blown twice in the last hour and wasn't about to go a third time in a hurry. I had to wait for a decent load to build up in my balls before I'd feel that increasingly familiar sensation and unleashed my seed for Romee.

Stella must have realised that her teasing was in vain, because she soon switched back to Romee. Almost straight away, Romee came. I could tell from the noises Stella made that Romee was a squirter, and big time. There was a quick sound of disgust, followed by loud, compensatory hums of delight. Stella was practically purring as she licked Romee's juices off her face.

A few minutes later, I heard Stella shift around like she was ready to get back to her cunnilingual duties. That was when Romee had her second orgasm, this time undeniably because of me, drenching Stella in yet more of her juices. This time Stella didn't pretend to enjoy it, just squealing. I gave Romee a quick spank. "You naughty girl, look what you've done to Stella!"

"Sorry Stella!" said Romee playfully.

I spanked her again. "Don't apologise."

Soon Stella and I were back working in tandem. We must have been going for at least half an hour and I was finally ready to give Romee her second load.

"I'm close," I said.

"So am I," said Romee. "Whatever you do, don't stop. Come in my ass if you haaaaaave tooooooooooooo ooooohhhhh..."

Romee and I had our third orgasms simultaneously. I managed to pull out, shooting my load on her ass and Stella's face and hair. Poor Stella simultaneously got drenched by both of us.

"Oh god... oh god... oh god..." Romee panted. She rolled off Stella and lay on her back. "Fuck, fuck, that was so good. You're both amazing."

Stella looked up at me with her big eyes. Her face was covered in cum, her hair was all matted, and we didn't have any protection, but I was extremely tempted to just dive in and start pounding at her pussy. Then I remembered Elsa, stood only a few yards away. It was only fair that she had her turn, seeing as she'd engineered this glorious foursome.

"I'm going to shower," said Stella, heading back towards the house. Romee bounded after her, presumably hoping to share that shower. I walked over to Elsa and wrapped my arms around her.

"You ready?" I asked her.

"As I'll ever be."

Stella and Romee were inexperienced. Elsa was a pro. Soon we were fucking like animals. We were stood up, Elsa bent at the waist, as I yanked at her long blonde hair every time I thrust into her unlubricated ass. Her cries of pain and pleasure were mixed together, indistinguishable. I didn't need to ejaculate, and she still had stamina, so we fucked with pace and power. Every one of my hard thrusts into her tight asshole was met with a thrust back from her. Elsa knew her stuff and was loving it.

I was vaguely aware of some sort of disturbance at the house. I figured Stella and Romee were probably just knocking stuff over in their passion for each other. It was more distracting to Elsa, and I figure if I hadn't been giving her the hard-earned fucking of her life then she'd have gone running to find out what it was. Or, given what happened, perhaps she'd have run out to sea and swam for the next beach.

After over half an hour of hard, rough anal sex, I finally came inside Elsa, and collapsed to the floor exhausted. Then I noticed the police walking towards us.

Shit. This was a private beach, right? Surely we could fuck as much as we liked? I spotted Stella and Romee on the back porch, naked, with their hands handcuffed behind their backs. They hadn't even been allowed to get dressed?!

The police reached us. "You're Elsa Hosk?"

"Yes," she said.

"Do you own the suitcase in that house with the name of Elsa inscribed on the handle?"


"And you flew into the country with that suitcase this morning?"


"Do you own the 40lb of cocaine that the suitcase contains?"

"Yes, but obviously I wasn't going to take it all myself..." said Elsa. I was impressed. How could someone that stupid have survived this long?

The officer looked at his partner with a grin. "In that case, Elsa Hosk, I have no choice but to arrest you for smuggling drugs with intent to supply."

* * *

Hours later, I arrived at the local police station with the second-best lawyer in the country, having hired him out of my own pocket for Elsa. VS had hired the best lawyer to represent Stella and Romee, but had washed their hands of Elsa. The official line, at least for now, was that Elsa had tricked the younger models into smuggling drugs for her.

I knew that wasn't the case - all three had been acting suspiciously about their cases. Stella and Romee claimed that the drugs in their cases had been for personal use, which obviously wasn't true. If they'd gone with the party line then they would probably have only got a few months and could have gone back to being models. As it was, the next day they were taken to court, and advised to plead guilty to drug smuggling and obstructing justice. They received five years in prison each.

Elsa was also advised to plead guilty, having effectively confessed already, but refused. Her lawyer refused to represent her and gave me my money back. Elsa's terrible defense did not impress the judge, who sentenced her to the maximum term - 40 years in prison, with no parole for at least 20 years.

All three of them had ruined their careers. Elsa had ruined her life. The only upside was that they hadn't ruined their sex lives - they were each entitled to a two-hour conjugal visit every week.

But that's another story.

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