Dirty Games at a Halloween Party


I said, "While we're on the subject, same question."

Marco said, "Damn! I knew you were going to ask that shit! Ok, well....uh...I have actually been with a man before, but only once."

K smiled slyly and questioned, "So, did you enjoy it?"

Marco said, "Hmmm, yes I did. It was actually really fucking hot. Erin and I had a threesome and that's all I'm saying about that!"

Thinking about those two having a threesome with a man was quite a turn on. I started to get a bit of hard on. I looked at K and she was smiling looking at me. I knew that it probably was getting her a bit hornier as well. Marco also seemed to be getting a bit hot talking about it because I could have sworn I saw a bit of a bulge growing under his gown.

K noticed it too and said, "Looks like you're getting a boner just thinking about it buddy!"

He smiled and said, "He he he, well, you know what can I say? I'm a perv.......when in Rome, etc."

Erin said, "Yeah, except it was right in your own house! Hahahahahaha!" We all cracked up.

I think everyone was feeling quite relaxed now although there was clearly a lot of sexual tension in the room now.

It was Marco's turn, so he looked at Kurt and said, "Well, mister man, there hasn't been much attention on you. I was gonna ask K about how she felt about girls, but I think from the display on the dance floor earlier with my wife I know the answer to that question."

K looked down, a bit embarrassed, but Marco continued, "Don't be shy darlin, it was very sexy....and I think your fiancée definitely enjoyed watching as well."

I nodded and then Marco said, "Ok, so....Kurt...you know the question."

He chose truth so Marco asked, "Uh....so I've seen you checking out my wife quite a lot tonight....why don't you tell me what you've imagined doing to her? Specifically...and be honest now, what sex act would you absolutely love to do to her if you could?"

Kurt turned bright red and stammered a bit at first, "Uhh...well...uhh...hmmmm....let's see."

Erin said, "Come on baby, just spit it out. You aren't gonna shock us."

Kurt then continued, "Well....I guess I'd love to play with her naked ass a bit. I'd kiss it softly at first and then I'd open her cheeks and...uh..go down on her asshole and....give her a very sloppy rim job....uh.....and then I'd open her up with my fingers before.....sliding my cock deep in that cute little ass of hers and giving her a hot....assfucking."

Marco was like, "Damn dude! Now that's honest....and actually pretty hot to think about. Just so you know, she loves it!"

Erin gave him a dirty look and lightly slapped him for airing her dirty secret, "You fucker! A lady is supposed to keep some of her secrets!"

Then she looked at Kurt and continued, "But thanks for sharing baby..you are a dirty pervert, but then again...so are we. C'est la vie!"

We all chuckled at this.

It was Kurt's turn to choose now, so he said, "At the risk of pushing my luck, Erin...uh...truth or dare?"

She smiled a big smile and said, "Hmmmmm....let's see....how about....dare?"

Kurt swallowed hard and smiled too.

Then he said, "Ok, uh...well then I dare you to play the rest of the game with your shirt off."

We were all like, "Oh snap!"

Erin looked a bit nervous, but said, "Alright honey. Anything for you."

And then she unbuttoned her nurse's top and let her plump tits free from their confines. We hadn't been sure if she had a bra on underneath because the material of the top was kind of thick like a doctor's frock, but we all knew the answer to the question now. Kurt was mesmerized and I caught K looking over and checking out her breasts and I could tell that she liked what she saw.

I leaned and whispered in her ear, "I bet you'd like have taste of those perky little nipples wouldn't you?"

She looked at me and nodded while smiling. I was hoping something like that would happen very soon.

Erin said, "I hope someone else chooses dare soon....I don't like being the only one who's partially naked. It's just plain not fair!"

Now it was her turn.

She said, "Hmmmmm....let's see, who should I choose?"

Then she eyed everyone suspiciously and then finally settled on Amie. "Ok Amie, I choose you. So which will it be?"

Amie looked a bit nervous, but said, "I guess I'll take.....dare."

Erin laughed and said, "Ooooh goody! I dare you to.......uhhh.....join me. Take off your shirt girly."

Amie smiled a weak smile and said, "Ok....here goes I guess."

And then she pulled her shirt over her head. She had on a bra.

Erin looked slightly defeated and said, "Oh man!!! I didn't realize you had a bra! You're lucky this time."

Amie was now looking around because it was her turn to choose.

She settled on K and said, "Ok....truth or dare babe?"

K thought about it for a second and said, "I guess I'll take a truth."

Amie said, "Boooooo, you shoulda done a dare, but ok....let's see. Have you ever been with more than one man at once? If so or even if not, what did or would you do with them?"

K looked a little embarrassed, but said, "Ummm....I have not been with more than one, but I'd love to try it."

She was going to try and leave it at that, but Amie said, "Uh...ok...we're waiting. What would you do with them and how many?"

Now K blushed more and said, "Well....in my fantasy world I guess...uh I've thought about having two men up to as many as a group of men. I have to say it turns me on to think about getting fucked by a few different guys. I don't know if I'd really want it to happen, but it's hot to think about."

Erin said, "...and what would you do with them?"

K continued, "I guess I'd like to try anything really.....like getting fucked while sucking another guy off. It makes me wet to see creampies and also to see women getting cum sprayed all over their faces and tits. I'd probably even try double penetration under the right circumstances."

So now everyone was majorly turned on by all this talk.

Marco said, "Goddamn K....you just brought some very dirty images into my head....thanks!" and he laughed loudly afterwards.

Erin joined in and said, "He's right baby, the images you just brought to mind are too much! My pussy is soaked."

K said, "I'm happy I could get you two excited..feel free to use that material any time you want...hahaha!"

I'm sure they would.

K was ready to move on though, "It's my turn again and I choose Matt."

I knew she was going to choose me somehow. She asked what my choice was and I went with a dare even though I was a little afraid. She and I had our little secrets to hide and now that people had lost some clothes it was feasible that everyone would find out.

She asked me, "I dare you to take off a piece of clothing that you choose."

I sighed in relief and decided to take off my shirt. They were a little disappointed in my decision, but I was glad to keep my secret hidden a while longer.

Next I figured I'd get things moving a little so I gave Kurt the same dare and he also opted to take off his shirt. Now most of us were at least in some degree of undress. After a couple more rounds of little truths and dares, Amie was down to her panties, Kurt was down to his undies, and K had her tits out, but her bottoms on. It was Marco's turn. Even if nothing else happened I think he wanted to get Kurt and Amie together because he knew that Kurt was attracted to her, so he asked her what she wanted. She chose dare.

Marco said, "Ok, I dare you to let Kurt do anything he wants to you for 2 minutes, but he can't take off your panties."

She looked a bit worried, but vaguely excited by the prospect.

She said, "Uh...hmm...well, I guess I don't want to chicken out now..Ok, I'll do it."

Kurt looked like the cat that just ate the canary.

He moved towards her and Marco looked at his watch and said, "Time....starts........now!"

Kurt leaned in and slid his hands over her pale face and then moved in and kissed her softly on the lips. Eventually he slid his tongue in between and they started kissing harder. He moved his hand down and started playing with one of her nipples. After a bit of this he kissed down her neck and on to her chest. He then took her tit into his mouth and sucked it and then flicked the nipple with his tongue. She moaned deeply and was melting into him. He knew he didn't have much time so he continued licking and kissing down her belly and eventually got down to her crotch. She looked a bit uncertain about what he was doing, but he soon started kissing up her thighs and he pulled her ass further towards the edge of the couch. As he did this he spread her legs further. She was flushed quite red and appeared to be really enjoying his ministrations.

Marco said, "You're down to 25 seconds dude." So Kurt made his way to her panties and started basically going down on her through them. She sighed deeply and pushed her pussy into his mouth. Marco then called it.

Kurt took about 5 more seconds, but then lifted up and said, "Damn! I was just getting into that." Amie said, "Me too...mmmmmm."

Marco then apologized for having to interrupt, but he said, "The game must go on!"

Kurt said, "By the way Amie.....your pussy smells wonderful.....I need some more."

She smiled sweetly and replied, "Thank you darlin....we'll just have to see about that won't we?"

But it was her turn and she started looking at everyone to figure who was the next victim. She settled on Erin, "Ok, Erin....truth or dare?"

Erin said, "Do you have to ask? I'm feeling....mmm...horny. Dare."

Amie took a minute and said, "So, I uh dare you to give K and Matt a sort of double lap dance for 4 minutes."

K and me looked at each other and smiled.

Erin wasn't even fazed, "Mmmmm.....I thought you'd never ask me to...do something......mmm...fun."

There was some mildly funky music playing so Erin started swaying her hips to the beat as she walked towards us. She started by writhing in front of both of us and then she kind of bent over in front of us while keeping her legs straight which pushed her shapely ass out in our faces. It also made her short skirt slide up and we could almost make out her pussy through the stockings underneath it. She turned around and then put her thighs over mine and leaned into me. This put her tits right in my face and I could feel the heat from her pussy up against my crotch. She then took her breasts in her hands and wiggled them in front of me. She offered one for me to taste and I took her nipple in my mouth which caused her to coo softly. She only let me have it for a second though and then she bent down and kissed me on the lips before getting up and moving over to K.

She did basically the same thing with her, but gave her more access to her tits which K enjoyed thoroughly. She licked and sucked each nipple for a few seconds each and then Erin lowered down onto her more and started rubbing their breasts together. It was incredibly hot to watch. They began kissing sloppily during this. Erin was kind of rubbing her pussy against K in a mock fucking motion as they tongued deeply. Erin then got up and sat in K's lap with her back to her. K ground her crotch against Erin's ass and she then began groping and kneading her tits. Just as they were really getting into it Marco called time.

Everyone was like "Damn!" but as Marco said, the game must go on.

It was Erin's turn now though, so I think she was looking turn things up a notch higher, "Umm, I choose....hmmmm...K. Which is it? Truth...or dare?"

K looked slightly anxious, but said, "Ok, I'll take your dare."

I was stoked to hear her answer. I really wanted this party to go even further.

We were all horny out of our minds. Erin said, "Ok sexy....I dare you to stand up and show everyone the little secret you have as part of your costume."

K looked mortified for a second, but Erin added, "You don't have to uh...pull it out in full view....but I do want everyone to share in the surprise."

K looked stunned, "Uhhh...ummm...I can't believe you're doing this to me."

Erin said with a smile, "Well, I guess you don't have to do it, but don't puss out now baby!"

K then said, "Ok...well...fuck it...we're all wasted anyways. Hopefully no one remembers this tomorrow."

She backed away from the group a bit and reached behind her to grab the tail and I saw her wince a little as she pulled out the plug. She then held it out in front of her and everyone looked amazed.

Marco was the first one to say anything, "Holy fuck! I can't believe you've been wearing that all night! Damn! You are one naughty little kitty baby!"

Amie chimed in too, "Oh my god K! That is like the hottest thing I've ever seen! That just made....my pussy really wet."

Now it was time for K's revenge however.

She looked at Erin and said, "Ok bitch, truth or dare...and you better choose dare!"

Erin looked somewhat apprehensive, but said, "Ok...I'm game. Dare."

K said, "Good....first of all I need to speak with your husband alone for second."

Erin looked confused and said, "Ummm...ok."

Marco got up and K and he walked down the hall to their bedroom. K told Marco her plan and he was very pleased with it. K cleaned the ass plug off in their bathroom and Marco gave her some lube, then they walked back out to the group.

Marco sat back down and then K said, "Erin, get your ass on your knees with your butt facing everyone."

She did as she was told.

K continued, "Now, your dare is to take this plug up your ass in front of everyone."

The whole group of us, other than Marco, gasped. Erin looked a bit frightened, but was prepared to go through with it.

She replied somewhat weakly, "Uh...ok K....I guess I deserve it."

K said, "You're damn right you do slut! You started it, but I'm gonna finish this one."

K smiled devilishly and got down on her knees behind Erin. She lifted the very short skirt off of Erin's ass exposing her white fishnet stockings and nothing else.

She asked her, "Are these stockings important?" and Erin shook her head.

So K grabbed the fishnets up near her ass and ripped them open to expose her mostly shaven cunt and cute pink little asshole. We were all transfixed by the scene.

Kurt said, "I think I'm about to cum in my underwear y'all!"

We laughed a bit at this and everyone agreed that this was quite hot. K then squeezed some lube out on Erin's tight little rosebud. She shuddered slightly at the cool liquid's arrival. K then spread some on the plug and began making slow circles around her sphincter. Taking her time, she began subtly pushing the tip of the plug into Erin a bit. Soon, though, she had it pushing in about two inches and about the diameter of a quarter. She began to relax some and I think she was starting to get off on it because I thought I saw her kind of push back onto it a little.

K said, "Mmmmm...that's nice. You have a cute little ass.....and it's making my pussy wet working this plug up inside you. You like being loosened up don't you slut?"

Erin nodded and moaned in agreement. K now had almost half of it in, but wasn't quite up to the biggest part.

She said, "Erin....you're a good little whore aren't you? I want you to beg me to fuck your ass with this toy."

Erin nodded and said, "Yes ma'am, I'm your good little naughty slut....and...mmmm....I need you to pump that plug deep into my ass."

We were all getting very turned on now. I could see that Marco had an enormous erection through his flimsy gown and he was kind of touching himself now and then. Amie and Kurt were also touching themselves. She had her hands up on her tits and was tweaking her very hard nipples. Kurt was constantly rubbing his clearly hard cock through his undies and I couldn't help but do the same. This was incredible to watch and I couldn't believe it was my fiancée who had taken the game to this level. After a little more pumping,

K finally pushed the plug all the way inside Erin's ass and she moaned deeply and said, "Oooooohh god...fuck! Mmmmmm...that feels soooo good and deep. My ass feels so fucking full!"

K said, "That's the idea. You're a good little whore for doing that for me. Now keep it in for the rest of the game baby."

K and Erin finally got up and moved to sit down. K sat next to me and Erin, a little tentatively because of the toy, next to her husband who was grinning. At least it was her turn again.

She looked at Marco's smirk and said, "Ok mister smartass....truth or dare?"

He stopped grinning, but didn't seem nervous really. He chose dare of course.

She continued, "I dare you to take off the gown."

He wasn't really surprised and stood up and said, "Well, here goes!"

He dropped it at his feet and became the first of us to be totally naked. His cock was completely hard, but he was unashamed. Everyone stared at it and I saw Amie kind of lick her lips thinking about it.

He then said, "That wasn't so bad baby...and now it's my turn."

He looked around and my heart sunk a bit, "Matt....what'll it be?"

I swallowed hard, "Umm...truth?"

He said, "How about no.....we're done with truth for tonight."

I nodded and said, "Ok....uh...dare then."

He smiled mischievously and said, "I'm not gonna be the only one naked and you have the most clothes on I think, so...strip for us....all the way."

I was quite nervous, but I thought maybe they won't notice the plug if I don't turn towards them. So I smiled anxiously and got up and started unbuttoning my pants. I dropped them and then slipped my fingers in the bands of my undies and slid them down also. My throbbing cock swung free and stood at attention in front of everyone.

Erin of course had to say, "Mmmm, looks like someone's feeling a bit excited....hee hee hee. Not unlike my husband. Time for some fun now! I'm gonna need you to turn around and show us the whole...uh...package."

I knew there was no way to hide it, but I tried spinning around kind of quickly.

She called me on it and said, "Slowly sir, slowly."

I did and as my ass faced them she said, "Oh my god! What is that?"

Everyone started looking intently at me so I said, "Ok, ok, ok, it's a bit...embarrassing, but K and I had a deal tonight. If she wore the tail then I had to have a plug too. So...uh...now you know."

Everyone looked incredulous, but then started grinning and laughing.

Amie said, "Wow, you guys are kinky! And I, for one, think that's super hot."

Marco could tell I was a bit uncomfortable with the revelation and wanted to make me feel less nervous so he said, "Hey don't sweat it, if it makes you feel any better, I like plugs too."

Erin smiled and chimed in, "Oh boy does he! Among other things."

So after all the excitement about that died down, it was my turn. I chose Amie.

She looked a little surprised, but said, "Ok I'm game for....whatever."

I asked her which she wanted and she chose dare. I said, "I dare you to....uh...let K and Erin undress you in whatever manner they want....and then you have to undress them with your teeth."

I figured this would be fun because all she had on was panties, so the "whatever manner they want" would mean that they would tease her first. She looked surprised and nervous and the other girls took exception.

K said, "Wait, how come we get undressed? It's her dare."

I replied simply, "Does it really matter at this point?"

The guys laughed and Erin said, "Well.....I guess not.....I'm game if you are K."

She agreed and the fun began. Amie stood up as Erin and K walked over to her. Erin went right up to her and kissed her on the lips. K moved around behind her and put her hands on her hips. Amie melted into the sensations. Erin slipped her some tongue and next thing you know they were going at each other like long lost lovers. K slid her hands up the smooth skin on her torso and started playing with her firm, perky titties. She moaned into Erin's mouth. Erin then kissed down her neck and chest and then started sucking on and tweaking her nipples. K's hands wandered back down and slid over her panty clad ass. She played with her buttocks through the material and gave her some soft, but firm smacks. As Erin began kissing down her belly K slipped her fingers into the elastic band of the panties and started pulling them down. By the time Erin got to right above her snatch, K had them down around her ankles and was bent down giving her cute little ass some soft kisses. Amie's nipples were as hard as bullets and she was moaning and sighing constantly now. Erin licked and kissed all around, but avoided her pussy directly. She spread her wide open with her fingers, but left her panting for more. K was doing much the same to her ass. She spread her cheeks open and blew softly on her asshole. Erin then gave her momentary relief by rubbing her lips and clit with her fingers for a few seconds, but then they were done.

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