Dirty Games at a Halloween Party


Erin said, "Ok...now it's your turn."

Amie was very flushed and looked slightly disappointed, but stared her in the eyes and said, "Ok....mistress...tee hee hee."

So all that K had left on was the bottom of her cat suit and some black tights (both modified with a hole in the back of course) and Erin just had her skirt and torn stockings left. Well, and the nice little tail she had in. Amie got down on her knees in front of K first. She tried to grab the edge of the tight bottoms that were sort of like skin tight shorts with thinner material. She was having a difficult time getting a hold of it without her hands, so mercifully K slipped her finger in a bit and pulled it out from her belly some. This gave Amie enough room to get a good grip on them with her mouth. She started tugging down and was much more successful now that she had it in her teeth. She had ended up grabbing both the bottoms and the tights, so as she pulled down it gave her a bit of a fight, but K was left completely nude to everyone's admiration. We three guys cheered loudly at her success.

Next it was on to Erin. I figured it would be easier to get her clothes off because they were less snug. As I thought, she had her skirt off in record time and we all agreed that we liked the way the torn stockings looked so we let her leave them. Erin's pussy and ass were totally exposed through the torn material. She looked very hot and whorish with the skimpy torn up stockings. All the ladies looked very sexy and ready to fuck. It was slow torture waiting for each new dare even though it was immensely titillating. I knew that soon we'd all be fucking. At least I hoped.

It was Amie's turn and she noted that Kurt was the only one left with clothes, so, of course, he was made nude with her turn. Then he was in control.

He said, "Well, we're all naked. Where do we go from here? Let's see what sort of perversity we can get up to."

He eyed everyone and then settled on Marco, "Truth or dare Marco?"

He chose dare of course. Kurt dared him to go down on his wife in front of us. He gladly accepted. He kissed down her body and then moved towards her moist cunt. He worked on her pussy for the time allowed of 5 minutes. Eventually he was licking and sucking her clit while pumping three fingers in her. Erin came hard at about minute 4. It was very arousing to watch and we all were playing with ourselves. At some point I looked over and saw that Amie was jacking Kurt's cock as he watched the show. We were all very turned on. I reached over and began fingering K's very wet cunt. My fingers slid in with no trouble and I began mirroring Marco's thrusts into his wife. 5 minutes came too early. Marco stopped working his magic on Erin and got ready to make his choice for a dare.

He said, "I think it's time for a piss break. Does anyone else need to go?"

Most everyone agreed except Kurt.

As we all got up to do our thing, Marco stopped us and said, "Ok, before we go my next dare is for Amie. I asked about pissing for a reason."

We were all confused by this, especially Amie.

He continued, "I know you're all gonna think we're total perverts, but my dare for you Amie is to let me film you pissing on my wife."

Amie, was pretty surprised and it showed.

She said, "You're kidding, right?"

Erin looked a bit sheepish, but Marco smiled and shook his head and said, "Uh...no actually. I know some people think it's gross, but Erin and I both like to be pissed on. She's always wanted to have another woman do it to her, but we haven't had a chance. I figured we're all kinda going outside our boundaries tonight....what the heck? I figured I'd throw it out there. Haha!"

He also added, "And I don't have to film your face unless you don't care. I can just film the lower part of your body."

Amie was still a bit surprised, but then said, "Well...uh...I guess I don't mind. I know that some people are into it and I've thought about it also. I guess it's kind of intriguing, so I'll do it."

We were all surprised and amazed, but I have to say I think everyone was curious to watch.

So Marco grabbed his camcorder and had us all go into their master bathroom to watch the events unfold. He told his wife to get down on her knees in their walk-in shower. He had Amie move above her and got them in frame.

Erin said at this point, "God! I can't believe I'm doing this and letting y'all watch......I'm such a dirty whore."

Marco agreed wholeheartedly, "Yes baby...you are a wonderful slut! And a very naughty one at that. Are you ready to get pissed on by another woman baby?"

Erin's nipples were very hard now and actually so were Amie's. I think this was turning them both on immensely. I know that my cock was very hard waiting to see this happen.

Amie asked if Erin was ready and she nodded and then said, "Yes pretty lady...I want you to...spray your hot piss all over me! Piss on my...unh...tits and...in my...mouth baby!"

Then she opened her mouth wide as a warm yellow stream started spilling out of Amie's sexy little pussy. It poured into Erin's hungry mouth and then down on to her plump tits. It caused them both to moan and Erin started playing with her cunt as the golden stream continued to spray all over her body. She asked Amie if she liked pissing on her and Amie told her that she loved it and that she couldn't believe that it turned her on so much.

Erin said, "OH God! I'm such a dirty bitch. Piss on me with this butt plug deep in my ass!"

After all of this craziness Erin and Amie rinse off in the large walk in shower. They have a hard time keeping their hands off of each other as they offer to help each other clean up and there ensues a good deal of playing and groping, but nothing too heavy. Afterwards they dry off and we head back to the couches. It's very late, but everyone's super horny and it's keeping us all awake. That and Marco offers us some more coke. We get some more drinks and decide to keep "playing." I suspect the next round will be less restrained as we've definitely crossed a line with what we've already done. We're feeling pretty fucked up also from the coke and drinks and lack of sleep. It's now Amie's turn and she wastes no time in getting something kinky to happen.

She says, "Ok, I've been wanting to see something from the boys all night long. So I choose Matt."

I'm a bit apprehensive, but my horniness surpasses it. I choose dare of course.

She says, "I know you've never been with a guy officially so I dare you to make out with Marco and end by sucking his cock."

The girls all cheer at this suggestion. I'm not totally surprised, but a little nervous since I've never done anything quite like this before.

I say, "Well, umm...here goes...you ready Marco?"

He smiles and replies, "I sure am big boy....I'm ready to feel your lips around me." I walk over to him and sit down between Erin and him.

We kiss, lightly at first, but then it feels pretty nice so we begin tonguing deeply. Both of our cocks are throbbing and erect. I slide my hands down his chest and on to his thighs. Soon I move up towards his cock and grasp it. As we tongue each other sloppily I jack him off. He moans a little in my mouth. I then start kissing down his chest towards his crotch. I get off the couch and am down on my knees by the time I'm near his cock. Seeing it pulsing in front of me makes me want to suck it even more. I tentatively lick the tip and tease him. I taste a little salty precum and this spurs me on to take the head in my mouth. Everyone's eyes are transfixed on me sucking him. Soon I take him further in and he grunts a bit as he feels the wet, warm feeling.

Erin says, "Oooh yeah...that looks yummy! Taste his hard fucking cock Matt!"

I start playing with his balls as I suck him. He loves it and I feel him pulse in my mouth. He grabs my head and starts pumping into my face a little harder. It's starting to go into my throat a little and it gags me, but we both like it. This causes more saliva to build and makes everything more slick and hot. Erin and K are both playing with their very wet pussies now and Amie is squeezing her breasts as they watch. Kurt is watching attentively and even he has a raging hard on.

Amie then says, "I can't help it anymore! K, do you mind if I play with the plug in Matt's ass while he sucks Marco?"

K smiles and says, "Ooohhh...that sounds fun to watch! Go for it baby!"

Amie jumps up very excited and grabs the lube from near K. She moves up behind me as I'm on my knees and tells me to put my ass up in the air like a good manslut. I do as I'm told and while my throat is being fucked harder and harder Amie starts massaging my ass cheeks. After a minute she slowly pulls the plug out of my ass. Then she lubes it up more and slowly pushes it back in. It feels very slick and good pressing into my anus and up against my prostate. After it goes all the way in she slowly pulls it back out partially. Soon she's pushing it in and out and it begins feeling even better. It apparently really turns her on to do this.

She says, "Mmmmm...God that's hot to watch. You like being pumped by a girl Matt? Does it feel good in your ass?"

I moan deeply around Marco's hard dick.

She continues, "I thought you'd like it baby....I bet you'd like it even more if it was a thick cock huh?"

I grunt again in agreement. Then she says, "I'm going to see that before the night is through aren't I?"

Once again I moan around the cock I'm sucking.

K chimes in and says, "Yeah...I really want to see that also...do you think you can take it baby?"

I pull off of him and tell her, "I think so babe....I can't wait to try it.....maybe I can do it while buried in your tight, wet little cunt baby?"

Now it's her turn to moan. It has long been a fantasy of ours for me to get fucked by a man while I'm inside her pussy.

Marco has me stop and says, "As much as I'm enjoying this, I think it's time to move on to another dare. I want to see some more dirty stuff."

We all agree and I get up and sit back down by K.

Now it's my turn and I think about what kind of perverse thing I can cause to happen. I turn to K and say, "Truth or dare my lovely lady?"

She smiles and says, "Dare, of course my good man."

I then reply, "Good! I want you to, let's see....I want you to go down on Amie while Erin does whatever, and I mean whatever, she wants to your pussy and ass."

Erin cheers, "Yeah....that sounds like some hot fun there!"

Amie agrees and says, "Get yer ass over here baby and taste my willing little pussy. I've been waiting all night for some tongue attention from you."

We're all pretty much over being nervous. Now we're just hot and bothered and K can't wait to dive into some tasty cunt. Amie lies back against couch on some cushions on the floor and K moves over to her. They kiss hotly first and play with each other nipples a bit before she moves down and begins to lick towards Amie's very wet pussy. Soon she's got her warm tongue all over a very erect clit. While this is happening, Erin moves up behind K and massages her ass a bit before giving it some nice smacks. K moans a bit into Amie's cunt and gets more into her ministrations. She pushes her tongue as deep as she can into the wet hole in front of her and Amie's loving it. She plays with her own nipples as Erin continues to spank and tease K from behind. Eventually she starts kissing and licking K's ass down towards her moistening pussy. She kind of lightly slaps K's cunt lips which I know for a fact she loves. Then she moves her mouth underneath and slides her tongue all over K's wet slit before sliding a finger and then two inside her. K's doing much the same to Amie's snatch. All three girls are moaning and sighing as they get into their work.

We three guys can't help but to jack our cocks as we watch the steamy scene in front of us. Soon, Erin moves her mouth back up and starts tentatively kissing K's asshole as she continues to finger her pussy. K loves this and squeals into Amie's cunt. She soon pushes her tongue as far as it will go into the tight anus. K squeals some more and slightly pushes back against it. It's a very hot sight to see.

Marco is now sitting next to Kurt and I see him whisper in his ear as they jerk their cocks. Kurt nods and takes his hand off his rod and allows Marco to take over the jacking. Kurt grunts softly as he feels Marco's touch. This night is turning out to be very, very kinky.

When I look back at the girls, I see that Erin now has three fingers of one hand in K's pussy and two fingers of her other hand pumping in and out of her puckered ass. K's absolutely loving it and is devouring Amie's cunt. Her face is slick with pussy juice and she's got three fingers furiously pumping in and out. I figure since I'm the only one alone now that I'll try to join in. I move over by the girls and ask K if I can let Amie suck me. She moans her agreement and so I move up by Amie's head and offer my throbbing cock to her wet mouth. She hungrily sucks me in and begins taking me hard in her mouth. I grunt a bit at the pleasure and the sights in front of me.

I look back over at Kurt and see that Marco is now sucking his cock while he watches the girls and me. It's such a fucked up and debaucherous scene, but we're all so fucking horny it doesn't seem to matter. Everyone wants to suck and fuck and be fingered and fucked. Due to K's ministrations, Amie is taking me as deep as she can into her throat and my cock is coated with slick spit. I see that now she's got two fingers worked up into Amie's ass as she licks her clit with fervor. Amie is pumping back against the fingers and moaning around my dick. Then I look back at Erin and see that she's playing with K's clit and has four fingers in a cone shape thrust inside her asshole. K is pushing back against Erin's hand. After a minute of this Erin pulls her fingers out and disappears for a second. During this departure I look over see Marco deep throating Kurt and massaging his balls. He's clearly enjoying it greatly and looks close to coming.

Just then Erin is back with a box of toys. She first pulls out a large vibrator and some lube. She teases K's clit with it and K starts squealing in pleasure. Erin then takes some lube and spreads it all over her hand and K's anus. She slowly works her fingers in again, one at a time. Around this time, Amie starts to come hard from K's attention. She stops sucking me as this happens and starts kind of bucking around K's fingers in her ass. After she comes down from this Erin tells K to turn over and get on the edge of the couch. She does and Erin pulls her ass towards the edge. She opens her legs and has me and Amie hold them open. She puts the vibe back on K's clit and starts working her fingers in her ass again. It's very lubed up and takes them easily. Before I can believe it she's got five fingers in and about half her hand pushed inside. K's writhing in pleasure from the vibe and the hand. I continue holding her leg, but push my cock in her slutty little mouth. She sucks it in greedily. After only a few strokes I'm fucking into her throat and she's loving it. She's been pushed over the edge into a complete whore by Erin's attention. Amie takes over the vibe work and Erin eventually works her entire hand into K's ass. It looks so fucking hot that I can't help but start spraying my cum all inside K's mouth and on her face. Amie looks up at me coming when she hears me grunting and she then moves her face up near K and starts to kiss her mouth and face after I'm done. She licks the cum off K's face and they start tonguing deeply and swapping the jizz between their mouths.

K starts coming now too from the fist in her ass and the vibe and Erin almost screams, "Fuckkk yeah baby! Come for me! With my whole hand in your tight asshole! I can feel you pulsing around me!"

I think this sets off a chain reaction because I then hear Kurt moaning loud and then, "Oh...ohh...oh fuuuuckkkk!!! I'm fucking....coming...in your mouth Marco."

Marco swallows every drop.

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