Dirty Girl


Last night I had visited my friend in a nearby town. We had been drinking, and it had grown so late that it had become morning. We had talked about sex almost all night, and I was so horny, I could feel my slit slippery and wet. When I decided it was time for me to be on my way, she walked me to the door and gave me a sweet, soft kiss and licked my lips to say goodbye.

I headed out of town, horny and unsatisfied, but looking for some adventure. As I drove, I started to feel my breasts, and rubbing and squeezing them. As I got hornier, I decided that my blouse was too restrictive. I unbuttoned it, and took my bra off. But it still wasn’t enough, so I took my blouse off. I rolled my window down so that I could feel the wind on my tits as they bounced when I hit the bumps on the dirt road. This still wasn’t enough for my horny appetite, and I began unbuttoning the denim miniskirt I was wearing, from the bottom up. I pulled my panties down, until they were just below my knees, and began stroking my clean shaven lips.

Finally, I said out loud, “What the fuck. What I really want is to drive with my naked tits, ass, and pussy for all to see what a whore I am” and took off my panties and skirt, too. So I rode down the road, completely naked, and switched to a paved road. I thought this way, I would have a better opportunity to be seen. Sure enough, I came upon two semis pulled over, one behind the other. The drivers were out in front of one, talking. I had been banging myself, and as I came to the two men, I slowed way down. I pulled my middle finger out of my pussy, and sucked it, imagining I was sucking the cock of one of the two strangers, and when I pulled it out of my mouth, I pinched my nipple hard, lifting my tit for them to see how much I loved the pain. One just stood and smiled, while the other grabbed his cock through his pants. I smiled and drove on.

A few miles later, I came to a farm where I saw some men in a field gathered and talking. At the edge of the field was a small ditch where I could see was water pouring out of a pipe. Though it was morning, it was also hot, and I decided I could cool off and show my sluttish self at the same time. I pulled over and got out of the car, completely naked. I watched the group of men out of the corner of my eye, as I stepped down into the cold, watery ditch. My nipples grew instantly hard, and I began splashing myself with the fresh water. I could see that all of the men were now openly staring, and I could see that a few of them had hard cocks straining against the fronts of their pants. I turned my back to them and bent over, making certain that they had a perfect view of my swollen pussy as I bent to splash my tits with water again.

As I rubbed the cold water over my body, I got so hot just thinking of those strange men wanting to fuck me. I was bent over, rubbing the water onto my dripping pussy, sticking a finger inside my aching hole. I couldn’t take the wave of heat that overcame me, and I fell onto my knees, still ramming one finger into myself. I decided I wanted these country bumpkins to see what a sleazy woman in need of a nasty fuck looked like, and I turned and fell onto my back in the mud. There were four of them, about thirty feet away, and I had their complete attention. My back was against the slope of the shallow ditch, and as I pushed against that, I pushed down with my feet until my entire pelvis was out of the muddy water. I spread my legs as wide as they would go, and rubbed mud all over my tits, stomach, pussy, and even my ass. It was such a strangely erotic feeling.

I decided I wanted more, and said loudly, “Oh, God, I need a cock in my mouth so bad,” They nearly tripped over one another to get the prize blow job, and when one of them finally reached me, I told the rest that it was ok, they could all jack off while they watched. The first to reach me shoved his cock into my mouth so hard that I almost choked, but I sucked like I was trying to milk it. At the same time, I felt some fingers shoved into my pussy, while some other fingers stabbed my asshole. I couldn’t see from my vantage point who was doing what, but it didn’t matter. I loved having every opening filled, and they were treating me just like I deserved.

Someone suddenly tied a piece of cloth over my eyes, like a blindfold, and flipped me over, roughly. I was made to bend as if on my hands and knees, but my hands were pulled out behind me and used like reins while one strange cock impaled my ass, and another rammed down my throat. I made a lot of noise, as if the attention I was receiving was unwanted, but I secretly loved being treated like a dirty little whore. And I was dirty. I could feel unseen hands slap mud on my tits and squeeze them painfully. The whole time, cocks rhythmically slamming me on both ends. When the one in my ass finally shot his wad, another one took over, this time in the hole I really wanted fucked.

It seemed like forever, cocks in every hole, fucking, sucking, pinching, pulling, slapping. But finally, they must have each cum on or in me at least twice. I could hear them begin to walk away, but one stayed behind. It sounded like he was peeling the husks off an ear of corn, and he stood next to me.

“You liked that didn’t you? We fucked you like the slut you are. We’re going to drive away now, and you will stay like this on your hands and knees until you count to one hundred…slowly.”

He shoved the ear of corn into my pussy and said, “Don’t let this fall out, either. Don’t take the blindfold off until you reach 100. When cars drive by, they’ll see what a nasty bitch you are.” And he left.

I began to count…10…the car drove away…30…a car drove past on the road. They had to see me! How humiliating. I could feel the wetness grow again…70…I reached down between my legs and grasped the corn in my hand tightly, shoving it in and out. Another car drove by, this time I could hear that it had slowed down to see what was happening…90. I began to moan as I tried to get it all the way in and pull it back out again, the soft little kernels feeling like they were ripping my insides up, getting covered in the cream from my pussy. As the next car drove by, I wasn’t even counting anymore. I was yelling at the top of my lungs as I came so hard I thought I might pass out.

I pulled off the blindfold, and climbed out of the ditch toward my car. As I rode down the road, naked and muddy, I wondered what I could show next…

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