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Dirty Girl


My wife, April is a dirty girl. She lost her virginity at a young age, and by the time she graduated from college, she had completely lost track of how many guys that she had slept with. I was fully aware of her promiscuous reputation when I first met her, but despite her apparent immorality, I found myself deeply attracted to her.

April has a gorgeous face. She has large, captivating blue eyes, her lips full and thick. She has a dynamite body with the nicest pair of 36C tits, a hot little ass, and the best legs that I have ever seen. But what makes her all the more attractive is her excessive sex appeal. She is practically overflowing with sexuality. I've never met a girl that can turn men, and even some women on, like, April.

My wife is so desirable she could easily have had any guy that she wanted. I believe the only reason we ended up together, was because I was one of the few guys able to look beyond her promiscuous past.

The first time I had sex with April, I could feel that her pussy was slightly loose compared to most of the girls that I had been with, but I have to admit, thinking about how it got that way began to turn me on. While my bare cock pistoned in and out of her licentious cunt, I couldn't help but wonder, just how many other guys had there been? Dozens for sure, maybe even hundreds. Thinking of how she had been fucked by such a large number of men had a strange effect on me. Suddenly I started to come. April encouraged me to fill her pussy as I spurted uncontrollably into her welcoming hole.

April and I started dating and despite the fact that it was almost impossible for us to go out in public and not run into one of her former lovers, I soon found myself falling for her. We spent all of our free time together and everything was going quite well, until one night, in a drunken moment of indiscretion, she had sex with my roommate, Chris.

All three of us had been drinking at my place when at about two in the morning I said that I had to go to bed. I was tired from a long week of work and I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. When I asked April to join me, she declined saying that she wanted to stay up for one more drink.

I was reluctant to leave the two of them alone, but I was also too tired to argue with her. I decided that I would have to learn to trust her sometime, so I went to bed, and soon fell asleep.

The next morning, I awoke around nine and April wasn't in bed with me. A wave of foreboding washed through me as I got out of bed to go find her. Sure enough, I found April sleeping on my couch in the nude, her clothing scattered on the living room floor. I woke her, and demanded to know what had happened.

At first she was confused, having been woken from a deep sleep. But eventually April admitted that she had fucked Chris.

I stormed into Chris' room prepared to pound the ever-loving crap out of him, only to find that he had already left for work.

As I came back into the living room April was crying. I sat down on the other end of the couch and told her to get her clothing and get out.

With that she began to sob and begged me to forgive her. She swore that nothing like this would ever happen again. She threw all kinds of excuses at me, even going so far as to blame me for leaving them alone together when I knew that she had been drinking.

About forty-five minutes past with April continually pleading me to forgive her. I tried to stay angry. I tried to hold firm in my decision to end our relationship. But I really didn't want to loose her, and I couldn't help but be turned on by her "just-fucked" appearance. She looked so sexy and slutty with her hair and make-up all disheveled, my feelings of anger were quickly being replaced by feelings of lust and excitement.

To make a long story short, I reluctantly forgave her for cheating on me.

April wrapped her arms around me, squeezing me tight and thanking me for the second chance.

She smelled of sex and I found myself becoming even more aroused by her heady scent. We started kissing and I realized that I had to fuck her.

Sensing my need, April lay back on the couch while I removed my pants. As soon as I had them off she spread her legs, and guided my stiff prick to her opening.

I couldn't help but notice April's pussy was swollen and coated with the sticky remenants of recent sexual activities. Her pubic hair was matted with dried semen, and her ass and thighs looked shiny and sticky.

Noticing my look she said, "Sorry, I can go wash first if you want."

I just shook my head no. "It's okay." I rasped. I told myself then that I was too horny to wait, but looking back now I think that I actually wanted her that way.

She was still considerably stretched and wet from Chris' big dick, and my cock easily penetrated her to its fullest in one stroke. We both groaned as I began to rut in her sloppy, stretched-out cunt.

That morning I discovered that there is nothing quite like screwing a hot, sexy girl, who has recently been filled with another man's come. The slick, used feeling of of her well-fucked pussy was beyond description. I am embarrassed to say that I doubt I even lasted a full two minutes. The sight of my prick coated with the remnants of Chris and April's copious fluids, coupled with the fact I could smell sex every time I thrust into her, caused me to shoot off like never before. In no time I was adding a mighty load of come to April's already jizzy pussy.

We spent the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon fucking until my balls had been drained, and I was sure that my seed out-numbered Chris' inside of her slutty cunt.

Several months passed and April and I eventually moved in together. A little over half a year later we were engaged to be married. Throughout this time I found myself fantasizing about her and Chris, as well as other studs I knew she had fucked. I began encouraging her to share some of the details of her previous steamy encounters with me before and during sex.

Almost every night we'd lie in bed and she would tell me stories of her many one-night-stands and her penchant for guys with big cocks. One particular night she was explaining to me her distaste for profolactics, and why she had allowed so many guys to fuck her without the use of condoms.

"So where did they come? In your pussy?" I asked, remembering our first night together.

"Yeah, for the most part. Some pulled out, but I'd say most of them came in my pussy."

"Weren't you scared of getting pregnant, or worse?" I asked, my voice shaking with arousal. It excited me to think of her being so careless as to allow so many strangers to ejaculate inside of her.

"At first I was, but after a few years of sleeping around, I had let so many guys come inside me that I was sure that I couldn't get pregnant, and I've never had an STD, so it didn't really concern me.

"Besides, whenever I would pull my panties down to pee the next day, I could smell the come that had been left in my pussy the previous night, and it made me smile. It made me think about the latest guy – or guys that had just fucked me and I would feel so naughty and turned on."

I groaned "What do you mean by 'guys'? Does that mean you've had more than one at a time?"

April grinned by how turned on I got at the mention of her with more than one guy. The next thing I knew she was telling me stories of her involved in threesomes, foursomes, and the time she was gang-fucked by an estimated fifteen to twenty guys in a bar after hours – things that she has never told anyone before.

One of my favorite stories about April is the time she met up with a group of guys celebrating a bachelor party.

Most of them were attractive guys around her age. She had been drinking quite heavily, so it's no surprise that my slutty fiance ended up fucking the groom, the best man and two other guys in their hotel room. By the next morning the foursome had left a generous amount of semen in her pussy as well as various other places in and on her body.

Just before nine a.m. the groom offered her a ride home. On the way, she decided to give him something to remember her by. April leaned over in her seat, undid his pants and began sucking his dick, stopping occasionally to give him directions.

When they got to April's apartment he put the car in park, and in broad daylight my future wife finnished him off with her mouth. She said that although he must have ejaculated three or four times in the last five hours she still had to swallow quite quickly in order handle his load.

"Oh my god that's so hot, April! I wish I could have been in your apartment, waiting for some sloppy fifths when you got home." I said.

"Yeah, that would have been nice to come home to you after a night like that." She agreed. "I can't believe how much you like hearing about me with other guys."

"Nothing turns me on more." I said honestly.

It was about three months before our wedding April went out with some of her co-workers for drinks and it wasn't until almost four in the morning before she finally came home. I woke up to her sucking my dick. Once I was good and hard, she said that she had something to tell me.

"What is it?" I asked, my head still groggy.

April straddled me and hiked her skirt up above her waist. "Well, you know Terrence from work," she said, guiding my prick to her opening.


"He just ate me out!" she sighed, impaling herself on my straining dick.

April's pussy was so wet I knew that she wasn't making it up. I started ejaculating after only five or six thrusts, but never lost my erection.

April giggled. "After all the dirty talk of me and other guys, I thought that you might like it if I was a bad girl with someone else."

I begged her to tell me every little detail of what happened with her and Terrence, which she did, all the while working herself up and down on my excited prick. By the time she finnished describing what happened, I had once again come inside of her steamy cunt.

"So how come you didn't fuck him?" I asked the next morning as we lay together.

"I almost did." She replied. "After he ate me out, he crawled up between my legs and was rubbing the head of his cock up and down my slit. It was so big and I wanted him to stick it in so bad, but I wasn't sure how you were going to react, so I told him to stop."

"I wish you had of fucked him." I said " I wish you had of fucked him good, and made him come hard in your pussy."

April pulled her thighs up to allow me access to her wet pussy. I slid my morning erection into her from the side.

"It would have been so hot." I grunted. "I would have wanted sloppy-seconds, just like the morning after Chris."

"Oh god," she moaned, "do you really want me to fuck another guy?"

"Nothing would turn me on more."

April's eyes glazed over as I pumped her hot sex. "I've already been fucked so much, but if that is what you want me to do then I'll do it. I'll spread my legs for other men."

"Oh fuck!" I groaned. as I once again emptied my balls into her soaking hot wetness.

From that time on whenever April went out drinking with her friends I would nervously wait for her at home. Sometimes she would come home and admit to kissing someone else or feeling some guys cock on the dance floor. Once she sucked a guy off in his truck just a few blocks from our house. She was testing the waters, gauging my reaction to her wanton behavior. I knew that it was just a matter of time before some lucky stud got to stick it to her hot pussy..

One week before our wedding it finally happened.

I could feel sexual tension in our bedroom as I sat on the bed, watching April prepare for her bachelorette party. She finnished her make-up just as she downed her second drink. "Do you mind making me another, Greg?" she said, handing her glass to me and giving me a sexy kiss. "I've been looking forward to tonight for so long." She said excitedly. "With all the stress of our wedding day almost behind me, I feel like I really need to cut loose."

As I made her another ceasar I hoped that "cut loose" really meant "get laid". I noticed while watching her get dressed that she had worn her favorite, most sexy pair of matching bra and panties. I also noted that she wore a low-cut, sleeveless shirt that show-cased her substantial cleavage and a pair of tight pants that made her ass look good enough to eat.

She would have little trouble attracting attention from men tonight.

At eight-thirty a car pulled into our driveway, it was Tracy, here to pick up my fiancé. As she kissed me good-bye, April gave my cock a squeeze, "I know you're horny, but don't worry, I'll take care of this when I get home." She smiled. "But don't wait up 'cause I feel like being naughty, and who knows when I'll finally get home."

With that she went out the door and was gone.

I was quite hung-over and tired from my own party the previous night so I went to bed early, but the sexual undertones in what she said made me horny and I was having difficulty sleeping.

At one point I dozed off, only to awake just after five a.m. April was not home yet and my mind began to race with the different possibilities of where she might be. My imagination was running wild with thoughts of April doing another guy, or even a group of guys, and I had to pull myself off twice before I was able to fall back to sleep.

When I awoke again at eight-thirty, April still had not returned so I decided to make some coffee. With nothing to do I just paced around our house with a hard-on thinking impure thoughts about my slutty Fiance.

I had just finnished my second cup of coffee when the phone rang. The caller display said "BLOCKED CALL".

I pushed talk and said "Hello?"

"Hey, baby."

It was April.

"Hi, where are you?" I asked, my voice shaking slightly.

"I stayed the night over at Angie's house. You're not mad are you?"

"No I'm not mad."

I knew that she would have no reason to block a call from Angela's so I assumed that something was amiss.

"Did you have fun last night?" I asked.

April giggled, "Um, yeah, I had a really good time. It was... ohhh."

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm, ahh, fine."

Was it my imagination or was she slightly out of breath?

"So where did you go?"

"Um... We uh, went to a few different clubs."

"Will you be home soon?" I asked.

April drew a sharp gasp. "Um... yeah, I... I should be... I'll be home in twenty minutes – no, make that half an hour."

I started to ask her another question but she quickly hung up. I just stood there for a minute, absentmindedly rubbing my cock through my pants. Pre-come was dripping down my leg. I was almost positive that April was having sex while speaking to me on the phone. I looked over at the clock. Nine-thirty-seven. I didn't know if I could wait a half an hour to find out.

The wait was pure agony, made worse with the fact that it took more than an hour before she finally walked through the door.

Grinning from ear to ear she exclaimed, "I'm such a bad girl."

"You didn't stay at Angie's last night did you?"

She shook her head no.

"Did you get laid?" I asked, scarcely containing the excitement in my voice.

"Yeah I did, baby. All night and all morning. Couldn't you tell that I was getting fucked while we were talking on the phone?"

"Oh my god. Who was it?" I demanded.

"Do you remember the guy I pointed out to you the last time we were at The Manhattan Club?"

"Yeah." I said. He was a tall guy with dark skin and a decent build. Even I had to admit that he was probably the best looking guy in the bar, so I wasn't surprised when April told me that she wanted to fuck him. Although there must have been half a dozen attractive women pawning over this stud, I noticed that his gaze was often on April. I'm sure that if I had not been present that she would easily have seduced him right then and there.

"His name is Brian, and he left something in here for you, baby." She said pointing to her crotch.

"I want to hear about everything." I said.

April giggled, and a minute later we were in the bedroom. She stripped and then layed down on the edge of the bed. I knelt on the floor between her spread legs with my face only about a foot away from her freshly-fucked cunt.

I could hardly breath as I took in the sight before me. Her pubic hair was matted with sweat and semen, her sticky labia swollen from having been constantly fucked for the last six hours, and her vaginal opening was dialated and leaking a thin stream of seminal fluid down to the crack of her ass.

"What took you so long to get home?" I asked, unable to tear my eyes away from her dripping sex. "On the phone you said that you'd be here forty five minutes ago."

"Well, I knew that you would want my pussy full of as much come as possible," she replied seductively. "so I made sure to fuck him one more time before I left."

The intoxicating sight and smell of April's pussy, full of Brian's come, made my dick excruciatingly hard and my head swoon. I realized that I had to eat her out.

As April began to relate her recent sex-capade, I slowly began licking her distended, come-covered pussy lips. I heard her chuckle softly "Mmm... that feels good, baby. I knew you'd want to eat my come-filled pussy. Oh yeah, lick it up and make me come."

At first I wasn't sure how much I would like it, but if the taste of another guy's come in a woman's pussy is an aquired taste, then I aquired a taste for it awfully fast. Soon I was running my mouth up and down her swollen snatch, licking and slurping Brian's spent jism from April's sloppy cunt.

I had sampled my own ejaculate in her before, but this was much different. The smell and taste was much more potent than I was used to. His salty come burned my lips and the back of my throat but I couldn't get enough of it. I thrust my tongue as deep into her as possible, swirling my tongue around, lapping up as much spunk as I could get. I even licked the smeared jism off the insidesof her thighs and out of the crack of her ass.

April divulged all the details of the fucking that she had just received as I brought her to climax with my mouth. I then kissed my way back up her sweaty body and sank my raging erection into her yawning vagina. It slid in so easily, and when I pulled it out it was covered with a thin layer of seminal fluid. I groaned and began to slowly fuck my beautiful slut.

"Oh god, it feels good to be fucked again." She gasped, working her hips to meet my strokes. "It's been so long since I've had two guys in one day."

It had been far too long I thought as she pulled her sticky thighs up and open to allow me the most possible penetration. I grabbed her ass with one hand as the tempo of our coupling increased.

My fiance's sloppy cunt felt incredible. It's a good thing that I had masturbated earlier, otherwise I would not have been able to keep from ejaculating too soon. The feeling of Brian's come linning the insides of April's exhausted pussy had me trembling with desire. Although she had said earlier that his cock was only average in size she was still pretty loose from having been fucked so much. Excess semen spilled out of her and down her ass cheeks as well as my fingers as she urged me to come.

"Yeah, that's it, Greg. Fuck your dirty girl. Just think, baby, fifteen minutes ago another man was between my legs. His cock was thrusting into me just like your's is right now. My pussy's full of his come. You like that don't you?"

"Oh god I love it!" I gasped barely holding back my impending release. My excited prick thrusting deep and fast. The sound of it sloshing in and out filled our bedroom. "This is so hot, April, you're about to have come from two different guys in your pussy!"

"Yeah baby, do it!" She gasped. "Pump it into me!"

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