Dirty Girl


I was full with nervous excitement as I undressed myself. I was surrounded by a captivated audience of college rugby players from a visiting university and I was quite certain we had surpassed the maximum occupancy of that hotel room.

I don't exactly recall exactly how many of them there were; more than a dozen or so. I had already removed my top and as I stepped out of my jeans and panties I looked around to a crowd of eager faces. Most of them were attractive, fuckable if you will. All of them were in suburb shape, the type that could pick you up, throw you down and ravage your body to climax. I was admittedly incredibly nervous but also very excited for what I was about to do.

I often browse the personal ads for my own entertainment. It's a strange habit I acquired both out of boredom and my fascination with people. Every now and then I came across a unique or interesting ad that forced me to respond. That particular day I had wandered into the erotic adventures category. There were some rather different ads there but one in particular gave me pause. As I read it I literally became hot. After reading it a second time I promptly retired to the bedroom to get myself off. Later, I responded.

So there I was, laid down on a blanket they had placed on floor for me. I took a deep breath as my heart raced. Bringing my knees up towards my chest, I then parted them to each side, spreading my legs nicely for a full view. Among my audience of athletes, the majority wasted no time unzipping their pants. Closing my eyes I grabbed my tits and started to rub my nipples. I slid my hands down from my tits across my tummy and as I did I opened my eyes. Most of them had already begun stroking their cocks. I was incredibly turned on. My temperature rose. I could have never imaged how intensely horny I would become. My hands traveled further down and between my legs. Finally I touched my incredibly wet pussy and started to rub. As I did, the few men that had not yet unzipped, whipped out their dicks and started jerking off.

I was surrounded by them in a circle. To every direction I looked there was young man, vigorously working his cock. My pussy was pouring at the sight and sound of all those men stroking, while most likely thinking about fucking me. All of those nice, hard cocks; I fantasized about them taking turns, shoving them into my mouth. I moaned as I slid two fingers inside to fuck myself for them.

A moment later I felt the first splash of hot cum fall across my right tit and arm. And I became more and more aroused by that sensation with each load that sprayed across my body. I brought my hand up and slide those two fingers slowly into my mouth to lick them clean. I heard a few moans and two guys moved closer to me. They both came on my tits and my stomach almost simultaneously. I was in a state of ecstasy as I returned to playing with my pussy. It was so intense by that time that I could no longer keep from reaching orgasm and cumming myself. As I did, I felt several spurts hit my body nearly at once. I'm not sure of exactly how many finished at that time but only one guy remained.

He was extremely attractive, but kind of young and innocent looking. He bent down to his knees. His cock grasp tightly in that strong hand of his, he hovered closely over me. I badly wanted him to fuck me right there in front of all of his friends. I contemplated grabbing him, pulling him on top. His eyes were green and full of intensity as he stared down at my body. He had already won as far as I was concerned, having lasted the longest. There was no reason for him to hold out. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth, inviting him to fill it with his hot juice. Applause erupted from the audience along with some cheers. The sexy victor pounded his cock for a minute or two longer before coating my face. "Nice!" I heard one guy say. While most of it missed my target, enough had fallen in my mouth for me to taste him. I licked my lips and laid still with a smile, my eyes closed, spent and covered in cum. One guy announced that he would get me a towel. I didn't want to move just yet, I enjoyed feeling that dirty.

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