tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDirty Jane Ch. 02

Dirty Jane Ch. 02


Jane slowly surfaced from the pool of darkness that had engulfed her. Her eyes flickered open and for a brief moment she wondered where she was. This was the guestroom. She wondered what she was doing in the guestroom. Soon enough the memory of that soft metallic hiss of Rick's voice in her ear, his big, hard hand on her breast and the scent of chloroform quickly sharpened her senses. She tried to move and found that she couldn't.

She was lying belly down on the bed that smelt of camphor and her arms were securely tied behind her back. Her legs had been bent at the knees and pulled up so that her ankles could be fastened to her wrists. And she was still naked. A cold draft was blowing straight across her body making her shiver. She was gagged as well. It was the dishrag and she had to use all her willpower to stop herself from puking and end up drowning in her own vomit.

She heard voices and she twisted around to face the two figures that walked into the room. The one at the back didn't worry her- it was her stupid younger brother William. It was the one that was standing over her right now and staring down at her that gave her the chills- her cousin Rick. He had managed at last to get her in a position he had always wanted: naked, bound, and gagged and completely at his mercy. The fact that she was a cop made her present predicament all the more erotic for a complete pervert like Rick.

"Hello, Jane" he drawled as he absentmindedly trailed a finger up a naked thigh, "You look a bit tied down. You want me to loosen you up a little?"

Jane cringed at his touch and her angry eyes darted from Rick to William. Her brother looked sheepish but she noticed that he couldn't take his eyes off her. He seemed to be particularly fascinated with her enormous breasts which were freckled with goose pimples and the sharp nipples which stood erect from the cold. Ricks finger stroked at her bush and she quickly lay on her belly again which wasn't much of an idea since her bum was now fully exposed for all to see. His hands clamped on her cheeks and began to knead them roughly. She grunted beneath the gag and made a futile attempt to wriggle free which only made her look all the more desirable to the depraved kind.

"Hey, William!" Rick said jovially to Jane's brother, "Don't you want a feel of your sister's ass?"

"Really?" he replied uncertainly and stared longingly at Jane's behind.

"Of course."

Rick grabbed Jane by the legs and pulled her towards him. She struggled futilely, her face a mask of hate and fear.

"Come on, William. Grab that big bum of hers."

Jane really felt like throwing up now as she felt two soft, pudgy hands inch nervously across her ass cheeks.

"Spread them for her, Cuz."

The hands gripped her buttocks and pushed them apart. She felt a cold draft of air on her butt hole. She moaned desperately.

"Hey, I think your sis likes you feeling her up. Why not go for her tits?"

Rick flipped her on her side and she watched helplessly as William approached her with a frightful leer on his long face. His hands stretched towards her like spiders till they both cupped her breasts. Jane mumbled something furiously but he ignored her. He fondled and massaged her boobs in the only way a nerd who has never seen action could. He pulled at her long nipples and she gave a muffled gasp. Rick reached to her face and pulled away the gag. She spluttered and coughed as she tried to spit out the taste of the filthy dishrag.

"You cocksucker!" she hissed vehemently at her brother, "When I get free I'm going to kill you! I will -- "

The slap sounded like a pistol shot and Jane thought her neck had broken from the way her head had spun around. She stared in shock at Rick who blew at his open palm.

"Bitch, your jaw must be made of cast iron!" he exclaimed, "Please don't talk to your brother that way anymore. Your reign of terror in this city is officially over. By the time I cut you down to size, they'll need a microscope to find your oversized ego!"

Jane shook her head to clear the stars and fought to keep the tears that were about to roll down her cheeks. This was not the way she imagined things would be. Here she was, a trussed up captive in her own house about to be inevitably raped by her convict cousin and possibly her weakling of her brother! Not good at all!

"How did you get in my house?" Jane asked in an attempt to postpone her fate, "My men looked for you everywhere and my security system is top notch."

Rick sat on the bed and pulled her over his lap. He prodded her bum hole with his forefinger. Her struggles only pushed his finger in deeper. William reached under and grabbed her tits again.

"You are such an arrogant bitch, Jane" Rick said conversationally as he wiggled his finger around. Jane gritted her teeth. "I have been in your place for over two weeks now. Your brother let me in."

"You've been aiding an escaped convict?" Jane whispered to William in disbelief. Her brother tugged at her nipples. "Why won't I? You know I can't stand you. You've always hated me anyway. When Rick told me of his plan to escape the last time I visited him, I told him I would help in anyway I could. It got even better when he said he had unfinished business with you. I even sent him the drawings to keep him in the mood."

"Naturally, I had to warm up first before the big kill" Rick continued as another finger edged between her moistening pussy lips, "Practiced on a few broads that looked like you once I got out. I was shacked up in your basement the whole time. I really got off staying under the same roof as you, knowing I could have you anytime I wanted. I have to confess I wanked a lot as I fantasized about how I would do you."

"You won't get away with this!"

"Really? You think this is some stupid cop show? You think you're going to escape my clutches then get the upper hand? No, Darling. What will happen next is that I'm going to cut you loose from your bonds for the sole reason that you are going to be an obedient slut and service us boys."

"NEVER! I will never do it even at gunpoint!" She was panting now as Rick's finger rapidly squished in and out of her vagina. She was desperate not to climax and make her humiliation complete.

"Gunpoint? You know I don't like guns, Jane. William, please bring in Boris."

"Yes, sir" he said happily and left the room, leaving red finger marks on her huge white tits.

"Boris? Who the fuck is... ooooh..."

"You like that, huh? The way I tug at your clit. But you're so fucking wet and still very tight. Looks like you haven't had a man for a long time. I'm here to remedy that."

William came back holding a small cage and held it in front of her face. Something in it stared dispassionately out at her with many eyes. Jane felt her body go ice cold and she became petrified with terror. Her eyes grew round like saucers as her jaw went slack and her mouth opened for a scream that never materialized. She was staring at a big, brown and black tarantula.

"Say hi to my little friend!" cackled William.

"No...please..." she whispered hoarsely, her eyes glued on the horrid creature that had guest starred in so many of her worst nightmares "Get that thing away from me."

"We will, dear cousin Jane only if you promise to suck our cocks and take it in the ass like the fucking slut you really are. You should be careful about letting your enemies know what your kryptonite is. William told me it's spiders." "Just get it away from me!" she shrieked, "I'll do anything! I'll suck your cocks! You two can fuck me all night long in the ass and anywhere you like. Just don't let that bastard near me!"

"Tut, tut. Be nice to Boris. William doesn't like you calling him names. Okay, stop sniveling; we won't let him near you. But I'm disappointed in you. Look how easy it was to turn the iron maiden into a weeping maid..."

Rick signaled William to take the spider away and while he was gone he placed Jane back on the bed and untied her. When she was free at last she jumped up and tried to run for the door, her boobs flapping up and down in tune with her desperate fleeing feet. Rick wrapped his arms round her waist before she had gone a few steps.

"Easy, now, sweetheart" he whispered softly in her ear as one hand disappeared into her thatch while the other grabbed her boob "Remember you promised."

He easily picked her up and tossed her on the bed like a sack of wheat. Jane realized that Rick was certainly much stronger than he was before he was incarcerated. She had about as much chance of getting past him as gate crashing the White House. William walked back into the room, stared at her sister lying wet and naked on the bed and licked his lips hungrily. Rick rubbed his hands.


Rick grabbed Jane by her long black hair and dragged her off the bed while she mewled in pain. She was coerced to her knees and she watched humiliated as the two men pulled down their pants and boxers. Rick's cock was long and thick but she was surprised by the size of William's own tool. It was huge and fat with a large head.

That thing will certainly split me in half; she thought feeling a delicious rush of fear and longing.

"Start sucking, slut" Rick commanded.

Jane hurriedly grabbed their stiff organs and while she put Rick's cock in her mouth with relative ease she could hardly get her hand round her brother's dick. She tried to jack him off while she sucked Rick off for all she was worth. Soon the only sounds in the room were slurps and grunts of pleasure.

Rick deep throated Jane a couple of times till she almost gagged then he pulled her off by her hair. He pushed her head towards William which he grabbed with both hands and forced onto his cock. His shaft spread her lips to stretching point as he pushed his monster all the way into her mouth. Tears streamed out of her eyes as she looked up imploringly at her brother. He grinned back evilly.

He held her head steady and pumped his waist, humping her face. Two agonizing minutes later he ejaculated, pouring his cum all the way down her throat. When he pulled out she bent over coughing and wheezing. Rick grabbed her hair and forced her to bring him to a climax as well. He too made sure he poured everything into her digestive system.

Rick picked her up again and turning her around, bent her over the side of the bed with her knees on the ground as if she was praying. Her bum ballooned invitingly. He took out a small jar of jelly and expertly lubricated her bum hole while she wriggled her hips in protest. Without further preamble Rick, none too gently, shoved his cock into her anus, ignoring her cry of pain. Grabbing her small waist he rapidly humped into her. Jane's begging and pleading soon turned to appreciative grunts and groans as Rick took his time coming. When at last he blew his load he reached forward and mauled her tits. He stood up and William eagerly replaced him. Jane's desperate pleas fell on deaf ears as William hardly hesitated before he started to push his massive cock into her already stretched bum hole. Her scream could probably be heard all over the neighborhood.

She could hardly breathe as William's ass fucking completely scoured her. His pudgy hands fondled her already ravaged breasts and she came multiple times before William could come again. Mercifully she passed out. The last thing she heard was the maniacal laughter of her cousin Rick.... He had won and she was finished. A bright light tried to pierce the gathering darkness as she was only slightly aware of loud voices before oblivion claimed her.

When she woke up she found herself in hospital. She found her deputy Tony sitting by her bed. She was connected to IVs and she felt terrible not to mention her ass hurt like hell. He looked up from the paper he was reading and smiled at her.

"It's okay, boss" he said reassuringly, "Your cousin and brother are in the holding cells. Rick is going away for a long time."

"What happened?"

"We cased your house like you said after you initially refused protection after the phone threat from Rick. We got lucky because we heard you scream. We came in with full force and literally caught them with their pants down. You're very lucky indeed."

"Lucky? I just got gang raped and you say lucky? Who... who else knows about this?"

"Just me and Thomas. He won't talk."

"Make sure Rick is in Cell 4."

"But Tyson James is in that cell."

Rick was a big, black former wrestler turned gangbanger with a particular taste for ass, male or female. Awaiting trial for murder he was a frisky motherfucker. They kept him alone because he liked to rape his cellmates.

"I think Tyson is feeling lonely don't you think?" asked Dirty Jane with an evil glint in her eye that unsettled even the unflappable Tony, "Let's introduce my darling cousin Rick to him..."

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