tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDirty Lady Katherine Ch. 02

Dirty Lady Katherine Ch. 02


Lady Katherine is aching to touch herself.

The sitting room was bathed in a glorious afternoon light. The sun beamed in through the lead-paned windows and danced across the opulent furniture, fingering it covetously. The silver tea set glinted brightly, and Katherine could see the incessant blinking of the red light on Tom's camera in the corner of her eye.

She poured herself another cup. It looked too tepid to actually consume but she was trying to keep herself busy.

This was another test session. Tom was insisting on them so she'd be more natural in front of the lens. She supposed he was right, and she knew she needed to forget it was pointing at her.

Tom's easy manner helped a lot, and over the week as they went through this 'training' he'd chatted away and relaxed her greatly. By simply following her round the house with his expensive HDCam all day, she had become so accustomed to his presence, she did sometimes forget he was filming her.

Tom was a filmmaker.

At least, he wanted to be. He was actually struggling to make ends meet, but this project had interested him, and not even in a lascivious way.

He'd gone up to St Andrew's with her when she was 18, one of the few lower middle-class chaps to have made it in. They had quickly become friends, purely platonic, but had drifted apart slowly after they both dropped out a year later.

She'd immediately thought of him when she had the idea of having someone film to her. They were relaxed in one another's company, to the point they had often seen each other naked, but there was no attraction. It helped that he was a brilliant cameraman too of course, and when she told him what she planned, he jumped on her and made her really think about what it was she was doing.

Not from a moral perspective, from an artistic one. He'd read her blog of course, even commented on it, and he argued that the most alluring part of her first video was its verite; it's truthfulness. She wasn't acting, playing up to the camera, or faking any of her arousal. If she was going to do this, she should do it honestly, and be completely genuine and natural -- hence this orientation.

He'd just told her she was ready, and that they should make the first new video tonight.

She was mulling it over. To be honest, she was fantasising about it; planning her outfit even down to the delicate ankle bracelet she wanted to wear.

Tom had also insisted on some ground rules -- sensible ones at that, ones that had not occurred to Katherine.

Although Tom would be a visible presence behind the camera, her confidant almost, he said he should never join in. When he said it, Katherine automatically agreed, but later she could foresee a few hiccups. She raised them with him.

"What if," she said during a filming session in the garden, "I'm writhing around with a delicious little blond?"


She knew his type, and continued with a grin, "And she sticks her bum into the air, right by your camera." She also knew how much he liked a pert little bottom. "Are you really telling me that you could resist giving it a little squeeze?"

She watched him thinking about it. Finally, he took a breath and declared, "Okay, I'm allowed to touch the other people."

That had made her laugh and she readily agreed.

The other thing he'd insisted upon was Neil. A good-looking if incredibly geeky friend of his, who was to administer the website. Apparently video needed a lot of bandwidth and its own server to run properly, so she had written Neil a blank cheque and told him to buy what he needed.

That's why there was now a server room in the wine cellar.

They agreed their fee would simply be room and board at her little cottage. With the ground rules in place, Neil had gone to work revamping Lady-Katherine.com and Tom had gone to work making Lady Katherine feel comfortable in the presence of a glass eye.

She sat back on the chaise-longue, and looked at him. "Okay, tonight it is."

So used was she to seeing the camera hovering at his face, it was like a new appendage; he actually seemed odd without it. He shifted it from one hand to the other and re-framed her slightly.

Yes, she thought, sinking back into the thickly woven upholstery, that thin silver streak dangling from her ankle would look splendid.

She leant over and lifted the dainty bell, giving it a ring. The tea was cold and stewed; she saw no reason for it to still be here. After dropping the bell gently back on the table, she swung her long slender leg over her knee and stroked at the nylon coating.

She felt rather than saw the camera drop slightly. She'd become used to it lingering on her flesh, and she knew he was tracing the lens up her thigh. She liked the feeling; as she liked the feeling of it being close to her face filming her lips, or hovering near her cleavage. It was starting to feel a little like a lover.

Katherine's tongue emerged and moistened her lower lip, though she didn't know it. She fiddled with her hemline and made small talk with Tom as the camera explored her. Though he was concentrating on his shot, he could always converse naturally as he did so.

The conversation tailed off as her mind drifted to thoughts of tonight.

His question suddenly broke the silence, "Are those stockings?"

"No," she shook her head, "Just tights."

"Liar," he smiled, "I can see a little bit of the lace tops."

Katherine blushed slightly, but only because she'd been caught in a lie. She never wore tights, always hold ups. They weren't exactly comfortable, but she loved the feeling of them.

"Show me," Tom instructed matter-of-factly.

With a little sniff, she shifted slightly and pecked at the black material of her dress, tugging it slightly higher and giving him a better view of the dark lace embroidery that clung tightly to her thigh.

"Do they feel nice?" he asked, prompting her.

"Very," she nodded, "I like to feel the cool air teasing the naked tops of my inner thighs."

"Show me."

She blinked, feeling her lashes fluttering, then uncrossed her legs and spread them a little. The lens expanded behind the glass as he zoomed in slightly, and she curled her fingers against the tops of her thighs and caressed the dress higher. A little flash of her pale skin emerged, framed by black lace and her dark hemline.

"No underwear?" he asked.

"You can't see that, surely?"

"No, not really."

Her knees separated a little more, and she felt the hem slipping higher. The lens winked in the sunlight, peeking at her there for a moment, before lifting to examine her face. Without thinking about it, she licked at her lower lip once more. This was further than they had been before and it was really starting to feel warm in here.

"You look a little hot," he smirked.

"A little," she was surprised she could only manage a coy whisper.

The camera shifted down and took a look at her chest. She looked down herself and saw a tiny glimmer of sweat glistening against her smooth skin.

"What could you do to cool off?" he raised his eyebrow.

She said nothing, and just looked at him for a moment. With another little sniff, she lifted her hand across her chest and let it rest it on her shoulder. Her middle finger stroked along her skin and disappeared under the strap of her dress. The motion brushed it free, and she felt it drop down her arm. The camera saw a good proportion of her exposed breast, but the material had not revealed her nipple just yet.

It looked back up at her, just as she found herself stroking a finger across her lower lip.

"Did that help?"

"No," she snorted a barely audible laugh and became very aware of her long lashes as she tilted her head forward slightly.

She hooked her thumb into a fold of material and teased the front of her dress down further. Her nipple poked free, and immediately began to pucker and grow. Her areola was flushed and engorged, which made her breast seem even more swollen.

As the camera framed on the nipple, he asked, "Are they normally that big?"

"No," she breathed.

"Why are they so big now?"

"Who knows?" she managed to make a knowing smile for the briefest of moments, before her face relaxed into arousal once more. With a soft swallow, she bought a trembling hand to her naked boob and smothered it lightly. The heat of her palm felt yummy, and she let it tease the very end of her aching nipple. Rippling her fingers, she felt her supple flesh give slightly as she massaged it.

A wave of self-consciousness washed over her, and the urge to cover herself up began to swell. She flicked her eyes to Tom for support, and caught a glimpse of the bulge trapped in his trousers.

That put pay to any hint of doubt; if she could arouse even him doing this, there was no question she could arouse her subscribers.

Her breathing had become a little heavier, and her mouth was open, the air dancing over her wet lips. The pleasure swelled up once more.

The Lady Katherine pinched her nipple and rolled it in her fingers.

She was so focussed on her breast now that she didn't look up when the door opened behind Tom. Ever the professional, he didn't react either, and the camera remained framed on her swollen nub.

Without looking, she knew Sally had stepped in to collect the tea tray. She would be standing there silently, her hands clasped at her front, awaiting instruction, the way she was trained to do.

But Katherine said nothing; pleased another set of eyes was watching.

She bought two fingertips to her lips and moistened them with a delicate slurp. And as she massaged her saliva into the nipple, it rolled and glistened against the pale flesh of her breast.

It occurred to her then, albeit fleetingly, that this had been Tom's plan all along. He hadn't wanted her pre-empting anything.

Her eyes closed involuntarily as the sensations grew a little more intense, and a little gasp tickled the afternoon air. It had been over a week since she'd last played with herself, and to do so now was an exquisite treat. She opened her eyes and looked at the camera, then flicked them briefly to the door to make sure Sally was watching. She was.

The Lady Katherine sank down in her seat and opened her legs wider.

Her dress had hitched up to reveal her downy bush now, and she pressed her hot palm to her mons, caressing at her folds with her middle finger. Unable to tease herself with any restraint, it curled up immediately and found the little pearl beneath its sheath.

She exhaled with a muted gasp, and mouthed a two-word prayer. Her finger flicked under the bud just the way she liked it, as she lifted her feet up onto the mahogany coffee table. The silk of her stockings slithered against the wood and teased her sensitive soles. The weight of her knees made her thighs spread wider, and she slipped a second hand down to join the first.

She had no idea where the camera was, and she didn't care.

With her free hand, she gently opened her lips, and was amazed to see a little trickle of her juice seep out, teasing its way down before gathering on the material of the chaise-longue and soaking in to it. She rarely found herself this wet. It made her press her finger into the top of her hood and expose the swollen clit beneath. She stroked another finger through her moistness and bought it up to meet her button, massaging it in with a luxuriant caress.

She heard herself whisper a breathless "Fuck," and her eyes rolled as the pleasure swelled intensely. The urge to feel something inside overwhelmed her.

The Lady Katherine slipped two fingers into herself.

They slurped quietly against her silky wetness, and the walls of her purse stretched around them. Her face screwed up against the bliss and her whole body twitched once.

Immaculate delight.

Her cooch fluttered, pulling her fingers deeper inside with a succulent hunger. She began to pump at herself now, all the while massaging her clit. The urgency rose, and her two hands worked as one to conduct an orchestra of exquisite glee.

The breaths were coming in sharp, soft gasps now, and her face balled into a wince of ecstasy. Her tongue curled inside her mouth, and she swore again, before biting her lower lip and thrusting her fingers right on to her g-spot.

Her thighs tensed, and her toes curled against the table, as it erupted from her with a soft call to the heavens. Her pussy twitched and pulsed around her fingers and her little button fluttered and quivered.

Mottles of dappled colour twinkled in her vision as she threw her head back and let it surge through her. Her chest heaved and her fingers were pushed free from their pocket.

She swallowed hard and exhaled. Licking her lips, she felt her hand flop to her breastplate with a little slap, the wetness of her fingers palpable against her skin.

Her eyelids fluttered as another sigh exhaled and she began to refocus on her surroundings. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand as she saw Tom's camera trained on her, then flicked her eyes to see Sally at the door, wide eyed and clearly stirred up.

"Thank you Sally," she said through heavy breath, "You can take the tray."

She swallowed again and felt her lotus pouting wide as Sally fussed at the table around her feet, her eyes constantly flicking to the pink swollen hole between Katherine's legs.

When she fumbled the last cup onto the tray, she looked at Katherine properly and asked, "Anything else?"

Katherine sniffed softly and licked her lips again, shaking her head.

The red light on the camera flicked off.

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