tagBDSMDirty Little Kitten

Dirty Little Kitten


I am writing this for an ex who has a boyfriend and doesn't want to fool around like we used to. So these are the only way to be close to her. I am looking for feedback and any advice to help me make them better. Thank You!


My dirty little kitten started to stir, waking up from her deep sleep. She is so precious when she's sleeping, so peaceful and calm. It might as well been an angle from heaven that was lying in his bed. He couldn't help but smile as he watch his little kitten start to stretch her arms, only to realize they were chained to his bed posts.

There was a moment of panic as she struggled to get free. Her arms were stretched apart so far that her lace-covered tits were pushed into the air, and as she thrashed about they bounce around so much that I couldn't help but groan. My little kitten tried to scream for help, only to realize that she was ball gagged. I chuckled a little bit as she tried to control her breathing. She is so cute when she's scared. I watched from across the room at my sex kitten.

She was in lace bra and panties that I had supplied myself, but they wouldn't stay on for long. Her arms were chained to his bedposts, along with her legs. As she laid spread eagle, I noticed a small puddle underneath her pussy. Even though she was scared, she was loving every second of it. I smiled to myself as I took a few steps towards her. I always loved my dirty little kitten, and soon I would prove to her how much I did.

She looked up as I walked closer, and her eyes widened when she saw the briefcase I was holding. Oh, if she only knew what I had in store for her and her sexy body. I placed the briefcase on the table next to the bed, and walked over to her. She started to squirm as I ran my finger down her check, but I tried to sooth her.

"Shh. It's okay kitten. Everything is going to be okay. I have always loved you, and now I am going to prove it to you. You are going to be mine for a long time, but don't worry. I will make sure it is most enjoyable."

With these last words my hands had reached her breasts. I slowly traced the nipple through the bra, and my dirty little kitten let out the most amazing moan I have ever heard in my life. I knew she was going to enjoy everything I had in store for her.

I smiled as my fingers left her breasts and slowly traveled lower. When I reached her panties, I might as well have placed my fingers in a pool. I applied pressure through the lace, and her eyes rolled back into her head. I rubbed up and down slowly, feeling her hips press into my hand. I started to rub harder, feeling her pussy lips part between my fingers. My dirty kitten stated bucking her hips, moaning like a little slut in heat. She knew she wanted it, and I was going to fulfill her wishes. I pressed deeper, a thin layer of lace the only thing separating my roaming fingers and her soaking pussy. She was on the edge of an orgasm, the first of many more to come.

I finally pushed her panties aside and jammed my fingers deep inside of her. Almost instantly, she let out a scream of pleasure. Her eyes rolled back, her body unable to contain itself. Her hands and feet violently shook, rattling the chains. I continued to ram my fingers into her pussy, pressing as far as I could. This lasted for what felt like an eternity, until finally my little kitten couldn't take it anymore. Her body went limp out of pure exhaustion. I slowly removed my hand, and tasted her beautiful juices. How sweet my little kitten tasted. This would no be the last time that I would be able to savor her delicious cum.

As my little kitten eyes fluttered, I gently kissed her on the check and whispered in her ear,

"You were a good little slut today, kitten. Have some rest. We have all the time in the world together. Trust me, there is a lot more of that coming. But I need you to be strong and rested. I love you so much, and I'm going to prove that to you."

I slowly walked away, imagining all the fun we were going to have. I looked back, and smiled. My dirty little kitten had fallen asleep, and she looked like an angle. Well, maybe more of a devil.

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