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Dirty Money


This could be in the Mind Control section too, but since it's set in a fantasy world, I felt like this was the better category for it. So yeah, if you don't like Mind Control it might not be your thing. But I'm a perv, so I do!


I like shortstacks. They are great. Have some shortstack porn.

Morgan, Wizard of the Azure Court didn't have much use for a tinker's shop. Especially not one run by a Goblin. Known for their avarice as much as their brilliance, their engineering work would always pale in comparison to the arcane mysteries he wielded on a regular basis. One thing magic didn't do well, however, was consistency. And as much as he hated to admit it, a timepiece that didn't rely on captured fairies or animate hourglasses would be helpful to him.

The door to Kinzy's Kraftworks opened just as Morgan reached for the handle. A portly man who most assuredly was younger than he looked nearly lumbered into him. When the man opened his mouth to lambaste the oaf who dare stand in his way, his face turned a brittle, pale shade. Dressed as he was, in the flowing blue and violet robes of his Court and Station, there was no mistaking Morgan for anything other than a wielder of arcane power.

"M-my apologies!" he managed, stumbling into a bow while reaching out to hold the door open. The gesture was awkward but appreciated. Morgan gave him a half-hearted nod and entered. He wouldn't have turned him into a crow or burned him alive, but it didn't hurt to play up the act of the aloof mage in public. It kept people from trying to test your mettle, and flecks of blood were ever so hard to get out of manasilk.

As the door closed behind him, he made an effort to withdraw his power inward. The store was panoply of devices, some elegantly simple while others were devilishly complicated. Magic and the new sciences didn't play well together, especially outside the confines of a spell. The untapped power he wielded as a Wizard tended to change the very laws of nature that technology relied upon to function. In essence, he was a walking avatar of entropy.

One thing that seemed especially resistant to this effect, however, was clockwork. He was pleased to see that the shopkeeper had his item on the counter in front of her. She was small, roughly 3'4 in regal measurements. The only way she was standing at the counter was by a stool that propped her up to a normal, human height. Green-skinned and dark of hair, she looked like a squished version of any human farmer's daughter. Her bust was smartly concealed in a dirty grey blouse, though there was very little the black skirt she wore could do to hide the width of her hips. Great big purple eyes concentrated hard on a tiny set of springs in front of her. Goblins had excellent vision, though the hearing from their long, pointed ears was said to be their greatest sense. You wouldn't know it, however. The small, business-minded folk tended not to listen all that well.

"Miss Kinsy?" he said politely. She put down the tiny set of tweezers and blinked a few times.

"Ah, Mister Morgan! Glad you got the message. I never know when the couriers will reach you magic folks."

He smiled. "I was in meditation at the Citadel, thankfully, before a long exploratory trip into the Neverday. A functional timepiece would do me a great amount of good in a place with no sunlight."

"Makes sense, makes sense. Here she is!" Kinsy picked up the timepiece in her adorable hands, fingers making quick work on the little latch that held the cover open. "Should keep time for 72 hours between windings, but it's best to get into a rhythm to keep it wound every day."

"Excellent!" He reached to his belt to pull out the ten gold Dragons that the piece would cost him. An expensive price, to be sure. But there was likely to be no finer make in all the courts of Astrazia. He placed the coins in a perfectly balanced stack on the counter and reached for his purchase.

Her hand fell onto the piece before he could pick it up. "I'm afraid there's been a complication. I'm going to need to adjust the payment."

Morgan narrowed his Wizardly gaze. To most men, it would invoke the imagery of an Elder Demon rapidly losing patience. "How much?"


"Thirty Dragons?!" Morgan scoffed, pulling back from the counter like he'd been physically assaulted. "You must be joking. That's triple what we agreed upon!"

She shrugged. "Listen bud, I got bills I gotta pay. That fat guy you nearly ran into? That's my landlord. He says he's jacking up the rents to deal with a rat problem. I don't know why he's increasing what I gotta pay for a rat-infested hovel like this, but gotta do what I gotta do here."

With a flourish, his arms came out from underneath his cloak. His fingertips glowed a brilliant, unnatural magenta. Kinzy's eye bulged. Too shocked to go for the dagger underneath the counter, she was caught by the blast of concentrated mental energy unprepared. Her body froze.

"W-what..." she managed through a mouth that was barely cooperating that far. All she could muster was a fearful quiver as the power faded from his left hand, leaving his right charged and held out toward her.

Kinzy the Goblin, you are under my power." His command instantly bipassed the Goblin's resistance and settled into her brain. She nodded her agreement before she could realize what she was doing. Darn wizards!"

"Say it."

"I am under your power," she droned. Kinzy's shaking became more noticable, to the point that the wizard had to deal with it before he could continue.

"Calm down, Kinzy. I'm not actually going to hurt you."

Instantly, her panic turned to a placid contentment. Her body stopped rumbling with terror, even though she knew she was feeling fear only moments before. But why? She couldn't quite remember.

"Now, tell me Kinzy the truth. Why did you increase the price on the timepiece?"

She shrugged. "I blew a lot of money on a side project involving a diamond mine that turned out to be near a lizardmen nest. I thought I could get away with it and cover some of my debts. I think all wizards are kinda dumb, but you all seem to be made of money. "

The human shook his head. He knew Goblins tended to be on the greedy side, but showing it so brazenly displayed was something else. He didn't actually have anything Kinzy as a person. She was kinda cute for a short woman. Her slightly plump body was adorned with ample hips and a nearly disproportional bust, the exact traits he favoured in his female companionship. In fact, so long as he had her there...

"Why don't you take your top off for now?" He stated it like a question, but it was really a command. Kinzy complied, lifting off her stained grey blouse. Her heavy breasts flopped down once the garment was off, showing off a truly adorable pair of nipples. Her skin visibly reddened.

"Are you embarrassed?"

"Uhh, yeah. Duh," she sneered. Her arms twitched like she wanted to cover over her nakedness, but he hadn't told her she could. So the Goblin stood there, tits hanging out for the Wizard to fondle with his eyes. But he could do so much more!

"Or could it be that there's a secret exhibitionist streak lurking within you. You love showing off~" Morgan reached over the counter to grope her right breast. She tensed, gasping as his fingers roamed her exposed flesh. Her anxiousness waned as he thumbed her nipple back and forth, toying with her body like she was his green plaything.

"Letting others see your body gets you hot. Especially strangers. You love showing off your tits and ass to people you don't know."

She nodded, but not without a whimper of hesitation. The steely glare of the magician was intimidating, but there was something else there now. The flush of her skin was from the embarrassment, but it was also...oh no. Was she getting off to this? Kinzy squirmed weakly as the full effect of the command became apparent. This human was staring at her like some...piece of meat...and it was driving her wild!

"You can move your hands if you want, but not your feet," Morgan said, releasing his control a bit. At first, she thought about going for a few haymakers, but the command that her feet were to stay in place made that a precarious prospect. Plus, there was another part of her that needed attention. There was a warmth, and a dampness, that was getting difficult to ignore.

The wizard must have felt her hesitation. "Having people see you engaging in lewd activities is even better than just being naked, of course. You find it almost better than the act itself."

The moment the sentence was finished, she had her fingers down her skirt. Curling them up into her moistening pussy, she got to frigging herself with the steady, insistent ease that only a naturally libidinous woman could provide. Initially, she cast her eyes down to stare at a spot on the counter. But as her cheeks burned with shame, her gaze lifted to meet Morgan's. He was watching her masturbate. This...jerk...he could see it all.

She tugged down her skirt just a bit, so that he could see everything.

"Good girl," he cooed. He patted her head like an amusing pet. Each tiny impact bounced more of her reluctance out of her brain, making the prospect of jilling off for this stranger even more appealing. "Anytime you want to get off, go ahead. The embarrassment you feel just makes it hotter, doesn't it?"

She nodded. "Yes...Gods yes, it's so hot!"

Morgan's cock was pushing at his robes. This had gotten away from him quickly, but he was too hard to stop now. There was the matter of the timepiece, however.

"What do you value most of all in your life?" he asked.

"Money!" Kinzy said. She almost sounded excited that she knew the answer.

He shook his head. "No, that's not true. You like something else much more."

Kinzy raised an eyebrow at him. "I don't think so, Mister. A girl's gotta eat.""

He smirked, looking down at her pert lips. "Semen. You prize cum most of all. More than money. More than praise for your work. Jizz is now your preferred method of payment."

That didn't sound correct to Kinzy. In fact, that sounded ridiculous! She didn't like cum that much! Sure, it was great. Like, really great, she thought to herself. But it isn't like she'd take a creamy load in substitute to an actual payment of money. Money could...well, it could help her...but it didn't taste good. It wasn't quite like spunk at all. You had to carry it with you, you couldn't cover your face or your tits in it without it rolling off when you sat up. No, coin was nothing compared to a nice mouthful of spunk!

As Morgan slid his manhood from the Wizard's robe, Kinzy's newformed passion for seed took hold. His dick bobbed with his motions as his clothes fell to the floor. She knew that somewhere in Morgan's slender frame was a treasure trove of cum, just waiting to be tapped. And she knew where to go looking for it.

The best part about being a small person was that it put her at a perfect height to orally pleasure humans. Her hands came to rest on his thighs. She looked up at him, theatrically licking her lips. Her mouth opened and accepted his tip inside. Morgan let out a sigh as her mouth enveloped his flesh. It had been a while since he'd know the pleasures of a woman, and he'd forgot just how good an eager tongue and throat could feel.

Kinzy was a small woman, but thankfully, there was no gag reflex in sight. His sizeable meat slid down her gullet with nothing but lurid gurgling and slurping noises, her jaw held wide to accept him willingly inside. Her lips locked around his skin and vigorously tongued his cockhead, making him shudder from the sensation.

"Bleh," she said after it slid out for the first time in a minute, "Your cock doesn't taste like the ones I've had before."

"No it doesn't," he confirmed, placing a hand to her cheek and using magic to alter her tastebuds, "It tastes even better. In fact, my cock tastes almost as good as my cum, and my cum is your favourite flavour."

Kinzy's mind was filled with a dream buffet. All the meals she grew up with, slathered in thick layers of Wizard cum. Scenes of her asking Morgan to glaze a slice of cake before she forked it into her mouth made her tummy grumble with sudden hunger. She dived back onto his dick with a renewed fervour, now offering pleased and satisfied noises as her tongue dragged along his shaft.

"Good girl." Morgan ran his fingers through her hair. She really was pretty, especially for a Goblin. And she looked even better with his cock in her mouth. Wanting to take control for a bit, he held her mouth and thrust himself inside. There was plenty of throat to pleasure him with, so he fucked her mouth for a minute or so. He gave her breaks to breath in, of course, and encouraged her by saying what a great cockslurper she was.

He'd reached his limit quicker than he'd expected. Morgan pulled his cock out of her and beat himself off. Kinzy tried to latch her mouth back onto his head, but he easily held her at bay with a single finger press to her forehead.

"Open wide, and you might get most of it in your mouth," he said. She complied, tongue hanging out like a panting dog for her facial. The image of the Goblin in complete submission tipped him over the edge, and he painted her chin, cheeks, and nose with a series of thick ropes of bitter cream. Some went into her mouth, but he intentionally adjusted his aim to keep her guessing. As she moved in the way of the shot, he basted another part of her face. By the time he was dribbling to a finish of his orgasm, most of the lower part of her green face had a distinctly offwhite hue to it.

Kinzy licked her lips, slurping up the expended jizz and swallowing it without hesitation. She theatrically rubbed her belly. "Mmm...that was a nice down payment."

The mage raised an eyebrow. "Down payment?"

She climbed up on the table with surprising dexterity and started wiggling out of her skirt. "You still have much more to give, mister! That was a finely crafted timepiece!" Her pussy was clearly glistening from the previous exhibitionist excitement. Despite this, he'd just pumped her gullet full of seed, and he wasn't some strapping young teenager anymore.

"I'll have to give you the rest later," he said as he worked the fastening on his trousers. She pouted, folding her arms under her tits. Her counterargument was cut off by the sound of the store door opening. A wealthy human strolled in, his gaze swivelling around the store until it came to rest on the pair at the store counter. Kinzy turned a wonderful red colour underneath the mask of cum as she realized she'd been caught in the act.

"Oh...oh I'm so sorry. I'll come back later," he said, cupping a hand over his eyes. Kinzy sputtered an explanation, but he was long gone before she could form a full word. The silence between her and Morgan stretched for several moments. It ended when Morgan noticed the glisten on the Goblin's pussy had only grown worse. Streaks of arousal slid down her thighs, one making it all the way down to the floor at this point.

"They're all gonna think I'm some kinda slut!" she mewled. Morgan realized that the sight of her embarrassment had given life to his cock. It ached to be plunged into something warm again, and her mouth wouldn't suffice.

"That's because you are, dear." He grabbed her hips, lifted her up, and plopped her down on the counter. He shoved himself inside, making the little woman cry out loud enough to surely be heard on the street outside. "You're a low-down, dirty little whore, and you want everyone to know. There is nothing more erotic for you than giving your body to a stranger. Of feeling some unknown man's cock spurt deep inside you. You'll only bathe once a day, leaving every cum-stain and mark on your body and clothes as badges of honour. No, as jewellery! Yes, they're valuable aren't they? You want everyone to see your Pretty. Pearl. Necklace!" The last few words he emphasised with a trio of hard thrusts, making her squeak each time.

"Mnnf~" Kinzy moaned. His spellwork had made every chance of being exposed equal parts terrifying and tantalising. These new instructions made the cum still on her face feel like the prettiest makeup she could afford. Everyone would see her and know how rich she was to have such a generous facial. She'd be the most beautiful Goblin in town! "I'm gonna be so rich and pretty!"

"That's right," he said, pressing a hand to her lower abdomen. Arcane energy rolled through his fingertips, and he traced out the cursive letters as they fused into her skin. They'd lock in the magical mental distortions he'd cast onto her until he broke them, leaving her stuck in this mode. It could have been any word or just an arcane symbol, but he decided to have a little fun with it.

"'Cumbank'?" she asked. That's what the glowing blue letters said on her tummy, but she didn't understand.

"That's right! You're where people store their seminal wealth. You're going to crave it, if you don't get regular payments. If guys don't use your slutty body enough, you're going to want to put yourself out there on the street. Whore yourself out for cum. Write your prices on your body. Be a seed begging slut."

"Yes! Yesss~" she cried, her voice growing higher pitched as her body seized in climax. Her muscles clenched down on his shaft, and it took all his constitution to keep from emptying himself right then and there. Gentle squirts of feminine fluids splashed his skin, and any illusion that she wasn't getting off to this shameful behaviour went up in smoke. As soon as her squeezing contractions subsided, Morgan returned to a pummelling pace.

"Good girl. You've earned your payment today," he grunted. Wet slapping noises of flesh on flesh echoed in the shop, and Kinzy's voice was unrestrained and incoherently happy. His speed diminished as he reached the end of his stamina, switching to deep penetration and stimulating the Goblin thoroughly, allowing her to feel every inch of his throbbing cock. "Get ready, slut!"

"Pay me! Pay me! Give me what I've earned!" she cried out. Some part of him wanted to laugh, but he was too close to his limit to offer much more than grunts to her cries for payment. He was happy to oblige her, of course. With a final trio of deep, forceful thrusts, he buried himself inside her impossibly deep pussy and released his control.

The white gold spattered her insides. Her adorable body was quickly overflowing, and spurts shot out from around his shaft from the sheer force of his injection. He held her tight to keep the seed spurting deep inside her, and she shuddered from the thrill of getting inseminated so completely.

"Aah...feels...feels so good~" she murmured. Her limbs went limp, and the Goblin girl went into a mild post-coital catatonia. Morgan withdrew himself slowly, cum sliding out of her as he unplugged her hole. She looked much better this way, freshly inseminated and barely conscious, than her previous act as a greedy little merchant. He took a breath and wiped his dick clean on her skirt before fastening his pants back up.

"Keep the change," he said with a grin, petting the busty Goblin on one of her spunk-soaked thighs. She responded with a groan, and another gush of white drizzling down onto the countertop. He grabbed the timepiece and walked out. She'd have quite the mess to clean up. Hopefully, no more customers would arrive while she was out! He took pity on the poor girl, and flipped the sign on the outside of the store to Closed. He had no doubt she'd be open for 'business' soon enough.


Morgan checked in on Kinzy's shop a month later after his adventurous sabbatical. The timepiece had worked exquisitely, as he'd assumed. He moved out of the way for the door. This time, the portly gentleman that Kinzy had called her landlord was in a much better mood. Looking inside, he could guess why. Kinzy had her large, green breasts out while she fiddled with an object on the counter. Her chest and face were both plastered with drying semen, but she looked like she couldn't be happier. Looks like she'd found a new way to pay her rent!

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