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Dirty Movies: X-Rated Commercials


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There are three kinds of secrets in Hollywood: the kind that the tabloids and the media know about, the kind that directors, producers, and agents know about, and the kind that only the celebrities themselves know about. Dirty Movies is one of the third kind. Spreading only through word of mouth from actress to actress, starlet to starlet, Dirty Movies is a production company founded solely for one reason: so that the gorgeous young ladies who graced screens and made hit singles could act out their nastiest, raunchiest sexual fantasies on film for their own private collections, to be shared only on the drunkest of nights with others also "in the know". No one quite knows the full story of how Dirty Movies came into being, nor how their logistics works in terms of fulfilling every one of their client's personal fantasies, but they manage to provide for everyone, and no one has ever been disappointed by their service.

This time, Dirty Movies is shooting one of its "theme" films: specifically, commercials taken from the cutting room floor and into the collections of their horny stars...


SCENE 1 - Carl's Jr., with Kate Upton

It's Saturday night and the drive-in theater is packed, with parked cars filling the rows, the patrons focused on the movie being projected in front of them. Sitting in the driver's seat of her sleek, black vintage convertible, Kate reaches into her bag of Carl's Jr. and pulls out her thick, juicy Southwest Patty Melt, the burger so fresh a little steam wafts from it. Raising it to her soft pink lips, the 19-year-old blonde bombshell opens her mouth and takes a bite from it. Immediately the combined tastes of beef, cheese, onions, jalapeños, and sauce crash together and overwhelm her senses in a symphony of flavors. The bite from the jalapeños is especially noticeable, and Kate delicately picks one out from her sandwich and bites into it, feeling the tangy spiciness of it on her tongue.

The heat of the burger is getting to her, and she reaches back to pull off her headband, shaking her long blonde hair loose. Forgetting about the movie, she lifts up from the driver's seat and swings herself to the back seat, showing off her long legs clad in black stockings as she does so. Now sitting comfortably in the rear, she plucks another jalapeño out from her sandwich and pops it into her mouth. Her body reacts to the rising temperature, and she pulls her pink sweater off as sweat forms on her skin. Wearing just a low-cut, thigh-riding polka-dot dress, Kate takes another bite of the Patty Melt and fans herself, enjoying the rush of flavor and spice coursing from her taste buds to the rest of her senses, and then to the rest of her body. Incredibly she can feel her pussy starting to get wet, her clit tingling from the sensation of intense heat entering her system.

A third bite brings out more sweat, drops of perspiration rolling down the cleavage of her fabulous C-cup tits as Kate chews, savoring each bite. The dress is starting to stick to her skin, and she starts to consider taking it off. She's not wearing anything underneath, which raises some concern in her mind. Her fourth bite dismisses that concern, bringing the reasoning that the drive-in is too dark for people to see her naked form, and she reaches down, takes the hem of her dress, and pulls it over her head and off her body.

Kate's gorgeous, lightly tanned body is exposed, her big tits shining with sweat and jiggling with each motion as she stretches out on the back seat of her car, keeping herself low so the people in the cars near hers can't see her. Her pussy is positively soaking by now, both from the heat and the thrill of being naked in public, and a wicked thought crosses her mind. Kicking off her high heels, she puts her stocking-covered feet on the door opposite her. One hand slides down her stomach to meet her cunt, which is shaved bare, and her fingers lightly brush over her clit. A tiny jolt of pleasure runs through her as she does this, and she bites her lower lip sexily, her breathing getting heavy with arousal. Placing the sandwich aside for the moment, she shifts her body a bit so that her legs are spread slightly, giving her easier access to her dripping gash. She moves her hand lower so that her palm covers her clit, the slight wetness of it feeling deliciously dirty against her sensitive hot-button, and inserts her index and middle finger inside her twat, gently pushing through the lips to dip into the slick inner folds. Kate's eyes close and she utters what she hopes is a quiet moan as she starts fingering herself.

Her free hand feels for the burger and picks out another jalapeño, bringing it to her lips. Kate traces the pepper around her mouth, loving the tingling sensation she's getting from it, before sticking her tongue out slightly to lick all over it. The fingers in her cunt start increasing in speed, little by little as Kate's inner heat increases. The horny blonde brings the pepper down to her heaving tits and around her nipples, circling each one deliberately. Kate whimpers in pleasure, her fingering speeding up even more as she feels the beginnings of an orgasm coming on. Slowly, the pepper is lowered down her body, eliciting a sharp gasp from Kate as it brushes her clit. When it reaches her steaming cunt Kate stops pumping her fingers in and out and withdraws them, her digits gleaming and sticky with cunt juice. She inserts the jalapeño into her pussy and lets out a moan of ecstasy, sounding definitely louder than before as someone from a nearby car shushes her, but Kate pays no attention.

After pushing the jalapeño into her pussy as far as she can Kate starts playing with her clit, gently pulling and pinching it as her gash throbs with the spicy vegetable nestled in its folds. All thoughts of caution and decency flee her mind, and she bucks her hips, lost in the moment of building sexual pleasure. Little whimpers and gasps come from her, and her body is covered in sweat, matting her blonde locks to her forehead. Her fingers pull particularly hard on her clit and she arches her back, her tits thrusting out as she closes in on her climax. Almost there...almost...almost...

Then it hits, and she immediately shoves her cum-covered fingers in her mouth to muffle her cries of pleasure, her body shaking and shuddering as her orgasm sucks her in like an undertow. Cunt juice squirts hard from her gash, her pussy muscles contracting and releasing so forcefully that it sprays everywhere: her legs, the leather upholstery, the floor, even the car door. Even the jalapeño pops out, almost completely mashed up and soaked in pussy juice as it falls to the floor.

Her mind awash in a sea of orgasmic bliss, Kate instinctively sucks her fingers clean of juices, the tang of her own cunt on her tongue and in her throat mixing with the other flavors she's already tasted tonight. Lights go off behind her eyes and she breathes in short, sharp gasps. Her other hand continues to play with her clit, trying to draw out her climax as long as she can, and her hips jerk in response.

Finally (and in Kate's mind, regretfully), her climax subsides, and her body relaxes back onto the seat, nerves tingling. Eyes still closed and idly sucking on her fingers, Kate tries to catch her breath, feeling soaked with sweat and dimly aware that her lower half is lying in a large puddle of her own juices. A grunt from behind her, sounding definitively male, brings her back fully to awareness, and her eyes snap open, immediately sitting up and trying to cover herself as she whirls around.

Three men, all young and good-looking, are standing outside her car, their pants open and hard cocks in their hands. One of them is holding up a camera phone, its lens pointing directly at her, and Kate pales as she realizes that the flash is on and unblinking—he'd been taking video of her.

"How—how long--?" she stammers.

"Since you started playing with your food," one of the men responds with an evil grin, and the other two snicker. "Now how about we turn this into a party, right here and now—or my friend here sends this video out to TMZ?"

Kate opens her mouth, either to scream or protest, and then closes it. Looking down at herself, she sees her body for the first time: naked and sweaty, with her stockings ruined from being covered in cunt juice. The leather upholstery is ruined as well, and she isn't even sure she can clean her sticky mess off of the floor. Kate spies the mostly-eaten burger lying on the floor, the cause of her current predicament, and just remembering how the heat of it made her feel sends a pulse radiating from her cunt. Taking stock of all the naughty things she did to get herself into this situation stokes Kate's arousal once more, and she looks up at the men, a slow smile spreading across her face.

"Why don't you boys come on in?" she purrs, reaching over to unlock the car door. "I think my sandwich needed more...meat to it. Maybe you can help me out?"

Grinning, the three men climb into the convertible to sit in the back seat, pulling off their pants and removing their shirts as Kate slides off the seat onto the floor, which is big enough for her body to squeeze into as the men raise their legs to rest them on the seats in front. Kate pulls off the ruined stockings one at a time, discarding them as she moves into a kneeling position. Three large cocks stick straight up in a row in front of her, each wreathed with a pair of balls beneath them, and three wrinkled bungholes beneath those. Licking her lips, Kate leans forward to take the first cock in her mouth, taking most of his length past her lips as she bathes it with her tongue, her hands playing with his balls. She sucks on it for a minute before pulling off and licking up the underside with her tongue, doing this repeatedly with each time going lower and lower until she's tonguing his balls. She sucks each testicle in her mouth gently, running her wet tongue over it again and again before releasing. Moving down even further, she starts running her tongue up his asscrack, making noises of delight as she bobs up and down. Pulling back a moment, she uses her hands to spread his asscheeks open, looks the man in the eye, and gives him a saucy wink before diving forward to drive her tongue into his ass. The man grits his teeth, trying his hardest to stifle his groans of pleasure as the slutty supermodel eats out his ass, her hands moving up to pump his cock.

After about five minutes, she releases the first man from her sexual grip and moves onto the second man, giving him the same treatment before moving to the third. When all three men have had their cock and balls spit-shined and their assholes thoroughly cleaned, Kate moves back over to the first man and climbs on top of his lap, both of them shifting to get comfortable in the cramped space. Reaching back, Kate grasps his cock and guides it into her cunt, both of them sighing in pleasure, and she begins fucking him at a steady pace, her tits bouncing up and down. The man cups her ass in his hands, squeezing them and occasionally giving them a light slap.

Kate leans over to suck the cock of the man next to them, doing so to muffle her moans as well as increase the feeling of naughtiness she has at the situation. This leaves the guy at the other end unattended to, but not for long as Kate catches his eye and motions for him to get behind her.

Even though it's a very tight squeeze at this point the third man manages to do so, having to press his body as much as he can against the back of the front seat. His dick is pointed directly at her ass, and Kate reaches back to spread open her cheeks, revealing her young, tight asshole. Needing no further invitation, he places the head of his spit-soaked cock at the entrance to her ass and pushes in. Kate's groans are getting louder, and the man she's blowing pushes her blonde head down further onto his cock to quiet her.

Kate has all three holes stuffed full with dick, and the sensations of her cunt, asshole, and throat being violated at the same time are too much for her. She cums again, her juices leaking all over the cock in her cunt, and the sounds in her throat making pleasurable vibrations against the shaft she's blowing. The three men continue to fuck her in a somewhat steady rhythm until Kate pops her mouth off and says, "Switch."

The man in her ass pulls out and moves to sit back on the far end of the back seat, and Kate lifts herself off the first man and moves onto the man in the middle, sinking her cunt onto his dick with ease. The first man moves behind her to shove his cock in her ass, while the third presents Kate with his cock covered in her assjuice. She takes it into her mouth without touching it, sucking her filth off his dick.

After five minutes Kate cums again, and they switch again, this time vaginally riding the third man while being cornholed by the second man and sucking the first man's soiled member. Kate takes a bit longer to climax, her cunt spasming and squirting after nearly ten minutes. The man in her ass pulls out and sits back down in the middle of the other two, all three men very close to the point of cumming as Kate climbs off the cock she's riding and kneels back on the floor.

Picking up the remainder of her Southwest Patty Melt, she opens the bun and holds the sandwich close to her face.

"C'mon, boys," she whispers hotly. "I've had plenty of meat—now gimme some of that special sauce for taste." She licks her lips as she says this, looking at each of them in turn.

Grunting, the three men pump their pricks, aiming directly at Kate's smiling, slutty face as three huge loads explode from their cocks. Streamers of cum are spurted onto her, splattering her face and frosting it white, with drips and strings of semen trailing off her chin onto her chest, A few shots streak her blonde hair, and a couple even manage to lash against her tits, scoring them in silvery balljuice. Despite mostly hitting her body, quite a bit of sperm manages to land on the burger, and as the climaxes of the men subside, Kate leans in to suck the last few drops from their cocks, collecting them in her mouth before drooling it back in one huge glob onto her sandwich.

Placing the bun on top of the now cum-covered burger, she raises it to her lips, opens her mouth and pops the rest of the sandwich inside. Closing her eyes, she chews it slowly, savoring the spermy spiciness of the sandwich, before swallowing it down. Kate opens her eyes and licks her lips, a small drop of cum falling off her chin to land on her right tit as she does so.

"Mmmm," she says, winking. "That hit the spot."


SCENE 2 -- T-Mobile, with Carly Foulkes

The Ducati speeds through the city streets, the rumble of its engine cutting through the night air. Its rider sits astride it, completely covered up in a black leather motorcycle suit and a helmet with tinted faceplate concealing their identity. To any observer this would look like some nameless biker thug, whiskey on his breath and covered in piercings and tattoos, out on the town and looking for trouble. A closer look would have told them they were only partially right; the decidedly feminine curves of the rider and the pink strips of color adorning her attire and the bike itself gave her gender away, and she didn't have any piercing, tattoos, or whiskey to speak of.

She was, however, out looking for trouble.

For Carly the evening had started off with disappointment. She'd originally made plans to meet up with a cute guy she'd met through a dating app on her T-Mobile 4G smartphone for dinner and drinks (and maybe some extracurricular activities if he played his cards right). However, he had bailed on her at the last minute, leaving Carly alone and unsatisfied (in more ways than one) for the evening.

It was when she was scrolling through her dating app looking for a quick replacement to her now-absent date that she saw the message someone had left in her inbox. The subject line read "NAKED PARTY GOING ON IN YOUR AREA!!"—clearly someone was trying to spam her mailbox. Yet the subject line was amusing enough for Carly to open the message, figuring she'd get a chuckle in before deleting it.

To her surprise it turned out to be an actual advertisement, specifically addressed to her, for the aforementioned event. The ad read:

"Looking for a wild night? The Access Club is hosting its monthly theme party TONIGHT! This month's theme is GRIN AND BARE IT. No cover charge for LITERALLY NO COVER! Ladies, show the guys all that you've got! Gentlemen, give these ladies the full Monty! Think you're a party animal? Animals don't wear clothing—and NEITHER SHOULD YOU!!!"

This was followed by the address of the Access Club, as well as other standard information about the club, including hours and drink prices.

Carly had studied the message for a long minute, the wheels in her head turning. The Access Club was a legitimate place; she knew that—she'd passed it more time than she could count on her way to and from work. She'd never taken the opportunity to go inside, and didn't know anyone who had. The message had apparently come from the club itself (she could see that in its address line), and she hadn't the faintest idea how they knew her or her contact information. Furthermore the description of this event sounded frankly ludicrous, like something out of a male fantasy.

And yet...

The thought of many naked bodies, all sweaty and gyrating close together in a smoky, hot club to the thumping beat of dance music, had stirred up Carly's unmet needs and set a dim fire in her loins.

'What the hell,' she had thought. 'I could go check it out, see what's going on. Not like I have anything better to do.'

And with that, she had stripped off the pink summer dress she'd originally worn for her date, kicked off her heels, and put on the motorcycle suit and black boots over her otherwise naked body. The leather felt good on her skin, especially around the chest and thigh areas, and as she had straddled her motorbike and peeled out of the garage, the vibrations of the engine and the wheels coursing over the rough pavement had sent shivers of pleasure towards her cunt.

Now, as she pulls into the Access Club's small parking lot and killed the engine, she can feel her juices leaking freely out of her twat and staining the crotch of her outfit. She's almost positive that a small puddle of it has already collected on its leather interior, and the thought of walking around with pussy juice soaked into her only layer of clothing turns her on even more.

Putting the kickstand down, she dismounts the bike and walks over to the entrance, where a beefy bouncer stands in front, arms folded.

"Evening," he grunts politely.

"Hi," she returns in kind, and starts to move past him into the Club.

"Hold it," the bouncer says, holding up a large hand. "The party inside's invite-only."

"I've got one," Carly says, pulling out her phone. Scrolling through the messages, she opens her mysterious invitation and hands her phone over to him. "See?"

The bouncer studies it carefully before nodding, passing her phone back. "You sure you know what you're going into?"

In response, Carly unzips the front of her motorcycle suit and pulls it open, showing off her A-cup tits, which are a bit on the large side and have pink puffy nipples, which stand erect in the cool outside air. "Satisfied?"

A grin passes over the bouncer's face as he nods again. "The front room's got lockers if you want to put your things inside," he says. "No roughhousing or fighting once you're inside—if I or any of the other staff catches you doing anything that amounts to that, you're booted. Got it?"

Carly nods, and the bouncer allows her to enter. The front room has lockers on all four walls, with many of them taken up already. Others have left their clothes and belongings on the floor or in corners, apparently in too much of a rush to stow their belongings. Picking out a locker, she strips off and stores her stuff inside before walking out to the main room, naked as the day she was born.

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