Dirty Movies: X-Rated Commercials


The Club looks just like she imagined it; not overly large, the center of the room has been cleared for dancing, with a bar taking up one wall, and couches, tables, and booths in all four corners. Looking up Carly can see a second level of more seating areas, with a catwalk running along the entire length and width of the room. The air is smoky and humid, and lights are shining and strobing from the ceiling in every direction, going off in all colors and at all speeds. The Club seems full of people: talking, dancing, laughing, drinking, and generally having a great time.

And every one of them is just as nude as Carly is, even the bartenders. Everywhere she turns she can see nothing but skin, not a stitch of clothing on anyone, the room virtually wall-to-wall with flesh. Most of the men are sporting hard-ons, but don't make any attempt to cover them up. Likewise the women also appear to be in a similar state, with flushed skin and hard nipples, and Carly had no doubt in her mind that many of them had aroused and dripping pussies like she did right now.

Breathing in deep, she can smell a variety of scents in the air: alcohol, weed, cologne, perfume, sweat, and (underlying all the other scents) the unmistakable aromas of arousal and sex. Although most people are mainly keeping their hands (and other body parts) to themselves while off the dance floor, Carly can see several people engaged in definitely indecent activity: one couple is making out hotly on a couch while stroking/fingering each other, while across from them a blonde girl sits astride a guy's lap and, surreptitiously fucking herself up and down his cock. At a booth three people are being less discreet about their activity; a particularly busty brunette is bent over the table and getting her cunt pounded by a tall black man while she sucks off another guy sitting in the booth. The guy she's sucking off continues chatting with his friends as if oblivious to the attention his cock is getting. The dance floor is another situation entirely. Carly can't see all the way through the tangled, sweating horde of bodies, but she can hear the cries and shouts of pleasure over the music. There's definitely a lot more than just dancing going on, and Carly wants in.

Her heart racing in anticipation, Carly heads over to the dance floor. The crowd parts slightly to let her in, hands taking quick gropes at every part of her body they can reach. Carly moves between jostling, pressing bodies moving in time with the music, trying to get into the rhythm as well.

Feminine hands encircle her waist from behind, and Carly can feel a pair of tits press into her back. The girl doesn't say anything, but her hands help Carly move with her to the beat. Carly relaxes, letting her body be controlled by this mystery stranger. Nearby on her right she can see a slender Latina girl with dark hair and smoldering eyes being fucked in her ass by a cute white guy, both of them still standing upright as he pumps her shithole, his face buried in her long hair, apparently giving her an intense love bite on her neck. Another guy moves in front of them and gets in close, the Latina kissing him deeply with her tongue while she strokes his cock. Still going with the music, he guides his cock in her steaming twat. Now the Latina is being double penetrated, the sight strangely beautiful as the three of them continue in an orgiastic ballet.

"Doesn't that look sexy?" the girl holding Carly by the waist whispers in her ear, and Carly shivers at the warm breath. "She doesn't know those guys, not even their names. She probably passes them on the street every day, or shops at the same store as them. Hell, they're probably all neighbors and she's never met them. But here she is, and here they are...and they're getting to know each other quite well, I think."

Her hands slide from her waist up her stomach to cup Carly's tits, and Carly moans slightly as the girl's thumbs rub against her nipples. "That's the whole idea of tonight," the girl continues. "Letting go of all your sexual inhibitions, of all your doubts about your body, of everything that makes you hide your inner animal...and just being free. Free to dance without shame, to move without reproach." She tweaks Carly's left nipple, making her gasp. "To fuck, and be fucked, anyone and everyone without holding anything back. No more Mr. Nice Guy...or Nice Girl, in your case."

"Ohhhh God," Carly pants, her mind lost in a fog of arousal. Both her hands have gone down to her gash, masturbating furiously. "I need to cum. I need it so bad."

The girl chuckles, her laugh light and smoky. "I know, baby, I know. Here." She removes one hand from Carly's breast and pulls one of Carly's hands aside, replacing it with her own. "Let me help."

The two women rub Carly's cunt with their fingers, sliding in and out of her pink inner lips. Carly's eyes are half-closed, and she bites her lower lip as she feels her climax approaching.

"Tell me when you're close," the girl breathes in her ear, using her thumb to lightly flick Carly's swollen clit. She removes her other hand from Carly's chest and slides it around and down her back, moving lower and lower at a slow, sensual pace.

"Almost there," Carly gasps, the heat of her body combining with her surroundings and making her sweat. "Almost...almost..."

Just as it hits, the girl's hand reaches her ass, and one slender finger penetrates Carly's tight butt without warning while at the same time another finger jams deep into her sopping cunt. The sudden penetration of both her holes sends Carly over the edge, and she lets out a sharp cry, eyes squeezed shut as she cums, her juices flowing freely down her legs and onto the floor. Her body is shaking and shuddering so much that she falls forward, nearly collapsing—

—straight into someone's strong, steady hands.

"Whoa, hey," a male voice says in her ear. "You okay?"

Opening her eyes, Carly finds herself looking into the eyes of a young, handsome man. He has a smile of understanding on his face, though it's tinged with concern for her well-being.

"I-I'm fine," she manages to say, her face flushed with embarrassment and post-climax. Her cunt is still tingling from the intense orgasm. Getting a hold of her senses, she straightens up and looks around. Her mystery woman appears to have gone, disappearing back into the crowd.

"You look like you could use a drink," the man says, taking her hand in his. His cock is at half-mast, but looks pretty long and thick, a nice size for Carly. "Come on, it's on my tab."

He leads her through the crowd, and Carly follows. Even though her long-awaited climax has come and gone, her pussy is still heavy with arousal, and she wonders what's in store for her as the night continues.

'Guess tonight's going to be fun after all.'


SCENE 3 -- Build-A-Bear Workshop, with Victoria Justice

"Cut!" the director calls out. "Pack it in, people, we're done for tonight!"

Victoria blows out a breath of relief as the crew began wrapping up for the evening, shutting down lights and putting away sound equipment. She's in the middle of a two-week shooting schedule for a half dozen new Build-A-Bear Workshop commercials, and while shooting commercials are cakewalks compared to shooting for television, having to keep up a presentation of high energy and cheer for the camera still drains a lot out of her, especially after a few dozen takes.

'Glad they decided to call it a night,' she thinks to herself. 'All work and no play...and now that I'm done with work, I get to play.'

And with that, she starts making her way to the back of the store.

Shot on-location at a Workshop in a nearby mall, the studio usually took advantage of the non-busy hours when the store was open to film in the proper setting with customers and their kids without being overwhelmed. Tonight, however, had been an unscheduled evening shoot thanks to an editing mishap, with Victoria and the crew in the mall well after it was closed.

Now, as it closed in on midnight, the crew busied themselves with clearing up as quickly as possible in order to get out and go home. No one noticed the dark-haired actress slip away quietly into the back room, not even the manager who'd stayed behind to close up the store and was too busy thinking about going home himself.

The crew finishes up and start heading out, wishing each other good night. The store manager, the director, and his assistant are the last to leave. As they step out, the assistant pauses. "Hey, did you happen to see when Victoria left?"

The director shakes his head. "Missed it," he replies. "She probably took off as soon as I gave the word. Wanted to get her beauty sleep, I guess—like she needs it."

The two of them share a chuckle and leave, with the store manager locking the door and bringing down the gate in front before leaving as well.

For a few minutes the Workshop is still.

Then the door leading to the back of the store opens just a bit, and Victoria peeks her head out, checking to see that she's entirely alone. Satisfied, she withdraws and pulls the door shut.

Feeling along the wall, Victoria finds the lights switches and flicks a couple of them on so she can see without alerting mall security to her presence. The back room is large, and filled with Workshop supplies. An entire wall is lined with shelves with teddy bears of varying sizes and colors, with the adjacent wall similarly filled with shelves of every article of clothing available to dress them. Against the wall opposite the bears sit several huge bins full of stuffing as well as other materials like buttons, zippers, sound chips, and the like, while the final wall has sewing and stuffing machines as well as other odds and ends.

Standing in the middle of the room, Victoria begins stripping off her clothing, pulling her blouse over her head and tossing it carelessly to the side. Unclasping her bra, she removes as well and discards it, her dark nipples capping her small B-cup tits stiff and sensitive in the cool air of the room. Unzipping her jeans, she pushes them down her legs and lets it puddle around her feet before stepping out of them. The last things she removes are thong and socks, which she drops on top of the pile of clothing. Her thong has a small wet stain on the crotch, a distinctive sign of her state of arousal that has been building since the shoot ended.

Naked, Victoria walks over to one of the large bins of stuffing and sticks her hands in, digging through the soft cotton until her fingers brush against the top of her "secret project." Her heart beats faster as she grasps it and lifts it out: an overstuffed teddy bear over half her height (making it much larger than the other teddy bears in the Workshop) covered with purple downy fur and completely unremarkable save for two things: an image of a large penis and testicles embroidered on its stomach, and an 8-inch plastic purple dildo jutting out lewdly from where its been sewn into the crotch.

It was something she'd been working on since filming had begun the other week, with the actress coming into the store during hours when she wasn't shooting or otherwise occupied to continue with it. Fortunately she'd been able to put it together in private, as her celebrity status helped grant her request to work on the phallic-modified stuffed animal without being disturbed by the staff (as well as allowed her to obtain the oversized bear on special order). She didn't tell them what she'd actually been working on, of course; all they knew was that it was a "special present" for a close friend, and she didn't want the news to slip out before its completion.

And now it was finished, the bulbous sex toy gleaming in the sparse lights. Seeing the obscenity of it against the tableau of innocence put forth by the teddy bear its sewn to makes her gash wetter than before, and she rubs a couple of fingers across it, feeling the heat.

Setting the teddy bear down on the floor in a sitting position, she squats down next to it, brushing bits of stray stuffing off its fur. Placing her hand over the embroidered cock she pushes down on it to make the sound go off.

Instead of emitting a cute, cheery phrase or song, the bear makes the sounds of men grunting and groaning as if they were in the midst of cumming. Victoria recorded it herself, having sucked off half a dozen guys at once to get what she needed for her project (as well as satisfy herself, of course). Speaking of which...

Victoria moves her hands down to run her fingers over the plastic shaft. When she gets to the base she feels around it carefully, searching the surrounding fur. A telltale lump lets her know she's found what she's looking for, and she uses two fingers to press down on it lightly.

A small trickle of cum leaks out from the tip of the dildo. It's real semen and relatively fresh, having been obtained by Victoria only two days as the last component. She swipes up the leaked cum with her finger and tastes it, making a noise of approval; apparently it had kept its warmth from being contained within the bulb of the dildo and subsequently insulated in the stuffing.

Pushing the teddy bear onto its back, Victoria stands over her creation with it between her legs, the dildo pointing straight up at her cunt. Her heart races and her body feels hot from arousal and anticipation. Licking her lips, she squats down again, pausing only when the plastic tip is pressed against her inner lips to position the dildo carefully before lowering herself onto it slowly. A low, throaty moan escapes her lips as the shaft penetrates into her, sliding against her slick walls and going deeper and deeper until she can feel it prodding her cervix.

Looking down, Victoria can see her pussy wrapped around all 8 inches of the fake cock. Gripping the sides of the teddy bear to hold it steady, she starts moving herself up and down the shaft, slowly at first and little by little as she gets comfortable. Her leg muscles begin to tire out, so she pauses to get on her knees, still riding the teddy bear.

Closing her eyes, Victoria revels in the sheer nastiness of the situation. 'I wish there was a mirror in here so I can see myself,' she thinks. 'I must look like a dirty slut, fucking myself with a teddy bear with all these stuffed animals in the room. This is so fucked-up...but it feels so damn good.'

Victoria squeezes and kneads her tits in her hands, increasing her pleasure. Her pace has sped up considerably as she actively rides the plastic dong. Switching from bouncing up and down to grinding on it, she lets out a loud moan as the soft fur rubs against her sensitive clit. "Oh, fuck, that's it," she gasps. "That's the spot, Teddy. Fuck me like this."

So saying, she leans her body down, her clit now pressed into the fur as she continues to grind. "Aaah, yeah, you like that, Teddy? Fuck, my cunt is soaking all over your cock. Does that feel good, baby?"

Victoria presses down on the chest, and the teddy bear makes its obscene noise. She laughs. "I knew it would. Hey, I've got a naughty idea." She leans down and pretends to whisper into its ear. "How about I let you fuck my ass? Does that sound fun to you?" Again the stuffed animal sounds off lasciviously. "Let's do it, then."

Victoria lifts herself from the toy and repositions herself so that her ass hovers over it, her sopping twat pointed at his chest. Reaching underneath, she holds the dildo in place before sinking onto it, the slimy dildo sliding easily into her sucking ass.

"Ohhh, shit, that feels amazing. Look." Victoria reaches over and holds the teddy bear's head up so it can "see." "Your huge cock is going so deep in my ass. I can feel it stretching me out. Fuck, this feels so nasty. I just love being a total whore for you."

She starts fucking her ass on the dildo, plunging it in and out of her bowels. At the same time her crotch runs back and forth over the teddy bear's chest and stomach, and the force of her movements causes the sound to go off again and again. Victoria closes her eyes and loses herself in the moment: her head spinning, her nipples as hard as diamonds, the smell of her cunt in her nose, and a symphony of orgasming men in her ears.

"Shit, I'm gonna cum," she whimpers. "I'm gonna cum so hard for you, Teddy. All for you...all for—ah, ah, ah, aaaaaaAAAAHHHHH!"

Her climax hits, and her pussy spasms, squirting out a jet of cunt juice all over the stuffed animal, soaking the fur on its chest and face. Victoria's whole body is shaking as her orgasm rips through her system, and in the moment drops its entire weight on the bear, squeezing the bulb of the dildo in the process. Warm, sticky sperm shoots into her bowels, and as Victoria realizes what just happened, the thought of the stuffed animal "cumming" in her asshole triggers another climax, and she squeezes her eyes shut, gripping the arms of the teddy bear tight for support as she half-screams her way through a tidal wave of pleasure.

Finally her climax ends and Victoria is left breathing heavily, her skin flushed and the dildo still buried in her ass. Moving slowly, she lifts her ass off the dildo and rolls off to lie on the floor, trying to catch her breath. "That was incredible," she manages to say, giving the stuffed animal a kiss on its sodden cheek and tasting her juices. After a couple of minutes she looks over to the soiled dildo and pulls herself to a sitting position, moving over to lean over it. "Let me clean you off," she says, and does so, cleaning the scum from her ass off the plastic shaft with care. As she's doing this her hands move to lie across its chest and the bulb. She presses down on the chest and makes it groan.

"What's that, Teddy?" Victoria asks, taking her lips from the filthy toy.

Another groan.

"You like that, huh? You got some more cum for me?"

A third groan.

"Let me have it." Her hand leaves its chest and she starts jacking the plastic shaft. "C'mon, baby, cum for me. Gimme your cum. All on my tongue or all over my face, I don't care, just give it to me."

And with that Victoria presses hard on the bulb.

The rest of the semen spurts out onto her outstretched tongue, as well as streaking her cheeks and chin. It isn't too much, with most of it having gone up her ass, but it serves perfectly to wrap up Victoria's fun for the evening.

Victoria scrapes the cum from around her mouth with her fingers and swallows it, licking her lips as it goes down. Breathing a sigh of satisfaction, she glances around.

'Now how do I get out of here?'

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