Dirty Night


I have your skirt bunched up around your waist, your thong pulled to the side, my pants are open and I'm fucking you as you bend over against the small dresser in my bedroom. Your arms are propped stiffly down among the loose knick-knacks, shaking them around every time my hips thump against your ass. Two pocketknives, an old compass, watches, loose change...your eyes are closed tightly, your fingers tautly gripping the dark black wood. The thong slips back into the way, so I pull it off you between strokes, my dick coming out to let it by, then slamming back inside, the underwear falling down your legs to the floor. When your noises become just the right mix of desperate and breathless, I pull my cock out of your throbbing cunt and let it rest in the crevice of your ass, rubbing lightly and hotly against the sensitive skin while I bend over to say, "Ok. Let's go."

The thong stays on the floor as I zip up, watching you pant and push the edges of your skirt down, strings of hair hanging down over your flush, glowing face. I let you catch your breath a little, then close the door behind us and watch your legs as you walk to the corner for a cab, then climb in behind you and tell him to take us to a place I know in a late part of town...

A little while later, you're at the bar with a good looking guy, sipping a drink he just bought you and listening to his small talk. I'm across the room at a table where I can see you, sending you messages.

He's obviously into you, smiling and looking in your eyes while you talk, stealing glances down at your body when you look away. I send you a text on your phone, and you start a little when it vibrates in your hand.

"Take him out on the dance floor and feel him up."

I see the hesitation written all over your face, then a bit of elation fluttering in my chest when you take his hand and talk him into following you out onto the dance floor. The music is loud so I can't hear anything you say. You look a little nervous, but I can see you occasionally through the crowd, and you seem ok. Your outfit doesn't cover much, and his eyes are all over you as you start to move with the beat, pressed between the crowd of moving bodies. He steps closer and sways against you, his hands on your hips, on your back, moving pretty low, resting on the very top part of your ass. I move and lean my head a little to watch you through all the people.

I start getting briefer and briefer glimpses as you move deeper into the crowd, then after another couple has been blocking you for a while, they move and I can see his hand fully grasping your ass just above the line of your skirt, pulling you close to grind against his thigh as you dance to the fast beat, his face hidden at the side of your neck, teasing. Your eyes open and you catch me looking at you across the room. It's a heavy look, deep and hard. Your hand leaves the back of his neck and goes down between you to grope his crotch, finding the growing lump in his jeans and rubbing it insistently. His body language changes as you massage the hard erection in his slacks. I see his lips form a dirty word and he moves one hand to the back of your leg and runs it up your skirt. I see your mouth hang open as his fingers touch the bare skin under your skirt, nothing between his hand and your wet, hot cunt. He rubs you hungrily between your legs. I imagine his fingertips finding your wet clit, probing your slick hole, rubbing all over the lips of your bare pussy while you writhe and grind and grope his dick through his pants.

By now my own erection is full and throbbing. It's all I can do not to reach down and rub it. A few people move into my line of sight, and when they move a few seconds later, his hand is down between your legs from the front, fingering you openly while a good looking black guy grinds against your ass from behind. The second guy is reaching around to feel up your tits, pulling your shirt down to get a better grasp, your nipples almost showing. You have one hand behind your back, on the second guy's ass, pulling him against you, running over his crotch, feeling his big bulge. The three of you are against a wall in a dark corner of the room, but other people on the floor are watching, too, continuing to dance as you clearly enjoy getting felt up and molested by two strange guys.

Your skirt is so far up your hips, I can see the guy's arm all the way down to where his hand goes between your legs. The guy behind is stroking your ass while he rubs the lump in his crotch up and down between your cheeks, his hand dipping down around your thigh. My cock throbs in my pants as I imagine their fingers rubbing together in and around your slick, wet pussy.

The crowd is still dancing. The music is loud and dark, and next time I see you they have the straps of your shirt and bra pulled down off your shoulders, and with the hands that aren't rubbing between your legs they're both fondling your tits...pushing your shirt and bra down to rub your nipples, cupping and squeezing your naked chest while they kiss your neck on both sides. Your head falls back on the black guy's shoulder as they grope and rub you all over. I wish they would pull open their pants and fuck you like that, taking turns sticking their dicks in your wet, slutty hole from both sides. I wish the second guy would put his pussy-wet cock up your tight asshole while the other one fucks your pussy, filling up your gorgeous body with both their hard cocks at once.

I can't help myself anymore, and my hand surreptitiously drops to squeeze the hardness in my jeans. There's a girl there now. She dances up to the three of you and starts rubbing against your bare hip, her hand touching your face while she kisses your neck, then turns your face to her to kiss you on the lips, then leaves to kiss her way down your chest, sucking and licking one of your nipples with her soft, pretty mouth. Your head falls back on the second guy's shoulder, your mouth hanging open, gasping, as they share your body between them. You have a hand down each of the guy's pants, clearly jacking them off.

My eyes can barely focus. I lose sight of you for a while, the crowd thickening and filling up the room. As the song is winding down, I suddenly see you coming toward me through all the people. Your clothes are mostly fixed, your hair is a little tangled, and one strap is still hanging off your shoulder. I want it so bad I can feel the heat of you getting closer, and when you get to me and look up into my eyes, chest heaving, eyes shiny and glazed over, I can't wait anymore.

I lead you by the arm through the crowd and straight out the door into the relative peace outside. Not far down the sidewalk we abruptly turn into a dark alley and I press you firmly against the wall.

My eyes look you up and down, taking in the slightly disheveled clothes, the rise and fall of your breasts with each hard breath, the flushed face and burning eyes, the barely open mouth. Wanting you so bad my heart is thumping its way out of my shirt. So I kiss you so hard it hurts, holding your head between my hands and flattening your whole body against the wall. My mouth stings with the jealous taste on your lips. My head spins around your scent, sharp and dark and sweet and glorious and mine. My skin glows beneath my clothes, feeling the heat of you. You squirm against me, moaning into my kiss, weakly pushing with your arms as if you want to escape, but kissing me back hard enough to prove otherwise.

I turn you around and make you arch your back to stick your ass out, lifting up your skirt as I unbuckle my belt and pull open my jeans.

"Did you like it?" I say quietly in your ear. You nod feebly.

"Tell me..."

You suck in a deep breath as I push my stiff cock inside your dripping wet pussy, driving it all the way inside.

"Oh god...I liked it so much..." you say with your face turned sideways against the wall.

"Did you like having their hands on you? Their fingers inside you?"


I pump your pussy with good, firm strokes, pushing you against the wall, pulling down your loose shirt so your tits hang out while I fuck you.

"You like being stripped? Fucked in the alley like a whore?"

My thrusts are getting hard enough now to make you moan. "Ugh...uh...uh...oh yes...fuck me like a whore..."

My heart races. I can't touch you enough. I touch your legs, your ass, your tits...run my fingers up your back and into your hair...stroking your neck and shoulders...gripping your cheeks and dipping my fingers into your mouth, relishing the feeling of you moaning on them while I pound your ass with my hips.

"Did you like letting them finger you? Did you like rubbing their dicks like a little slut?"

"Mm hm...mm hmm..." you moan around my fingers. I take them out and rub the wetness on your nipples, feeling them stiffen and swell.

"Did they have nice, hard cocks? Were they big?"

"Oh yes...they were so big..."

Your pussy tightens around my shaft when you talk. I try so hard not to cum in you while you talk, the fantasy spilling out of your pretty lips with your eyes squeezed shut and your juices running out around my cock and down your legs....

"They were so big and hard...I wanted to bend over and suck the first one while the other guy fucked me from behind...I wanted him to stuff his big, black dick into my wet pussy, fill me all up and fuck me really hard..."

I reach around to rub your clit feverishly while we fuck, pulling your waist back against me while you get off on my cock.

"I wanted her to get on her knees and lick my pussy while he fucked me from behind...god, her mouth was so soft..."

I'm going crazy now, pounding into you faster and faster while you talk.

"Oh...oh...oh yes...I wanted...ugh...I wanted them to f...fuck me...so bad...oh...oh...oh.... I wanted them to...fuck me...like a dirty fuck...ugh...fucking whore...oh baby...oh god I'm gonna cum..."

Your body tightens and writhes in my hands...you whimper and moan loudly. I groan and jam my dick as deep as I possibly can, feeling my hot load throb and shoot out while you cum, grinding my hips against your ass while I empty myself inside you. We rest against the wall, breathing hard and heavy while our bodies cool down. My heart thumps against your back, pulse slowing, receding back to normal levels, and I pull out of you and put our clothes back in place, then turn you around and kiss you and hold you tight, all to myself.

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