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Dirty Panties


Right after I graduated from college I rented a small flat. My next door neighbor was an older single woman named Luanna. She was about 45, and I 24. She was a friendly lady, and we would chat when we saw one another. She was a little on the plump side, in a voluptuous way, and I loved watching her ass jiggle as she walked. She had dark hair, and didn't shave anywhere. Her armpits were gloriously hairy, and her legs had a dark fuzz to them. I would help her out from time to time with chores and the like, and I knew that she left her back door unlocked.

I fantasized about her constantly, and the fact that occasionally she would sunbathe outside in the nude where I could see through her fence didn't help matters. One day, in a fit of horniness, I walked over to her house, and knocked on the door, no answer, so I went around the back and entered. Creeping through the household, I noticed that no one was home. I went into her bedroom and dug through the hamper in her closet. BINGO! I found just what I was looking for, a dirty pair of her panties. I brought them to my face and took a deep whiff. Ahh, the scent of heaven. This particular pair had a little yellow patch right where her pussy would sit when she wore them. Apparently Luanna hadn't wiped to well after going to the bathroom. I removed my throbbing cock and began to stroke it as I smelled those glorious panties, and sampled their taste with my tongue.

Suddenly, behind me, I heard and "ahem" and whirled around to see Luanna standing in the doorway, with her hands on her hips. I had been so wrapped up in her underwear that I had failed to notice her return from the run she had been on, as was evident by the sports bra that she wore and the scent that I noticed now filling the room. So there I was, my pants at my feet and her panties in my hand. I was caught red handed. She held out her hand and I gave her the panties, faintly wet from my eager tongue.

I fell to my knees and begged her "Please don't call the cops, please, I'll do anything."

She slapped me across the face and told me "Shut the hell up you dirty pervert, take off your shoes and get up on the bed." I complied, and she tied me up to the posts of her 4 corner bed. I lay there in wonder as to what would come next.

She stood back admiring her handiwork. "So, you like to smell my panties?" She said with an evil grin.

I answered "Yes Luanna, you smell so wonderful."

She smacked my cock with a switch she had produced from somewhere, and said "From now on you will address me as My Queen, understand"

I replied yes, and she leered over me, pinching my foreskin.

"Yes what?" She hissed.

"Yes my queen" I replied.

"Well, since you like my panties so much, I'll let you have this fresh pair," she said as she took off her shorts and removed the pair of full cut panties she was wearing. She then proceeded to hold them up over my face, and I eagerly took in their scent, lifting up my head to get my tongue closer to the highly scented item. She laughed, smacked my erect cock with her switch and said "Easy." I lay my head back and she put all of the panties into my mouth. "If these come out before I tell you to spit them out, I'll make you suffer." I had no intention of letting them go, and instead sucked eagerly at them, getting her taste out of them.

She left the room, to return shortly with a big glass of water. She then proceeded to rub her sweaty, hairy underarms all over my face. I breathed as much as I could of her scent in through my nose, and wished my tongue was free to sample her sweat.

"You are a nasty little boy," she said, noticing how much I adored her scent. "Well I'm gonna give you what you want." She took the gag out of my mouth, and sat on my chest, putting her sweaty foot in my face. "Clean me." She ordered. I started with her toes, sucking on each one and running my tongue through the cracks in between them. Then she rubbed her feet all over my face, and I proceeded to lick the soles as well.

She stood back and finished her glass of water. She then examined the previous set of panties. "So, you like my urine to do you?" I nodded eagerly. She smiled and said "Well it just so happens that I have to pee." She left the room and returned with a pan that had a depression on one part of it, so that a human neck could rest there, while the head was inside the pan. This she placed under my head, and squatted over my mouth. I could see her incredibly hairy snatch inches from my face. She pissed all over my face, emptying her bladder, a lot of it into my mouth, which I eagerly swallowed. After she finished she put the pan on the floor, and ordered me to clean her cunt, which I eagerly did, and then continued eating her as she humped my face and came all over it.

"Good Job." She sighed, turning around. "Now my asshole" I kissed her ass cheeks and stuck out my tongue to play with her puckered anus. As I did so she reached out to toy with my straining penis, which had not gone down since I first picked up her panties. After she tired of this, she fucked me and then made me clean her cunt, eating my juices and hers.

At this point she untied me and said "One last thing before you go, you need to drink all the piss in the pan," Which I did. She gave me the first pair of panties and told me to be on my way. As I walked out the door, her panties in my pocket, and her taste in my mouth she told me "I'm sure I'll see you around." And she winked.

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