tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDirty Secrets in the Rain

Dirty Secrets in the Rain


"I've chased you for over a year you slut and now I'm going to have you. Don't deny that you want it. We both know that you crave my stinking cock to be inside you."

Roughly the fat, dirty man pulled her hair downward tipping her head back so that her chin came even with his lips. His breath smelled like something long dead and decomposing.

The rope around her wrists pulled tight and caused pain to shoot from her arm sockets to her fingers. Yet she didn't move, she was afraid to move.

"You know you'd like to kiss me and cum for me, he remarked. His lips just touched the edge of hers, "don't you?" he asked again, "Why resist?"

Her eyes opened wide, yet she didn't move.

She reminded him of a little mouse on a chain. He enjoyed watching her twist endlessly at the end of his ropes. Her nude blonde body was sexy. The more she suffered the harder he always became when he came to visit her. It was better when she begged him. He intended her to beg tonight.

Lightening flashed over head and the wind began to stir the leaves around them. She stood on a dirt surface. The grass had long since vanished because of the time she'd spent suspended from the weeping willow above.

"You know it's going to rain soon," he promised, taking a portion of her skin between his fingers he began to pinch. He didn't release until he knew it was aching.

"Makes you want me to fuck you doesn't it little one?" he asked.

He winked at her and moved away.

She didn't move. Her eyes always reflected her fear. This time he saw something else too. Something he wasn't sure he was reading correctly. Could it be lust?

He pulled her closer encircling her waist with one arm so that it became easier for his greedy hands and filthy fingers to assault her breasts.

With his bad breath gone she found that she was able to breathe again. She was happy about that.

"Look at those nipples grow!" he said, as his grimy fingers passed over each one and then pinched them into life.

His fingers traveled lower until they met the rim of her pussy. She trembled, he eased his fingers inside.

Her eyes widen. This can't be happening she reasoned and tried to pull away. Gently his fingers moved inside her, caressing teasing promising more then he planned to deliver.

"Don't tell me you don't like that, bitch," he whispered in her ear. Suddenly she felt his hand collide with her backside. The force of the blow caused her to gasp. After that it began to ache.

"Look at the size of your nipples." He laughed again. "You can't tell me you're not turned on."

Slowly he withdrew his fingers from her pussy and passed them under her nose. "Smell yourself bitch," he said. She jerked backward, staggering as she went. He came forward and pulled her back into his arms resting his chin against his. One at a time he began licking his fingers.

"Finger lickin'good!" he remarked and laughed.

The sky danced with lightening and rain began to fall in a drizzle. The sensation was cool. She relaxed.

Suddenly the arms holding her tight and up right let go. She staggers. Her feet and legs feel like two dead poles which she has little to no control over. The ropes tied around her wrists pull tight, because she feels so displaced and out of order. The branch above her head held tight.

He smiled as he watched her try to find a comfortable way to stand. If she flattened her feet he knew her arms would be pulled. After a while that'd hurt like hell. If she gave them relief by standing on the tip of her toes then her feet, ankles and legs would scream out in pain. No matter what she did it was torture. Her only choice of relief was fucking him. He'd make her beg him to do it.

You are going to have to ask me to make you cum you know," the fat man said, "You want to cum again don't you?"

She looked upward at him and moaned in pain. Her face showed her torment, still she refused to speak.

He laughed and his huge body jiggled. The droplets of rain only made the smell of his unwashed skin worse. The droplets of rain increased in size. The dry dirt under her feet began to dampen and patches of mud began to form.

Slowly he circled her body. Almost like the ring leader in a circus. His wet shirt wrinkled, smelly and stained stuck to his body like glue. He slowly unbuttoned it and dropped it by the shed.

Her arms ached from the ropes. They were beginning to feel numb. Her legs begged to sit down, but if she did sit her arms would fall off she was sure. Her toes felt so stuff and numb that she wasn't sure she could move them anymore.

As he circles her body he continues to discard clothing. His belt is the next item to go. He doubles it between his hands and cracks it loudly. She shivers. He just smiles and caresses her moaning body with dirty fingers. The belt is a promise of future events. He discards it between two branches of the tree for later use.

Her eyes travel to the old shed. It's the only place she finds any comfort. Like clockwork he chains her to it. He allows her to bath and relax for 48 hours then he ties her back up again and the same torment is enforced.

He watches her eying the shed. He looks forward to the events that will transpire in that building before the sun rises. She has everything that he admires in a woman. She is tall, trim and beautiful. Her long, long hair is her best feature he admits.

His eyes follow her reddish hair as it swings around in circles along her body in waves of curls. It is thick and knotted from his rough handling; the dampness from the rain only makes her more desirable he reasons.

Her eyes move away from the shed and back to him, almost begging him to end it.

"Why doesn't he just get it over with?" She wonders.

She shifts position allowing her feet to lay flat on the ground for relief only briefly. Then she quickly changes positions. He knows her body is crying out in pain.

"It's almost time isn't it lovely," he remarks. Watching her only makes him harder.

He as waited all day for this relief. She will be his in moments. The joy of her pain only gives him more pleasure. All she has to do is ask…

"Please," she whispers finally, "please."

"Please what?" he asks taking great pleasure in her suffering.

"What is it that you want?"

She doesn't answer, yet her body seems to quiver the up and down movement has come to an end. She can take no more.

"Tell me you want to be my little slut," he commands.

He gathers up a handful of her hair and pulls it.


"I'll do anything," she finally whispers, her body is racked with so much pain the waves of it show on her face, "you say if you just let me stand… normally," she promised, "no pain."

He looked into her begging green eyes and realized that this remark was true. It was time for his pleasure.

"Anything?" he questioned his smile broadened and broke into laughter.

"Anything," she moaned. Her feet and arms were on fire from his torture. Anything had to be better then to be in this position in the rain.

"Please," she begged.

"What did I tell you to say?" he asked, extending the torment as long as he could.

"I want to be your little slut," she whimpered.

Her eyes were downcast and her long red hair hugged her body like strings coated with glue. She closed her eyes and shivered, waiting to see what would happen next.

"Please make the pain end," she begged him.

Without warning the ropes, holding her arms above her head, were released and her arms fell like lead balloons. She stumbled and had to fight to ream on her feet.

He looked at her tiny black and blue wrists and felt himself grow. They looked ugly, but had yet bled.

The thought of her screams added to his excitement. It was about time, he assured himself, for his pleasure. The moment he'd been waiting for had finally arrived.

Gently, he stroked the side of her face with his dirty fingers. The smell of rain thickened the air and fog began to roll in around them.

She looked like a drunken sailor, he decided, as she stumbled around trying not to fall. He waited for her to fall. He knew what would happen if she did fall. The excitement was almost too much to bear.

"Fall," he called out to her softly, "and your arms will hurt so much you'll wish they had been pulled out of socket. Stand and your feet will despise you, but you will be whole. The choice is yours."

Waves of dizziness over took her, but the coldness of the rain and the sound of thunder kept her struggling to stand. The rain's speed increased and chill bumps began covering her body.

In some places she no longer had any feeling. In other places pain was her only friend. The one thing she could center on was the pain. It kept her eyes open and her mind working. She looked at him again and realized that she was done for.

He wasn't a very tall man and he was large. Jumbo, the elephant, looked small next to him. His body wasn't attractive. Unless rolls and rolls of fat excited you. His penis was large and thick. It had to be the best part of his personality and body, but it was lost between so many layers of fat that for the most part it was unseen.

His hair was a dirty brown and he carried an odor about him that the walking dead would admire. She was sure even the wind didn't want to pass in his direction, but it didn't have any choice.

He was a drinker. His breath smelled like cheap liquor several days past the expiration date. His teeth looked like too many cheap cigars, purchased from a lowlife bar, had been held between his lips. They were rotten and brown.

Why had she ever gone into that bar? Why she wondered.

Two months ago, when her luck had been down, she'd gone in to drink and forget.

She'd forgotten alright. She couldn't even remember her own name. Now all she wanted to remember was why she'd been so stupid.

He watched her facial expression and laughed. They all forgot something, most of the time it was themselves.

She stumbled around, unsure which would be best falling or standing. She acted half drunk, yet he knew she was sober. The image of a drunken sailor passed across his mind once again.

Lightening flashed and thunder screamed overhead. Raindrops peppered around them like popcorn in a machine at the theater. She struggled to remain standing.

It won't be long before I invade every part of your body." He promised her. "I'm hot for you now and soon you'll know it."

"Please," she whispered. Her eyes begged for relief. Suddenly she gagged.

"Throw up little girl and I'll make you lay in it while I fuck you." he promised his voice was laced with laughter and lust.

"Fall and I'll fuck you where you stand. I'll feel like your arms are out of socket. The choice is yours."

She tried to swallow, but gagged instead. Chunks of food forced their way out the sides of her mouth, but she licked them back in and swallowed them. Droplets of rain ran down her body in streams. She looked like a pheasant under glass to him, ready to be eaten.

"Now you tremble?" He said. "Do you tremble out of excitement, coldness or fear?"

She looked exhausted. Not much fight was left in her. For days now he'd been stroking her body with his fingers. Pinching her nipples and spanking her ass. One time he was sure she'd been close to cuming, at the last moment he'd stopped. He feed her only twice a day to keep her spirits up, but her strength low. Water was only available if licked as a kitten drinks from his dirty hands.

Now he was going to get to fuck her in every hole and she couldn't fight him, she was too weak. He licked his lips and winked at her. He loved it when they were worn down. They were so easy to control then.

"It's time he announced and walked towards her.

"No," she pleaded, "No! Please!" Her eyes opened wider and she tried to back away.

He stepped closer, "You know you can't resist me." Shackled as you are, you have no choice."

The fog slipped in around them concealing them in this area like pigs in a mud puddle. The world around them disappeared. The lightening overhead was visible only by the boom of thunder which shock the ground. The rain kept her alive.

He approached her wearing nothing but a smile on his chubby face. She tried to twist away.

What's wrong sweetheart?" he asked, "you know its time."

She tried to run but her feet were too numb to move. He easily grabbed her ass and smacked it with the flat of his hand, hard. The sting sent pain throughout her body and sounded louder then the thunder from above. She bit her lip to keep from screaming.

He laughed, as she fall face first towards the ground mud coated the entire front of her body.

Yet, she made not a sound.

"Doesn't work, does it?" he commented as he helped her up. "Ropes are not the nicest of friends. What say you and me have our fun now, before the rain makes us both sick?"

He moved his finger down her chest and watched as her skin appeared beneath it. Mud seemed to become her. She shivered. Long strands of mud covered red hair swag around her body colliding with his rolls of fat. He didn't mind. With greedy fingers he brushed the mud from her nipples and pinched them.

"Let's fuck," he said and moved his right hand down her belly towards her pussy.

She made no reply. He pinched her left nipple harder.

She whimpered.

"Beg me," he instructed, "beg me to stop."

"I…" she started to say and stopped as his fingers began to circle the outer rim of her pussy, but did not venture inside.

"Wanna fuck me princess?" he asked again.

A tingling sensation seemed to bloom between her legs, and terror floated in her mind. The pain seemed to mix with the pleasure. She was excited.

He twisted her around in his chubby arms so that he could lick her nipples. They felt cold, wet and ready to be eaten. The fact that they were totally smeared with mud didn't stop him. He pulled one into his mouth while he pinched the other. The sensation of his fingers in and around her pussy only seemed to give her pleasure. She trembled.

"How could this be?" she wondered. "How could she be enjoying this?"

The rain peppering her body changed shape. Small rocks of hail peppered her body. The sensation felt like pins.

"Beg me," he commanded.

She had to be sick. God, he repulsed her! Yet, her body called out to him. This can't be happening she reasoned with herself.

"It hurts!" she moaned, "The rain hurts!"

His cock grew harder. This one was exciting. The way she resisted was exciting. "Feel my cock, slut," he whispered, over her shoulder as he pulled her into his lap.

"Feel it between the cheeks of your ass. Soon you're going to feel it inside your ass. Soon I'm going to be fucking you hard up the ass. I'm going to ride you like a horse," he promised.

"Please," she whispered, "I'll…"

He reached between her ass cheeks and shoved his finger into her hole. "Damn, its hot inside there," he mumbled, and withdrew his pooped covered finger.

"Eat up, Lover!" he said as he wiped it across her face, "Tastes good!"

She twisted her face away from his finger. But he didn't care. With the same determination he pushed her onto her belly and sat on top of her. Streams of mud fell off his legs and dropped onto her behind as he saddled up. Her face splashed into the mud the hail turned back to rain. Without care he pushed his thick cock into her mud soaked ass. The ride was good, she was tight!

"OH!" She screamed as she felt his cock sink deeply inside her. She screamed in pain. He was too large!

"Giddy up, sweetheart!" he shouted as his cock sank deeply inside her and pulled out. She fell into the mud, her arms stretched above her head. She was unable to support herself. The pain was overpowering.

With each thrust he pulled her ass towards his body. She was so tiny and tight his cock thickened each time he pushed inside. The mud on her body was slippery and he had to hold tightly to her hips to keep a hold of her. Each time he pulled her upwards he could see her nipples dripping with mud, they looked thick and hard, so she had to be enjoying the fuck he reasoned, but he really didn't care.

The storm was letting up, the lightening flashed less often and the thunder didn't sound so violent. The rain began to slow down, but the fog remained heavily around them creating the feeling that they were stage, the central attraction. He liked that. He always enjoyed being the center of attention.

"You quiver," he remarked and stopped fucking her ass. "I can't allow you to cum. It's not time for you to cum." He slapped her ass with the flat of his hand and shoved her into the mud.

She splashed down in the mud on her belly, not even attempting to keep from falling. Her arms were too weak to support her and her legs couldn't hold her up either. The best thing to do was lay flat and hope not to get hurt.

He staggered to his feet and came around to stand in front of her. His layers of fat dripped with mud, but his smell had been dissipated. He reached between the rolls of fat around his belly and pulled out his cock.

"Suck it!" he commanded, "Make me cum!"

She blinked, it was huge!

"I…" she started to say, but he bent down to his knees and brushed her face with his member. "Suck it, bitch!" he commanded, "roll over on your back and take it all in."

He reached downward and twisted her shoulders forcing her to flip over. Now her body looked like one long, hour glass shaped, mud encased mummy. Her face was the only part of her body not covered in mud. The raindrops from above began to slowly wash the mud away from her body revealing her tanned skin beneath.

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