Dirty Wife


(My first story ever.)

I opened the door and stepped inside made my way down the hallway stopped at the bedroom door i heard something leaned in just a little there it was a soft moan and the rustling of covers. I peeked around the corner there you were lying on your back legs spreading. My heart started racing. I slowly and very quietly unbuttoned my pants slipped off my shoes you were very softly caressing the lips of your pussy I unbuttoned my shirt and stood there fully naked my cock throbbing I could already see the pre cum leaking out of me making the head all shiny.

I glanced back at you I could see your pussy starting to become excited your lips were parting ever so slightly I could just see a glimmer of juice as your fingers dipped in for a taste of what was to come.

I grabbed my cock and felt it twitch from the excitement I thought about how I loved your pussy I could spend hours sampling the dew off your petal how I yearned to trace the folds of your vagina with my tongue, lovingly circle the outside of your hole then dart my tongue inside tasting you, listening to your moans, feeling you push against my mouth begging me to put my tongue all the way inside. I was so close to cumming just standing there jerking myself and watching you.

Your fingers were moving a little faster now your clit was swelling and a beautiful flush was spreading across your magnificent chest. I could see your hips rhythmically bucking to the pace of your fingers my hand was moving faster now ,as my gaze ran up your body and past your sweat glistened chest to my shock you were looking right in my eyes I fumbled hit the door damn near fell down standing there in my embarrassment I looked back to your gaze you let out a soft chuckle.

"Its ok baby I don't mind you watching" your voice like a melody ,I have loved you since the first moment I laid eyes on you "wouldn't you like a closer look?" you said with a wiggle of your hips.

I was trembling as I crossed the room usually I am the dominant one in the bedroom but I was caught so off guard I could barely speak this really seemed to turn you on.

"Cat got your tongue daddy?" you taunted me as you stood up.

I grabbed you pulled towards me your hands came up hit my chest "no no no lover this is my day you interuppted me" you said.

I could barely swallow you turned me my back to the bed and pushed with all your might I fell back onto our bed the excitement was too much I have never seen this side of you I watched paralyzed as you crawled across the bed turning you body facing my feet lifting you legs over me I reached up to grab your hips eagerly wanting to taste you your knees came down hard on my arms pinning me to the mattress your exquisite pussy inches from my face.

"This is how you should look baby up close and personal" you said, as your hand slid down and spread your pussy lips.

I have never seen anything like it your clit was so swollen and your juices were glistening in the light I tried to lift up and taste but you had me pinned your hand was working your folds I was watching the muscle contractions of your asshole every time you hit a good spot your ass would clench I was dying you seemed to sense my torture and slapped your pussy down on my face almost suffocating me all at once I was overwhelmed you scent your taste the sight all hit me at once .

"Look baby this is your pussy do you like?"You asked.

"Oh god" was the only thing that could escape my lips.

Your fingering quickened your hips bucking all the muscles I could see were going crazy a clear liquid was leaking out of you hanging by a string just above my face I opened my mouth and caught it on my tongue the taste was so sweet

"Get ready baby I'm Cumming" you said.

I could see the contractions of your orgasm starting now the clench and release of your keigles pushing more cum out of you I was dying my cock felt as if it would explode to see a woman cum so close was more than I could take my wildest fantasy come true. As the orgasm reached its peak unexpectedly you lowered your mouth on my cock I cried out an instant orgasm shooting hot cum blast after blast I could feel your moan on my member you dropped your pussy close I hungrily lapped at you finishing your orgasm until you collapsed on me spent.

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