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Dirty Wife


I love the things people write on dirty vans: 'Also available in white', 'My other car is just as dirty', 'Please clean me', and my favourite which I saw the other day, 'I wish my wife was this dirty'. My wife was with me at the time and I laughed out loud. She looked at me.

'Do you wish I was that dirty?'

'Well ...' Sometimes my wife takes things the wrong way. 'It just tickled me.'

'Maybe I should stop washing,' she said, but I felt she was a little annoyed.

'I don't think that's what it means.' She was silent and I more or less forgot the conversation.

We've been married for thirty years – she's now 51 – and our sex life has been enjoyable but fairly bland – I think vanilla is the word. After an initial adventurous honeymoon of frequent screwing, we soon slipped into a routine of conventional, loving sex, in bed (well, children have a lot to do with that), less frequent as the years have gone on. My wife is still a very attractive woman with a petite figure, better in fact than many women of 30 and many so-called 'MILFs' on the web. She doesn't flaunt herself, even to me, preferring sensible clothes and respectable hobbies.

One night we were watching TV, in our usual positions – me on the settee and my wife sitting on the carpet leaning against my leg, with me stroking her hair and neck. Every so often she would reach up and caress my hand. The programme was engrossing and it took me a few moments to realise that her hand was travelling up my thigh and about to reach my groin – it was as if she was doing it unconsciously. I felt a stirring in my cock. Her small hand started to explore the growing bulge, which rapidly grew to rigidity under this novel attention.

She twisted round to kneel between my legs and started to massage my crotch with both hands. I stroked her hair silently, not wanting to break the spell. She unzipped me and extracted my cock, then closed her hot mouth around it. I nearly came with excitement – she had kissed and licked my cock in the early days but had never consented to put it in her mouth. The few blow-jobs of my premarital youth were a very distant memory.

Her lips slid wetly up and down my shaft, her cheeks hollowed as she sucked. I was in heaven, but rapidly approaching orgasm. I tried to think unsexy thoughts, but the sight of my wife's dear head rising and falling on my straining cock was too much. Fortunately she released my cock just before it exploded and bent lower to suck my tight balls one by one gently into her mouth, then ran her tongue slowly up the entire length of my shaft. She flashed me a wicked grin as she tickled the underside of my glans with her tongue-tip. I hadn't known that my wife possessed such skills.

She resumed her sucking and I knew that I could not hold back any longer. Her fist was around the base of my shaft and my hips were bucking. With a loud groan I ejaculated into her hot mouth. She pulled her head back and the next two spurts went mostly into her open mouth. The rest (for I had not come for a while) splattered over her pretty face. When I subsided she took me into her mouth again and sucked the last few drops out, then swallowed with every sign of enjoyment. She looked at me with a grin and ran her tongue around her cum-covered lips. Further strings of cum lay across her forehead and nose.

My wife knelt up and kissed me – I tasted my own semen on her lips.

'Was that dirty enough for you?' she murmured.

'Oh god,' was all I could say.

She stood up and knelt on the edge of the settee, resting her chest on the back, and hiked her skirt up to her waist. She was naked under it, and to compound my shock I saw that she had shaved her whole crotch. Her beautiful neat pussy, which I had never seen except through its screen of hair, was pale and smooth. Her inner lips were swollen and dark, and opened like a flower as she spread her thighs wide.

'Is that dirty?' she asked.

In reply I knelt behind her and buried my face in her wet puss. Her juices – which I was familiar with, as she did consent to oral sex and enjoyed it more than she would admit – were copious and hot. I speared her tunnel with my tongue and flicked her rubbery little clitoris. I wondered if her new-found dirtiness would extend to her anus, an area I had never been allowed in up to now. I licked slowly up her pussy and over her taut perineum until I reached the puckered little hole, and circled it with my tongue. Her moans of pleasure reassured me. I teased at the tight ring until it relaxed a little and admitted my tongue-tip. God, I was tonguing my wife's arsehole, something I never imagined I would achieve!

However, I didn't want to neglect her pussy. I sucked and chewed and worried at her swollen labia, slurping down the juices that flowed copiously from her gaping tunnel. I nibbled her clitoris and felt her body grow tense with impending climax. I applied the flat of my tongue to her nub and stuck my nose into her pussy, grabbed her thighs and pulled myself into her. Soon her orgasm overwhelmed her and I heard the familiar mewling noise. Her pussy gripped my nose and wetness flowed down my chin.

Normally my wife gets very sensitive after she has come and doesn't like further stimulation for a while. This time I kept my face firmly planted in her pussy and my tongue was relentless, and I was rewarded by two further orgasms, each one noisier and more violent than the last. I pulled back and watched the ebbing contractions of her pussy and anus. There were streaks of wetness down her thighs.

I licked her anus again, and she giggled.

'Am I a dirty wife now?'

'You're getting there,' I said. 'But I'm sure you can be even dirtier.'

In reply she reached back with both hands and pulled her labia wide apart, exposing the dark pink depths of her vagina. To my surprise – for my recuperative powers have waned with age – I found I was achingly erect again.

'Do you like looking at my cunt?' she purred. It was a shock just to hear the word from my wife's lips – normally she doesn't give vent to anything stronger than 'damn'.

'It's beautiful,' I said, for it truly was.

'You better give it a good fucking, then,' she said with a catch in her voice. Another unheard-of obscenity. I stood up behind her and gripped her hips and plunged my rigid shaft in between her fingertips, right to the hilt. As I have said, my wife is petite and I am quite big, and more than once she has complained when I've tried to penetrate her too deeply or roughly. This time, however, she just gave a long groan of fulfilment and her muscles clutched at the root of my cock. Reassured, I pounded into her, thumping against her cervix, marvelling at the way her anus bulged every time I filled her vagina. She was hot and very wet and loud squishing and squelching noises accompanied our coupling. She grunted with pleasure at each stroke. Soon her moans and whimpers heralded another climax and I felt her pussy muscles quivering around my shaft as she came. I pounded on, my fingers leaving white marks on her hips, letting my second orgasm build slowly until I erupted deep inside her.

I let myself soften in her sopping wet cavity until my cock flopped out. She remained in position, her panting slowed, her pussy gaped at me. A thick gobbet of sperm oozed out and flowed slowly down over her clitoris and fell onto the settee – which we had just had re-covered in expensive fabric. Normally my wife was very fastidious about cleaning up immediately after sex. I noticed drops of juice from her pussy had already dampened the cushion. Another string of semen oozed out and fell.

'Is that dirty enough for you?' my wife murmured.

She stood up and stretched, her skirt falling into place. She grinned at me and knelt to lick up the blobs of sperm from the settee, then sucked the flecks of white off my flaccid cock. I noticed that she still had semen on her face. I was in shock, to tell the truth – I never knew that my demure little wife had it in her to behave so sluttishly. She smoothed the skirt over her hips.

'Mmm, my cunt's still leaking,' she observed with a smile. 'Do you want your dirty wife to have a shower before bed – or not?'

I grinned at her. 'Leave it,' I said. 'I'll give you a tonguebath later.'

She snuggled against me on the settee and we watched the rest of the film together. I could smell the semen drying on her face. I cupped her small left breast and felt the reassuringly persistent hardness of her nipple. When the film ended she got up and pottered around turning off lights and locking doors, making ready for bed, while I watched the news. Just like a normal housewife, apart from the cum on her face. Then she came and stood in front of me, hands on hips.

'Cmon, then. Do you want some more dirty wife?'

In reply I turned the TV off. My wife peeled off her blouse and unhooked her bra – normally she doesn't care for me to watch her get undressed. Then she slid her skirt down her hips and was naked apart from her sandals. She looked at me with a strange, unfocussed gaze and slowly let her hand trail down her stomach to her pubes. She planted her feet apart and began to slide a finger in between her still-wet pussy lips.

I had never seen my wife masturbate before – in fact I didn't even know whether she did or ever had done. And here she was standing in front of me teasing her clit like a porn actress – except that I could tell from her breathing that she wasn't faking it. Without taking my eyes off her hand, I undressed, gratified that my cock had hardened up again.

Her legs were trembling with growing arousal. She sank to her knees and put one hand on the floor behind her for support, now frigging herself urgently with three fingers. 'I'm going to come!' she gasped, and did so. I could see her stomach muscles tensing as the orgasmic pulses swept through her. I knelt down and gathered her trembling body in my arms and she took her hand away from her pubes and wiped it across my mouth, leaving a warm slick of juice.

'Did you enjoy that?' my wife whispered. 'Cos I did.'

'I loved it,' I said. 'Do it again.'

And so my respectable little wife lay in my arms on the floor and masturbated again, slowly this time, drawing the maximum pleasure out of her clitoris, taking herself up almost to the peak and then denying herself release, until she was quivering all over, flushed and beaded with perspiration. Her eyes were closed and her mouth open, wanton.

'I can't last much longer' she breathed. 'Put your fingers in my cunt and feel it coming.'

I obliged, sinking three fingers in her hot slick cavity as far as they would go. She moaned and shook and her cunt muscles almost severed my fingers. She kept stroking her clit while ten or twenty massive convulsions ripped through her loins. I left my fingers inside her as her orgasm finally ebbed away into little internal quiverings, and she fell asleep.

I carried my wife upstairs and laid her on the bed, expecting her to wake and demand more sex. To be honest I was half glad when she didn't, for I wasn't sure I could perform a third time that evening, and also my head was spinning with the overload of dirtiness in my spouse of 31 years. So I just lay down and cuddled her naked body – another novelty, for she always wore pyjamas or a nightdress – and eventually slept also.

When I awoke in the morning light I was almost convinced it had all been a dream. My wife's half of the bed was empty and I could hear sounds of tea being brewed downstairs. But I was naked – unusual – and my cock felt like it had been well exercised – also unusual. I recalled my wife's newfound dirtiness and my cock began to swell. I left the sheet over it, however, in case she had reverted to her normal prudishness.

She hadn't. My wife entered the room carrying a breakfast tray. She was naked apart from high-heeled sandals and her shaven pussy looked plump and aroused. My cock became utterly rigid. What dirty treats did she have in store for me?

She put down the tray and with a grin she twitched back the sheet, then squatted over me, heels on the bed, gripped my cock in her fist and fed it into her pussy which was already open and wet. She sank down until my balls were almost inside her – a penetration which she would normally have found painful.

'Open wide,' she said, taking a strawberry from the tray and slipping it into my mouth. She ate one herself, then put another in her mouth and leaned forward to kiss me. She pushed the fruit into my mouth and bit off half of it. Juice ran down my chin. I felt her pussy give the base of my cock a squeeze. She fed me thus until our cheeks and chins were wet with strawberry juice.

Then my wife took a can of cream and squirted a dollop onto each of her erect nipples, and bent forward to let me suck it off each in turn. She squirted the can into her mouth and made me suck it out. Then , after giving my cock a final squeeze, she rose off me and squirted cream all over her pubes. She squatted over my face and let me lick her clean, or as clean as I could. Then she pushed the nozzle into her cunt and held the button down for a long time. She got more strawberries from the tray and pushed them one by one into her, squatted over me again and made me suck, lick and hook them out with my tongue. Finally she filled her cunt with cream again and impaled herself on my cock so that the liquid spurted out all over our loins. She leaned back on her arms and pumped up and down making loud slurping noises. I was close to coming by now.

My wife grinned at me and said 'I hope you don't think this is as dirty as I can be ... I can get much dirtier than this,' and she squeezed my cock again and rose higher with each stroke. I erupted a hot load of sperm into her creamy insides while she gripped me hard and rhythmically. There was a manic smile on her face and I knew what was coming next. She squatted over my face again and released a flood of sperm, cream and sexual juices into my mouth. I refused to be fazed and swallowed it down, then gripped her hips and pulled her down so that her gaping creamy cunt squashed against my face. I licked deep into her to gather up as much of the hot cocktail as I could, then fastened on her clit and worried it until she climaxed noisily.

She slumped sideways and lay on her back with a beatific smile on her face. I got the cream canister and laid a trail around each nipple, down between her breasts and around her navel, then across her pubes. I spread her thighs wide and anointed her pussy, then pushed her legs up to her chest, stuck the nozzle between her puffy labia and filled her cunt once more. My wife giggled as she felt the cool liquid invade her insides. I could see her anus, looking wet and inviting, and gently pushed the nozzle in there too – she didn't complain. I held my finger on the button and filled her arse with cream. It occurred to me that she would now be lubricated enough to try anal sex, something we had never done or even discussed, but I decided not to push my luck.

'See how long you can keep that lot in,' I said, giving her arse a playful slap.

My wife lowered her legs and looked at me with smoky eyes. 'Hmm, now what would a dirty wife do? Would she keep it in as long as she could ... maybe walk round town ... let it all trickle out in some public place ... or would she squirt it all out in one big flood, all over you?'

'I don't know.'

'You'll have to wait and see, won't you?' she murmured.

It felt like a dream to watch my previously-reserved wife walking around the house performing her usual housewifely tasks, naked apart from her heels, with dried spunk still on her face and splotches of cream slowly sliding their way down her breasts and stomach and thighs. Her nipples seemed to be permanently erect and her shaven pussy was pink and swollen. Every so often she would catch my gaze and give me a big innocent smile ...

Eventually the strain of keeping her vaginal and anal muscles clamped shut must have grown too much for her, and she pushed me down onto the kitchen floor (I was still naked too) and climbed on top of me.

'This is going to be very dirty,' she said, and relaxed. Thin streams of whiteness gushed from her two holes and trickled warmly over my stomach. I could feel her body quivering with the release of tension. When she was empty she bent forward and kissed me gently – I could smell stale spunk on her face.

'You'd better have a shower now,' she said.

From that day on, my wife – and my life – was changed utterly.

[to be continued]

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Whipped cream enema

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