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Dirty Words

byMany Feathers©

The idea for this particular subject came to me quite naturally of course, after having spent time discussing several particularly naughty/dirty words with the new love of my life.

Interesting that each one can have either a sexy/naughty/fun feeling associated with it, or can under extremely opposite circumstances be derogatory, even cruel in nature when used. And it all depends on the tone of voice, circumstance and situation that the use of a particular word or phrase can have such impact.

To this day I still remember the first time I ever heard my father use the word "Fuck". I was very young as I recall, and he used it not in a mean or angry way, but more of one in surprise. So my first association with such a strange never before heard word left me curious of course as to its meaning. Though my initial reaction due to my fathers use of it told me it wasn't necessarily a bad or "naughty/dirty" word either. Just one I'd never heard him use before. But I'd heard it as: "Ohfuck", almost as though it were some small little Midwest community, like Ohfuck Ohio, or Ohfuck Texas for that matter.

It wasn't until later on that evening at the dinner table was I given to realize that there was something more to the word than meets the eye when I decided to amaze everyone with my newfound vocabulary. The fact that mom had made one of my most favorite dinners provided me with the opportunity to impress both mom and dad with my now understood surprise as she served it by instead of saying "Oh wow, or goodie!" I instead said..."Ohfuck" and smiled.

Imagine my surprise when I was quickly ushered off to my bedroom without eating a single bite of my favorite food. And worse...it was still quite a while before I was able to ferret out the meaning of the word. But that's another story altogether.

Anyway, in discussion of particular words and phrases, I couldn't help but wonder and begin to analyze what it is, and why it is that words can make us feel or react in certain particular ways. Not just in hearing them, but in reading or seeing them pen to paper.

And I realized in doing that, that the very 'look' of the actual words themselves can be suggestive, erotic, even decadent in nature. Ok, maybe it's just me...but see what you think.

Lets first look at the word "CUNT". Now this is certainly one of those words that can be very derogatory in nature if used in that context. But it can also swing the other way, and be a very arousing word if used properly and under the right circumstances. So what is it about this particular word? I mean we all know it's meaning, I'm not going to redefine or explain that any further. It's not necessary. But lets actually look at the word itself.


Personally I think certain words can have a subliminal message or meaning just in their appearance. Not even including the specific meanings. So gathered altogether, just seeing a particular word 'could have' not necessarily meaning it 'does have' a certain suggestiveness behind it. But some words I think really do. So for me, in looking at the word CUNT, I think and believe that it gives us several erotic aspects that bombard our senses simultaneously. Lets take the 'C' all by itself for a moment. C is suggestive of a nice wide opening, something that is beckoning, available. 'U' reminds me of a woman's legs sticking up in the air, once again suggestive of want...need, desire. The 'N' if you think about it, suggestive of oral sex, a '69' if you will even, and 'T' well hell, that one's almost too obvious, a universal symbol for cock and balls. Who hasn't heard the term "Tea-bagged", "Tee-boned" etc.

Now lets look at the word 'PUSSY'.

Obviously a bit milder in its use than cunt. More cutesy, not quite as erotically hot as cunt in the moment. I mean it has some of the same aspects obviously, though where 'C' is inviting, that pregnant 'P' as it were, kind of softens the impact. Though in my own mind...I sort of see the 'P' as a rather well stacked woman. The 'U' is again obvious, but now we come to the double 'S', which have all sorts of interesting possibilities. Again, the softer side brings to mind the image of after-glow cuddling together. 'SS' spooning one another after a nice erotic playful session of lovemaking. Though there again, if not spooning, perhaps "fucking" from behind, that position of easy intercourse side by side. And 'Y'? Again, this one's obvious, but at the same time reminds me of a woman demurely lying there, legs closed together in this instance representing the tamer version, though inviting version of pussy as opposed to cunt. Something to look at, admire, enjoy in anticipation, expectation of turning this pussy into a hot writhing cunt already to turn from a 'Y' into a nice open 'X' at some point.

Now let us turn to the word FUCK.

Interesting that we're seeing much of the same suggestive letters in this word as well. (Remember the well stacked woman I suggested in P?) Well here, we have perhaps the male side of that same representation. Anyone see the phallic symbol the way I see it? Even the small 'f' is represented here in the non-aroused state. That flaccid 'f' (interesting that f is in flaccid?) a smaller little poke there as opposed to the much stronger, more profound protrusion as seen in the capital 'F'. Now imagine laying the 'F" down on its back, already and waiting for the U to come join it, followed by that inviting, accepting naughty little 'C' all set to go. And of course 'K', I mean here we have a very vivid look at intercourse itself. The woman standing in front of the guy, arms leaning against the wall, he standing behind her as she bends over accepting him. Oh yeah...I rather like 'K' myself.

Continuing on with the word COCK. Need I say more? But there are even more subliminal messages taking place here beyond those I have already addressed. What guy doesn't fantasize or imagine thrusting his cock between a woman's breasts? So here we now have a set of perfect twin 'C's and the nice thick round 'O' sandwiched between them. Sort of like looking at it 'head-on' so to speak, well, at least perhaps from a woman's point of view and position as she does. That nice hard fat cock busily sliding back and forth between those two luscious 'C's as she pushes them together, once again coupling as supported by that naughty wicked 'K'.

Even the word "TITS" expresses that. Or tits for smaller breasted women. But here we have a phallic symbol with the letter 'I'. Bold...hard, stiff and straight, sandwiched once again between a pair of twin 'T's though in this instance like a pair of nice hard nipples protruding forth to lovingly caress that nice firm 'I' sitting between them. And again that sexy 'S' (which if one lays on its side) now presents us with the perfect position for performing some titty-fucking, though even remaining in its normal position 'S' is ideal for kneeling in front of one's partner, presenting and thus displaying the perfect valley for performing this particular act. (I mean again, come on...is it just me? Or when looking at that nice voluptuous slope of the lower portion on the 'S', can't you see the perfect contour of a woman's breast?)

And while we're at it, BREAST! This word is a virtual orgy of excitement and playfulness. We've got a nice full, well rounded 'B' here just for starters! We've got a sexy little 'R' that if you think about it, brings to mind all sorts of varying positions for fun and spontaneity. Leaning against the wall perhaps, legs invitingly spread out front, inviting, available, and ready. You've got an ecstatic little 'E' basically an 'F' with curled toes in excitement, all hard and ready to go. (Again...is it just me?) And again another coupling letter in 'A'. That outward movement just before insertion, that anticipation of continuing pleasure as that (perhaps backdoor plunge) is about to take place. And of course, especially situated right next to that again inviting sexy little 'S', what more can I say? Not to mention that hard stiff 'T' once again complimenting the entire word.

But the bottom line is, what is it that makes a word dirty, naughty, suggestive or erotic even? Is it by definition alone? I think not. I think that words can all by themselves suggest and hint at us their individual sensuality. As humans we use all of our senses in every aspect of arousal and pleasure. We hear, smell, taste, touch and look at that which we find arousing, pleasing to all five senses. So do the very letters that represent each of those senses be any different? I think they do, we just don't realize it or understand it that the way our minds do perhaps. (Well... least my mind anyway). But even if you don't see naughty dirty words in the same light that I now do, perhaps you should. Perhaps in viewing each of these, as well as many, many more, you can begin to visualize the eroticism of the very words we use to denote desire, lust, passion and ecstasy. In doing that, perhaps they won't be quite as 'dirty' as they once were. They become more acceptable, more endearing, more loving. Sure...they can still be dirty if that's what you want, there's nothing wrong with that. But they can be 'FUN' too. Hell, even the word 'FUN' suggests that, don't you think? So try a few, write them down, look at them and see what images CUM to mind.

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