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It was the spring of 2003 as I sat in a chatroom on IRC. Out of nowhere, a girl named Brandy logged on. We seemed to hit it off right away and we traded self pics. When I first saw her pic, I sat there frozen because before my very eyes was a very attractive girl and I knew in my heart that I had to get to know her. A few minutes later, she told me that she was disabled. At first I honestly didn't notice for whatever reason, but I didn't care. Being disabled myself, I have bad luck being accepted by women. As for Brandy though, I found her to be very attractive and her heart seemed to be as big as mine.

Over the next few weeks and eventually months, we became closer and both found ourselves dreaming and talking about meeting each other. For when we were apart, we missed each other a great deal. At first, it seemed pretty innocent, a man and a woman drawn to each other cause we shared the same situation, but after awhile, it became based on desires and dreams.

A little while later, the two of us started getting serious and made plans to meet.

With each passing day, the day we would come together drew closer and closer. We were both getting nervous about meeting, but were very excited. The day arrived and I met Brandy at the airport. I first saw her from afar because I had to get the nerve up to go up to her.

As I drove my powered wheelchair closer, she caught my sight and we both smiled as I drove up to her. The first words out of my mouth were "Hi Brandy, I'm Ryan". She smiled back shyly and said that it was nice to meet me. I offered to carry her bags on my wooden tray, but I had a hard time seeing over them.

We had a few minutes before our ride came, so we talked for a bit. Finally being able to look into her eyes, I was awestruck by her sheer beauty. Thirty minutes go by and we got on the bus and headed to my place.

We arrived at my place about 15 minutes later and sat around chatting about the night's plans. "So Brandy, what would you like to do?". "I don't know, any ideas, Ryan?" With that I pondered, but really I knew what I wanted to do. Being dramatic, I went over to my balcony window for a minute. I turned around and looked at Brandy's smile. I looked at the floor and pondered "Hmmm my dear, I have an idea."

"What Ryan?" Brandy said with a smile.

I looked into Brandy's eyes and explained to her that the river was near by and I'd love to spend some quiet time there to watch the sunset and get to know her. With Brandy realizing that this would be a night that they'd never forget, off they went.

So off we headed to the river to spend some time together and watch the sunset. "Well here we are, Brandy, why don't we pick a spot to sit and talk?"

"Ok sweetie" she said eagerly.

We found a spot under a tree and parked our wheelchairs to watch the sunset. Brandy & I talked for hours then at one point I was caught staring at her. I looked into her eyes and told her how beautiful she was and how much I wanted to kiss her. She looked at me and moved her lips close to mine and had a faraway look in her eyes.

With that, our lips met for the very first time in what seemed to last forever. She tasted really good and I could sense that her body was full of passion. I had never experienced anything like that before. We sat there by the river holding each other. Eventually we started to get cold, so we headed back to my place.

The air may have been cool, but things were about to heat up.

We left the river and got to my place about 15 minutes later and by this time, we were feeling pretty cold. Both of us decided to get in bed together to watch tv and try to warm up. I was too shy to be without a shirt while she was around cause I have a less than perfect chest. I laid there in bed in boxers and a t-shirt waiting for her to finish in the bathroom.

The next thing I hear is a knock on my bedroom door, so I tell her to come in. Before my very eyes, she sat in her chair wearing this red nightie and I was in awe. She looked so beautiful and sexy that I had no idea what to say to her. She wheeled over to my bed and hopped in beside me. Her half naked body felt so good against me. She asked me if I had found anything to watch on tv, but I told her that I hadn't.

Brandy looked at me and said that she was happy cause she wanted to give me my own private show. With that, we started kissing each other. She put my hand on her thigh and told me to touch her leg slowly, which I did. It became quite obvious that we were both getting turned on.

We stopped kissing as Brandy slid her body above my face. She pulled down the straps of her nightie, so I could taste her breasts. I kissed them tenderly and ran my tongue around each nipple and then sucked them. Her soft breasts tasted really good and with each touch of my tongue, she moaned louder.

After awhile, she slid back down and started lifting my shirt off to do the same to me. She looked down and noticed my cock was straining against my boxers. The ones I had on had 2 buttons in the front and when she saw this, she undid both buttons and pulled out my hard throbbing cock. Right away it grew even bigger with every touch of her hand stroking it up and down.

I started moaning cause it felt so good in her hand. We kissed while she rubbed my hard cock as it began to get wet with pre-cum. She said that she wanted to taste me, so we stopped kissing. She took the tip in her mouth and began sucking it slowly and then faster.

I told her to stop because I wanted to cum inside her pussy. With that said, she climbed on top and placed me inside her. I looked deep into her eyes as we started making love. Every so often she'd lean over to let me suck her breasts. I began thrusting faster and faster until we both climaxed at the same time.

We kissed and held each other and slept naked for the whole night.

The days went by and we made love nightly after I had shown her different parts of the city.

Like all good things, it had to end at some point. When the day arrived, we woke up sad that this was the end for now.

We both got up and got ready to go to the airport so that Brandy could catch her flight back to Louisiana. Before she left, we had time to get a coffee one last time. It was pretty apparent that we were sad to leave each other, but we tried not to dwell on it.

On the intercom, we hear that it's time for her to board her flight. We headed upstairs to the departure area and she headed towards the door. At the last second before her final turn, I yelled out her name. Luckily she heard me and came towards me. With tears in our eyes, it was hard for us to speak, but we managed.

Ryan: Brandy...

Brandy: Yes Ryan

Ryan: I know I told you before that I had a hard time admitting my feelings for you because I wasn't sure how you felt, but now it seems right.

Brandy: What are you trying to say?

Ryan: I Love You Brandy

Ryan: I don't care if this is the beginning or if I never see you again, but all I know is that the past little while has been amazing and I wanted to let you know how I felt.

Brandy: There's been something I've been meaning to tell you, but I was scared of getting hurt. I now know that you'll never hurt me and that I can trust you with not only all that I am, but my heart as well. I love you, Ryan, I really do and I can't imagine life without you

With that, they had one final kiss before she departed. They both headed home on different means of transportation, but sharing the same emotions. I get home and saw that there was a message on my answering machine. As I began listening to it, I was surprised to hear Brandy's voice on it.

Dear Ryan,

I'm not sure what it'll be like when we get to the airport, but I just wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful time with you. I also wanted to say that I love you with all my heart. For the past few days, I've wanted to tell you face to face, but I couldn't. Whatever happens between us, I just wanted you to know that I'll never forget you and I truly do love you. Well I'd better go and keep getting ready while you get dressed, but I just wanted to leave you a little message.

Bye for now my teddybear

With that, I hung up the phone leaving the message there.

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