tagErotic CouplingsDisappearing Act Ch. 02

Disappearing Act Ch. 02


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Part 7 - The Tolson Interviews

It was still Wednesday, July 15th as the investigation rolled on.

"Thank you for seeing us today." said Cindy, after Jenny Tolson had admitted them. Claude Tolson and their daughter Rebecca were at home. "I'm sure you're tired of the endless questions, but we're taking one last shot at this as a cold case."

"If it will help find Billy Joe..." said Jenny. She was an attractive woman with a medium build and brown hair, but the years of not knowing had etched her face with pain and sadness. Rebecca, a 25-year-old woman with a pretty face and a slender, sexy body, comforted her mom.

"We're certainly going to do what we can." said Phyllis.

"Before you ask anything," said Claude Tolson, also of medium build but still showing underlying physical strength, "are you acting on behalf of the insurance company?"

"Not at all." Phyllis said quickly, keeping a straight face. "We're acting on behalf of the Town & County Police Force, and anything we find will become public knowledge... which the insurance company can do nothing to stop." Cindy nodded vigorously in agreement.

"Okay." said Tolson. "I don't want to sound uncooperative, but those bastards have acted in the worst way. I don't have much to do with Art Mason, but I supported his lawsuit against the insurance company."

"I understand." said Cindy. "First, I need to ask if any of you know who called the police that day." None of the family members appeared to know, and said so.

"Okay, so we move on: who benefits from Billy Joe's policy?" asked Cindy.

"We do, his parents." said Claude. "What happened was: when Billy Joe and Rebecca were very small, we began life insurance policies on them, variable whole life policies, to pay for their college educations. The amount of the policies was not a tremendous amount, and we've borrowed against the policies to pay for the kids' schooling. But those bastards at the Insurance Company tried to shut the policy down after Billy Joe disappeared so that we could never collect, then tried to claw back what we'd borrowed for Billy Joe's schooling. Thank God Rebecca's policy was with another company; we were able to get her through Yale without going into debt."

"Oh, that's quite an accomplishment, of which you should be proud." said Phyllis. "And going to Yale in itself is something to be proud of. But the policies did not pay you a lot of money, is that right?"

"No, just $250,000." said Tolson. "Well, I guess the word 'just' sounds bad, but in reality, after we'd borrowed against the policy, it wasn't going to pay a tremendous amount. In fact, on Rebecca's policy we were only left with about $5000 after she graduated, which we redeemed and gave to her as a graduation gift.

Tolson continued: "If Billy Joe is declared dead, which he will be in September if he does not turn up alive somewhere, we'll get the full $250,000, and after the court case Mason filed that we won, we're going to get paid the interest also. The Insurance Company is very upset about that."

"I see." said Phyllis. "So why don't I take Miss Rebecca into the kitchen for a moment, while Captain Ross talks with you the parents." The parents put up no protest.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"So let me just ask right out," said Cindy, "what do you think happened to your son?"

"We don't know." said Claude. "He was there that afternoon, then he wasn't. I don't know if he went upstairs with Bonnie Jean or not, but I wouldn't be surprised if he did. But how they disappeared, and why? I have no idea."

"Mrs. Tolson?" Cindy asked, peering at the woman, who was being too quiet and passive.

"I agree with my husband." said Jenny. "Absolutely no idea, and I still can't understand how no one saw them come out of that upstairs room..."

"Mrs. Tolson, do you think Billy Joe and Bonnie Jean were having a sexual affair?" Cindy asked.

"I don't know." said Jenny Tolson. "I do know that Billy Joe tried to seduce just about every woman he met. The only girl he ever dated for any length of time was Willa Mason. I think he felt something for her, but he later said she was a slut, too, so he stopped dating her."

"Mr. Tolson?" Cindy asked the husband.

"I don't know about why he broke up with Willa," said Claude, "but he was a jock and girls were flocking all over him."

"Did Billy Joe get in trouble very much?" Cindy asked.

Claude Tolson answered "He was basically a good boy, minded us, his parents, got good grades and got into college and all. But he was also headstrong, and a handful. I was scared to death that one day some girl was going to show up on our doorstep and tell us that Billy Joe had gotten her pregnant."

"That did happen, didn't it?" Cindy inquired, peering at both parents. They just looked at each other with surprised looks on their faces.

"No ma'am," said Claude. "I never heard of Billy Joe knocking up any girl." Jenny agreed. Cindy made a note on her pad.

"So how was Billy Joe with his brother and sister?" asked Cindy.

Jenny Tolson said "I'm sure you'll hear, if you haven't already, that Billy Joe and Jimmy didn't get along. Billy Joe wasn't an unkind boy, though. He was protective of his sister, and they were pretty close. We did have to keep an eye on Billy Joe regarding Jimmy, or he'd do something like shove Jimmy's head in the toilet."

"Where is Jimmy now?" Cindy asked.

"He graduated school and has an apartment south of the Courthouse Square." said Claude Tolson. "He's an accountant and actuary with an insurance company. No, not the one that's given us all that trouble, but Conway Property & Casualty Insurance."

"What was Jimmy like, growing up?" Cindy asked.

"He was a very smart boy, still is." Jenny said. "He kept to himself a lot, though. We knew he was picked on a lot in school, but there was little we could do about it."

"What were his interests, hobbies?" Cindy asked.

The parents looked at each other, then Claude said "I am not sure that he had any hobbies. He was on the internet a lot. We tried to follow what sites he got on, but he was smarter than we were, and erased the logs, or whatever they call them."

Cindy then asked "What has your relationship with Jimmy been since Billy Joe's disappearance?"

The parents looked at each other, then Claude said "I'd have to say... it didn't change a lot. Jimmy didn't say much, but there was no hiding how happy he was that his big brother was gone. I don't think the rest of us reacted well to that, though I understood it. We really don't have much contact with Jimmy now. He lives his own life."

Jenny Tolson then said "Rebecca didn't take it very well at all that Jimmy was so happy about Billy Joe's disappearance. Rebecca and Billy Joe were close..."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"I hope you take this the right way." said Rebecca Tolson, "I really hope I look as good as you do when I'm your age."

"Why thank you, dear."said Phyllis. "I do try to keep in shape. And it is indeed quite an accomplishment to graduate from Yale, as you have done. What are you doing now?"

"I was working for Congressman Condor, here in his local office, while working on my Masters in Poli-Sci here at the University." said Rebecca. "I'm thinking of applying for the Ph.D. program, as well, but I might get a job with State Senator Woodburn."

"I see." said Phyllis. "So, tell me what you remember of your brother's disappearance."

Rebecca's face fell noticeably. "It's been really hard, not knowing what happened to Billy Joe." she said. "He was... well, let me start at the beginning. I was having to help my mom host the party, since it was for me, so I had to stay outside and talk to the older people a lot. I didn't get to spend much time with the other people my age. That kind of pissed me off, because Danny Mason was hanging out with that slut Rhonda Stevens, and I was trying to get Danny away from her."

"When was the last time you saw your brother, and for that matter, Mrs. Mason?" Phyllis asked.

"Oh gosh," said Rebecca. "I remember seeing both Mr. and Mrs. Mason, Art and Bonnie Jean, early on. I think Art went to talk with some of the older men that were watching a ball game inside, and Bonnie Jean was talking to some of the women outside. The last time I saw Billy Joe was... gosh, I can't even remember seeing him at all after the party started."

"That's okay, dear, it was such a long time ago." Phyllis said reassuringly. "So let me ask this: how has your brother's disappearance affected your parents, your family?"

"It's been hard on Mom and Dad." said Rebecca. "Not only was Billy Joe gone, they were constantly being hounded by police and FBI visits to the house, to the point they finally had to move out. They sold the house, which I think hurt them to have to do. For me, it's just the not knowing that's hurting."

"How about Jimmy?"

"Oh gosh." said Rebecca. "He tried to hide it and act somber about it, but he was absolutely ecstatic about Billy Joe being gone. He didn't and still doesn't miss Billy Joe one bit."

"And how do you feel about that?" Phyllis asked, having very accurately read Rebecca's face as the younger woman spoke.

"Er..." Rebecca said, "well, Jimmy and I were never close to begin with. It was really humiliating being his sister, and to be honest, ma'am, I felt the same way about Jimmy that most of my classmates did. I had no respect for him. Billy Joe was great, he was the perfect big brother in every way, and when Jimmy was so happy about Billy Joe being gone... well, what little respect I might've had for Jimmy fell through the floor. I really don't care if I ever see him again, and I would imagine he feels the same way."

"What do you think happened to your brother, to Billy Joe?" asked Phyllis.

"I have no idea." said Rebecca. "It was just so sudden, and so strange. I've always hoped that he and Bonnie Jean just ran away and are okay somewhere, but it's just so..." She did not finish the sentence as she struggled to keep her emotions in check.

"I understand, dear." said Phyllis. "So you never heard or saw anything to suggest that Jimmy knows anything about his brother's disappearance?"

"No..." Rebecca said, then thought about it. "No, I don't think so. Jimmy was in the game room the whole time of the party, playing on the computer. He said he saw Billy Joe and Bonnie Jean go up to the upstairs room, and he said he snuck up there and saw them having sex. He took a polygraph, too, so he couldn't have been lying."

"Very likely not." said Phyllis soothingly. "Let me ask, when the fight between Art Mason and Claude Tolson began, who called the Police?"

"Like I said earlier, I don't know." said Rebecca. "But the Police did get there very quickly after the fight began."

"Thank you, dear." said Phyllis. "If you can think of anything else, please do call me."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was very late in the afternoon when Cindy and Phyllis arrived at the apartment of Jimmy Tolson. Their knocks went unanswered.

"Maybe he's still at work." Cindy said.

"No," said Phyllis, "I called there, and they said he'd left. I think he knows we're looking for him, and he's avoiding us."

"So what do we do?" Cindy said. "I can have a patrol car sit here and call us when he gets home-"

"I'm sorry, dear, but that would be a total waste of time." Phyllis replied. "Let's have some dinner, then continue with the interviews this evening."

A nearby Applebee's was not too busy, so they stopped there to eat, requesting a rather isolated corner booth so their conversation would not be overheard too easily.

"So," said Phyllis after they'd ordered, "what do you think of the case so far?"

Cindy replied "There are two points of interest to me from the interviews today. One is that Art Mason totally overreacted to us. Suggests a guilty conscience. The other is that Danny mentioned two girls being knocked up by Billy Joe, but the parents either didn't know or were acting like they didn't know."

"Oh, that's very good, my dear." said Phyllis. "Yes, it's interesting. As to Art Mason, he definitely is a person of interest. Has a temper, has had some serious challenges in his life the past few years. Now he's close to the insurance payoff, we show up on his doorstep, and he might've popped off if my son had not been there at Headquarters to intimidate him."

"Yeah." Cindy said. "Both his kids say he never got physical with his wife but that they argued a lot. And he went off on Jimmy the night of the disappearance and got punched in the face for it. Hmmm, someone knows something, there. At any rate, Art's a big bully until someone that can cut him down to size fronts him. Danny did it at their house, then Don at Headquarters."

"Yes, something to keep in mind there." Phyllis said musingly. At that moment the food came, and they settled down for a few minutes to eating. Once they were done and the check paid, Cindy resumed discussion of the case.

"My second point of interest is the insurance company." Cindy said. "How could they possibly cancel the policy, and even try to claw back legally borrowed money from it? That was just asking to get slam-danced by the Courts."

"I could not agree more." said Phyllis. "And that is interesting in itself."

"So... what do you think about the case... Aunt Phyllis?" Cindy asked, grinning as she used the term for her aunt-by-marriage, only recently discovered. Phyllis chuckled.

"You're making me feel old, calling me that." Phyllis joked, then said "But it's interesting. Don has always been very correct about ascertaining the importance of whoever calls the Police to report a crime. Sometimes it's nothing, but all too often it's a vital clue to the case. So far, we have not been able to determine that about this case... at all. Don was all over it, and I have a feeling he is correct in drawing our attention to its importance."

"What about Billy Joe and Bonnie Jean?" asked Cindy. "Do you think they're still alive? Or did something happen to them?"

"I'm not yet seeing how it was all done, but I do believe that Bonnie Jean and young Billy Joe are no longer with us." Phyllis replied sadly.

Part 8 - Other Interviews

"Oh yeah, suck that cock, baby!" the handsome young stud moaned as he sat on the sofa. The young woman, about 25 years old with with longish platinum blonde hair that hung limply, a nice tight body with medium breasts and a succulent ass, was on her knees on the floor in front of the stud, sucking his large cock. She was the 'Penny D.' from the Tolson-Mason disappearance case.

"Oh yeah, babe, I'm going to fucking come!" the stud announced. "Oh yeah, here it comes, yeah, oh yeah! Oh yeah, take that fucking LOAD! TAKE THAT LOAD!!" he yelled out as spurts of thick semen blasted into the woman's mouth, filling it. She rapidly swallowed as her hand jacked more of his cum out of his pulsing balls until he was totally satiated and spent.

"Damn, Penny, you have one hell of a mouth." the guy said as the woman finished him off. "Get me hard again, and I'm going to fuck the living shit out of you-"


It was the doorbell.

"Damn." said Penny D. "Who the hell could that be?" It was early evening, about 7:30pm. Penny quickly put on her housecoat and went to the door. Two policewomen were outside.

"Can I help you?" Penny asked after opening the door.

"Police, ma'am." said Cpt. Ross. "Can we talk to you for a moment about a past case you were involved in?"

"Uh," Penny said, "I'm, er, kind of busy right now." Just then the young man appeared behind Penny.

"What's going on- oh, hello Captain Ross, Mrs. Troy." said the stud.

"Hi, Teddy." said Cindy, recognizing Teddy Franklin, friend, race partner, and business associate of Phyllis's grandson, Todd Burke. "Sorry to interrupt you, but we need to talk to Penny for a few moments."

"Baby, you talk to them, and I'll be waiting for you upstairs." said Teddy. Penny looked daggers at him, but admitted the policewomen into her home.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"So, dear, just tell us what happened." said Phyllis. "And believe me, we have heard sexual terms being used all the time, so don't hold back and tell us everything."

"Yes ma'am." said Penny D., who then began her narrative: "I was dating George at the time, and we were in the game room. George was playing a game with Steve, and I was watching them. Big Rusty and Lisa came up, and were in the beanbag chair. They began having sex, right in front of all of us."

"What time was this?" asked Cindy.

"Right at 5:00pm, if I remember right." said Penny D. " Lisa was riding Big Rusty, and I was watching his big dick going in and out of her as she rode him."

"Did you see Billy Joe and Bonnie Jean go upstairs?" asked Phyllis.

"I remember seeing some shadows out of the corner of my eye, and a couple of people went up the stairs to the upper room... yeah, Jimmy Tolson was by the door to the upstairs, and he said it was his brother and Bonnie Jean Mason, and it looked like them from the glimpse I got..."

"And Jimmy was near the doors to the upstairs and downstairs?" asked Phyllis.

"Uh, yeah, that's right," Penny D. said, though with some uncertainty in her voice. "Jimmy was standing near the door to the upstairs, talking to Willa Mason, who had just come in from the downstairs... Jimmy said he was going to go upstairs and see what his brother and Mrs. Mason were doing."

"Did Willa go with him, or stay with you?" asked Phyllis.

"Willa just hung out with us, and then Jimmy came back and said they were fucking."

"How did Jimmy look and feel about that?" asked Phyllis. "Happy, angry?"

"Er," Penny said, "yeah, he could've been pissed... but he might not really have cared. I dunno." Phyllis pressed penny to continue her story of what was going on in the 'game room' at that time.

Penny D. continued: "Penny P. and Roddy were fucking on the floor, Steve and George were playing the video game, and Jimmy went back to the computer. Willa watched Jimmy on the computer for a while; she was the only one who would talk to Jimmy, he was such a shit and we all hated his guts...

"If I may ask," said Cindy, "if you guys hated him so much, why did he hang out with you?"

"I have no idea." said Penny. "Maybe he just wanted to watch the sex. He was a real perv. The rest of us were ignoring him. Steve and Willa were the only people that would even speak to him, and Steve was into his video game with George..."

"And what about the altercation with Mr. Mason and Jimmy?" asked Phyllis. "What time did that occur?"

"It was about seven o'clock when the shit hit the fan and Art Mason came into the room. I was sucking George's cock; he was lucky I didn't bite it off when Mason came rushing in, yelling like the world was going to end...

"He went right after Jimmy?" Cindy asked.

Penny D. replied "Yeah, he went right after Jimmy, made a beeline for him. Then some people went upstairs and Billy Joe and Bonnie Jean weren't there.

"And you never saw Billy Joe and Bonnie Jean come back down?" Phyllis asked.

"No, they never came back down, I'm sure I would've seen them if they had. Nobody came down... well, Jimmy did right after he went up there to spy on them, but Billy Joe and Mrs. Mason never did come down. I'm sure of that."

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