tagBDSMDisciplined by Miss Martinet

Disciplined by Miss Martinet


The phone on Miss Martinet's expansive (and expensive) mahogany desk buzzed discreetly. On the other end, a demure woman's voice murmured, "The two students you asked for are here, ma'am."

"Send them in," Miss Martinet replied, her well-manicured hands patting her tight bun of silver-streaked hair and then she straightened the collar of her blouse.

The door opened and the dean's secretary shooed in two shame-faced adolescents. She herded them over to the wooden chairs facing Miss Martinet's desk and then closed the door. The lock clicked automatically behind her.

"You know why I called you here. Tell me what you've done."

The two students -- a pale, long-haired girl in a red plaid jumper and a slightly older, swarthy boy in a red blazer -- looked even more embarraded and said nothing. The petite girl blushed fiercely behind a curtain of strawberry-blonde hair.

"Dean Martinet --" she began.

"Hannah, Gabriel, you were caught in flagrante delicto... fucking... in the rare books storage room. This is not Podunk Village Junior College. This is the University of Saint Vitalis. We set high standards for our students' religious and intellectual character, and since you have shown extreme disrespect for our fine library as well as for all common moral decency, I am afraid that I will have to expel you both." She moved her hand to the speakerphone on her desk and pretended to press a button. "Mary-Catherine, please begin the paperwork for Gabriel and Hannah's expulsion. I want it on my desk by the end of today --"

Hannah interrupted her, pleading, "No, Miss Martinet, please don't kick me out, this is just my first semester, please... I'll do anything!" Tears began streaming prettily down her freckled cheeks. Gabriel looked back and forth between the two women, still sheepish, but with no signs of distress. He had noticed the predatory gleam in the older woman's eyes.

"I can't let you stay here after such a serious infraction without an equally serious punishment. Right, Gabriel?"

He nodded, a hint of a grin on his face.

She stood up and walked over to a display on one wall of school pennants, trophies, and class photographs and picked up a large wooden paddle lying at the bottom of the trophy case. The paddle had a few large holes drilled into it to increase its aerodynamics.

"All good Catholics are used to corporal punishment, aren't they? I believe in its invigorating power: when one's moral character is limp and sagging, a good paddling will firm it up." She gave Gabriel a look that carried the barest hint of a wink.

"Gabriel, pull your trousers... and shorts... down and bend over my desk."

He eagerly began unbuckling his belt and leaned spread-eagled over the desk, his bare ass in the air. It practically quivered with anticipation. Hannah's blush spread down her neck and as far down her bosom as her prim cardigan would show.

Miss Martinet walked over to him, paddle in hand, and gave him five vicious thwacks on each cheek. When she was done, his olive-skinned ass was cherry-red, except for the half-dozen pale spots left untouched by the holes in the paddle.

"Stay there, Gabriel, and don't turn around. Hannah, there's room for you beside Gabriel. Come. Lift up your jumper."

Hannah hesitated, but, believing this was the only way to avoid being kicked out in disgrace, she decided to go along with it. She bent over the desk and slid the skirt of her jumper up over her hips, revealing white cotton panties.

"Panties down."

"But I --"

Miss Martinet cut her off by yanking the panties down to her ankles and giving Hannah the same ten thwacks that she'd given Gabriel. Each hit drew a muffled wail from Hannah, who had buried her flushed face against the sleeve of her cardigan. The result, Miss Martinet judged, was much more aesthetically pleasing on pale, round flesh than on Gabriel's narrow brown ass: a luscious pink and white pattern quickly appeared on Hannah's plump rear. Moreover, the girl had burst into tears, and the force of her sobbing made her ass jiggle mesmerizingly. Miss Martinet caught Gabriel sneaking a peek and thought, "Who could blame him?"

She put down the paddle and gently cupped the girl's ruddy ass in both hands, which made Hannah gasp. Bending over the low desk presented her round ass and ripe cunt at just the right angle for easy viewing. A thatch of titian-gold hair peeked out over Hannah's pubic mound, but thinned out over the lips to reveal full, rosy inner labia that puckered and pouted a quarter-inch past her outer labia. As Miss Martinet caressed the firm pink globes of her ass, a trickle of creamy fluid leaked out of her juicy cunt and ran down the girl's bare thigh.

"Did you like your punishment, dear?" Miss Martinet purred into Hannah's ear. She gently ran a finger along the cleft of her long-lipped pussy and then licked her finger with the tip of her tongue. Semen!

"I guess we didn't catch you two in time, did we, Gabriel? Clean this mess up."

Still bent over the desk but increasingly aroused, he had been rubbing his crotch against the rounded desk-edge, but obediently got up and kneeled between Hannah's legs.The older woman grabbed his shaggy, dark head and pushed it closer to the redhead's pussy.

"Lick it all up, you filthy boy. How dare you sully that lovely pussy?"

Gabriel was sucking on them greedily, probing deep between them with his tongue and slurping his own cum out of her. Both students were panting in pleasure.

"Let me see if you've gotten it all. Move!" Miss Martinet hissed, impatiently shoving him out of the way. She took his place between Hannah's spread legs. She first inspected the girl's well-rounded thighs, her pointed tongue caressing them like a kitten lapping up milk. Then she took the girl's labia in her mouth, nibbling and sucking them until they were puffy and sensitive. When the older woman then ran her tongue along their outer edges, Hannah moaned deliciously. Miss Martinet spread her swollen labia, inserted a finger into her wet cunt, and began swirling her tongue over the girl's hard little clit. Her moaning increased and she rocked her hips back and forth against the dean's upturned face.

"Slut. I'll give you something to moan about." The dean went around to her desk, unlocked a drawer, and pulled out a double-ended black dildo. Lifting up her long skirt, she shoved one end into her own dripping cunt and then stood behind Hannah, the other end of the dildo poised between the redhead's pouting pussy lips.

All the while, Gabriel had been crouching on the floor beside the desk, enjoying the show and furtively jerking off. Miss Martinet began thrusting slowly into Hannah's swollen pussy, but the girl's extreme arousal had almost swollen her cunt shut.

"Miss Martinet, please, it's too big. I don't think it will fit --" The dean turned to Gabriel and motioned for him to stand up. Then she grabbed a handful of Hannah's waist-length, strawberry-blonde hair and pivoted her around to face the boy's throbbing dick. A thick drop of pre-cum dangled from the head. In one sudden thrust of her hips, the dean buried the other end of the dildo in Hannah's tight pussy. Luckily, the power of her thrust pushed the girl forward, so that her mouth, which opened in what would have been a scream, was plugged by Gabriel's cock. Since Hannah's struggles to escape either phallus only drove her further onto the other, she soon went limp as the dildo fucked her pussy and the cock fucked her mouth.

"That's it, sweetheart, take these dicks," Miss Martinet purred between thrusts as she wound Hannah's red-gold hair more tightly around her fist. "Gabriel, you've chosen a fine specimen this time. You may come in her mouth."

From the guttural groans immediately following this statement, it was clear that Gabriel had been holding back his orgasm for some time. His hips bucked wildly against the girl's poor face as he came.

"Swallow it. I want no disgusting stains on my carpet," the dean hissed at Hannah before Gabriel withdrew his dick from her mouth. She emphasized this command with a ringing slap on her tender ass. Hannah obediently made a series of gulps and gurgles as she tried to swallow the huge load of semen he had dumped in her mouth. She sucked him so thoroughly dry that when he pulled his dick out, her mouth made a distinct pop.

Without prompting, Gabriel kneeled between Hannah's spread legs and began licking at both women's pussies as Miss Martinet continued fucking Hannah. By now, the girl's cunt was so wet and broken-in that when the dildo was fully withdrawn between thrusts, her pussy gaped open like a hungry mouth. Each thrust of the dildo made sloppy-wet sucking sounds as the girl's swollen, pink labia gripped the black rubber. Gabriel had an excellent view of them gliding slickly over the well-lubed surface of the dildo, stretching and pouting with every thrust. He couldn't help it: he had to feel their luscious texture again. In the instant between thrusts, he leaned further in and took Hannah's clit and pussy-lips into his mouth, feasting noisily on them. With one hand still entangled in the redhead's hair, Miss Martinet grabbed Gabriel by the throat and shoved him back to the floor. She let go of Hannah's hair and walked over to the other student, who cowered in front of the desk. She stood over him, the double-ended dildo gleaming in his face.

"A bit presumptuous, my pet. A bit greedy. Are you not satisfied with our arrangement? Let me sweeten the deal." She swiveled her hips to rub the dildo across his face, leaving a snail-trail of pussy juice across his tawny skin. "Bend over my desk again. Both of you."

After they had obeyed, the dean sunk her dildo into Hannah's gaping gash in order to lube it up, and then put the head against Gabriel's tight asshole. She rocked her hips back and forth, but it wouldn't budge, so she grabbed Hannah by the hair again and forced her head down against his asshole until she began licking it.

"Good girl. Stay there," the dean murmured, petting her on the head like a faithful dog. Then she rocked back on her heels and entered him in a single violent thrust. When he cried out, she reached down and tugged his balls; he gave a sickened moan and buried his face in his arms. "Good boy, Gabriel," she said as her hand went up to stroke his limp member. "I would hate to end our secret moments together just because you can't behave."

She withdrew the dildo, with some difficulty, from his taut hole and dragged Hannah's head over to slobber on his puckered asshole, then she plunged back in. Soon this deep, slow fuck started to arouse him again; his cock stiffened in her hand. She picked the wooden paddle up off her desk and began laying into him again, giving him a heavy-handed smack on the ass between thrusts. Since his ass was so tight that it held onto its end of the thick dildo more tightly than her pussy held onto its own end, it felt like she was the one being fucked. She wasn't thrusting into him so much as impaling herself on the dildo sticking out of him; her clit rubbed against its gleaming black surface, slick with saliva and pussy juice. The combination of this novel sensation and Gabriel's pained whimpers as she drove the black phallus deeper into him began sending her over the edge.

She grabbed his narrow hips and turned him to face Hannah, who was still kneeling on the floor. The redhead obediently opened her mouth so that Miss Martinet's next thrust rammed Gabriel's cock down her throat. The dean reached around to grab a handful of her silky hair, keeping her on a short leash. After a few more thrusts, her orgasm overcame her. Her cunt tightened convulsively around her end of the dildo, and she slammed hard into him, burying the other end of the dildo as deeply as it would go. He cried out in pain and pleasure, losing control of his body as the dean pounded his asshole and Hannah deep-throated his cock. The prostate-stimulation made him cum even more copiously this time, and a thick stream overflowed her mouth to run down between her small ivory breasts.

Hannah smiled coquettishly down at her new pearl necklace. She daintily wiped herself clean with the ends of her waist-length red hair. "All clean!" she said, giggling.

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