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Disciplining a Bitch


This story is suitable only for 18+ who are not upset by adult themes of sex, bondage and BDSM. If you are, please read something else.

This is a fictitious story about fictitious people, fictitious places and fictitious activities. It is not intended as a lifestyle suggestion nor a sexual manual. All the fictitious people in this story are adults of 18+ (I know because they all showed me their birth certificates) who took part in the story of their own volition and no coercion was used. Some damage was caused but kept to a minimum.

The right to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Copyright 2017 by Johm55All rights reserved.

Please note: this story is fiction and is meant to entertain, amuse or be enjoyed. It is not intended to be an example, manual or DIY instruction. I made up the training sessions for the plot so may not be realistic. I also know that dog meat is very high in salt and shouldn't be eaten by humans but this is just a story.

Please read on and, hopefully, enjoy.


Chapter One: I reach my limit

As I arrived home, I could hear her scuttling around the lounge. No, surely she hadn't bought more stuff? After the last of many blazing rows over the weekend and the long discussion we'd had, well, the long speech I gave, trying to make her understand, yet again, that my salary couldn't support the extravagance she was used to.

OK, when she lived with her parents, the odd purchase of a few pairs of shoes or half a dozen dresses was no problem not with a father who's a multi-millionaire and a mother who's not much less. Both of which were more inclined to offer money than time.

But, on my income, it was a definite problem. Certainly, I'm not badly paid, after all I am the CEO of a decent company, thanks also to her parents but not even close to being a millionaire, not yet. The way she is spending our money, never likely to be either.

I entered the lounge, and could see at a glance that I was right, wrapping paper was scattered over the floor with empty dress boxes on a chair. Damn! It can't go on like this. How can I get through to her? I've tried explaining, I also shown her the bank balances, We've talked about budgeting, giving her a dress allowance, even cut up credit cards. All to no avail.

In my present mood, it would do no good to try and talk about it. I threw my briefcase on the hall table as I left and headed down to the pub for a little liquid solace, no, a lot.

An hour or so later, I was sitting at a table in the pub, staring into my fourth pint of beer when I heard a voice. "Hi Jack, you look down, what's up?" It was Bill, a friend and neighbour.

"Oh, hi Bill. Don't mind me, can I get you a drink?"

"No, I'll get them. Same again?"

"Yes, please. I'm just in the mood to get tanked."

Bill went off and got the drinks, sitting down he said "What's the problem? You don't look happy at all."

"I'm at my wits end. You know Sheila likes to buy things? Well it's getting beyond a joke, she's a raving shopaholic! She's spending at nearly twice my salary and I can't get her to see any problem. She still thinks her dad will keep her! He's washed his hands of her. Says it's up to me now. I've talked with her until I'm blue in the face but she still goes off shopping. I wouldn't mind but she never even uses most of the stuff. It's bad enough that she doesn't attempt to do any house work but with her spending sprees, I can't even afford a daily. I have to do the cleaning, cooking and stuff myself."

"I didn't realise it was so bad, anything I can do to help?"

"No. I just can't see what I can do about it, but it's my problem." Changing the subject I asked. "How are you getting on with the extension? Need any help?"

"No thanks. It's nearly finished now."

We chatted and drank and I began to loosen up. Forgot about it for the moment. Then Bill suddenly stopped, turned to me and said "Listen, tell me to shut up and mind my own business if you want but I've been thinking. I may have a solution. Bit radical but it just might be the answer."

"I'm desperate enough to listen to any suggestion. What's your idea?"

"As I see it, she needs to learn discipline. Rules of behaviour. Presumably she's been spoilt rotten by her parents and she can't see what she's doing wrong. Is that how you see it?"

"I'd quibble about the detail but basically, yes, you're right."

"Well, as you know, my wife and I do a little BDSM, Dom and sub stuff, just between ourselves, right?"

"Yes, I knew about that. So?"

"She needs discipline. Give her discipline, big time."

"What? You mean whips, chains, torture?"

"Not quite. No. Just shock her a little, make her see that you won't let it go on. Look at it this way. If she was your dog and she misbehaved, wouldn't do as she was told, what would you do?"

"Dunno, retrain her, take her to obedience classes or something."

"Exactly. Teach her obedience and discipline."

"Still doesn't help. I don't see what you're getting at."

"Shock her, humiliate her, then perhaps she'll come to her senses. You know Dave, Dave Gordon?"

"The feller running some sort of kennel club?"

"That's the one. Well he also holds a special class for really mixed up dogs, Concentrated training, Every day for a week, a small class usually only about 4 or 5 at a time. Well he's got one starting next Monday. Goes through to Friday. Take the week off, enrol her in it. Treat her like a dog. Apart from anything else the shock may make her see your side. And, just maybe she'll like being your pet dog or perhaps I should say your bitch? When I first tried a little dominance on my wife, she kicked up a bit but then she got to like the idea of someone else controlling her life. Maybe it could work for Sheila."

"But a dog obedience class?"

"Yes. You say you've tried all sorts and it just flows over her. No effect? This way you have the initial shock of her being treated like a dog and being paraded around in front of other owners while being taught obedience. It's so different to just being told off for spending too much that it might, just might do the trick. Well worth thinking about."

"But what would Dave say if I turned up at his class with Sheila on a leash?"

"That's easy. He's a good guy, broad-minded. We'll pop down and have a chat with him. See how he feels. I'm sure he'd be happy to help. The other members of the class would probably enjoy the view. For the full effect, you'd have to strip her. Dogs don't wear clothes after all. Just a collar and leash. Best to cuff the wrists then she can't undo anything."

The next day, we went to see Dave. He was surprised at first but after a little thought agreed with the idea.

"Yes, it might work, you'd definitely need to strip her otherwise it's effectively just a game. Also I'd suggest you fit one of these." Dave picked up a small container. "It's designed to control a dog who barks too much. Fastened on the collar, it gives the dog a small electric shock when it barks. You can adjust the sensitivity with this dial. Otherwise she'd start yelling, screaming and generally making a lot of noise. Disturb the other dogs, probably set them off as well." He handed it to me and I examined it.

"In fact, borrow that one. You shouldn't need it for more than the week, I should think. This treatment is going to be sort of 'kill or cure' if I'm not mistaken. If it hasn't worked in the first week, it won't work at all. Oh, and while I think about it. May I suggest you borrow a dog cage? You can use it at home to keep her in order and if you put it in the back of your estate car, you can use it to carry her back and forth from the training sessions. Keep her mind on the job, so to speak. Do you want to borrow a collar and leash or will you buy one specially?."

I agreed to borrow the cage and bark-limiter but said I'd buy a new collar and leash. If it didn't work I could always give it to Dave. We also agreed that he would warn the others on the course about our idea and ask them to ignore her, if possible to treat her like the other dogs. Dave, Bill and I discussed what I should do outside the course. We agreed that it would be best for me to treat her the same for the full week, not just when we were attending the course. "Best to treat her as a dog for the whole time, get her mind set. Maybe even use a dog type name? After all Sheila is a human name. If she's a dog she should have a dog name." Dave also suggested keeping her cuffed all the time and rather than spoon feeding her that I should use a dog bowl on the floor.

I decided to start things on the Sunday. I'd strip, cuff and collar her, then put her in the cage and explain what the week will hold. If I did it before dinner, then putting her food in a dog bowl (also lent by Dave) would show I meant business. An even greater shock would be when I took her into the garden to do her 'business'.

The more I thought about it, the better I liked it. It would certainly be make or break. If she didn't respond as we hoped, then a quick divorce would be on the cards. I'd be giving her plenty of grounds for one.

Chapter Two: I collar my bitch

Sunday dawned. As usual she lounged around the house in her nightgown and negligee, watching me vacuum and tidy up. About four o'clock, I went into the garage and brought out the cage and the other goodies Dave had lent me. The collar and leash I'd put in a convenient cupboard.

As I assembled the cage in the rear room, Sheila watched from a chair with detached amusement.

"What's that for? Getting a dog?"

Continuing without looking up, I said "You could say that."

"Why, what IS it for?"

Finishing I stood up, went over to the cupboard and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. Holding them in my hand so she couldn't see what they were, I approached her. "It's for you my dear. A little change in your living accommodation." As I said this, I grabbed her arms, turned her face down and cuffed her wrists behind her back.

"What are you doing, you pervert, get them off!" she shouted.

"Sorry dear" I said "they stay on for a while. Stand up." She didn't move, not until I began to drag her off the chair and onto the floor. As I pulled, she scrambled to her feet. Standing in the middle of the room she poured out a tirade of abuse. A ball gag, lent by Bill, stopped that.

I stood there panting with effort, watching her try to pull the cuffs off. "You won't be able to do that." I said, as I double locked the cuffs. I then got the collar, already fitted with the anti-barking box, and fastened it around her neck. "I will remove the gag but must warn you not to speak, otherwise you will get an electric shock." I switched the box on and then undid the ball-gag.

Naturally she opened her mouth and tried to continue the tirade. The first words died in her mouth as she jumped with the shock from the anti-barker. "Oh dear," I remarked "I appear to have left it turned up. Perhaps I'll lower it. What do you think?"

She started to say 'yes' but ended with a strangled cry as it shocked her again.

"Perhaps it would be best if you confined your activities to nodding agreement?" I said, smiling.

She opened her mouth, thought, and slowly nodded.

"Right. Now listen and I will explain what's happening. I've tried to explain why you can't go on spending money like water. I've also tried to get you to do some, at least, of the house work. All to no avail. Well, we've reached the point of no return. Either you stop spending wildly, work to a sensible budget and start looking after the house like a proper wife or we're finished." She shook her head wildly. "It's no use denying it. You know how I've tried to get you to work in a partnership in this marriage. But you just ignore anything you don't like as usual. It can't go on. I'm so desperate that I've decided you need to go to obedience classes, to learn how to behave, understand discipline.

Yes, starting tomorrow I will take you to obedience classes. Obedience classes for disobedient dogs. For the next week, you will be treated and handled like a badly trained dog or rather a female dog, that is a bitch. You will be trained like a bitch. Fed and watered like one and you will sleep in that cage like any other untrustworthy bitch. If you misbehave you will be disciplined. If you behave, you will be praised. At the end of the week we will see if you have learnt your lesson. If not I will wash my hands of you, forever."

She just stood there shaking her head in frustration. I said "I'll switch the box off to hear your reply then you will be silent for the complete week or suffer the shocks for making any sound. Think carefully before speaking." I switched the box off and stepped back. "Well?"

After a few moments, she licked her lips and said "But you can't do this. I'm your wife. You love me."

"That's right, I do love you and it's only because I do that I will go through with this. It's for your own good and the good of our marriage. If you carry on as you are then the marriage will be dead and we will be broke." I switched it back on. "Now the first stage of becoming a bitch." I grabbed her negligee and ripped it off. Using scissors, I cut off the sleeves and threw the remains into a waste basket. She pulled back, shaking her head. "Bitches and dogs don't wear clothes. Keep still or it will hurt." Using the scissors I cut off her nightdress. Disposing of the ruined material, I looked at my collared wife. She had an excellent figure and spent a lot of time in a gym keeping it trim. Her hair fell down below her shoulders, I'd have to tie that up or it would become a nuisance, especially when she fed. Her feet were bare, with carefully painted toenails. Well they would be getting a little chipped over the next few days.

I turned and grabbing her arm, pulled her towards the cage. I opened the door and pushed her inside. Locking the door, I said "Stay quiet while I cook dinner and you will be fed, otherwise nothing until morning. Your choice." I left the room and went into the kitchen without a backward glance.

When I returned she was still trying to get comfortable. I had deliberately not placed any blankets or padding on the floor of the cage. When I do, it'll be as a reward. She looked at me, I was carrying a tray with a stainless steel dog bowl with steam coming off and another bowl filled with water. I placed them both on the floor in the middle of the room. I unlocked the cage and motioned her out. She struggled out on her knees, the cage only being large dog size. As she started to rise to her feet I said "stay on your knees for the moment." I quickly tied up her hair into a ponytail. "That'll keep it out of your dinner. If it still gets in the way, I'll cut it off. Now go eat."

She looked at me and pulled her hands around towards me. "No. They stay cuffed. Remain on your knees and eat out of the bowl like the bitch you are." I stood and watch. She hesitated for a moment then moved forward awkwardly on her knees to the bowls. A moment's reflection and she slowly lowered her head and started to eat. I'd cut everything up small and mixed the potatoes, meat and gravy together. "Clean the bowl or you don't get the water." When she had finished eating, she licked the bowl clean. Looking up at me, she indicated the water. "Yes. Drink up. When you've finished, come into the dining room. I might have some titbits for a good little bitch." I went out, leaving her lapping up the water.

As I was finishing my meal, I heard a noise, looking up I saw Sheila standing just inside the door, her face covered in food and her chin dripping with water. I pointed to the floor at my side and said "Here, Kneel here." She hesitated and then came forward and slowly lowered herself to her knees.

Continuing to eat, I said, conversationally as if to myself "We'll need to clean you up and get you to practice dropping to kneel. Part of the training is to sit and come up from the sit without hesitation. Now, you can't sit dog-like properly and get up smoothly, so we'll train you to kneel instead and to rise from the kneel quickly and smoothly. We'll start when I have finished my dinner. Here, there's a good little bitch." As I said this, I lifted a piece of meat off my plate and held it out in front of her face. She opened her mouth, leaned forward and took it from my fingers. As she chewed, I patted her head and said "that's good. We'll have you sorted in no time."

I finished my dinner, drank off the wine, leaving a small portion in the glass. I leaned forward, poured this wine into my cupped hand and held it out under her mouth "Who wants a little drink of wine? Here you go" She licked it off my hand. I patted her head again, stood up and carried the dishes into the kitchen. "Here, girl." I said as I got a flannel and wet it under the tap. I turned and wiped her face, rinsing it in cold water before drying her off with the dishcloth. "That's better. Come with me and we'll try you out with kneeling and rising." I went into the back room where I had deliberately removed most of the furniture as we needed an indoor area to work in.

I guided her into the middle. "Now we'll sort some commands out. First 'Stay'." I stepped back. "When I give that command you must stay exactly where you are until I give another command, such as 'Come'. That means you come to me and stop about a yard away. You stay still and don't move, even if I do. 'Come'." I pointed to the floor in front of me. She stopped as indicated and stood stationary.

"Good." I went over to the cupboard and brought out the leash. Clipping it to her collar, I pulled, saying "Come.", I walked around the room, pulling her along. I stopped and said "When on the leash, you walk behind me, on my left and try to keep the leash loose. Don't get too close though. Once you've had some training we can get you to 'Heel' without the lead but we don't want to do too much at once. Now walk some more."

I started to walk around the room again, with the leash held low. She dragged back not attempting to keep up. I stopped, turned and swiped her backside with the end of the leash. "You WILL obey. Keep the leash loose or I'll get the crop out and really punish you, remember the RSPCA aren't interested in your welfare." I restarted walking. This time she did try to keep up. "That's better. Now let's try the kneeling." I stepped towards her to loosen the leash and said "Kneel." She lowered herself to her knees. "No, quicker than that. We haven't all day. Up." As I gave the command, I pulled on the leash. She staggered to her feet. "No. Smooth and steady. Now, again. Kneel." Again I slackened the leash. She lowered herself rather quicker this time. "Good. Now ... Up." I pulled on the leash and she rose to her feet.. "That's good. This time we'll try rising and walking off. Now ... Come." I pulled the leash and started to walk around. She came to her feet and walked after me but not quite quick enough not to be yanked by the leash. "Again. Kneel." After a moment or two "Come!" I pulled again but she was better rising and we moved off fairly smoothly. "Good. That's much better. Kneel." She did "... and Stay!" I dropped the leash and moved away. She started to get up but realised in time and stayed down on her knees.

I went into the kitchen and poured myself another glass of wine. I thought I had earned it. When I returned, she was still kneeling in the same place. I stood in the doorway looking at her. She seemed to be taking the training very well. Was she really trying or just pandering to me until she could figure out a way of getting free? We'll find out, no doubt soon.

I went over to her and adjusted the box volume. "I've turned down the volume. If you whisper, slowly, it shouldn't react." I sat down and sipped my wine. I know she'll take advantage. I wanted her to. We needed some mutinous behaviour to establish standards. As I sipped, I could hear her shuffling but deliberately avoided looking.

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