tagBDSMDisciplining the Milkmaid

Disciplining the Milkmaid


Finn followed the road to the large dairy farm on the outskirts of Ellatar. With everyone busy with the preparations, he had offered to run a few errands for Hilda after lunch. He didn't mind, really, since it gave him a chance to escape the chaos. And would be one less thing Hilda would have to worry about.

Owned and operated by the same family for many generations, the farm not only produced milk, it was also one of the only farms in the kingdom of Nynasae breeding every single breed of cattle in this world. Finn had always liked coming here. It reminded him of the Asaazii's herding roots, made him feel connected to his people's culture and history. And it reminded him of why he'd chosen to become a warrior: To protect it all.

The office was in the old farmhouse, a small, single-story building with white plaster walls and a reed roof. Flowerboxes, lovingly planted, adorned the windows and added color and warmth. Along with carefully selected decorations, a set of rocking chairs on the porch helped the building maintain the charm and feel of a home.

Finn climbed the three steps, walked through the open door. Smiled at the display of the tools of the trade used throughout the ages. Then turned his attention to the pretty brunette behind the counter.

"Can I help you, sir?" she greeted him with a sunny smile.

"That depends on what you have in mind." He flashed a grin, dimples winking.

Laughing, she shook her head. "You're here from Harthor, aren't you?" The complex housed the massive warrior camp, the old stronghold, now converted to offices, and the palace, with its many ballrooms and spaces for audiences with the Asaazii king. Harthor was about to host another event meant to raise funds for charity. And this man was obviously a warrior.

"What gave it away?" Finn knew it was obvious. Yet he never turned down an opportunity to flirt with pretty woman.

"You've the look of a man who wouldn't be coming around here unless there was good reason." Amused, she checked through a small stack of folders, picked one out, then flipped it open. "I see we've received your order. And Vera's left a note saying she'll be able to fulfill it and the extra you've inquired about. But I know she had some questions regarding the additional order, and meant to send a letter to Mrs. Hilda this afternoon." Closing the folder, she put it on top of the stack. "But seeing how you're here, you might as well head out back and speak to her yourself."

"Are you that eager to be rid of me so quickly?" he teased.

"Only because I've work to do, and you're entirely too distracting." Handsome as the devil he was, she mused. With his short-cropped light brown hair, those stunning clear emerald eyes which stood in startling contrast to his bronzed complexion. Scruff lined his broad jaw, formed a short beard around a sensuous mouth. And that body—heavily muscled and beautifully defined, was enough to have any woman's insides quiver with excitement.

He chuckled at that, enjoying her. "I guess I'll leave you to it, then, and see if I can't hunt Vera down."

"She's probably in the breeding shack. She was discussing the possibility of cross-breeding with Walton earlier."

Finn thanked the girl, then headed out the back door, made his way across a courtyard to the large barn on the other side. It would be nice to take a few moments to catch up with Vera while he was here, he mused. Not only could he pick up the letter meant for Hilda, he would ascertain that everything with the farm and the many people depending on it for their livelihood was well.

Entering the barn, he looked around the building. Along the left wall, there was a series of breeding phantoms—large padded benches a bull would mount to collect his seed whenever he was not covering a cow. The middle of the room held various areas a cow could be teetered to—for breeding, or to check her health. Along the right wall, there was an office and a large file room.

Then his brows winged up when he spotted Vera at the far end of the building. And the woman currently strapped down to one of the lower phantoms, bent over, skirts raised to expose her shapely rump.

Curious, he walked closer. "Surely, you're not planning on giving your bulls something different to play with," he addressed Vera, not entirely sure what he would do if she said yes.

Laughing, Vera threw back her head. "Gods, no. Now, that wouldn't be right or proper in any sort of way." Still chuckling, she stepped up to him, gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Hello, Lord Finnaehar. How are you?"

"Relieved?" He blew out a breath when she laughed again.

"Did Harthor send you, or did you come to visit with me?"

"I'd like to claim the latter, but I'm afraid it's the first. Hilda wanted to make sure you received the additional order. And I wanted to verify that everything is well with the farm."

"All business, then, I see. Well, I'll try my best not to pout." Her lips curved in a sly smile. "Everything is wonderful. We're doing better than ever. And yes, I've received the order. I'll be happy to supply you with the extra. But I have a few questions, which I've written down. I'd planned on sending the letter to Hilda, but, seeing how you're here, I might as well hand it to you. Wait here a moment. I'll be right back."

As Vera walked toward the office, Finn took another look at the woman strapped over the bench. She was squirming a little, obviously nervous. Which put her exposed sex on rather enticing display. And left no doubt that she was equally excited. Her folds were swollen, her slit glistening with moisture.

The sight had Finn's cock hardening rapidly in his breeches.

"So, . . ." Finn jerked his head toward the girl when Vera returned. "What did she do?"

"Keeps sticking her hands into the emergency fund drawer, that one. Now, she always puts it back an hour later, seeing how she has no need for the funds. But she likes to see if she can get a rise out of me." Vera handed Finn the letter. "Gets chastised for it every time. But that only seems to encourage her more. Personally, I think she enjoys our little sessions entirely too much."

As if to confirm Vera's observation, the girl wiggled her butt, threw Finn a coy smile.

And had his cock throbbing.

"Perhaps you should switch things up a bit. Might have her change her mind," Finn suggested as he set the letter down on a stool behind him.

Lips pursed, Vera considered it. She knew this was his element, and certainly wouldn't mind watching him play for a bit. The girl would undoubtedly enjoy it. Smiling wickedly, she walked up to a cabinet, returned with a long strap of leather. Then held it out to Finn.

"You came all the way out here, so you might as well have a little fun."

His eyes swirled with arousal as he took the strap, stepped up behind the girl. Goosebumps appeared on her smooth skin when he ran a large, calloused palm over the left cheek of her ass. He simply caressed her for a while, noticed her breathing deepen.

Then, suddenly, he withdrew his hand. And—with a flick of his wrist—the strap lashed sharply onto the smooth flesh.

The girl sucked in a breath, her butt cheeks clenching, then quivering. But she recovered quickly, forced her muscles to relax. A moment later, she arched her back to stick out her rump invitingly.

Satisfied that the girl enjoyed the game, Finn ran a hand over the angry red welt that had appeared on her butt. Felt the heat of it under his palm. Then moved his hand over to her other cheek, gently caressing the soft skin.

The girl turned her head to throw him a sassy smile over her shoulder. And, with a smile of his own, he brought the lash down once more. Faster, and with a little more sting this time.

He barely gave her time before his palm ran over the newest red line, enjoying the way her buttocks quivered under his hand. Then his fingers travelled lower, between her cheeks, over her tightly puckered rosebud, then down, down, slipping between her swollen folds. She was soaking wet, and his finger trailed lower yet to find her hardened clit.

Slowly, feather-light, he circled over it, chuckling when she let out a moan, pushed against his finger to increase the pressure. And the lash came down again, this time across both cheeks of her ass, reminding her to stay still.

When she obeyed, his finger trailed through her moisture once more, then returned to her clit, fluttering over it quickly, yet still feather-light.

Her breathing deepened, then came faster, and faster yet as he continued moving over her clit with more and more pressure. He could fell the bud harden even further, almost pulsing under his finger. She bit down on her lips, tried to keep quiet as a steady stream of moans pressed through them, as she felt her pleasure rising, rising, his amazingly skilled finger driving her steadily toward her release.

Then, suddenly, two thick fingers plunged deeply into her moist tunnel, sliding in and out of her quickly, roughly, while the other pushed down hard on her clit.

Just as she was about to crest her peak, they withdrew, leaving her empty, clutching at air.

And the lash came down again, whipping harshly over her exposed slit, its tail end curling up to flick at the center of her sensitive bud.

She reared back, gasping for air. Clenched her teeth, trying to prevent the scream from ripping out of her lungs.

"You're not here to have fun," Finn's deep voice rumbled over her. And she heard Vera chuckling.

The girl handled herself well, Finn noted, impressed when she stopped squirming long before he had expected her to. It would be rather entertaining to find out just how much she could take. Playfully, he began lashing her ass once more, teasingly at first, alternating cheeks with each stroke. But he soon increased the force and speed of the strikes, until each one burned an angry red streak into her flesh.

The last few landed harshly, in rapid succession, crossing over marks already welted. Then he paused, leaving her quivering, anticipating. Only to land one, then another quick, sharp blows between her legs—leaving a searing streak of fire from her moist core all the way up to her clit.

Before she could recover, his finger returned, teasing her burning clit with feather-light strokes. She didn't know whether to moan or hiss at the sensation. It was an exquisite mixture of pleasure and pain. And this rough and gorgeous warrior was obviously a master of the art.

Deeming her ready when her whimpers turned to mewls, Finn began the process all over. Starting with light, playful flicks, he quickly picked up speed and force until he was once again leaving burning hot marks from the very bottom of her rump to the very top.

He became more unpredictable with each set, mixing gentle taps with hard lashes in no particular order, so she never knew what to expect from him. But each time, he would complete the set with a few, hard licks between her legs—setting her folds, her moist tunnel, her clit on fire. Then pause to tease and stimulate her clit before beginning the rotation of lashings all over again.

She was ready to beg him to stop, tears stinging in her eyes, when he aimed the lash only between her legs for a while. Writhing, struggling against her restraints, she fought hard not to scream out.

Then the lashing stopped. And she sucked in a breath, and another, when his tongue found her burning, painfully throbbing clit. And began to flutter over it, stimulating it with incredible talent. It circled, tapped, flicked, then returned to fluttering with amazing speed—sometimes soft, other times firmer. And soon had her rushing toward her peak once more.

She marveled at his skill as she realized he was as talented at pleasuring as at disciplining. Her moist tunnel contracted, relaxed, contracted. Yearned to be filled. As if reading her mind, two fingers plunged back into her, driving her mercilessly higher and higher. Just as she thought she was about to explode, the fingers withdrew.

Then shoved ruthlessly through the tightly clenched rings of her ass without warning—forcing the resisting muscles to yield, to stretch wide with brutal force.

This time, she couldn't prevent the strangled scream that rose from her throat. Her fingers curled into viscous fists, nails digging into her palms when the fingers began to thrust in and out of her. Rough, deep, and fast.

And she exploded.

Her release, heightened by the exquisite pain, rushed over her like a tidal wave. Stars sparked in front of her eyes as her whole body tensed, jerked, then shuddered violently. Her moist tunnel contracted madly as sharp sparks of pleasure shot from her clit to the tips of her fingers and toes.

And still, his tongue was relentless—flicking, fluttering over the most sensitive parts of her clit, prolonging her release until she thought she'd pass out from the pleasure.

Finally, the pressure on her clit relented, the fingers were harshly withdrawn from her ass. And she collapsed limply over the bench.

Not bad, Finn mused, but decided she needed a little reminder that this wasn't about her pleasure. So he lifted the lash once more and, with a vicious snap of his wrist, landed a blow to one of her butt cheeks, then the other. Then the last one straight over her heated core, through the moisture pooled there from her release. And let it bite the center of her now over-sensitive clit.

When she reared up, thrashing against her restraints, he chuckled.

"Just making sure you're still awake. Wouldn't want you to miss any of the fun."

"Speaking of fun . . ." Vera stepped up to him, trailed a finger down his arm. "I think the girl's had enough of it by now. It's time for her to return the favor, don't you think?"

His dimples flashed in that incredibly handsome face as he slowly nodded his head. Then handed the lash back to Vera. He ran a hand over the girl's ass, admiring the heat coming from the red-streaked flesh. Then traced it over the curve of her lower back, her shoulders, the back of her neck while he moved around the bench.

When he reached her head, his fingers curled into her hair, gripped it. Then yanked it back. Her mouthed opened on a sharp inhale when her head snapped back. His clear emerald eyes—swirling with arousal—met hers with a heated gaze.

Slowly, he untied the laces of his breeches, let the light cotton slip down his hips. Then his lips curved into a smile when he heard her intake of breath as his cock sprang into view.

Heat rushed back to her loins, a trickle of moisture escaping her at the sight of him. He was magnificent. Not just his face, rivaling the beauty of a god. But his body. The powerful flanks, the highly refined muscles of his lower stomach. The long, incredibly strong upper thighs.

And that marvelous cock—long and thick and as beautifully refined as the rest of him. Hard as steel, it had a wide, thick ridge on its underside. The large head flared into a wonderfully shaped crown. Her tongue darted out in anticipation, and she heard the warrior's deep, rumbling chuckle once more.

Finn slowly pushed her face closer, pausing when her lips were but a breath away from the tip of his shaft. He simply held her there for a moment, testing his own control as well as hers. His cock quivered, pulsed with need.

Achingly slow, his hips moved forward, until the tip of his head rested on her lips. When they parted around him, he paused once more, throbbing against her soft, warm skin.

Then, suddenly, his flanks contracted, his hips surged forward. The thick shaft rushed through her lips, through her mouth, lodging the wide head deep down her throat. He held himself there, tightening the grip around the back of her head when she struggled. Enjoyed the spasms of her throat as it contracted around his cock, trying to expel him.

She tried her best to swallow, to relax as she fought the urge to gag, to panic. As the hot flesh pulsed and throbbed in her throat.

When her eyes rolled back, he yanked himself free, gave her a moment to catch her breath. Then smiled when her head moved forward without his urging, her lips brushing over his head as she tried to suck him in once more.

This time, he moved slower, gently parting her mouth around his shaft. But he moved just as deep, then even further, bulging her throat before withdrawing again. He repeated the process a few more times, gently, slowly lodging his cock deep down her throat, her lips touching his belly on every stroke.

Then he pulled out, held her head in place by her hair while his shaft hovered, throbbing, quivering, not an inch in front of her lips.

The girl's tongue darted out to lap up the drop of liquid that appeared at its slit. Trembled with anticipation while she waited, yearning to feel him slide into her mouth once more.

Vera stood there, motionless, mesmerized as she watched him, marveling at his control. There was no doubt this was his element. No doubt he had perfected the art. Lips pursed, she considered joining them. And decided there was no reason she couldn't have a little fun herself.

The next time Finn moved forward, he paused every inch. Enjoyed the way the girl's tongue flickered over and around his head, his crown, his shaft. Her throat muscles contracted strongly as he slid deeper, deeper, still moving only a fraction at a time, until her lips rested against his belly once more.

Then the girl's whole body jerked when Vera brought a thin reed cane down across her ass.

Brows drawn up, Finn threw Vera an amused glance before he pulled his cock free from the girl's throat. And began sliding in and out of her mouth with smooth strokes and a steady, even pace.

This time, he avoided heading too deep, chose to enjoy her agile tongue and rather impressive suction instead. And her muffled groans, which vibrated up and down his shaft each time the cane hit its mark.

Stepping back, Vera studied the thinner, yet just as potent streaks crisscrossing the lash's welts on the girl's ass. Decided it was a rather beautiful design. Satisfied that they would remind the girl to keep her hands out of the emergency fund drawer for at least a few days, she lowered the cane.

Tapping a finger to her lips, she considered giving the girl's upper thighs a few hard strokes. Then came up with a better idea. She brought the cane back up, sliding it between the girl's swollen folds, through the moisture gathered there.

Then began tapping her clit. Softly, gently at first, then firmer, harder.

When the girl started to squirm, Finn tightened his grip on the back of her head, moved faster, rougher in and out of her mouth, now nudging down her throat with every stroke.

Finally, as Vera brought the cane up between the girl's legs with a resounding whack, he buried himself to the hilt once more. The marvelous vibration of her muffled scream and the tightly contracting throat rippled around his cock.

Tears stung in the corners of the woman's eyes, but she wouldn't let them spill. Struggled to take him even deeper down her throat as the pain and lack of air drove her to almost manic arousal. He was hard, so hard, the wide head throbbing low in her throat, the skin of his shaft so soft and silky under her tongue. The warrior's long, rumbling moan sent a violent surge of heat to her loins.

Impressed, Finn drew back, began sliding smoothly through her lips once more. Noted that her tongue swirled even faster around his cock while her mouth sucked and worked over his shaft in the most delightful ways. The heated gaze she shot him from under lowered lashes had his cock throbbing, jumping. Another flood of blood rushed through its length, caused it to swell even thicker in her mouth.

And Vera set the cane down. She was tired of playing with the girl. The man was entirely too magnificent. Stepping up to Finn, she trailed a finger up his arm, then slipped her hand under his shirt. The tingling in her groin turned into a steady throbbing at the feel of the hard plains of muscle under her palm. Watching the girl's lips stretched wide around his thick girth as it slid through them, she slowly unbuttoned his shirt, slipped it over his shoulders.

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