tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDisciplining Young Ladies

Disciplining Young Ladies

byCharles Petersunn©

This story concerns a return of Mr. Peters and the disciplining of young ladies, upon the request of a number of readers, classified within the section for reluctance and submission. If you don't like stories involving spanking and humiliation then please don't read this. My thanks to a Literotica member, for alerting me to the story, "The New Boy," written by Married Guy, from whom I got the idea of the final spanking position. And, most importantly, my thanks to StoryPal for his considerable help in editing! Please note, everyone in this story is at least eighteen years old.

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The students had been told to expect this, and many of them had been disciplined before. Knowing that it was coming or having experienced it before, didn't necessarily make it any easier. In fact, knowing that it was coming could make it all the more difficult. The anticipatory anxiety, the wondering and worrying about what might happen, could in fact be worse than actually experiencing the shame and embarrassment of being disciplined in front of your fellow students. Well, maybe it's not actually worse than the experience. But, it was probably best not to worry about it in advance as the worrying didn't really help. It wasn't like that the more you worried about it, the less likely it would happen or the less embarrassing it would be. And, besides, it might not be as bad as you fear. Still, it was so difficult not to wonder and worry.

A couple of the girls in the class even dropped out and transferred to Miss Baer 's class. It was their right to do so. Enrollment within Mr. Peters' classes was entirely voluntary, as it was in any class, and there were viable alternatives. However, it was also known that the students who graduated from Mr. Peters' classes succeeded, on average, at a higher rate than those who graduated from other classes. The fact was, his form of pedagogy did in fact work, and very effectively so.

It was precisely this success that led to today's classroom demonstration. Mr. Eric Stratton and Miss Mandy Pepperidge from Longwood College had requested that Mr. Peters provide to them a demonstration of his disciplinary techniques. Longwood College was having a particularly difficult time with miscreant, insubordinate, and recalcitrant students (the members of the Delta Tau Chi fraternity were especially troublesome).

Mr. Stratton and Miss Pepperidge were sent on behalf of the administration of Longwood (President Wormer himself made the request) as it was clear that their present approach was sorely ineffective in establishing effective discipline, respect, and honor.

Mr. Peters graciously assented. It would disrupt his classroom instruction to some extent. No young lady currently required disciplinary action, and he would have to take some time away from lecture and discussion to provide an effective demonstration. Nevertheless, he could hardly deny the request of colleagues from sister colleges.

Further, he didn't really want to brush the request aside. On the contrary, his mission as an educator was the growth and development of college students, and the pursuit of this objective would certainly include providing whatever help or guidance that was requested from his colleagues at other universities. The more he could disseminate the correct and effective implementation of the New School method of student discipline, the more students who would be enriched.

Longwood College was coed and so Mr. Stratton and Miss Pepperidge, of course, wished to see the methods demonstrated with young women, as well as young men. Mr. Peters had indicated that the discipline of young women is best applied by a man, whereas the discipline of young men is best applied by a woman. Discipline is more than just the provision of a spanking. It was much, much more than that, as the guests from Longwood College would soon observe.

To observe the disciplining of young ladies, Mr. Stratton and Miss Pepperidge attended Mr. Peters' math class. They would attend one of Miss Harding's classes for a demonstration of the disciplinary methods for young gentleman (see "Disciplining young gentlemen").

"Alright then, students, listen up," Mr. Peters said, getting them to quiet down and pay attention. "As indicated on the syllabus, for the first part of this class we will be demonstrating for our illustrious guests from Longwood College the method of discipline we use within this course." Deep breaths of apprehension and nervous anticipation could be heard through the class. "We are, of course, very delighted to have this opportunity to assist our sister college." He turned to his guests with a bit of a twinkle in his eye. "In return, I don't suppose you might help us with football?" A titter ran through the classroom. No one could remember the last time that Templeton had beaten Longwood College at football.

Miss Pepperidge graciously responded. "We would gladly trade your skills in the development of young minds with our skills in training quarterbacks. I think we know what is truly most important."

"Yes, well, it doesn't always feel that way when that Saturday game arrives." It was a point well taken. "But, let's get started." Mandy and Eric took a position standing beside the last student at the back of the class. They wanted to be well out of the way, not wishing their presence to actually interfere with the demonstration. "Excellent," Mr. Peters said, "You will have a good view from there. Clorette DePasto, why don't you have the pleasure of being our volunteer. If you would, please come up to the front of the class and stand right here, in front of my desk."

It was no real pleasure for Clorette. In fact, it was a pleasure to all of the other girls in the class not to have been chosen. As they breathed sighs of relief, Clorette's heart sank. She had thought that she had stood a pretty good chance not to have been selected. After all, there were about 15 girls in the class, and she was a very well-behaved young lady, always duly respectful and obedient. Why did Mr. Peters choose her?

Mr. Peters had in fact chosen Clorette for a number of very good reasons. She was strikingly cute, with a quite petite frame, long curly dark hair, a very sweet smile, perky nose, cute dimples, and large innocent eyes that so often seemed to express a confused wonderment and confusion beneath her spectacles. Perhaps most importantly, though, Clorette was among the more compliant and agreeable students in the class. In fact, she had never been spanked before. There was simply never any reason to discipline her. However, her characteristic obedience, if not docility, would be precisely helpful as the first student in the class to demonstrate the New School methods. He intended to provide a very comprehensive demonstration in the limited period of time that was available. And, besides, he would have to honestly admit that there was a bit of him, just a small part, that had always wanted to give Clorette a little spanking.

"Oh, Mr. Peters, must I?" Clorette responded, looking at him so lovingly beseechingly through her spectacles.

"No, no, of course not, Clorette," he replied. "This is all strictly voluntary. You will not be penalized in any way if you decline to participate." That was very true. He had some difficulty getting this demonstration approved by the Templeton Ethics Board. They approved the project as long as the participation was truly voluntary. In fact, if a student was willing to be spanked, what right did the college actually have to deny her that opportunity? "You would not, of course, receive the extra credit toward your final grade that I am offering to each participant but, of course, no extra credit is ever a requirement. It's only there as a helpful offering."

Clorette, though, knew that she would comply with the professor's request. It was just simply her way. She didn't really need the extra credit. She was already well on the way to receiving a final 'A' grade. It was just so inconsistent with her personality to decline the request of a professor. She often volunteered to hand out assignments or track down articles. She would even erase the board for a professor before he or she arrived. If a professor needed her for something, all he or she had to do was to ask. And, Professor Peters clearly needed her for this. "Alright, sir, yes, I will do it."

The boys were very pleased with that decision. Mr. Peters had already disciplined a number of the students in the class, including some of the boys (although he typically brought in Miss Harding to do that). Anyone who was disciplined didn't really like it. Well, that was not entirely true. Many of the boys, and the girls, in fact most of them, did eventually grow to enjoy it, or at least certain aspects of it. But, by and large, one would certainly prefer to avoid it. It was really all terribly confusing.

However, it was for the most part very enjoyable to witness, particularly if it was a member of the opposite sex that was being punished. And, none of the boys had yet seen Clorette receive discipline. Penises began to swell just thinking about that cute little bare bottom being spanked right in front of them. Who knew that Introductory Mathematics, Mr. Peters' course, would be so intriguing, so instructive, so fun!

Clorette walked timidly to the front of the class, her eyes fixed on Mr. Peters, wondering what he intended to do. She hoped it would be less embarrassing than other spankings, particularly because of the presence of the visitors from Longwood. She glanced back at Mr. Stratton and Miss Pepperidge, feeling quite uncomfortable at the thought that these two strangers, these two adults, would be a witness to her spanking. She avoided entirely any eye contact with her classmates. It was like having a form of stage fright, where your only hope was to try to ignore the fact that there was indeed a large audience watching your every move. Clorette tried to block them out of her mind as she reached her position in front of Mr. Peters' desk.

Mr. Peters smiled as she approached. He so much enjoyed the sight of the Templeton uniform on the young ladies: the black tie, innocent white blouse, plaid skirt to the knees, and Mary Jane shoes. Clorette looked particularly fetching, with her petite frame, youthful face, and bespectacled eyes. "Alright, then," he replied. "Let me turn off the overhead lights, turn on the camera lights, and switch on the camcorder."

Clorette squealed, "You're going to record this?!" She instinctively covered her bottom with her hands, even though she hadn't yet shown anything at all. "This is being videotaped?"

"Well, it's actually a digital camera, dear, but yes, of course, of course," Mr. Peters explained as he shut the blinds, turned on the camera lights and turned off the overhead lights. The room became quite dark, and once he returned to the front of the class, only the two of them, Mr. Peters and Clorette, were in the light.

Not surprisingly, not all of the students had been willing to be recorded, nor did all of the parents consent to have them taped. "Now just the two of us in the front of the room can be seen in the camera." He turned to the entire class, which he could only just barely see through the glare of the camera lights. "We don't want to violate anyone's confidentiality, of course, or cause any undue embarrassment."

Clorette continued to object, which was really most unusual for her, but these were rather unusual circumstances. "I didn't know you were going to record this, Mr. Peters."

"You signed the consent form, dear. Didn't you read it?" All of the students in the class were at least eighteen years old, and many of the students, and their parents, had signed a consent form, including Clorette, in which it was clearly stated that the discipline would be taped. Many of the students, though, hadn't actually read it that thoroughly. They got these consent forms all the time from the college administration, from doctors, from psychologists doing experiments. They were always so long and convoluted. How could they be expected to read all the little details?

Clorette shook her head. She softly replied, "No sir, I didn't." She could tell that Mr. Peters was disappointed. She so hated to disappoint a professor. She cursed herself for failing to have noticed the reference to taping. Actually, she didn't really use a curse word. She would never use words like that. "I'm sorry, Mr. Peters."

"Well, maybe you should in fact be disciplined, young lady. Perhaps next time you will read consent forms more thoroughly in the future if you receive a bit of spanking. This could indeed be a very useful lesson for you."

'Wow,' she thought. 'He had a good point there.'

Mr. Peters continued. "As it said in the consent form, which I am sure all of you read," he said, turning toward the rest of the class, "We are recording this demonstration so that other faculty, at other colleges, can see for themselves how the New School method is implemented."

Clorette exclaimed with surprise and some shock, "Other people are going to see this?!"

"Well, yes, dear, what else does one use a video recording for?" Actually, this recording would probably also be used for other purposes, but that would certainly be understandable. "Mr. Stratton and Miss Pepperidge traveled quite a distance to witness this demonstration. We can hardly expect to require such an expensive journey all the time, can we?"

"No sir, I suppose not."

"And, I'm sure that you want to help students in other colleges become better educated. You're not a selfish girl, are you?"

"Oh no sir, yes sir, of course sir."

"Excellent, alright then, if you would," he said, as he used the remote to turn on the video recorder, mounted in the ceiling. "We want to first demonstrate the basic positions for implementing discipline," he said to his guests, to the class, and to the video recorder. "Clorette, if you please," he said to her, "Bend over the desk, resting on your elbows."

With a deep breath Clorette got into position. It had been bad enough thinking about doing this in front of the whole class, it was so terribly much worse to think about how many other persons, strangers from across the country, might view this in the future. But, she did as she was told. She leaned over the desk, resting on her elbows, her bottom sticking out toward the class, the two guests, and the camera. She could feel the warmth of the camera lights, although she wondered if it was her embarrassed flushing that made her feel so warm.

"This is, of course," Mr. Peters instructed, "the traditional position, at least within an academic setting. It was first proposed by Dean Stanton at the St. Catherine School for Girls in Canton, England in 1892, or at least that's the first documentation of the recommended position published within the scientific pedagogical literature. In any case, the bottom is nicely presented in a rather submissive posture. To really make the point stronger you should instruct the girl to arch her back." He turned to Clorette. "Clorette, if you don't mind."

She understood what he wanted. She was, of course, listening very intently, as she always did. However, she didn't really want to arch her back as it felt like a rather obscene gesture, bent over the way she was, but she did as she was told. Any objection or defiance at this point could itself justify further spanking. She arched her back.

The boys smiled with pleasure. An advantage of the darkened room immediately became evident to the boys, and some of the more adventurous of them were already fondling their penises in anticipation of what was to come.

"Yes, excellent. As you see, when Clorette arches her back her bottom pokes up even higher, presenting an even better target, as if Clorette is wishing, wanting, asking you to paddle, to handle, her bottom."

Everyone, including Miss Pepperidge, found her position to be a bit provocative in another manner as well.

"I think some of the boys may also recognize Clorette's pose as conveying another meaning, another implication. Would any of you like to share it with the class?"

Clorette's red face deepened further. The implication was very obvious to her. It was as if she was offering herself, sexually.

None of the boys raised their hands. Obtaining class participation was often difficult, particularly from the boys. Usually it was because they weren't paying much attention. In this case, it was probably a reluctance to speak so openly about something that was so difficult to acknowledge, at least publicly.

Mr. Peters smiled understandingly. "My goodness, aren't we the shy ones today. I suppose we're feeling a little camera shy, what with the guests here today and the filming." He turned back to Clorette and affectionately laid his hand on her little round tush, enjoying the sweet, soft touch of the girl's behind. "Well, I'm sure what the boys are noticing is that Clorette also appears to be presenting herself to be mounted, and I imagine quite a few boys would be more than happy to step up to the plate." He affectionately patted her bottom.

Clorette grimaced at the feel of Mr. Peters' intimate touch, as well as the open discussion of the sexual nature of her presentation. He really wouldn't have a boy do that, would he? Not in front of the whole class?

"This connotation is in fact integral to the New School approach. There have always been considered to be two basic components to corporeal discipline, pain and humiliation. The New School approach, of course, adds a third component, which I will get to shortly." He gently grasped Clorette's cheeks to help her raise her bottom up even a bit higher. "Spankings can be delivered over her skirt." He again lightly fondled her petite derriere.

The hands of the boys were nearly all now fondling their own swelling appendages.

"You can, of course, increase both the pain and the embarrassment through the raising of the skirt."

Clorette turned her head back to Mr. Peters, plaintively imploring him through her spectacles to show some mercy. She didn't want him to raise her skirt.

Mr. Peters, however, did not hesitate. He reached down for the hem of her plaid skirt and pulled it up over her bottom, revealing to the entire class Clorette's undergarment. Her tight, white panty shined brightly in the camera lights, like a wonderfully gorgeous white moon. Her panties clung beneath her buttocks, where there was a very clear outline of a little cunnie cup poking out beneath her perky bottom.

Boys in the class leaned forward eagerly, entranced by the lovely view. A few girls did likewise, although some averted their eyes in sympathy.

Clorette turned her face back toward the front of the room, imagining the lustful leers of her classmates and wishing she could hide. She knew she couldn't see them in the darkness but felt as though each ogling pair of eyes was an intimate touch on her behind.

"But, in the New School, we really are not interested in inflicting any undue harm or pain. We do appreciate the concerns that have been raised with regard to corporeal punishment, particularly within academic settings. No, in fact, we eschew the infliction of undue and excessive pain and in fact replace it with the complementary third component of the New School method, pleasurable arousal."

Arousal? Clorette did not at all feel any arousal, other than the arousal of anxiety and embarrassment.

"We do though keep the component of embarrassment," he added as he pulled Clorette's panties carefully down off her bottom, her naked derriere suddenly coming into view, her little white orb seeming to now glow ever more brilliantly in the darkened room (although this appearance could be simply an illusion of one's greater interest in the whiteness of her naked skin over the whiteness of her panties). Mr. Peters tucked her panties just under her behind, hiding the even more delectable cunnie pouch. "You can't really have discipline without some punishment."

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