tagLoving WivesDiscovered & Discovery Ch. 1

Discovered & Discovery Ch. 1


"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked my wife of 15 years.

Susie turned to me and said "You bet I do! At first I was pissed, but the idea has grown on me. It has developed a certain appeal."

My cock stirred in my jeans as the image of my wife watching me with another man flashed through my mind. I have been bi since before we were married but had never let Susie find out. A comment she had made early on in our relationship had led me to believe that she found the lifestyle repulsive for both male and females.

She is open minded when it came to other sexual variations. We have dabbled in B&D and some mild S&M. She loves having her nipples tortured, stretched and pulled. Made to grow as long as possible, which is a considerable amount with Susie. We have had several erotic escapades in public where the chance of being seen or heard heightened the pleasure for both of us. In the car while on the interstate, in a crowded restaurant and in a public restroom are just a few of the places that we have enticed one another to orgasm.

When it came to my bisexuality, I had always been to frightened of the potential damage to our relationship to even approach the subject. All that changed one day when on a whim I purchased a double headed dildo for her at a local adult bookstore. My original intention had been to bend the dildo in half and double penetrate my sexy wife. That night in bed we began our love making as if it were going to be a routine evening. Perhaps the fact that these "evenings" were becoming too frequent is what subliminally spurred me to bring this toy into the mix this night. After about 30 minutes of kissing and stroking each other I asked,

"In the mood to try something new?"

"Sure" came her enthusiastic reply.

Earlier I had hidden the new dildo under the edge of the bed and rolled to my right and slowly brought the 18" monster into view.

"Oh my" Susie giggled. She reached out and grasped the head as I dangled it in front of her.

"it's so life like" she groaned. Then she noticed that it had two heads.

"And where do you propose we put this end".

I smiled and began to slip the synthetic cock down her smooth tummy towards her spreading legs. I let the head rest at the top of her pussy where her lips met and followed the path of the dildo with my lips, leaving warm wet traces with my tongue. I reached the top of her sweet smelling pussy and began licking along side of the dildo as it nestled in her slit. Her lips already swollen and puffy from our foreplay, engorged even more and enveloped the prosthetic penis. Susie, hips were beginning to gyrate and the dildo was slipping and sliding over her erect clitoris. Soft, low moans were escaping her lips as my tongue caressed her lips and the dildo rubbed her clit. I opened my eyes and noticed that she was staring transfixed as my tongue moved up over her lips and the flesh colored cock.

I let the head glide deeper into the valley of her delicious cunt and replaced it with my tongue on her clit. Her pussy was wet and open and the rubber prick slid into with no effort. Susie let out a loud groan followed by a long satisfied hiss as inch after inch of the dildo was absorbed by her gripping, sucking hole. My tongue was keeping up a rapid flicking up and down the sides of her clit, never quite touching the head, driving her to a higher and higher pitch. I knew she was rapidly approach the brink and lifted my mouth from her juicy twat. Susie moaned and whimpered with need and looked at me questioningly. I was on my knees between my wife's legs and she had about 8 to 9 inches of this gigantic cock buried in what was a very excited pussy. What happened next set a course of events that neither of us had anticipated. I lifted the other end of the dildo up and folded it up towards the front of her pussy and we both stared as the remaining 6 or 7 inches of the dildo rose from between her legs as if she had magically grown a beautifully shaped, nicely sized penis. Not only that but a very erect one.

Susie reached down and took it from my hand and held just as if she had had one all her life. Gripping it like and man preparing to jack off, she slowly stroked and fondled her new dick and though I knew she couldn't feel it in the cock, the movements were being transmitted deep inside her cunt. Her hips began to thrust and very quickly I could see the signs of her approaching orgasm in the blushing of her chest, neck and cheeks. Susie screamed and her hips bucked as wave after wave of bliss washed through her. Her thighs squeezed together and she pinched her nipple straining to prolong the most powerful orgasm I had ever seen her experience. The juices were pouring out of her pussy and I could literally see her muscles working in her tummy as she sucked on the toy buried so deep within her.

"OH!…… MY!….. GOD!…… that was the that was the most amazing thing I have ever felt!" she panted. "Utterly fantastic!!" she raved.

She was purring like a kitten full of cream and smiling like the Chesire cat.

"I can't believe how excited that made me to see that thing sticking up from between my legs. If that's what it's like to have a cock, I want one" she exclaimed. Susie reached between my legs and seemed surprised to find me erect and oozing precum like a firehose.

"It seems you enjoyed that almost as much as me" she chided. "You like my big dick don't you"?

I groaned as she coated my shaft with the precum and began jacking me off. Susie rolled on her side and moved her hips so that tip of her fake cock was rubbing up and down my erection.

"You like my cock rubbing against you don't you"?

A low moaning "Yes" was all I could manage.

She reached up and took my hand and guided it between her legs. She wrapped my fingers around her shaft that was slippery with her juices.

"Lets do each others cocks" she whispered.

Our lips met and we stroked one another's hardons as our tongues probed and danced with passion and lust. Susie broke the kiss and worked her way down my body. Moving ever lower and my cock jerked in her hand with desire. But instead of sliding down the bed Susie had turned so that we were in more or less a 69 position. We were on our sides and as her lips found my throbbing cock she shifted her hips so that her dick was mere inches from my lips. I looked down between us and past her heaving breasts I could see my gorgeous wife watching me as she sucked me deep into her throat. She moved again and her cock was touching my mouth. I tentatively stuck out my tongue and licked the head. Susie's deep throaty moan told me that this is what she wanted. She wanted to see her husband suck her dick.

I opened my mouth and non to soon as she thrust her hips forward again and would have given me a bloody lip. Instead nearly half of the rubber cock slid into my mouth and throat. Our eyes met and locked and an incredible feeling flowed through us as she pushed more and more of the dildo into my throat. There she was with my cock buried in her mouth as she moved her head up and down the shaft and here I was with her dick in my mouth. We were both sucking and fucking for all we were worth and it didn't take long for us both to go over the edge. I began to fill her mouth with spurt after spurt of my cream which triggered her orgasm. Her hips moved so fast that I thought my lips would catch fire. Each thrust pistoned the dildo in and out of my mouth yet my sucking caused a similar action on the other end buried deep within her pussy. It was hard to tell which was making more noise, my sucking mouth and throat or her dripping , sucking pussy.

After we had calmed and clambered into a sitting up position, lit cigarettes and caught our breath the question I had never thought to hear my wife utter came, "Have you ever been with a man?"

To be continued...

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