tagErotic CouplingsDiscoveries Ch. 05

Discoveries Ch. 05


This chapter also has hints of incest, exhibitionist incest, infidelity, lesbian sex, group sex.


I peeked through the thinnest slit of my eyes. She was naked. No surprise that was how she went to bed. But the sheet was gone. She was propped up against the headboard by her pillows. Her long muscular legs were spread wide. Her right hand was very busy, obviously rubbing her pussy. She was masturbating, not caring a bit if I saw. Then I noticed. She was staring straight ahead. I remembered the mirror over the dresser at the end of our beds. She was watching herself. She was close too. Her breath was panting, her leg muscles flexing. I glanced at the mirror and then quickly looked away. The angle had been perfect but I was not feeling appropriate at all. Then, she was there.

"ohhhhhhhhhhhh,, ahhhhhhhhhh, fuuucccccckkkk ahhhhhhhhhhh!"

She was trying to be quiet, just not that hard. Her young body quaked and her legs flailed. I was embarrassed but curious. I shouldn't see this but she doesn't care if I do. It shouldn't excite me, but it sure did.

Justine finished and lay back, catching her breath. I pretended to be a pillow. In a few seconds she got up and before she turned to go to the bathroom she said in just above a whisper.

"Now we're even."

As I watched her round ass turn the corner for the bathroom I heard her voice again, just loud enough to hear.

"And who's Donna?"

Fuck, she heard me.

The booth was in the back of the Waffle House. The place wasn't too full but breakfast took a while. Justine just sat and listened while I told the whole story. Not in the lurid detail that you have heard but enough to get some serious raised eyebrow and a dropped mouth once or twice mixed with a knowing smirk. By the time I finished we were out front. Justine was going to go check the rig and get it started. I was going to get the bags and check out.

"So Jus, that's my story. I hope you're not mad. If you're pissed I'll get you home and I'll finish this run. I was weak. It's not fair to blame your mom but it sure didn't help that she's kinda lost interest in me."

Justine began to walk away. I watched her. Just before she crossed traffic she turned.

"Dad, I'm certainly not mad. I'm very aware of what's going on with you and mom."

She began to jog across the four lane road and spoke over her shoulder.

"And I know why."

We were on 50 west heading for Garden City before Justine explained. We had to fuel the rig and get the load so there wasn't any time for long stories. This one was a doozy. I just sat in the silence as Justine drove, waiting for her to start.

"I'm not sure where to start dad. This much you need to know. Even if I knew nothing about you or mom or any of that I would have killed for this trip. Being with you, the driving time, seeing the country, it's all just amazing. Thank you."

She sighed and took a long breath in.

"How long till we need to stop?"

"Over an hour, unless you need to sooner."

"No, I'm good dad; I just wanted to know how much time I had."

I laughed.

"It's that long a story?"

My daughter gave a nervous laugh.

"Maybe not long but it's gonna be filled with surprises so buckle up."

"Well dad, here goes. Please don't interrupt, we have plenty of time for questions but I need to get all this out. When I found out I didn't know what to do. I felt you needed to know but I did not want to be the one to tell you. I figured this trip would be the opportunity to let it slip out. Now, me being me has nothing to do with it, that's just me so, as I said, get used to it. But maybe I was hoping to distract you so the news wouldn't hit so hard. Of course, now that your secret is out I feel better about telling you."

I struggled to keep quiet. When was she going to actually tell me something? Her speech was like a fucking infomercial, lots of talk, no information. I bit my tongue and listened. There are no hills in western Kansas so Justine didn't even need to shift. No distraction or break in her stride. I waited. Then the bomb hit.

"Mom's been having an affair for almost a year."

That made sense, it's been six or eight months that she's been cool to me.

"It's a woman."

That was like cold water. Betty has never even hinted at anything like that. Justine wasn't done, by far.

"It's Arlene"

Wow! I guess I would have guessed if I had gotten a few seconds to think about it. Ah, but there was more.

"Earl's in on it too."

I was stunned. Betty and I had a good sex life but things like this never came up. It was just us two, good sex but nothing adventurous. After I got over the shock I thought about what had happened to me. I found a part of me I never knew existed, I guess Betty did too. I laughed to myself. She probably thinks I wouldn't be interested. Now that's funny. I had to ask.

"Anybody else?"

"I was coming over to visit, I don't know, three months ago. I hadn't called like I usually do, I figured I didn't need to. Maybe I shoulda called, eh?"

I snorted. Justine continued.

"Well, we've both read these stories but this one I saw with my own two eyes. I got in the front door and called out, nothing. Mom's car was in the drive way. She doesn't take naps, so I went upstairs. I checked all the bedrooms, the guest room last, the one that looks out at the pool. Yeah, you guessed it. I glanced out the window and nearly broke my fucking neck looking back. It was a nice warm sunny day. Mom was out by the pool, naked. Ya know she looks a lot like me? Well, that was unusual but what was really unusual was that Arlene and Earl were there, also naked."

She stopped and took a breath. Okay, this was odd but not the bombshell promised. Justine began again.

"And what was oh, extremely unusual, was that mom was licking Arlene's pussy while Earl was fucking the crap out of her."

Bingo! Bombshell. I struggled to stay quiet. Justine stopped and looked briefly at me.

"Are you pissed dad? I can stop now if you are."

I laughed.

"Thanks Jus. But based on what I've been doing I hardly think I can be mad at your mother. Keep going I feel there's more."

Justine laughed.

"We'll be in L.A. before I'm done."

That was an exaggeration but not by much.

My daughter took a very deep breath and began.

"Well, I'm giving this to you a bit second hand. I would much prefer mom tell her story but circumstances have made that unworkable, eh?"

I was feeling a bit more open now, after our long chat at The Waffle House.

"You mean each of us watching the other masturbate and me blurting out the name of my secretary who I am fucking on a regular basis as I came? Those circumstances?"

Justine laughed.

"Yeah, that's it. Dad you've uh, had quite a time the last few weeks. This trip would have been a lot different if you hadn't, well, fallen off the fidelity wagon."

I thought for a second.

"Would you have flaunted your rather nice body like you have if you didn't know what your mother had been doing?"

I knew that was a very loaded question. There was a minute of silence. I waited for an answer.

"No." Was all she said.

"So, you were going to relate mom's story?"

Justine sighed, relived; I think, and went back to her tale.

"Well, I'll be honest dad; I watched them for a while. I'd never really paid much attention to Arlene, she's so much shorter than mom and curvier and she has those huge tits. I couldn't look away. Arlene was lying on a lounge cushion on the pool deck. Her short brown hair looked a bit sweaty, I think they'd been at it a while. She doesn't shave, you know, so mom's face was planted deep in her bush. Arlene was holding her ankles to give mom access. Mom wasn't shy either; I could see she was enjoying having her mouth on her best friend's pussy. Now dad, I've been where mom was and I enjoy it, both ways. Not as much as men but it's fun but I had no idea mom had any inclination towards bi-sexuality. Well, you know that watching this was a shock but it wasn't long before the sights and sounds had me excited. Yeah, Earl and Arlene were talking up a storm. Every time Earl pounded mom's pussy it drove her face into Arlene. He was grunting and saying things like, 'yeah, eat my wife's pussy, she tastes so good, and Betty baby your puss is so tight, I love fucking you.' Arlene was groaning as mom's tongue probed her slit.

"Oh Betty dear, I love your mouth on me. Ohhhhhhh fuck that feels so good! When Earl's through I'm gonna suck his cum out of you.'

Yeah, I masturbated, twice. I'm not going to apologize; it was hot to watch even though my mother was involved. I'll admit it not only didn't bother me to watch my mom having intense sex, I found it exciting, she was a different person now. I snuck out after pulling my thong and shorts back up and came back a lot later."

My cock grew a bit visualizing Justine, her shorts and thong around her ankles, fingering her soaked pussy as she watched my wife have a three way. I laughed to myself. I really have to thank Donna and Rob for opening me up sexually. Oh, that's right, I thank them all the time! Justine continued.

"So, it was very exciting but as I drove around I got real worried. This was a bomb, a ticking bomb. I knew this could blow you two apart and I didn't want that. I didn't think mom did either. But I sure do know about the pull of wild sexual adventures."

I looked at her.

"Come on dad, I've told you some of it."

I laughed.

"Yeah but I suspect I got the tamer adventures, right?"

She laughed.

"Oh fuck yes!"

I mocked an annoyed voice.

"We'll talk about THAT later."

She smiled.

"I sure hope so."

That shut me up. She went back to talking.

"I'll cut a lot of fluff out. I came back, said nothing. We had dinner, with wine; I made sure we had a LOT of wine! Then I suggested a movie. Of course I chose. I knew of a little indy flick about a couple that kinda falls into the swinging thing, yeah, no accident. Well, it was good, good sex scenes, no pussies or cocks but lots of skin and sex noise. I got really fucking wet."

She giggled. I stayed silent.

"Well, I was still pouring, I noticed mom seemed to like it but was nervous. About two thirds of the way through I stopped the disc and looked at her. I just told her. 'Mom, I saw the three of you by the pool today.' Dad, her eyes went wide, she gasped and then broke down and cried, hard. I let her cry for a while. When she stopped I pulled her face up and kissed her, right on her lips, that's all. I looked into mom's eyes and just whispered, 'it's okay mom, I'm cool, tell me about it, we need to talk.'"

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