tagIncest/TabooDiscoveries Ch. 11

Discoveries Ch. 11


After Justine told the long story of her, her mother, and her mother's lover she began to probe. I had to do some serious thinking about what's been going on. Needless to say my life had been turned upside down and inside out in the last six months. I had cheated on my wife and she had cheated on me. But in both cases it was with a stable couple. I knew I wasn't wanting to leave, I'd been weak, I'd had my eyes opened to a world I never knew really existed and I'd fallen in. It looks like the same thing happened to Betty. Here I thought we communicated so well, but yet, neither of us would tell the other that we wanted a more exciting sex life. As Justine napped and the rig ate the miles on the way to Los Angeles I knew two things, I did not want to divorce Betty and I did not want to stop anything that was going on. I just hoped she felt the same. Since I was on the opposite coast a long phone call would have to be the way to talk about it. It really could not wait and if it was bad news, better now than later.

It was 6PM by the time the rig was emptied and parked in the yard. Somebody had fucked up and our load was delayed. What was a twelve hour layover went to twenty four. I should have been delighted, twenty four hours with my sexpot daughter and a nice hotel room. But I was dreading my phone call. I parked the company pickup in the hotel lot and Justine went in and confirmed the reservation she had made. I was walking into the lobby and Justine was walking out. She reached out her hand.

"Dad, I need the keys, I ran out of a few things and need to make a run."

I gave her a wicked smile.

"Oh Really?"

I got just as wicked a smile back.

"You have no idea, father, see you in the room."

As she brushed by she reached out and quickly fondled my cock, which was beginning to get hard. She giggled.

"Boy, don't take much!"

I slid the card and the green light tripped. I stepped into the room. This was a pretty good hotel so the room was large fifteen or seventeen feet. I smiled when I saw that there was only one king-sized bed in the middle. Then I noticed clothes on the chair and the faint sound of a shower ending in the bath. Before I could get back to the door and out a naked woman came out of the bathroom. We just stood and looked at each other for a second. Now I knew why Justine was doing her errands.

"Betty? Wha...?"

"George, before we say anything else I want to tell you, I love you, I love you with all my heart. It sounds false but I hope you know it's true."

I looked at my naked wife, an older version of her daughter, a bit more mature, but still amazing. She looked deep into my eyes, searching for an answer. She was lightly biting her lip. I covered the six feet between us in two steps and swept her into my arms. She hugged me and cried.

"Thank you, thank you thank you! Ohhh George!"

We just stood and hugged for a minute or so. Then I let my hands drop and cup her wonderful ass. I moved my mouth to my wife's ear.

"You shaved your..."

"Pussy babe, I shaved my pussy for you. I heard you like to suck on a nice smooth pussy. Why didn't you ask me to?"

"Probably the same reason you didn't say anything. We both thought the other was happy and we didn't want to make trouble."

Betty gripped me and then let go, moving out of my grasp.

"Get naked and go get clean. We have some talking to do and then some fucking."

My eyes went up.

"Yes, I found out I like nasty talk with my lovers. Just holding you and talking like this has me fucking wet, see?"

She leaned back a little and spread her legs. Her now bare pussy was wide open and shiny.

I began to strip right there and Betty started playing with her pussy.

"Like it? It's so smooth. I love it. I cum so fucking hard now. Go shower lover, I bet I'll have at least one good cum before you're back."

As I stepped into the steamy bathroom, leaving the door open, of course, Betty was yanking the bed back. If she wanted to cum at least once before I got back she better hurry, this was going to be a record short shower. As I soaped and rinsed I could hear her.

"Oh George, I'm so fucking wet! Ohhhhhhhh come on babe! I need your cock, please come and fuck your wife!"

She had become my erotic dream. I jammed the valves off and jumped out, fuck the towel. Betty was on her back, three fingers plunging into her sodden trench. Her other hand was pulling hard on one of her nipples. When she saw her soaking wet husband charging the bed she giggled and flipped over, presenting me with her hard ass and gaping vagina.

"I've been a bad girl, daddy. Punish me, fuck the crap outa me!"

I lined my cock up, just parting her plump red lips. I grabbed the front of her hip bones and rammed myself hard, till our bodies met. She gasped.


I'd like to say I lasted for hours, I didn't. Maybe ten minutes later, we were covered in sweat and Betty had come three times. I was still behind her and she was still talking. The way she talked, it was a wonder I held out as long as I did.

"You like your new slutty wife? Fuck my naughty cunt, boss!"

"Oh baby, I love my new wife. I want to watch you get fucked. I want to see you with a cock stuck in your mouth."

She just groaned and I felt her tunnel grip me.

"I want to see you eating Arlene and her eating you, your face full of pussy."

She groaned again and then she turned the tables.

"You like fucking your daughter? You like the taste of her pussy? I love it. I love licking our daughter's pussy. I want to watch you fuck."

That was the one that put me over the edge.

"Oh fuck I'm gonna cum!"

Betty was quick, she slid out from under me and flipped on her back.

"Come on, get that cock back in! Now, kiss me while you cum in my slutty cunt!"

I wrapped my wife in my arms and plunged deep as our mouths met. As our tongues wrestled I felt the surge. It was overpowering, like part of my body was shooting out of my cock deep in my lovers vagina. I groaned deeply into Betty's mouth as my semen pulsed into her deepest center. I lifted off her, gasping and dripping sweat. My wife looked up at me smiling and quite used up. I dipped back and kissed her lightly. That's when we heard the panting voice.

"THAT is the most exciting and amazing lovemaking that I have ever seen!"

We looked around, me in surprise and Betty just smiling. Justine was in a chair, her ass slid forward as far as possible. Her clothes were in a heap. Her legs were spread wide and there was a dark spot on the carpet below her dripping pussy that still had two of her fingers in it. I looked at Betty. She smiled.

"She said she was going to give us time to talk. Neither of us was positive what would happen. I told her I'd text her. Long message if it was bad and gibberish if it was okay to come up."

Justine showed me her phone.


She giggled.

"I kinda figured it out and slipped in. It was amazing watching two lovers have sex. I was so turned on."

Betty and I moved and Justine came over and lay in the middle. The sheets were a train wreck of our cum and sweat.

"Sorry Jus, looks like we made some mess."

My daughter leaned over and kissed me, slipping her tongue in my mouth. I returned the kiss. She broke, just enough to talk.

"No worries dad, it's gonna be much worse by morning."

Oddly enough, we were all somewhat satiated at that time. We all took quick individual showers, dressed and went to dinner. Of course the dinner conversation was all about catching up on each other, other than the sex.

As the door clicked shut behind the three of us I looked at them.

"Do you want to have that talk now or later?"

Justine and Betty looked at me and then at each other. They both smiled at me as Justine spoke.

"Later, dad."

I stood and watched as Justine moved in and took her mother in her arms. Their mouths met and they groaned deeply as they kissed. I pulled off my polo and shucked my shoes. As I worked my belt, my women parted and Justine reached down to the hem of her mother's dress and slowly lifted it as Betty stuck her arms up. The frock fluttered over her head and to the floor, leaving her in a bra and thong. She took Justine's belt and worked the little buckle. The shorts were loose so they drifted down her sleek legs as soon as the snap was loose. Then the mother gently grasped the hem of her daughter's shirt and rolled it up, over her hard breasts and then off her head. I was naked by then and slowly stroking my cock. Justine looked over and smiled.

"Mom, he seems to like the show."

Betty now had her hands behind her daughter's back, working the catch.

"Good, I don't think I could stop if he didn't"

I panted.

"Don't you dare! Just tell me when you want me."

Betty gave me a wicked look.

"Don't you dare cum! You have to watch our incestuous pussy licking and then you get to fuck both of us. We don't care who gets your cum and don't worry about us. Just watch, boss."

She smiled that wicked smile. What a life.

As I watched, I had to will myself not to touch my cock. I swear I would have shot cum the length of the room. I sat down in the upholstered chair and watched. First Betty released her daughter's bra, slowly removing it and letting the two young firm breasts loose. She tossed the garment in my lap.

"It's still warm George, feel it. Your little girl's tits were just there."

Wow, Betty had learned fast. I put it up to my face and felt the warmth. Then a second bra hit me. I savored that one too as Justine smiled at me. I watched them neck some more, their mouths tight and their nipples rubbing as they kissed. I could hear the slurp of their mouths coupling. Betty's hand moved down and began to massage our daughter's pussy through her cotton panties. They were not her usual thong and I could see how wet they were. Justine pulled back from their kiss and looked down as her mother's hand cupped her sex.

"Ohhhh mom, that feels so good! Can you feel how wet you make me?"

Betty moaned and looked at me.

"She's soaked George, she feels so good! Ahhhh!"

I was captivated as Betty kneeled and took the waistband of her daughter's panties and slid them down her legs until they sat on her ankles. Justine, delicately lifted one foot and then the other as her mother slipped off her panties, leaving her naked. Betty stayed kneeling and picked up the sodden garment. She brought the wet gusset to her face as she looked at me.

"She smells so good Boss. Wanna taste?"

I nodded. This was like a pornographic dream. I was panting and my heart was pounding. Betty licked it and then tossed them in my lap. They were both staring at me.

"Lick it George, lick your babies panties, taste her pussy juice."

I pulled them up and buried my face in the crotch. It was redolent with the scent of Justine's excitement. I rubbed the fabric on my lips, coating them with her essence as they moaned, watching. Then I looked at them and slowly ran my tongue up the sodden crotch of my daughter's panties as I looked at both of them. Justine groaned.

"Dad, you are such a perv. I fucking love it!"

Betty leaned in and took a long lick up our daughter's smooth slit. Justine's knee's wobbled and she leaned back.


Betty got back up and Justine kneeled before her. I had Justine's panties in my hand and wrapped around my cock. I couldn't stroke, I was way too excited. Justine looked up at her mother as her hands moved towards the waistband of the thong. She paused with her hands on her mother's hips. As Betty looked down at her daughter, waiting for her to slide her thong off, Justine dove in and took a mouthful of her mother's pussy, right through the sodden fabric. Betty gasped and lost her balance, landing on the bed. Justine's mouth never lost contact, staying right on her as she fell. Betty was gasping.

"OFFF TAKE IT OFF, PLEASE! Oh fuck baby, momma needs your tongue!"

Betty lifted her hips and Justine skinned the thong off in a flash. I sensed she had a bit of experience stripping women. My daughter tossed it to me and I put it up to my mouth. I could taste my wife's excitement still mixed with a hint of mine. I was close to cumming so I dropped my hands and just watched. My cock waved in the air, like a snake's tongue testing the scents. Justine was now licking Betty's ankles and very slowly moving up her legs, alternating between them. Betty was panting hard, anticipating.

"George, I love our girl. We tried 69, but it was too distracting. This is what we love. Each of us will sex the other. Oh fuck this is good. Do you like the show?"

I stood up and moved to the edge of the bed. Betty smiled, looking at my cock, which felt like it was going to cum just watching.

"What do you think babe?"

She reached but stopped.

"When we are done with our show, it's your turn. I want to watch you fuck Justine, fuck our daughter. So, don't you dare cum!"

I debated closing my eyes. There was so much sex in the room. I put my hands behind my head to keep them away from my rampant cock. Justine was up to her mother's knees now, slowly laving her tongue on her mother. Betty was panting, her hands clamping the bed clothes.

"Oh damn you girl, don't make me wait!"

"Me either." I panted. "Me either, please."

Justine looked at me and smiled, then she trailed her mouth straight up her mother's leg and clamped her lips on the hole she had come from. Betty went off.


She arched her hips hard up into Justine's face. I thought she may have hurt her but Justine stayed tight with her mom's sex. She took her hands and wrapped them around her mother's thighs and pressed down on her abdomen. Betty groaned.

"Ohhfuck that's good!" More!"

Justine spent the next five minutes licking her mother's pussy, alternating between her tunnel and her clit, all the time hold her belly or reaching up and tweaking her nips.

Suddenly I saw her eyes roll back and she started to quake.


She was cumming and hard too. I saw the fluid juice up right in front of Justine's mouth. The girl's tongue was everywhere. She was moaning into Betty's puss as she licked her spend. Both of them were gasping as they separated.

Justine ignored her flaccid, panting mother and jumped up on the bed, lay back and spread.

"Dad, FUCK ME! I am sooo fucking horny! Just get on and ram me pops!"

Betty re-positioned herself to watch. Her eyes were glowing.

I climbed between my daughter's legs and bent over, hooking my arms under her shoulders to cup her head. My daughter's hand reached between us and positioned my prick at her drenched hole. I looked into her eyes and just sent my cock in hard and fast. Justine gasped.


I had the leverage so I just began ramming her as hard as I could. I don't know why I didn't cum right then, but I didn't. Betty was thrilled.

"OH George! This is so fucking hot! It's better than when Justine and I taped our sex and watched it later!"

Justine was writhing under me.

"Oh dad, oh dad, oh dad! So gooood. Mmmmppphhhhhhhh!"

I didn't last too long. I felt the surge coming and just let it go.

"Cummin, ooooff oooffff ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

My cum rocketed out of my cock into Justine's deepest void. She was shaking under me, cumming too. That was nice. I slid out, still panting and a wave of fluids poured out. Justine lay there, spread eagled and panting. Betty was just finishing cumming with her hand a blur on her clit.

"Oh George watch me cummmmmmmm!"

She squeezed her clit and I saw the small squirt shoot out. Betty just lay back and stared.

"What a family we have now!"

She crawled up on the bed between Justine and I and we all just passed out.

I woke up about an hour later. No, nobody was blowing me and Justine wasn't fucking her mom with a strap-on. That came later, maybe I'll tell you about it. I heard the shower and the bed was empty. I looked at the clock, it was almost nine. I was hungry. About the time I was going in to see what was keeping them the bathroom door opened and two naked females burst into the room. I smiled.

"Was it a long shower?"

They smirked.

"It had a few interesting moments, but no, we're hungry, go shower."

I pouted.

"Alone? That's not fair."

Justine pulled on my arm.

"You KNOW we'll make it up to you so please go, I'm famished!"

Dinner was in the diner next to the motel. It was good. We talked a lot but not about the important issue. Sex.

It was ten thirty by the time we were all in one bed, naked. Betty knew we needed to sleep but we had to cover some territory first.

"George, I hope you're not going to be mad but I'd like to keep seeing Arlene and Earl. I'm quite sure you're welcome to attend."

I was gently fondling Justine's firm young breast. She just lay back and smiled.

"I'm okay with that on one term. We can keep our side playmates but I think we should both be there. We don't both have to participate but I think it's important to do this together.

"How do you think Donna and Rob will feel?"

"They won't mind a bit as long as you and Rob hit it off. I'm already looking forward to fucking your best friend while you watch."

"Ohhhh damn George, don't DO that! You're getting me all wet again and you need to sleep."

Justine spoke up.

"Um, folks, what do tell or not tell Donna and Rob about us?"

She pointed back and forth between us and her. Betty looked at me and cocked her head.

"I don't know how to approach her on this so I think we'll just keep it to those who understand our unique relationship, for now."

Justine giggled.

"Unique relationship, nice, so now I know what they call sex with every member of your family. So then, mom can't hook up with Earl and Arlene till we get back? That's tough considering we're going to be enjoying each other for the rest of our trip, right?"

I hadn't thought about that.

"True, well, okay. The new rules go into effect when we get back. Until then, make good choices."

We all laughed. The light went out and I don't think any of us were awake two minutes later.

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