tagBDSMDiscovering Daddy Ch. 02

Discovering Daddy Ch. 02


Emily lay on her bed, watching the clock intently. She still had half an hour before she needed to leave for the stables, and all at once she felt that the time was going much too quickly and that it would never arrive. Excitement tingled through her body, but it was accompanied by a pounding in her head and a lurch in her stomach. Her superficial body ached to see Mr Gregson again, but deep inside she wasn't so sure.

Emily ran her mind through the previous week's events. She remembered how Mr Gregson had kissed her embarrassingly small breasts so tenderly; how he had run his hands down her body so intimately; how his cock had taken her virginity so lovingly. Her pussy tingled lightly at her memories, and as her thoughts turned to the way he had called her his little girl and asked her to call him Daddy, her pussy started to drip with desire.

She was wearing the shirt Mr Gregson had given her last week, and as she thought of him she let her hands trail over the fabric, feeling her nipples harden beneath it. It wasn't long before her hand explored lower territory, gently stroking the inside of her bare thigh before tentatively making its way to her slick, wet pussy. She stroked a finger up and down her wet slit, and then finally brought it up to her swollen clit, circling it gently. Emily repeated the motion only a few times before she felt her body tighten on the brink of an orgasm. Just as she was about to come, she removed her hand and clenched it into a fist at the side of her body to keep it from returning to her aching pussy.

She had done the same thing countless times during the past week. Her thoughts of Mr Gregson drove her wild, but whenever she was about to come she remembered the way he had said, "Come for me baby girl, come for your daddy" and she was suddenly consumed with the conviction that she shouldn't be touching herself without his permission.

As Emily looked at the clock again she realized it was finally time to get going. She made a quick trip to the bathroom and tried to dry the area between her legs, which proved to be an impossible feat because her pussy just wouldn't stop dripping. She returned to her room to slip on the jeans Mr Gregson had told her to wear.

As Emily started to walk down the road towards the stables, she noticed that her jeans were rubbing against her still swollen clit. She tried to walk slowly to ease the pressure, afraid that she might orgasm before she arrived. By the time she got there, she was ten minutes late. She walked through the gate and made her way over to the horses, but Mr Gregson was nowhere to be seen. She considered mounting Gigi and starting on her ride anyway, but she didn't even want to think about the effect that would have on her throbbing pussy. Finally Emily looked over at the house and tentatively made her way towards it, hoping Mr Gregson wouldn't consider it an invasion of privacy.

She made it all the way to the door with her hand poised to knock when her nerves suddenly overwhelmed her. What if he was mad at her for coming to the house? Had last week really happened anyway? And if it had, did she really want to do it again? Her hand was still hovering at the door when it suddenly swung open. Mr Gregson looked down at her with those familiar, friendly hazel eyes which made Emily almost certain she had imagined the previous week; it was impossible to imagine quiet, gentle Mr Gregson taking her as confidently as she remembered.

He didn't smile, though Emily thought she saw a tiny smirk as he looked at her raised fist. He simply stood to the side which Emily assumed was an invitation to come in. She stepped into the house just far enough to let him close the door and waited awkwardly. Mr Gregson stood in front of her again, looking her up and down with no apparent expression on his face. He gave a small nod of approval as he took in her clothes. "I see you dressed how I asked." His voice was flat, almost mumbling. He was the same, shy Mr Gregson who had barely spoken two words to Emily before last week.

He took a step towards her and Emily's mouth dropped open as his hands reached down to unto her jeans. He slipped them down to her ankles and looked down quickly to take in her lack of panties before giving her a tight smile. "Exactly how I asked." He walked towards the couch and without looking back at her said, "You may step out of them." Emily shook her jeans off and self-consciously clasped her hands in front of her pussy. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other, unsure what to do. Mr Gregson settled into the couch and turned on the TV. "You were late." He didn't move his eyes from the screen.

"I-I'm sorry. It took me longer than usual to get here."


Emily blushed at the thought of her jeans rubbing against her swollen clit. "I guess I was walking a bit slowly."

Mr Gregson finally turned to look at her, but his face was suddenly very stern. He spoke more firmly this time; the shy, bumbling man disappearing. "Why? And don't cover yourself like that. When I undress you it means I want to see you."

Emily slowly let her hands drop to her sides. "I don't know why." Her face was bright red. Mr Gregson stood and started walking back towards her. As he got closer Emily was afraid he would slap her, but he stopped in front of her and looked down at her the way a father would look down at his rebellious daughter. "Tell me why."

Emily felt tears well in her eyes. She had hoped that Mr Gregson would take her in his arms and call her his little girl before fucking her again, taking her back to the amazing level of ecstasy he had before. She didn't understand what was going on, and deep down she was terrified that he wasn't attracted to her anymore. She just wanted him to stop being so stern with her, so as much as it humiliated her she decided to tell him the truth. "I was horny, and my jeans were rubbing against me so I was afraid I would come." She looked down at the ground as she spoke, afraid to watch his expression.

"Why didn't you want to come?"

"Because I didn't have your permission." Mr Gregson was silent for a full minute, so Emily finally looked up at him. To her relief, he was smiling at her.

"That's a very good girl Emily, I hadn't even told you that rule yet. So tell me my baby, what had you so horny?"

"I had been thinking about you...Daddy." Emily hesitated a moment before using the name, but she hoped it would make him even more happy with her. She was rewarded with a large grin and a strong hand gently stroking her hair.

"You really are a good little girl." Then his face turned serious, though not stern this time. "But you were late, and Daddy doesn't like it when you're late."

"I really am sorry Daddy."

"I know you are baby, but I can't just let it go like that. My girl needs some discipline to make sure she becomes the best girl she can possibly be."

Emily's eyes grew wide as she looked at him. He was looking at her so tenderly; it was hard for Emily to believe his words. "Discipline?"

"Yes my Emily. What do you think we could do to teach you not to be late?"

"I don't know Daddy."

"Think Emily, you're a smart girl."

Emily had no idea what sort of answer he was looking for, but she didn't want to displease him. Finally she remembered the way he had looked at the riding crops last week. She hadn't thought he would really use them on her, and though she had enjoyed the pain when his cock had entered her she didn't think she could handle something quite so extreme. Mr Gregson was looking at her expectantly though, and she didn't have any other ideas.

"You could whip me with the riding crops." Emily screwed her eyes shut as she said it, terrified that that wasn't the sort of discipline he was talking about, and simultaneously terrified that it was exactly what he was talking about.

When she finally opened her eyes, Mr Gregson was smiling at her again. "You would let me do that, Emily?"

Emily nodded her head in consent. As scared as she was, she knew she would do it if it would please him.

Mr Gregson leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her lips. Emily felt her entire body tingle, so happy that he was pleased with her. "Thank you for offering that my girl, but I think we'll ease into that. For now we'll stick with something simpler, and more intimate." He reached down and took her hand, leading her into the dining room. He pulled out one of the chairs and sat down, not letting go of her hand. Slowly and gently he pulled her down, leading her hand down past his legs until she was bent over him. "Take your weight of the floor my sweetheart, just let yourself relax on me." Emily let herself fall forward until only her hair touched the ground. Her shirt fell up towards her neck as her hips rested in Mr Gregson's lap.

Mr Gregson placed a palm on one ass cheek, rubbing it in slow circles before moving onto the other one. He slid his hand down towards her pussy, running his finger through her wetness. Emily hadn't stopped dripping since she had started thinking of him earlier. She could hear the smile in his voice. "All this is for me? My dirty little girl." He brought his finger up to his mouth and tasted her. "Delicious."

Emily felt her whole body relax. It felt incredible to be with him again, to have him touching her so intimately. She almost forgot that this was about discipline.

Before Emily even knew what was happening, Mr Gregson raised his hand and rapidly brought it down on her ass, resulting in a loud cracking sound. She cried out, a deep, guttural sound. Mr Gregson rubbed her ass cheeks again. "Good, you're a moaner. I don't enjoy screamers nearly as much."

He brought his hand up again, bringing it down with even more force than before. Emily moaned even more loudly, tears stinging at her eyes. Mr Gregson repeated the process ten times, rubbing her ass between each slap; soothing her sore, red cheeks before bringing even more pain on them again.

By the time he was finished, Emily had a few tears streaming down her face, but she felt oddly secure. The way he had continued to be so tender with her had made her feel comforted, and she could feel his cock pressing against her hip so she knew he was pleased with her.

Mr Gregson stroked her back for a few moments, petting her like a kitten. He slid his hands towards her shoulders then tilted her upwards until her feet were back on the ground. "Stand up Emily."

Emily felt dizzy as the blood rushed out of her head, but Mr Gregson stood up after her and wrapped his arms around her, tucking her head into his chest and stroking her hair. "You are so good for Daddy; you won't ever be late again, will you?"

"No Daddy, I promise." Emily's words were muffled by Mr Gregson's chest, but he must have understood because he held her more tightly.

After a few moments Mr Gregson turned Emily's face to look at him, still stroking her hair. "Normally I wouldn't do this, because a punishment is punishment after all, but since it was your first one and you took it so well, I would like to give you a reward."

Emily smiled shyly up at him. "Thank you Daddy."

He picked her up and carried her towards the bedroom, then laid her down on the bed. Emily felt her breath quicken as Mr Gregson stood over her, smiling at her. "Take off the shirt."

Emily did as she was told, feeling slightly embarrassed at showing him her small breasts again, but then she almost giggled at herself as she realized that if it hadn't been for those breasts, none of this would ever have happened.

As she lay back into the bed Mr Gregson ran his eyes over her. "There are my pathetic little girl tits."

It amazed Emily that he could insult her yet make her feel wonderful at the same time. His words may have sounded mean on the surface, but the way he smiled as he said them and the way he had called them his made Emily feel proud of them.

He laughed as her nipples grew hard beneath his gaze, then went to stand at the foot of the bed. "Show Daddy your cunt, Emily."

She had to look away as she spread her legs as wide as they would go. "Look at me sweetie, don't take your eyes off me unless I say so." Emily trembled as she looked back towards him. Mr Gregson let out a long sigh of satisfaction. "It makes me very happy to see my baby's cunt glistening for me like that."

As if to prove his words, he undid his trousers and pulled them off along with his boxers in one motion, letting Emily see the way his cock stood straight up. He removed his shirt as he leaned forward, kneeling on the bed in between her legs. Lying on top of her, he placed his mouth softly on hers, probing her mouth with his tongue. Emily could feel his cock pressing against her pussy and couldn't help moving her hips in small circles. Mr Gregson took his mouth off hers. "Hold still baby, I know your slutty little cunt wants me but it's just going to have to wait."

Emily strained to keep her body still as Mr Gregson went back to kissing her, but she couldn't keep the tiny moans of frustration escaping from her throat. Mr Gregson laughed at her and got back up on his knees. He placed his hands under her legs and lifted them up over his shoulders, letting his cock slide up and down her wet slit.

Emily moaned each time his cock brushed her clit. "Play with your little tits baby, show Daddy what a horny little slut you are." Emily really was a horny little slut at that moment, so she had none of her usual reservations as she brought her hands up to her chest, squeezing her breasts before rolling her nipples in her hands. Her moans grew louder and she struggled against the temptation to throw her head back, careful to keep her eyes on her Daddy's.

Mr Gregson took his cock in his hand and moved just the head through Emily's slit, before holding it at her entrance.

Emily wasn't sure if she was even allowed to talk, but she couldn't help herself. "Yes Daddy, please fuck me! I want your cock inside me so much."

Mr Gregson grinned wickedly. "Don't worry my girl, you'll have my cock inside you soon enough." But instead of entering her, he slid the head of his cock lower down until it was pressing against her asshole. Her pussy had been dripping so much that her ass was slick as well. Mr Gregson placed just a little pressure at her back entrance, massaging it but not pressing inside.

Emily's eyes grew wide when she first felt his cock at her ass, but as he rubbed against her she started to moan again, remembering how nice it had felt when he had fingered her asshole.

"Are you my little girl?"

"Yes Daddy!"

"And you belong to me completely?"

"Oh yes Daddy."

"So that means every part of you belongs to me, and I can use you how I see fit?"

"Yes Daddy, however you want."

"Tell me what you're going to let me use right now."

Emily hesitated for only a fraction of a second. "You can have my ass Daddy, it belongs to you. Please fuck my ass Daddy!"

Mr Gregson smiled at her. "You dirty, dirty girl." He placed a little more pressure on her. Mr Gregson's cock had massaged Emily's asshole so tenderly that it welcomed the head of his cock. It slipped past her sphincter and Emily let out a loud moan. The first feeling was pain, but as he held his cock just inside her the pain was overtaken by pleasure.

As he pushed in further, Emily instinctively tried to push him out, but the movement had the opposite effect. As soon as she pushed, Mr Gregson's cock slid in further until it was halfway buried inside her. He groaned as her ass clenched around him. "You're mine Emily."

At his words Emily pushed out again, but this time it was with the intention of helping him penetrate her more deeply. As his entire length slid deep inside her ass, Emily let out a deep, animalistic sound that would have embarrassed her had she not been so overcome with desire. He held his cock inside her as Emily adjusted to him. It was an entirely different feeling of fullness than when he had been in her cunt; there was an irresistible combination of feeling like she needed to empty herself while simultaneously wanting to be filled even more.

Mr Gregson looked at her and smiled. "You're such a naughty, dirty little girl lying there with your daddy's cock in your ass."

Emily was once again surprised at how much his words turned her on. She smiled at him with a mixture of raw hunger and pure bliss. "Fuck me Daddy, fuck my ass hard."

Mr Gregson moved his hips backward, sliding out of her until only the head of his cock was still encased by her ass. He gripped her tightly and thrust into her hard and deep, causing them both to cry out. They kept their eyes on each other as he moved in and out of her ass, no longer speaking but letting out various grunts and moans. Mr Gregson reached down to rub Emily's clit, and she struggled to hold off an orgasm. She never could have imagined the sensory pleasures hidden in her anal passage, and the combination of the physical sensations and the thought that she was being claimed so completely, in such a naughty way, was driving her rapidly to the edge.

"Come exactly when I tell you to, baby." Mr Gregson's words came out in rapid spurts between heavy breaths. Emily could only nod frantically in agreement. He moved faster, sliding in and out easily with all of the juice being continuously produced by Emily's pussy. Each time he thrust into her, his cock disappeared in her ass and his balls slapped loudly against her cheeks.

Emily was writhing on the bed, struggling to keep her eyes on Mr Gregson. She was almost in pain from her desperate need for release. Her daddy's fingers continued to play at her clit, which was making her ass twitch around his cock.

Finally, Mr Gregson gripped her hips so hard it hurt and managed to grunt out, "Come Emily." He thrust himself hard into her and an orgasm immediately rippled through her entire body. Her ass closed tightly around Mr Gregson's cock and he instantaneously released his sperm deep into her ass. They both cried out in utter pleasure but kept their eyes on each other, which only intensified the satisfaction of their joint release. Mr Gregson kept himself buried deep inside her as he emptied his balls into her ass and Emily felt wave after wave of pleasure as his hot cum filled her.

After the last drops of cum left his cock, Mr Gregson slowly slid out of Emily and lay down beside her. He stroked her hair, every so often placing a soft kiss on her lips; her nose; her forehead. Emily smiled up at him contentedly, feeling his cum drip from her ass. She had never felt so protected, or so much like she belonged somewhere; to someone.

After a few moments, Mr Gregson reached over and picked up his cell phone. He handed it to Emily. "Put your number in." She obediently keyed in her details then handed the phone back to him. Mr Gregson gave her one last, deep kiss before standing up. "Get dressed baby girl. Quickly. You'll probably want to use the bathroom soon and I want you to hold my cum inside you until you get home."

Emily was already feeling a slight pain in her stomach so she put her shirt on hurriedly and rushed out towards the door where she had left her jeans. Mr Gregson was right behind her, smiling with amusement as she rushed around. He placed his hand behind her head and looked into her eyes. "You'll hear from me my sweet girl. Now you better run."

Emily hesitated, smiling at him before reluctantly walking out the door. She ran all the way home, her stomach killing her but the smile never leaving her face.

She had no more doubts about Mr Gregson. Emily knew with absolute certainty that she would return whenever he wanted her to, and do whatever he asked. For better or worse, she was his.

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