Discovering Daddy Ch. 03


"Just think," she whispered in my ear. "You're sitting right where Daddy sits every night and cums; hot juicy sperm going to waste all over his robe. You know you want to fuck him, don't you Katie?"

I did. I so did. But I wasn't about to admit it. Caroline was just acknowledging out loud the ideas that she'd already planted in my head, and she knew it. She kissed me on the cheek, stood up and walked to the door. "We'd better get out of here before Dad finds us."

"Look, I don't know what you're thinking," I said. "It's one thing to pretend that you might want to sleep with your father, it's another to really do anything about it. He doesn't want to sleep with us, however much we might want it. It's just too weird. Besides, I don't really want to sleep with him."

Caroline paused in the doorway to look back over her shoulder at me. "Oh, Katie-pie, you shouldn't sublimate your desires like that. You might wind up hurting yourself."

"That's a chance I'm willing to risk."

Caroline giggled. "Oh? You're willing to take risks, little sister? Now that's something I can work with."


Dad changed into some casual clothes and took us miniature golfing at a nearby course – a really nice one with shady trees and not-too challenging holes. Since it was a Friday night it was pretty busy with lots of couples on dates. We had a good time cheering our lucky shots and commiserating over our lousy ones. Dad easily beat us.

Being a girl I was used to getting checked out whenever I was out in public. Boys had been looking at me out of the corner of their eyes for years. But this time it was different, because I was behaving just like them - checking out the pretty girls myself. Imagining kissing the smiling lips of the freckled redhead who successfully shot her ball through the blades of the windmill. Wondering what it might be like to be wrapped in the bare legs of the skinny brunette with the dazzling smile who was leaning on her golf club. Pretending that I was tangling my fingers in the hair of the short curvy Latin girl in tight jeans licked me out.

Since I was looking at the girls more now, I noticed something that I'd never seen before - some of them were checking us out, too. Especially Callie. There was a little blond in the group behind us who looked like she was only fifteen until you looked closer, and I caught her staring at Callie's ass with dreamy need in her eyes two or three times. And there were a couple of college girls golfing together, wearing jeans, heels and brightly colored popcorn tops. I never would have noticed them at all before, but with my newfound sensibilities I caught them nudging each other and whispering together as they looked at us. The taller one smiled at me with a look that was an open invitation to frolic, and I blushed. She seemed disappointed when she saw that I was there with a man.

It was a wonder I got any golfing done, and more than once Caroline had to call my name to remind me it was my turn.

I also noticed as I people-watched that more than one or two of the women there were checking out Dad. I was proud and jealous and shocked, all at the same time. I guess I'd just never noticed women looking at him before. There was this one really pretty girl who was maybe ten years older than Callie or me, and she seemed to spend an awful lot of time gazing in Dad's direction (not that he noticed). She was there with some loser dressed in baggy shorts and sandals, and I guess her evening wasn't turning out the way she wanted. When she caught me watching her looking at Dad she raised her eyebrows and gave me a smile and a nod that said, "Good catch!" I was quietly pleased that she took me for the lover of a handsome older man, and I tried to not to look like the virgin schoolgirl I was.

Not that I wondered why she was looking. I kept wanting to run up behind him and grab his cute ass in my hands. Just to feel it. Once when Caroline and I were watching him bend over to line up his putt she whispered in my ear, "Your daddy sure has a nice butt! Do you mind if I fuck him?"

It was a good thing that I wasn't taking a drink of my coke, because I laughed so hard it would have shot out my nose.

We went to dinner at a Mexican place by the house, and then home and to bed.

Per the agreement we'd made, I waited until it was almost midnight to leave my room and go to Caroline's. Of course, first I snuck downstairs to see if Dad was masturbating in his office. I even had an excuse all ready in case I needed it – I was getting a glass of milk when I noticed his computer was on. I was disappointed, though, because the lights were off and he wasn't there.

Caroline threw the covers back for me, and I crawled happily into her bed and arms. She wrapped her long tan legs around me and I gratefully accepted her offer to nibble her breast.

"So Mr. Paddington doesn't get to watch tonight?" she whispered.

"I meant to tell you," I said. "Mr. Paddington was quite upset. He wanted to join in last night but couldn't, because he doesn't have a dick."

"Neither do I," she giggled as I slid down between her legs, trailing wet bunny kisses as I made my way to her bald slit.

"Lucky me," I whispered.


I snuck back into my room in the wee hours of the morning – neither one of us wanted to try to explain to Dad why we were naked together in Caroline's bed.

After breakfast Dad asked us what our plans for the day were. He said that even though it was Saturday, he was going to have to go in to the office for a little bit.

"We're going to do what all good little girls do on the day before an important gift-giving holiday," Caroline said. "Go burn plastic!"

Dad laughed.

"We have to find the perfect gift for our father on Valentine's Day," she said.

"Yep," I agreed. "A new tie! One with miniature golf balls on it. Or maybe a mug that says 'We Heart Daddy.'

Dad made a 'yucky' face and we laughed. "Well, don't spend too much – I'm not made of money, you know."

We promised that we wouldn't. Of course, that was just what we said to his face. The real plan was to spend a lot. It was a good thing that Dad made so much money, whether he complained about it or not.

We drove to the Park Meadows mall, which was a kind of snooty shopping center with no Sears or Penney's to sully its commercial greed. This mall catered to urban upscale clientele with stores like Ann Taylor, Christopher & Banks and even a Victoria's Secret.

Caroline had an idea of what to get Dad for Valentine's Day, and she told me as we walked through the mall.

"He already smokes cigars, right? So it'd be natural for him to try a pipe. It's something different, and very masculine. Besides, can you imagine how darling he'd look with a pipe in his mouth?" Callie fanned her face with her hand as she pulled open the door to the tobacco shop.

Thanks to the guy behind the counter we learned way more about pipes than we ever wanted to. He helped us choose a hand-carved Meerschaum with a straight stem and a pipe cleaning kit. He balked at selling us any tobacco, pointing out that it was illegal to sell it to minors.

"Please?" Caroline whispered. "Pretty please with sugar on top? We won't tell anyone. It's going to be a Valentine's Day present for Daddy, from me and my sister."

Her voice was sultry and innocent at the same time. She gave him a hopeful look and bit her lip, looking out from under her bangs. She all but batted her eyes at him, and I knew that if she'd used that look on me I would have given her anything she wanted. I watched in amazement, sucking up the technique so that I could bend a guy around my little finger too. I don't think anyone could have resisted Caroline, and he only managed to for about three seconds. He got down a bunch of different jars of tobacco so that we could smell them. Finally we chose a package of three cans of Captain Black. Caroline liked the scent of the Rum and Honey, but I liked the Black Cherry. We both thanked him profusely and wiggled our fingers over our shoulders as we left. And when I felt his eyes lingering on my ass, I gave it a little extra thank you wiggle just for him. God, I was getting as bad as Caroline.

After that we were able to concentrate on our real reason for the trip to the mall – us.

We went from store to store, walking arm-in-arm and accumulating packages as we went. My desire for my big sister ratcheted up slowly as I saw her step from the dressing room again and again, always wearing something new that made me want to peel it off so that I could get to the goodies underneath. She was so damned cute modeling for me that it melted my heart to watch. Of course, I did my share of preening and showing off for her, too.

It took most of the day, but in the end we had whole new outfits for each of us, including shoes, makeup and perfume. Victoria's Secret was the last stop. The salesgirl didn't bat an eye when we gave in to the urge to go into the dressing room together so that we could share some wicked kisses and fondling while we were half naked and trying on lingerie. Callie reached under my panties and diddled my clit while she kissed me. Her long bare legs begged for my touch, and I made a note to myself to see if we could do it missionary style and rub our pussies together while she wrapped those delicious limbs around me. We were both wet and maddeningly unfinished when we took our selections to the cash register. The counter girl was a really cute brunette, with a smattering of pale freckles and dark green eyes. She licked her lips slowly and looked me in the eye while she checked us out, and I knew she was dreaming about the fun that she and I could have in the dressing room together. Maybe I was going to have to get a job there myself.

When we got home we told Dad 'not to look' while we snuck our packages inside and hid them in our rooms. He thought we were sneaking in our present for him and he was at least partially right, because his pipe and tobacco were tucked away in our other packages. As we walked up the staircase trying not to let the packages rustle too much, I looked at Dad ignoring us by reading his paper and I decided Callie was right – he'd definitely look way cool with a pipe in his mouth.

We sent out for Chinese for dinner and ate in the kitchen. I kept looking over my chopsticks at Dad, imaging him with his pipe and wondering just what his reaction was going to be to the other stuff we'd bought. He was so handsome I had to drag my eyes away, and my heart fluttered with anticipation for the secret that Caroline and I had planned.

Callie and I had decided as we were shopping that we'd have to pass on any hanky panky that night, however much we wanted it. The next morning was Valentine's day, and Dad had always snuck into our rooms during the night to leave us a little present when we woke up. We did not want him to catch us fucking around. That didn't stop me from claiming a long wet goodnight kiss from her in the hallway before we went to our separate bedrooms. I wondered if I'd ever stop getting dizzy whenever she kissed me.

And so it was just me and Mr. Paddington snuggled together in bed, although I did give in to the thirst between my legs that had started when Caroline and I were necking in the store. I kept my panties on and did it under the covers, trying to keep my hand from moving too much just in case Daddy came in and saw me. It was hard and quick, and the orgasm took just enough of the edge off that I could get to sleep.

* * *

It was a good thing that we'd decided not to share beds that night. When I woke up in the morning, Mr. Paddington greeted me with a huge red Valentine stuck between his paws. It said Happy Valentine's Day to the Bestest Daughter in the World. He held a single white rose in one paw, and dangling from the other was the most gorgeous charm bracelet I'd ever seen – a gold chain with just one charm, a small heart edged in tiny diamonds. It sparkled in the pale morning light, and I smiled in delight as I unfastened it from him. "Thank you, Mr. Paddington for guarding Daddy's gift," I said. It's good to have a loyal bear for lots of different reasons. I gave him a kiss on the nose and fastened the bracelet around my wrist. The diamonds radiated sparkling beams in every color of the rainbow, and my heart swelled with love for the man who had bought me such a perfect treasure. I promised myself that I'd never take it off.

I checked the clock and saw that I had about an hour before I was supposed to meet Callie. I was barely gonna make it. I fetched my new boxes and bags from under the bed and took them to the bathroom with me. I managed to keep my hands off myself in the shower. Mostly. Then I brushed my hair until it was soft as a kitten, put on my brand-new makeup and slipped into the clothes I'd bought yesterday. I put on my jewelry, old and new, daubed on some light musky perfume and I was ready to go. All the while as I was getting ready my nerves and excitement slowly inched up. I tried to ignore them by concentrating on what I was doing.

When I finally stood in front of the full length mirror, I couldn't believe my eyes. The cumulative effect of all of our scheming had worked far beyond my expectations.

Reflected in the mirror was a girl I hardly recognized, an intelligent looking woman much older than me, a woman of obvious class and style. An unflappable woman who could take orders without hesitation and see that they were carried out immediately and efficiently. A perfect secretary.

My brown suede skirt was a little too short for a truly professional woman, but it was just right for a girl who wanted to seduce the boss without getting too racy. The white silk blouse was crisp and clean and open at the neck so that I could show off the gold necklace that Daddy had bought me for Valentine's Day last year. I continued the gold theme with my favorite hoop earrings and my new charm bracelet on my wrist. For an extra touch I had added a suede vest which I wore open to display the row of buttons down the front of my blouse.

I had tried to make my makeup sophisticated and understated – more than I usually wore but not by too much. I liked how it looked, and knew that I'd be wearing it this way more often, whether I was trying to look like a secretary or not.

We had bought nylons for an exorbitant price at a little shop that sold nothing else. Mine were a light tan that blended with the color palette of my vest and skirt. The little design of flowers on the side looked like a tattoo on my calf. My shoes were sexy high-heeled pumps. In order to pretend that I was a prim secretary and not a tartlet I hadn't bought sandals. Even though these had a closed toe, the height of the heel was more than I was used to and I felt wickedly unbalanced and trashy.

I checked myself out in the mirror, turning this way and that so that I could get a good view of everything. I looked so different I couldn't get over it. The teenager I usually saw had vanished, and I remembered the 'come hither' looks from the girl at the golf course. Maybe I wasn't really too young for her at all. I loved how sexy I felt in the frilly blouse, suede skirt and nylons. My legs were sleek and long, the high heels forcing a little extra shapeliness into them. I felt all grown up, and I couldn't wait to show off to my sister.

The duty of wrapping Daddy's Valentine's Day presents had fallen to me, mostly because I was better at wrapping than Callie and I wasn't about to let her mess it up. I had wrapped them in sexy black foil wrapping paper with red and silver hearts and bows made out of curling ribbons. I gathered them up and walked out the door. I was nervous and horny and thrilled, and I couldn't wait for Caroline to see me.

I walked down the hall to Dad's room. Just as I put the packages down on the hall table to wait for Callie a noise down the hall made me look up.

A pretty blond woman was closing the door to Caroline's room behind her. An electric jolt of jealousy flowed through me and I was ready to go bitch slap her – how dare Callie tell me that I couldn't spend the night with her and then invite this trollop to her bed! The thought only lasted a microsecond and never even became fully formed as I realized that the blond floozy was actually my sister.

Caroline walked toward me like a runway model, oozing confidence, long legs and sex. She was absolutely stunning.

Her blond locks were pulled back into a bun, held in place with a pair of enameled black sticks which poked out on either side, giving her a prissy librarian air. She wore a vibrant red elegantly cut business suit which showed off her curves and impossibly hid them at the same time. Her jacket came down just over her hips and the skirt was really too short for any self-respecting office girl, but not as short as the skirts on some of the girls on Dad's computer. Her lacy camisole, nylons and high-heeled sandals were all black, which gave the perfect edge to her outfit. She was a tantalizing vision in red, black and blonde. And I swear, somehow her legs looked even longer than the last time I'd seen them.

As she came closer I could see that she had put on more makeup that I had. The rouge that she had applied to her cheekbones not only highlighted them, but made them stand out in a dramatic sexy way. Her lips were painted a soft baby-girl pink; a shade that was mirrored on her finger and toenails. The color lent her stern outfit a touch of teenage innocence that whispered fun and take me.

But the icing on the cake was perched on her nose - a pair of black oval reading glasses which finished her secretarial look to perfection. I felt as if I was privy to a special secret; my sister was like Clark Kent and would turn into someone totally different when she took off the glasses and peeled open her shirt.

Two days ago Callie had looked like a fifteen year old in her Pooh pajamas, and now she looked like a ball-breaking Harvard graduate, ready to discuss mergers and IPOs. Couldn't she ever look her age?

She grinned as she walked towards me, knowing full well how fucking incredible she looked. I grinned right back. When she reached me we giggled, grabbed hands and did a happy dance right there in the hall, trying to do it quietly so we wouldn't wake up Daddy.

She whispered, "God, Katie! You look incredible!"

"Thank you, Caroline," I said, performing a pirouette that wasn't quite as graceful as I would have liked thanks to the high heels.

"But you!" I said. "You're just fucking gorgeous. And you look just like Mom!"

"I know," she said, grinning. "I cheated!"


"I snuck downstairs and borrowed the CD. I found that picture of Mom when she was sitting at a desk in an office, remember? I copied my hair and makeup so that I'd look just like her."

"Oh, God! I remember that picture! I wondered why you looked so familiar. You look so much like her it's incredible. You are sooo cute!" Callie grinned happily. Obviously that was just the reaction she'd wanted. She wasn't an identical twin or anything, but the new hair and makeup had pushed her resemblance to Mom from passing to unmistakable.

"Is that what Dad got you?" she asked, looking at my wrist.

I held it up so she could see the gold bracelet and the dangling heart-shaped charm with its tiny diamonds. "Isn't it fantastic?" I said. Caroline was happy for me and I could tell she was also a little jealous, which made me happy too. It's always good to own something your sister covets.

"What'd you get?" I said.

"See?" she said, looking down at her ankle. She turned her foot from side to side and I could see her new anklet scintillating in the early morning light. Like my bracelet, it had a little heart-shaped charm made of diamonds. I'd never wanted to kiss an ankle before, but the glittering gold chain on top of black nylon was sure putting ideas in my head, and I told her so.

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