tagBDSMDiscovering Denial

Discovering Denial


Guys, while reading this story, you ARE NOT allowed to come to it, EVER.

Girls, you are always encouraged to pleasure yourself anyway you wish.

This is my first story. I am open to all comments, suggestions, criticisms, and praise! I want to credit Opal-CEO for some inspiration. I want to especially thank SynchroSwimmer01 for making me horny enough to write this!

Thanks for reading!


- Discovering Denial, a Story by Denny Micum -

--- Chapter 1: ---

Abby and Matt met in college. While they didn't start dating until junior year, they had always noticed each other. Abby was a little taller than most girls were and had really long, shapely legs, which majestically rose up to her perky and full butt. Her legs were Matt's favorite part of her. At parties, she would often wear short skirts and revealing tops, which helped highlight her nicely sized breasts. Abby loved the looks she'd get from the guys, especially Matt. Her friends would jokingly call her a slut, but deep down, Abby really just enjoyed teasing the boys. Abby was an absolute bombshell.

Matt wasn't the total physical package Abby was, but he wasn't a slouch either. He made up for his average body with a great disposition. He was fun, and he was such a gentleman. Abby instantly fell in love with his positive attitude and charm. Matt was also fairly tall, with a decently athletic build. He wasn't washboard abs; but he was as fit as anyone. He has a very handsome face, which is what initially drew Abby into him.

Abby and Matt continued dating after college, moved in together, got married, and seemed so great for each other, but something had always been missing. The two had a very vanilla sex life. Their sex consisted of mostly missionary and occasionally girl on top. While they grew closer as a couple, their sex life seemed to grow more and more distant. They loved each other deeply but just never seemed very compatible in the bedroom. Abby never initiated sex, and Matt would just masturbate and take care of himself. It seemed as if they needed to try something new, spice things up, but neither wanted to offer a suggestion. To be turned down would be so embarrassing. However, tonight changes everything.

It is a chilly night in November, and the two retire to bed. Abby playfully puts her cold feet on Matt, making him shout out in surprise, "God your feet are freezing! Do you even have a pulse? Come here," he says, and he wraps his legs around her feet to warm her. They stare into each other's eyes for a quick moment before he moves in for a kiss. It sounds romantic, but with Matt taking the lead, Abby knows what's coming, in this exact order: "We will kiss, he'll slowly move his hands in to warm me up, I'll stroke him for a while, he'll get on top and come too quickly. He'll finish me with his hands, and we'll go to bed, but I'm never totally satisfied," she thought. Maybe that's fine for some people, but Abby really wants to come from penetration. Matt has never been able to give that to her, and he knows it to. This time things were different though.

Matt is lasting. He seems to have a new energy to him, and he isn't blowing his load after 3 minutes. His cock is really hard, and Abby is really getting wet from it. She can feel herself starting to flush...an orgasm is coming on. Matt keeps sliding his cock into her as deep as he can, and it is hitting her just right. As Abby starts getting close, her moans are becoming too much for Matt to handle. She can tell he is about to come. "If Matt comes, he'll stop thrusting, and this orgasm will never happen for me," she thinks. Frustrated with Matt and in a moment of her own desperation, something comes out of her, which she didn't know was there.

"Don't you dare come," she said. "I'm about to come, don't you dare come."

Matt and Abby are both caught off guard; she has never said anything dirty in bed before, and it makes his erection grow harder inside her. Finally, Abby comes as he pumps away. Her orgasm trickles throughout her body in a way clitoral stimulation never has. She didn't even know what she had been missing. Pleasure washes over her whole body, leaving her nearly limp.

She embraces Matt and they kiss, but it was clear to both of them that nothing more was going to happen for Matt tonight. Abby is wiped out from the orgasm. Abby tells him that he can come tomorrow. "It's ok," Matt says, "I'm just so happy I got you to come that way. I'm glad it felt good!"

--- Chapter 2: ---

The following day, they let their minds wander at work and think about the night before. Neither can focus. He loves the way she just took control on top of him, and told him to hold it in. He texts her, "Hey beautiful, I've been thinking about you all day...and you left me hanging last night. I want to be with you so badly."

She's taken back by the text; he has never texted her something sexual like that, and she loves it. She loves how horny he is, and how his attention is completely on her. Excitedly, she responds, "Left you hanging? I felt your erection when I told you no, I think you kind of liked it..."

"I mean, I thought it was really hot that you were talking dirty to me. Can we talk about this later? I can barely focus on work!"

"Ok, maybe tonight I have something planned for you to take care of those blue balls."

As he reads this, he realizes his erection has grown. Matt wonders why he is so turned on by all of it. "OMG baby you're driving me crazy. I've got an erection at work, and I can't do anything about it :("

"I'll do something about it tonight. See you at home :)" she said.

That evening he gets home and finds his wife in their bedroom on the bed. "Hey babe," he says as he starts taking off his work clothes. He heads to the closet to change and she stops him.

"No, take your clothes off right there in front of me," she says. He's frozen. The control she is commanding starts making his cock grow again.

"Come on, take your clothes off and come lay here on the bed...I promised I would take care of you when you got home." He starts unbuttoning his shirt when he notices two of his suit ties strapped to the bedframe.

"Why did you tie those there?" he asks, kicking off his shoes and pants.

"I said I would take care of you. I'm just going to do it really, really slowly. It might drive you a little crazy, and I want your hands tied so you can't reach down and try to help."

"I don't know, Abby. That seems a little crazy."

"Oh, come on you wimp! Who knows, you might even like it."

The thing is, he knows he would like it. He's just so shocked by the way she had seemingly changed overnight. One moment she was a vanilla lover, who never seemed interested in sex, and all of a sudden, she was tying him down? He lays down on the bed completely nude; she has yet to take off her outfit from that day.

She is wearing a somewhat low-cut blouse and medium length skirt. She sits between his legs and places each of her own legs over his, revealing her panties to him. His cock jumps. He can see that her legs are completely smooth and lotioned, all the way to her panty line. He wonders if she had made everything smooth. She grabs the first wrist and brings it up to the bedframe. She ties a tight knot around his wrist and quickly proceeds with the other. "Just relax," she says.

She scoots herself forward bringing her panties to meet his growing erection. She rocks back and forth pressing herself into him. "That feels so good, Abby."

"I know," she says, "It feels good for me too." She stays there with her legs spread for him and starts gently running her fingers up and down his cock. He is fully hard now. She continues up and down for a while until it was clear to her that he wants some different stimulation. "What do you want me to do," she says. "Do you want me to use my mouth?"

"Oh god, yes, that would feel so good."

She slowly takes her head down to his cock as she starts stroking it with her hand. He can feel her breath on his cock; she's so close! That's when she decides to shake things up. "No, I'm not going to use my mouth. You haven't earned that yet." She spits on his cock and starts stroking him faster. Her hand glides over the tip of his cock, repeatedly. He knows he is fully erect, but somehow he feels himself growing harder; her dirty talk makes him extremely hard. His body starts tensing up, and he can feel his orgasm coming. She stops stroking and lets go of his cock altogether.

"Why did you stop?"

"I tied you up for a reason...I want to drive you crazy. It made me so hot today when you texted me and told you how desperate you were for me."

"Oh my god, baby, please let me come. I NEED to come."

"No," she says. "You WANT to come, and we're going to start exploring the difference." She starts stroking him again, but this time she starts playing with his balls too. Pinching and pulling on them, massaging them. "Do you need to come? Yes or No."

Hesitantly, he replies, "No?"

"Do you want to come?"

"YES!" he shouts.

"Good boy, you're learning quickly. Soon, you may not want to come at all." May not want to come? This makes his cock grow even harder. No one has ever treated him like this before; he has never felt so submissive. She gets up from the bed and removes her blouse and skirt. She starts dancing in front of him, running her fingers up and down her body. "I know you want to come, but I also know you don't need to come."

She takes off her bra, exposing her tits to him. Her breasts are full and shapely. Her nipples are a little larger than average, and they really turn Matt on. She runs her fingers over her breasts and feels her nipples harden from her touch. She comes back down to him and starts teasing his cock with her nipples, running them all over his cock as she moans in pleasure.

"I'm going to stroke you again now, and you aren't allowed to come yet. Tell me when you are close."

She spits on his cock again and starts stroking him faster. She continues squeezing and playing with his balls, which is driving him crazy. It isn't painful for him, but it's uncomfortable enough that he tries to get loose from his restraints. He can't get free. His breathing starts getting faster, and before long, he tells her, "Oh my god, I'm about to come."

She let's go immediately.

He buckles against his restraints in frustration, but again it's no use. The ties hold tight, and he is subject completely to her whims. "Please let me come baby," he says.

"It's nice the way you're begging me so politely, but I have a proposition for you."

With that, she gets up on her knees and turns around. She bends over and slowly slides her panties down, revealing her pussy to him. She had shaved her pussy. Normally it took too much effort, but she knows that Matt loves her clean, and she wanted to make sure nothing was turning him off.

She straddles his body again, backwards, with one leg over each side of him, spreading herself for him. She slowly backs up into a sixty-nine position and starts stroking him again. He pulls his head forward to lick her clit, and she firmly grabs his balls. "Don't you dare lick me, or else" she says, squeezing him hard. "I want your mouth close to my pussy, but you are not allowed to touch it." Abby is surprised how hard it makes him when she grabs his balls that firmly.

She continues edging him with her hands, her wet pussy almost dripping onto him. "Can you feel my breath on your cock? I want to feel your breath on my pussy." His face is so close to her, and now more than anything he just wants to lick her and pleasure her. His edge grows closer, and he starts moaning and tensing up. "Babe, I'm gonna come."

She stops.

"Do you want to lick my pussy now?"

"Yes, god yes."

"Then what will you do for me?" she asks.

"What do you mean...I'll be giving you an orgasm? Do you want me to beg or something? Please, let me lick your pussy!" he begs.

"No, licking my pussy is your privilege now, not mine. I want you to DO something for me in return. What will you DO for me?"

He knows what she wants. "Oh god, I don't know, I want to come so badly," he says.

"I know you want to come, that's why my pussy is so wet! But the question remains, what will you do for me? I do love how horny you've been today..."

"Ok, deny my orgasm again tonight."

"No, sorry, not good enough. I think it should be longer than a day."

"But baby, I want to come so badly! I can't wait another day."

"Ah, but I think you can wait. In fact, I think you can wait a week."

"A week!" he exclaims. She starts to get off of him. "Wait!" he says. "Ok baby, a week, just please let me lick you, I want you to come for me."

"Mmmmm, a whole week without an orgasm? Ok, you can lick me, but do it slowly." She gets back into position above him, and he raises his mouth to her. She smells divine. His warm, wet tongue slowly starts to peel back her lips and open her up. She is growing wetter. His tongue circles the entirety of her labia. He slowly runs circles around her, stopping at her perineum to flick his tongue, tickling and teasing her there. He has never been this horny and has never gone that far south, but they both know they love it.

She strokes him very slowly, but firmly. It is keeping him extremely hard. He thought what he wanted was for her to stroke him off to a massive orgasm, but for the time being, he is content now to lick and please her instead. She starts feeling her orgasm grow and starts pressing herself down harder onto his mouth. She's never been on top for cunnilingus, and the power it gives her arouses her even further. She keeps stroking him as he moans into her pussy. "How long do you promise to stay denied?" she asks.

He stops licking her and tells her, "One week."

"I didn't say you could stop licking me. Again, how long are you going to stay denied?"

"UN EEK," he says with his tongue on her, muffled against her pussy.

"And is it turning you on that I get to come tonight, and you have to stay denied?"

"ES IT OES," he admits.

She bears down on his face as she comes. He sucks her clit as she rides him, and the waves of pleasure wash over her body. She keeps riding and comes a second time, before finally rolling off him. His cock throbs for attention.

"That felt so good babe, thank you! And it's only costing you a week of no coming, which especially means no masturbation. I could see your bulge today; I know your cock is fuller and bigger since you haven't come. If you masturbate, I will know, and I will be checking you daily to make sure you aren't cheating on me. Promise me you won't cheat."

"I promise, Abby. I will not cheat."

--- Chapter 3: ---

Whoosh! The shower curtain flings open to reveal Matt standing in the shower...washing his hair. "Penis inspection! I am really surprised you weren't masturbating," she exclaims as she takes off her panties and climbs into the shower.

"Abby, what are you doing? Are you just coming in here to tease me?"

"Do you have a problem with that?"

"I mean, it feels good, but I don't know if I can take it." His penis is already getting hard.

"Looks to me like 'he' wants it. I think you want it to." She squirts conditioner into her hand and starts massaging his cock. She is amazed at how quickly he is growing for her. She strokes him and embraces him for a long, slow kiss. She pushes him against the shower wall and lifts her leg up to the edge of the tub. She guides his cock to the tip of her pussy and starts grinding his head against the inside of her.

"Abby, oh my god that feels so good, I think I am going to come."

"Really, it hasn't even been two minutes! We need to work on your stamina." She gets down onto her knees and grabs the base of his cock with two fingers. She starts stroking up and down, with just the two fingers. It was a weird sensation for Matt, who is used to full grips on his cock. After a minute or so, the two fingers start to become a huge tease. He really wants her to stroke him fully. He begins bucking his hips to help the stroke. "Hold still, Matt. I know this is frustrating you, and that's the idea. Don't move a muscle."

As she wishes, Matt holds still and endures another few minutes of this slow, teasing ride, and then finally, he starts to feel an edge coming on. He clenches his butt to try to hold it back, his breathing slows down, his balls retract. He wants to come so badly, and he forgets he's not supposed to come at all. He gets closer, closer, and he...almost...

Abby stops stimulating him. "Oh my god, Abby, I'm sorry, I got lost in the moment. How did you know I was about to come?"

"All the signs were there, and I think that is enough for today. I'm going to have to think of a punishment because you didn't tell me you were close. Why don't you get ready for work and give me some space."

As Matt gets ready for work, he keeps running through what she had said. A punishment! He has no idea what that means, and coming from this new Abby, he is legitimately concerned.

The day goes by so slowly. He is so used to masturbating every morning, and starting the day with a tease leaves him so horny and semi-hard all day. All he can think about is Abby. It doesn't help that she texts him dirty messages, or sends him a pic of her skirt riding up her legs, revealing a small portion of her panties. She tells him how horny she is, knowing that he's so horny for her. All of it drives Matt crazy.

As Matt thinks about her, he gets massive erections at work. He has never felt this hard and full, and not surprisingly, it feels really good. He feels like a man. The day lingers on, but he can't stop thinking about the photo she sent. It holds a power over him; he looks at it, and his cock instantly starts growing. He has never been this horny. As he shifts around, he can feel the wetness in his pants. "Precum, really? I haven't even stroked?" he thought. He texts Abby how wet he is. She's wet too.

"Can't wait to see you tonight ;)," she says.

--- Chapter 4: ---

That night they prepare dinner together. Abby puts on loose fitting pajama shorts and a tight tank top, no bra, and no panties. She makes Matt dress in just boxers. They cook dinner and for the first time in a long time, they are flirty. They laugh, and play with their food as they cook it. Abby finds ways to brush up against Matt's crotch, teasing him and making his erection grow. He gets behind her and wrap his arms around her. He is being really...sweet. She can definitely tell he wants to come, bad.

Every now and then Abby bends over and shows her braless cleavage or gives him a quick peek through her shorts. It drives Matt crazy, and his cock grows at the sight. "Aw is someone getting hard for me? You must really like this little outfit I put on for you."

"I do, I love it. You look so good. I really want you right now..."

"Maybe after dinner, and a glass of wine," she says.

They eat dinner together and try to talk about anything other than what they knew was about to happen in the bedroom. The denial has a weird way of actually bringing them closer together. After they finish dinner, they retire to the bedroom.

"The other day I asked if you wanted a blowjob. Do you still want it?"

"Of course I do, it's all I can think of."

"Ok, babe, lay down on the bed and get yourself hard for me. Just by yourself, lay there and get hard. I want to watch you." He lays down on the bed, takes off his boxers, and begins stroking. "Play with your balls too. Pretend I'm not here."

While he thinks that is going to be hard to do, he actually closes his eyes and drifts off to another world. He starts stroking, and his erection grows hard. It feels so good for him to finally stroke himself, it had been days. He felt himself getting closer and opened his eyes to tell her he was getting close to coming. She was standing there, and she was naked now, playing with herself.

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