tagIncest/TabooDiscovering Heather

Discovering Heather


Heather was a beautiful young woman, the kind you see walking down the street and think to yourself ‘I'd love to fuck that.' She had light brown shoulder-length hair, full breasts probably 38's, a toned body from working out, and a small round ass without a bit of jiggle, her eyes were green. She was in a word, beautiful. She was athletic, funny, and as I know now, sexually adventurous.

She was also my stepdaughter. Yes, untouchable or so I thought. Heather's real dad left her and her mom when Heather was only 8. I married Kathy three years later just as Heather was entering her teen years. It was hard for her dealing with a new man in her mom's life, and her budding puberty all at the same time. At the time I took the brunt of her bad feelings, she took her anger at her father out on me. In time she came to realize her real dad was a jerk and that I was the guy who was there for her, it took a few years but we ended up with a pretty good relationship. It got even better on her 18th birthday and that's where my story begins.

I wanted to give Heather something special for her 18th but I was completely stumped as to what she really wanted. I decided to check out her CD collection and get a feel for what she was listening to now. When I entered her bedroom I noticed she had left her diary on her bed, it was face down and opened to the last page she had made an entry on. I swear I didn't intend to read it, but out of the corner of my eye I saw my name on the page. I stood and read the passage stunned at what it said. My stepdaughter Heather wanted to have sex with me!!!!! And not just sex, her first sex, she was still a virgin.

I flipped through the pages and found that my stepdaughter had gone from hating me in her teen years to fantasizing about having sex with me. She apparently had heard Kathy and I having sex a number of times. Like most kids at first it bothered her, but then as she matured herself she began to wonder what I was doing to make her mother yell so loudly. Her diary described her first tentative exploring of her own body, her first petting experiences, and the first time she'd seen a boy's cock. The last few months' entries were all scenarios of Heather and I having sex in various places and in a variety of ways. She was graphic in her details and very innocent in her depiction of the settings.

I decided then to try to make sure at least one of these stories came true. The next few weeks were spent preparing my plan and making arrangements. I was looking at Heather in a whole new light now. When she walked into the room I took notice of tits bouncing, when she came to hug me goodnight I pressed a little tighter, I watched her ass sway when she headed for the pool and caught just a glimpse of nipple once when she pulled herself up out of the water. I also kept checking her diary when she wasn't home and found out she was noticing and enjoying the extra attention she was getting.

I told Kathy that for her 18th I wanted to take Heather to Six Flags for the weekend. We'd spend Friday, and Saturday night there and enjoy the rides. Things were set and Heather and I left that Friday morning on our 8 hour drive. She and I talked easily about nothing in particular, but it was all I could do to keep from reaching over and touching her. She had worn very short shorts and a crop top that was cut pretty low.

Her tanned belly showed no signs of fat and the tops of her breasts were visible. When I cranked the AC her nipples hardened and I managed to sneak a peek or two. When we arrived at our hotel I explained to Heather that I would take the bags to our adjoining rooms if she would get a seat in the restaurant. I needed this time to set her room up for what I hoped would be happening later.

After dinner we walked to the rooms, I explained to her that they were adjoining and if she needed anything during the night to just knock on the door. In her room I left a lingerie set in the bathroom for her, it was an exact replication of one described in one of her stories about me. It included a pair of white thigh-high hose, matching lace garter, sheer panties, and sheer bra.

In her story she wore this outfit when she seduced me. In my room the rest of the story was set, scented candles around the room, soft music playing, and satin sheets, just as she had written about. I put on a pair of silk boxers and sat on the bed to wait for the expected knock, my cock was already growing with anticipation.


Heather looked stunning!!! Her aureola could be seen through the sheer bra material, they were the size of silver dollars and dark pink in color. Her nipples were standing up about a quarter inch and pushing against the material. I let my eyes scan her body, she looked wonderful in the lingerie and i could see a thin line of hair marking the entrance to her pussy, her lips shaved bare. My cock was fully at attention now and I put both my hands out to her palms up to welcome her to me.

Heather took my hands and moved to me, I wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly. I could feel her breasts pressed into me, my cock rubbed against her cunt lips. I bent down and began to kiss her lightly on her waiting lips. Heather held me and let me kiss her mouth, I opened her lips with my tongue and an electric shock went through both of us when our tongues met.

"I'm sorry I read your diary," I told her when our lips finally parted.

"I wanted you to, I left it out whenever I knew you would be home alone."

I looked at her and knew that this night would be something special. Heather was a willing participant in her own deflowering. I wanted the night to follow her fantasy story line so I wrapped my arms around her once again and began to kiss her, with a little more force this time. Heather's hands moved up and down my back and she pressed herself against my hardness. My hands reached between us and I let my palms rest on her nipples. A soft moan escaped her lips as I pressed them and kneaded her soft globes. She undid the clasp and let the bra fall to the floor at our feet.

Her skin was soft and supple in my fingers. I spread my fingers out to cover her entire breast and then brought them closer slowly until they were pinching her nipple lightly. Heather responded by covering my mouth with hers and forcing her tongue in my mouth. I rolled her nipples in my fingers and continued to massage her young breasts while kissing her deeply. Heather moved her hands to my boxers and reached inside. I was bigger than she expected, my cock was 8 inches and thick. I'm sure I was bigger than most of the boys whose cocks she had only seen to this point.

"It's really big Frank, I don't know if I can do this."

My cock was ready to burst already and I hadn't even gotten her panties off yet.

"We can stop whenever you want Heather, don't you like this?"

I continued to tweak her nipples and bent down and covered her breast with my mouth, pulling her nipple between my teeth.

"I like it a lot, Frank, don't stop."

She pushed my boxers to the floor and let hand feel the full weight of my tool. It filled her hand and she let her fingers travel the length of it. I still wanted to follow her fantasy story line so I moved her to the bed and sat her down on its edge. My cock was now directly in front of her face.

"You can touch it if you like baby" I told her while bringing her hand near me.

She took both hands and wrapped them around my dick.

"I didn't think it would be so big," she repeated.

"Don't worry baby, we'll take it real slow, why don't you give it a little kiss".

She was hesitant but brought her mouth to me and kissed the tip gently, my cock jumped in her hand and startled her.

She let out a little laugh "Did I do that?"

She kissed it again and then opened her lips slightly and took just the head between them. This time it was me doing the moaning. I wanted to shove my entire cock into her warm mouth but held back.

I knelt down between her legs and told her "Lay back now Heather, let me take your nylons off."

She did as she was told and when I looked up I could see her virgin pussy through the sheer fabric of her tiny panties. Her lips were already swollen with excitement and a small damp spot marked her slit. I let my hands slide slowly from her ankles to the tops of her thighs where her hose ended. She moved involuntarily, her ass squirming on the bed, her legs spreading even wider. I unsnapped the garter clips and began to roll the tops of her hose down her legs.

I let my nails drag across her soft thigh skin and sent shivers through her body, Heather had her hands on her breasts pleasuring herself.

"That feels so good Frank."

I removed each stocking and began kissing her legs from her muscled calves, the backs of her knees, until I reached her thighs. Her scent filled my nostrils, I opened her legs wider and left wet kisses along every inch of her skin right up to where her sheer panties began. Heather was on fire now, she was raising her hips and pushing her cunt toward my mouth. I wanted to bury my face in her wet cunt, but I didn't want there to be any doubt that she wanted this too. I removed her garter and stood over her.

She was looking at my cock now with a desire that wasn't there before. I reached down between her legs and let my fingers rest on her clitoris. She jumped a little and closed her eyes as a deep sigh escaped her lips. My fingers spread so that I could touch the sides of her moist lips, and I traced the swollen outline through her panties. Her breathing was coming in short rasps and she forced her wet lips against the onslaught of my fingers. Her legs closed and opened around my hand as she neared her first orgasm.

I watched her build to it slowly, letting her body move with her feelings. I left her panties on and worked her cunt lips through them, Heather raised her ass in the air and let out a loud moan as the first shock of her orgasm hit her, I dug my two thick fingers into her pussy and pressed against her clit, she screamed as loudly as her mother ever has. I kept my fingers on her as her release washed over her in waves.

She had a beautiful smile on her face and her eyes were half closed as she continued, "Hhhmmmmm, mmmmmmm, unhhhhhh."

When she finished I lay down next to her and just held her for a few minutes. Her small body lay curled in my arms her wet panties against my leg, her breasts against my chest. She kissed my neck and stroked my cock with one hand, she spread a small drop of cum around the tip.

"Stand up now and take off your panties for me Heather."

She stood at the end of the bed as I sat up on the edge. Heather looked me right in the eyes as she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and began to pull them down.

When they hit the floor she stood up and smiled at me "How do I look Frank?"

"You look like a beautiful little doll I told her , "and I want to make love to you."

She blushed and I took her hands and laid her down on the bed. Her nether lips glistened with her own sweet juices and her nipples were still hard from her own touching. With her ass on the edge of the bed I stood between her legs and opened them by raising her knees. Heather was now completely vulnerable, I leaned over her and began kissing her as the tip of my cock touched her cunt lips.

"I don't know if I can take you inside me Frank, your penis looks too big."

"Heather I don't want you to call it penis any longer, you're a woman now. Call it my cock or dick, and tell me you want it inside your pussy."

She looked up at me, and with my cock resting on her wet lips whispered, "Frank I want your cock inside my pussy"

" Say it again baby."

"I want your cock in my pussy," she repeated with a little more feeling.

I wanted to hear her say it once more, "Again."

"Put your cock in my pussy," she said this time while raising her hips.

I pushed. Her lips opened easily and my cock slid in her warm, wet sheath.

"Oh god, don't stop," she moaned.

I didn't, I forced myself all the way in, she took all 8 inches without a problem, my balls rested against the bottom of her slit. I held myself deep inside her and suckled her nipples, I wanted her to get used to the feeling of having my cock fill her up. She was tight, but the wetness from her earlier orgasm made her slick and I was able to begin moving slowly in and out her fresh cunt.

Heather wrapped her legs around my ass and with every deep thrust of my cock she raised her hips to meet me. Her voice filled the room as each time my cock plunged into her she responded with "Unh, unh, unh."

She threw her head back and I pushed my cock deeply with each stroke, pulling myself up to put pressure on her tiny love button.

"Fuck me, Frank, fuck me please."

I didn't need to be asked twice. I was fucking her and loving it.

"Play with your clit baby, I want you to come again."

She reached between us and began stroking her clit while I pushed into her wetness. I could feel myself thicken as the cum built up in my balls. Heather was nearing her second orgasm of the day her breathing became shallower, her voice rose, I felt her body tense beneath me as my cock began to explode inside her. She let out a long yell as my cum filled her young cunt, and her orgasm coursed through her. Her cunt walls grabbed me and held my shaft tight, I kept myself inside her, as she came over and over.

When she finally unwrapped her arms and legs from me I let her fall back on the bed and held myself up over her satisfied young body. Her cunt still pulsed and our mixed juices dripped from her newly fucked pussy.

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