tagLoving WivesDiscovering Kelly in Bed Ch. 02

Discovering Kelly in Bed Ch. 02


A few weeks ago, Kelly stunned me by cheating on me in our own bed. Well, I say cheating but in fact she set it up so that I would arrive shortly after her lover departed, with his come still leaking from her used pussy. It was an incredibly slutty thing to do and actually quite unlike her, but she had apparently discovered my passion for reading and writing hot stories about group sex and creampies. Connecting that to what I have always told her was my "ultimate fantasy" - doing her with another guy - she decided to take matters into her own hands.

After her affair, things were actually pretty normal between us. Cleverly, Kelly had turned her experience into a hot seduction and made sure that I had a very good time fucking her sloppy seconds to keep things on a positive note. We have had sex many times since then and neither one of us has brought up the affair since it happened.

Of course, that was until one afternoon I got a telephone call at work. It was Kelly. I could hear the distinct sound of her smoking a cigarette on the other end of the phone and my dick stiffened slightly. Kelly is well aware of my smoking fetish and especially since her affair she has made sure to smoke much more frequently - daily in fact - in order to keep me in a high state of aroused tension.

"Hi honey," she whispered into the phone. I could hear that her breath was a little short.

"Hey sweetie, what's going on?" I replied.

"I'm horny," she said in a soft, throaty voice. "I'm laying here in bed, fucking myself with a dildo right now."

I gulped. The image was very sexy, my gorgeous wife lying on her back with her legs spread, thrusting a 2" thick dildo into her dripping snatch. "Wow...I wish I was home right now." Her next words left me paralyzed with tense excitement though.

"I do too. But maybe I'll just call my lover again to come fuck me. Bye..."

The dial tone was loud in my ear as she disconnected.

The next several hours were difficult for me. I couldn't focus on anything but the image of my wife being fucked in our bed by another man. Was she just teasing me? Or would she really do it? Hell, she had done it once so there was no reason to think she wouldn't! The clock dragged by and yet I had work to do and couldn't break away early. Finally, I finished up and headed for home.

Like the first time, when I arrived I could immediately smell the scent of her cigarette when I opened the door. Now it was less uncommon though, so that alone revealed little. I didn't know whether I hoped to find her used and naked in our bed, or up and about and not freshly fucked by some other guy. Ultimately, as I entered the living room, Kelly zoomed right up to me and gave me a smoky french kiss. She was fully dressed in a T-shirt and skirt and certainly had none of the freshly fucked look from the week before. She acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary, but there was an amused gleam in her eyes that continued all evening.

I didn't want to bring up the subject, so at first I tried some subtle investigation. I checked the hamper for come soaked panties, but she had just done the laundry. Similarly, the bed sheets were clean and gave no evidence. I even tried a few times unsuccessfully to cop a feel of her crotch under her skirt, but she knew what I was trying to do and avoided my touch to frustrate me. Finally, after dinner, I was forced to ask.

"Well, did you?"

She took a minute to light a cigarette and slowly exhaled in my direction, smiling slightly. "No. But I thought about it. You never know what might happen next time though."

I was both relieved and let down. What a complex mix of emotions! Here I was, half wishing my wife had fucked another man this afternoon while I worked. It had started out just as a desire to have a threesome, but Kelly had burned such an erotic impression into my brain that I didn't know what I wanted now.

She stood in front of me an unzipped my pants. Fishing my cock out of the zipper, she lifted her skirt and slid right down on top of me, as I realized she was pantiless. Her pussy was hot and slick with her wetness and felt extremely tight, so I believed her story. She kissed me hungrily with her smoky mouth, and began whispering in my ear about what might have happened if she had called her lover to come fill her up with his thick cock. How I would have come home to find her leaking his semen once again. The intense image stirred my groin and I felt my load gushing out suddenly to fill her. My orgasm lasted several seconds and Kelly continued thrusting herself onto me until she generated her own shriek-inducing climax.

Kelly quietly climbed off of me and went into the bedroom. I heard a drawer open and close, and a few minutes later she returned in comfortable clothes. We relaxed on the couch and spent the remainder of the evening watching television.


The next day passed much less eventfully, and although I knew Kelly was at home again, she didn't call me with any unusual sexual energy or passion. However, she was in the shower when I got home. I didn't call out to her because I didn't want to startle her when she wasn't expecting me, so I went into the bedroom to change clothes. Then I noticed something sticking out from under a corner of the bed that hadn't been there when I left. I pulled it out and recognized it as a lacy black pair of panties. They were very fragrant and I could smell that they had been worn even as I picked them up. Then I noticed that they were somewhat stuck together, and as I looked more closely, I realized that the crotch was coated in dried come.

I hadn't even noticed the shower turn off, but I suddenly became aware of a presence in the doorway. I turned and saw Kelly toweling her naked body in front of me. She saw the panties in my hand and silently crossed the room. Placing her hand over mine, she squeezed it into a fist so that the come-crusted panties were clenched tightly in my fingers. Then she dropped to her knees before me and quietly started sucking my cock, stroking it with her right hand and sucking on the head with her lips. In between strokes, she teased me.

"You know what's in those panties, don't you?" She licked my balls. "Think about how it got there." A suck deep into her throat. "Think about me getting fucked today and letting the come ooze out into my panties." More licking and sucking. "Let me taste your come while you imagine me fucking another man in our bed." And I did. I erupted in her mouth with a powerful force, spurting several jets in a row. Kelly carefully had sealed her lips around my head at my first orgasmic twitch and let my entire load fill her mouth. She swallowed, licking her lips until they were slick and wet, then kissing me on the mouth.

She sat down on the bed next to me and lit a cigarette from the bedside table. Taking the panties from my hand she said, "Do you believe I fucked him?"

I figured she must have and told her so; how else did she explain the crusted panties and being in the shower in the afternoon?

Running a nail over the lace, she flaked off a bit of dried semen and showed it to me. "It's yours," she explained. "I wore these all day yesterday and put them back in the drawer. After we fucked last night, I wiped my cunt with them and hid them under the bed to set you up with today. As for the shower, well, I know when you get home and I had to give you time to find them and get some ideas..." She took a drag and exhaled, leaning in towards me. "I'm going to fuck your mind at least as much as your body, so enjoy it," she breathed before kissing me deeply.


The remainder of the week was more or less back to normal. I worked, I came home, Kelly and I conversed, relaxed, screwed, and went to bed. In fact, except for the extra sex and the increased smoking, it could have been perfectly normal. Saturday afternoon, Kelly told me she wanted to go dancing. We would meet up with her friend Anna from work at a Euro-style club/vodka bar downtown.

The club was just getting pumping by the time we got there shortly after 11:00. A moderate wait in line and $15 apiece in cover later, we were inside. The club was decorated with plush red velvet and leather, and was dimly lit. European house and dance music was pumping from the dance floor in the next room, but Kelly noticed her friend sitting at a small curved booth near the bar.

We walked over and Kelly introduced me to Anna. Tall and busty, Anna had classic Latin good looks. Her hair was shoulder-blade length and very dark, with a natural wave. She wore a skintight black dress that stretched around her figure and ended at mid-thigh. She had a pair of high heels on as well, and her makeup was very sexy with mascara on her eyelashes and deep mahogany opaque lipstick. I decided that at least on the basis of looks, my wife had good taste in friends. Actually Kelly was looking excellent herself in a tight DNKY "little boys tee" and a dark jean skirt, with a high-heeled pair of red leather boots that stopped a couple of inches below her knees.

We made small talk for a while, and I went to the bar for a round of Grey Goose martinis. One led to two, and then a third, and pretty soon we were all pretty relaxed. Eventually Kelly announced that she wanted to dance. At the point, having drunk faster than the ladies, I felt a little too lightheaded to join her, so she decided to hit the floor alone. Once we were alone, Anna looked at me a bit quizzically.

"You two have an interesting relationship," she said. She took a cigarette out of her purse and I lit it for her as she continued. "You don't mind that she's fucking another guy?"

I just about sprayed my drink onto the table like in the movies at that one. "What? I don't know what you're talking about!" I exclaimed.

Anna smiled broadly and took a drag from her cigarette. "That's bullshit," she stated bluntly. "Kelly had a conversation with me a couple of weeks ago about threesomes." My head started spinning as I realized Anna wasn't off her rocker. It didn't help that she was leaning forward now so that I could see a great deal of her cleavage inside of her dress. "I thought she meant with me, and maybe at some point we'll try that out, but then she said she needed to find another guy. I had a friend of mine call her."

It was pointless to deny it, since Anna was clearly the friend Kelly had described last week. And I was mesmerized by her grace and sexy body, hoping that in fact a threesome with her eventually would come about as she hinted. So I decided to be honest. "OK, she did fuck him once, last week. But it was only one time."

Anna smiled at me again. She leaned farther in and put her lips to my ear. "Don't be so sure..." I felt her tongue linger in my ear ever so slightly and then depart. No matter how I tried to convince her after that, she refused to say another word about it. Eventually, she led me out to the dance floor. We located Kelly and grouped up with her, making a small ring and bumping and grinding against one another. I tried to forget what Anna had said but it stayed with me. Had Kelly been fucking this guy without telling me?

We danced for a couple more hours until the club closed up, and then hailed a taxi for the ride home. Kelly was pretty tired, and more than a little drunk by this point, and she was resting her head against my shoulder after we sat down in the cab. The driver had the radio up fairly loud, so I decided to take advantage of the pseudo-privacy and try to get some information while Kelly was impressionable to be honest.

"Kelly, Anna said something to me tonight that I want to ask you about."

She looked up at me. "Did she say I've been fucking that guy?"

I nodded. "And you want to know if it's true?"

I nodded again. She smiled a little crookedly. "Didn't I tell you I was going to mess with you?"

I grinned suddenly, figuring Kelly had put Anna up to it as another mindfuck to mess with me. Kelly waited until she saw that, and then quietly said, "Once."

I was confused, and she could tell, so she clarified. "I fucked him one more time since that first one, a couple of days ago. He came over and I was horny. One thing led to another and we screwed on the couch. It was in the morning when you were at class, so I couldn't wait around in bed all day for you to find me."

"But you didn't tell me," I protested. Kelly looked at me strangely. "And I probably won't tell you every time I fuck another guy, either. So enjoy it when you get to come home and find me smoking in bed, with my cunt dripping for you to lick."

"But," she continued, unzipping my pants and discreetly slipping her hand inside to stroke my strangely hard cock, "I want to be fair too. So I'm going to have Anna over to fuck you next weekend, and maybe occasionally after that. But first, we're going to fulfill your ultimate fantasy. Tomorrow I'm inviting Brad over and I'm going to have you both fuck me silly..."

To be continued in Chapter 3...

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