tagLoving WivesDiscovering Kelly in Bed Ch. 04

Discovering Kelly in Bed Ch. 04


After our threesome with Brad on Saturday afternoon, Kelly had promised to show me a "really good time" with her friend Anna the following Saturday. I certainly wasn't going to complain about that; Anna was about as sexy as a woman can get, with fabulous Latin looks and dark skin, long hair, and a very ample chest. Of course, Kelly had also told me straight out that I could expect to find her well fucked by Brad on a fairly regular basis from now on as well.

Our threesome had been a lot of fun. Not only had we double-penetrated Kelly vaginally and anally as I had always wanted to try, but in the heat of the moment we had even both fucked her pussy at the same time! And I found it extremely erotic to do her doggystyle while she sucked another man's cock. Kelly had really become hotter and hotter in the bedroom since her games had begun. She told me it all started from reading some of the stories I had posted on the Internet, and now that had gotten me wondering just how much she had actually read, and where she would draw the lines in our relationship...

During the next week I had plenty of time to once again experience the amazing teasing skills that my wife had employed during the past week to keep me on a plateau of arousal. It started Monday morning when she dropped me off downtown for work. We had chatted during the drive about normal things, nothing sexual at all. However, right before she pulled up to my building, Kelly reached into her purse and pulled out a cigarette. She lit it and took a drag, exhaling slowly. Then, giving me a wet kiss goodbye, she reminded me that I needed to get to work and drove off, knowing that I would have been much happier if she had been smoking before I left rather than after. But she was intentionally just giving me a hint and nothing more.

That night, Kelly drove me wild with her sexy games. Occasionally we use little nylon restraints to cuff each other to the bed during sex, but not that often. Tonight, she made me lie down and cuffed me, then slid up my body until her pussy was an inch from my mouth.

"Do you want to eat me?" she whispered hotly.

I moaned my assurance that I really did want to eat her, and as soon as possible. Yet she held off. "What if my cunt was leaking Brad's come? Like you found me that day. Would you still want me to sit on your face?" She reached back and stroked my dick as she said this, feeling my hardness twitching in her hand.

"Yes, you know I would!" I told her, straining to get my tongue onto her clit. She leaned in to allow me one quick swipe and I tasted the tangy flavor of her copious wetness.

"What about if I was Anna sitting on you like this? Would you lick me if I were her? She wouldn't taste the same as me would she?" Kelly continued to stroke my cock and tempt me. She had begun rubbing her clit by now as her games excited her more.

"Oh, I'd eat her pussy too. I'm sure she would taste wonderful," I replied eagerly.

"Mmm..." Kelly moaned, sliding closer to my mouth. "Pretend I'm Anna then. Suck me like you are going to suck her when you fuck her."

Kelly's nasty talk was driving me wild. As she moved in, I was finally able to get my mouth onto her hot cunt. She was dripping wet, and I sucked the sticky juices from her inner lips ferociously. I tried to imagine that it really was Anna riding my face, with her dark legs wrapped around my head and her sweet cunt on my mouth. The image turned me on immensely. Meanwhile, Kelly was jacking my cock aggressively and rocking her hips into my face as she got more into the game.

"Your wife is watching us right now," she cried out. "She's smoking a cigarette and fucking herself with a dildo while you eat me out. She wants to eat me too, after you fuck me and fill me with your come. She wants to eat her husband's come out of her friend!" Kelly had worked herself into a climactic frenzy by now, and my tongue was sliding all over her clit, propelling her towards a giant orgasm. She hadn't slowed her stroking of my dick either, and at her graphic descriptions, I imagined my wife eating Anna's pussy while my load ran slowly out of her. The image sent me over the edge and I came, shooting hot semen into the air and all over Kelly's back.

Kelly groaned as my come coated her spine and began pinching and twisting her nipples. She was almost bouncing her cunt down on my face and I strained to keep my tongue firmly against her clit. In just a few seconds, I felt a fresh release of her silky moisture dampen my face and she screamed out her orgasm. I gently licked her through it to extend the length, until I felt her muscles trembling from exhaustion. Slowly she released my bindings and leaned in to kiss her juices from my face, something she almost never does. "I taste pretty good, don't I?" she grinned. "I wonder how Anna will taste?"


The next day felt more normal. We had a nice quickie in the morning and I left a respectable load inside her before I had to get ready for work. When I left, she was still relaxing in bed, casually smoking a cigarette.

She met me at the door when I arrived home from work that day. Once again, I enjoyed her smoky kisses. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me hard. "Take me to bed," she told me with a gleam in her eyes.

I follow certain instructions very well, and this was one of those times. I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom, setting her in the center of the bed. I undressed quickly, leaving my clothes in a pile on the floor. Kelly watched me silently, smoking. "I want you to undress me," she said in a small voice to my questioning look. I took my time unbuttoning her shirt. From the hardness of her nipples poking out the fabric, it was obvious she had foregone a bra this afternoon. I didn't even bother to take the whole shirt off; I just left it wide open and hanging from her shoulders. It was sexier that way.

Then I started on her pants. I unbuttoned them and slowly lowered the zipper. Then, inch-by-inch, I eased them over her hips and down her legs. Before I even got them off, I could smell her musky pussy, more clearly than normal. I assumed she must have been really turned on today, which was actually fairly accurate. When I grasped the sides of her panties, I noticed a slight smile on her lips. I pulled them swiftly off and gasped at the sight of her cunt, with its closely trimmed pubic hair, matted with sticky come.

"Feeling like sloppy fourths?" she asked wickedly.

"Fourths?" I responded, shocked.

"One is from you, this morning," she explained, taking a long drag on her cigarette. "Then I called Brad. I let him have your sloppy seconds, so that was number two. Then we relaxed for a while and he fucked me again. Three. And I've been waiting for you since to give me another one..."

My cock was stiff as a board. "You're such a slut," I whispered to her teasingly. "I know," she responded. "I need you to kiss me now."

I looked down at her pussy. I wasn't entirely sure I could do it, actually. I'd eaten her creampie many times now, but never when she'd been fucked three times. She was pretty sloppy, as she'd put it. But Kelly was very persuasive.

"Imagine that I just took on three guys before you came home," she whispered. "Does that turn you on?" Actually, amazingly, it did. I'd never written anything like that, but if she'd read my stories, I'm sure she'd also seen some of the stories from other people that I'd read and enjoyed. "Imagine that they took turns fucking me for a couple of hours," she continued. "Imagine what a slut that would make me. That I'd fuck all these guys and then come home to you. What a slut I've been acting like for weeks, teasing you like I have...Setting up a threesome last weekend...Arranging for you to fuck my beautiful friend next weekend. Lick my slutty pussy..."

Somewhere in the middle of her talking dirty, I'd begun to eat her. She was turning me on so much, I couldn't hold back. I kissed her messy cunt and pushed three fingers into her with ease. Brad had loosened her up enough that she begged for the fourth finger immediately. Then I zeroed in on her clit and rapidly sucked her to a small orgasm. Kelly pulled me up and on top of her, tasting the juices in my mouth with her flickering tongue. My cock slid easily into her gooey cunt. It was the most unusual sensation I had ever felt, with come squishing out of her during every stroke. Our thighs were rapidly sticky with the mess and I began fucking her as hard as I could, grunting. We were animalistic, rutting fiercely. Her fingernails dug into my shoulder blades and she kissed me again. Soon I shot my load inside of her, my second for the day and her forth. Kelly was so full that she only felt my ejaculation as additional warmth, but the entire scenario was enough to give her a screaming orgasm. We relaxed to catch our breath and decided a shower was in order.


Wednesday morning, I was deeply engrossed in a programming project when my phone rang.

"Hi sexy," said a sultry voice that I didn't quite recognize.

"Who...?" I started.

"You two have an interesting relationship," she said. Instantly, I realized it was Anna; that was the first thing she had said to me when Kelly had left us alone at the club last week.

"Um, hi. How are you doing?" I didn't exactly know what to say. We hadn't talked that much at the club, and most of it was about Kelly anyway. Plus, at least supposedly, Kelly had arranged for Anna to come over for a threesome in a few days.

"I'm fine," she said. She sounded completely relaxed. "Actually, I'm awfully horny right now. You wouldn't want to take a long lunch today and get started a few days early, would you?"

I couldn't believe it. This was a fabulously sexy woman, openly calling me for a "nooner". "I...um...well, Kelly probably wouldn't...I mean, well - I'd love to, but maybe we should wait until Saturday, you know? I just don't want to-" I stammered for a response. Her rich, musical laugh cut me off.

"Okay tiger, have it your way. Although I wouldn't worry too much about Kelly if I were you. By the way, you've got mail..." I heard her disconnect and looked absently at my screen. She was right, Outlook had just beeped softly. I saw, not surprisingly, that it was from Anna Selinas and opened the attachments. There were three photos included. First was Anna, smoking a cigarette and posing in a very sexy black bra and panties. Next was the same, but topless. I realized that she was not just well endowed; she was absolutely stacked. Maybe a 38D from the pictures - not big to the point of absurdity, but with her slender waist, it was hard not to stare at her breasts. The last photo was of her lying on her back in bed with a large dildo partially inside of her.

I quickly emailed the photos to my home account for storage and tried to erase the delicious mental images so that I could focus on work. The last thing I needed was to walk around with a hard-on all day, again. Of course, I did anyway.


Thursday was another normal day. Kelly and I actually hadn't had sex Wednesday night. She said she was a little tired from Tuesday's escapades. However, she apparently knew about the photos from Anna and asked me to look at them and masturbate while she watched me. I found it easy to comply.

So I was feeling a little less uptight and teased out by mid-morning on Thursday, and I was getting a lot of work done quickly. Enough so that I might even get out a little early for a change. Of course, there was no way Kelly could let me get away that easily and I should have realized it by that point. I heard the soft chime of my email around 11:00. Opening it, I found an attachment from Kelly and pulled it up.

Apparently she had used our digital camera on Tuesday and I was now getting to see some of what she described. She sent me several photos, ranging from her lying in bed apparently shortly after I had left for work, smoking and fingering her messy pussy, to automatic shots of her sucking on Brad's huge cock or taking it deeply on her hands and knees, facing the camera. Finally, there were a couple that looked like Brad had taken them, close-ups of her come covered cunt. The last shot was especially slutty, since I knew what it led to later: it was a picture of Kelly in the shirt she had worn Tuesday, with a pair of panties pulled up to mid-thigh and her pants at her ankles. A string of come had dripped from her into the panties. It was obvious she had planned the shot to show me later how she had prepared herself for me to find her later that day.

For the rest of the day, the score was mental focus - 0, arousal - 28...


Finally, the long and sensually demanding week drew to a close. After work on Friday, Kelly informed me that we were going out that night to the same club we'd been to the previous Friday. By this time, I wasn't surprised at all when she told me we would be meeting up with Anna again. I was learning to predict the directions my wife's naughty love of teasing and tempting me would lead in.

Kelly took extra time getting ready for the bar that night; it was just as well that we didn't want to get there much earlier than 11:00. But the end result was fantastic! She had on a tight, matte silver top with spaghetti straps that was probably a bit inadequate to properly control her 36C breasts, even with the matching sheer bra she wore. A short black skirt hugged her ass to complement the top, and she had finished it off with a shiny black pair of 3.5" wedge-style high heels. With her glossy wine red lips and mascara, she was a total knockout. She casually switched her critical items from her normal purse into a cute little bar purse, making sure I saw her put her cigarettes in as well. Then she asked if I was ready, which of course I had been for quite a while.

We decided to take a taxi to the club and avoid parking and drinking issues. The line was already getting kind of long when we arrived, but we were lucky enough to spot Anna already in line near the front. We eagerly joined her, avoiding a hefty wait to get in. Anna and Kelly embraced quickly, and I felt a little tingle in my groin as I looked at their bodies pressed together and thought about some of the things Kelly had talked about them doing. Then Anna greeted me with a big hug and a somewhat affectionate peck on the lips.

She looked amazing as well. The only other time I had seen her, other than her photos in the email, she had been wearing a skintight black dress that clung to her breasts and hips. Tonight she wore a lacy white top that looked more like lingerie than street-wear, and a black bra underneath it. The contrast made the bra very visible, although she was still "decent" per se. She also wore a black skirt, with a very high slit on the side that showed off all sorts of dark complexioned leg. Her makeup, as before, was dark and seductive, lips a deep mahogany-red. Needless to say, I was thoroughly entranced by her beauty. Fortunately, saving me too much embarrassing gawking, we quickly reached the front of the line and paid our cover charge. Once inside, Kelly made a beeline for the bar, towing Anna and I each by a hand. Since the place was busy, I suggested we get two drinks; the first always goes pretty quickly anyway. This particular club specialized in vodka - nearly one hundred varieties in fact - so cosmopolitans seemed to be the ladies' drink of choice. I myself went for 3 olive Grey Goose martinis... That little bit of business tidied up, we made for a slightly less crowded corner just off of the dance floor, where the pulsing European techno was audible but not overwhelming. I noticed with approval that both of the women finished their first drink by the time we made it to the corner; I had left my first glass empty on the bar before we slid away, adding the remaining olive to the other drink.

The ladies wasted no time in lighting cigarettes as we stood and enjoyed the beat of the music. Actually, I was shortly spending more time enjoying the sight of them than listening to the music... Of course they were well aware of this, and that was really the entire point. Anna leaned close in to my ear so she could make herself heard.

"Are you feeling lucky tonight?" she inquired mysteriously.

"Why, because I'm accompanied by two incredibly sexy women this evening?" I responded frivolously.

"That's a good start..." she murmured, taking a long drag on her cigarette and looking intensely into my eyes as she exhaled. Meanwhile, I felt Kelly subtly slip her hand along the front of my slacks until she was able to gently squeeze my erection a few times.

"What say we finish these drinks and hit the dance floor," she suggested.

We quickly made our way to the floor and picked up the rapid house beat. It was amazing to realize that I was wedged on a tightly packed dance floor between these beauties, dancing away to some really excellent mixes. Kelly and Anna took turns grinding with me for nearly an hour, occasionally trapping me in the middle with a pair of breasts pressed against both my back and my chest simultaneously. Kelly's top was so thin that I could easily feel her erect nipples as she rubbed against me.

Somehow, a waitress managed to make her way across the packed floor every once in a while with various fruity shots like raspberry kamikazes, which allowed us to develop a very good buzz as we danced. Of course, that didn't help our deteriorating inhibitions much. Nightclubs are funny places, because you have both more and less anonymity than you really think. When you feel like people are looking at you, they usually aren't, but when something exciting happens, everyone is in on the scoop. In our case, I think it was about the time that Anna pulled me in for an extremely hot open-mouthed kissed, only to have Kelly turn me around and french kiss me herself, that we started to get some attention. I realized that several guys around us were clapping and cheering, and so were some of the women, although a couple looked disgusted. Too bad for them, I thought grinning.

Anna lit a cigarette and looked at the nearest group of guys. "Do you think we should take him home and fuck his brains out?" she teased them.

"Hell yeah!" one of the college boys screamed. "Take us too!"

Kelly and Anna laughed, and Kelly slid her hand down onto my crotch. "He's all the man we can handle together," she announced. Then the ladies put their arms inside mine and we headed for the front of the club, laughing.

"That was so much fun!" Anna cried, exhaling a stream of smoke. "I loved teasing those boys back there. I bet they jerk off thinking of us when they get home tonight."

"If not in the bathroom in the next five minutes," agreed Kelly. "Why don't we grab a cab?" she suggested.

I was having a wonderful time, and the idea of taking a cab together hinted that the evening was just getting going. Of course, Kelly had promised that Anna was going to be at our house not Friday night, but Saturday afternoon, so I wondered if she was getting impatient and moving the schedule up a bit. Just as I started letting my imagination roam through the possibilities for this night, a taxi pulled up. Anna got inside and Kelly pushed me in next so that I was wedged between them in the back seat. Kelly gave the driver our address and asked if it was okay if she smoked in the cab. To my pleasure, he said that was fine.

Kelly lit a cigarette and I settled back in my seat to watch my sexy wife. I don't know if she even knows just how hot she is - but based on my reactions, she must have a pretty good idea... At any rate, I'm afraid Anna might have been feeling a bit ignored, because I felt my zipper slowing going down, and then a hand on my left fished my cock out and began gently stroking it. I glanced down and enjoyed the sight of Anna's small hand wrapped around my shaft, her manicured nails color matched to her dark red lips. Kelly leaned in and began kissing me with her smoky mouth as Anna rubbed my dick.

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