tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDiscovering Mistress Sarah's World

Discovering Mistress Sarah's World


Chapter 1: Meeting Mistress Sarah

Joe's heart pounded fiercely as he stood at the door to his Mistress's house. He did not expect to be so nervous at his first meeting with her. After all he had known her for over a year. Mistress Sarah had been gracious enough to allow him into her world. He was fortunate to fall under the control of such a beautiful dominant woman. She had a gift for quenching his strong submissive desires. She had spent the past year molding him into an obedient and submissive slave through the use of e-mail, texts, and online chat sessions. At the insistence of Mistress Sarah, the time had finally come for a face-to-face meeting.

Obediently Joe traveled by plane to her town in North Carolina He was somewhat calm all the way up until the point where he stood in front of her door. That's when suddenly his knees grew week and his heart pounded in his chest. He was excited yet nervous to meet her in person. He was about to knock when suddenly his cell phone started to vibrate in his pocket.

'What timing,' Joe said out loud as he pulled his phone out, wondering who would be calling him. He was surprised to see that it was Mistress Sarah. His communication with her had always been electronic. He had never heard her voice before. He answered the call.

"Hello Mistress Sarah." The words seemed so natural to him, even though his voice wavered with nervousness.

Mistress Sarah's voice was a sharp contrast to his. Confident and bold she stated, "Hello pet. It's so nice to see that you are on time." Then she asked, "Are you ready to completely submit to me?"

Joe answered,"yes Mistress. I am very excited to submit to you."

"Good Kitty, then you may come in. You will go directly to the center of the living room and strip naked. There will be a bag on the couch. Put all your items into the bag. Be a good girl and fold your clothes neatly before putting them in the bag, okay pretty Josie."

"Yes Mistress," replied Joe.

Joe adjusted his pants to accommodate his growing cock. Mistress Sarah's sexy and commanding voice instantly aroused Joe. Her reference to him as a pretty girl excited him. Mistress Sarah preferred girls over boys. She had made it clear to Joe early on that the only boys she played with were femmed up pretty boys. Mistress Sarah knew how to keep Joe in a constant state of arousal. That was her gift and it was a powerful gift that allowed her to seduce Joe into a feminized state simply to please her. Overtime she had conditioned him to be excited about being feminized. She even gave him a feminine pet name, Kitty, and referred to him as Josie instead of Joe.

Mistress Sarah continued her instructions. "Once you are completely naked you will get down on your hands and knees and crawl over to the stairs. At the foot of the stairs you will get into a worship position. You will kneel facing the stairs. You will stretch your arms straight in front of you, bend forward and place your palms flat on the ground. You will touch your nose to the ground. That's how I want to see you Josie -- naked, kneeling, palms and nose pressed against the floor, ready for worship. Understand pet?"

"Yes Mistress." Joe's cock was completely hard. Her direct commands had already put him into a submissive state of mind.

"One more thing pretty Kitten. You will not look-up, speak, or move, until I give you permission to do so, you will be quiet as a little kitty, and you will not be hard. Got it!"

"Yes, Mistress," replied Joe, uncertain that he could obey the last order. He was already very excited and aroused. He could not imagine how he could calm himself down. Resisting his Mistress was not an option and so he just had to figure out a way to make it happen.

"Good girl. Get to work." Mistress Sarah hung up.

Joe took a deep breath and quietly entered the house. The house was dark and silent. He slowly tip-toed into the living room, trying to remember all his orders. A brown fur couch caught Joe's attention immediately. He chuckled to himself, knowing the fur was one of Mistress Sarah's favorite indulgences. An image formed in his mind of her naked and rubbing her body over the fur, enjoying the softness tickling her nipples and pussy. Joe felt his cock twitch in his pants.

Joe moved to the center of the room and slowly and quietly peeled off his clothes. He felt a bit silly and awkward stripping in the middle of a strange living room. He wondered if anybody was watching.

The last thing he removed was his pink panties. Mistress Sarah preferred femmed up boys and so panties had become a regular part of his wardrobe. He paused for a moment, wondering if anyone was watching. He paused as if to show off his pretty panties. This excited him. Then he slowly peeled them off. In his naked state, he felt completely vulnerable and submissive and this caused his cock to throb.

Joe glanced at the stairway to the right of the living room and remembered his orders. After placing his neatly folded clothes into the trash bag on the couch, he got down on his hands and knees and crawled to the stairs and got into his worship position. He waited patiently for Mistress Sarah's arrival.

Mistress Sarah did not make him wait long. She savored the view of her slave kneeling at the bottom of the stairs. Her pussy tingled at the sight. She wanted to race down the steps and quickly take control of her slave but she knew that a slow descent would be more suspenseful and tantalizing to her slave. She liked to play games like this with Joe.

Slowly and deliberately Mistress Sarah walked down the steps, knowing that her slave was intently listening to each step and knowing that the closer she moved to him, the faster his heart beat and the more excited he became. When she was just above him, she spoke.

"Mmmm.. Now that's the way I like my slaves. This is such a perfect way for you to greet me for the first time, don't you think slut?"

"Yes Mistress," replied Joe. No other words seemed appropriate. He remained quiet.

"Look up at me slave," ordered Mistress Sarah in a quick firm tone.

Joe quickly looked up and took in the wonderful sight. She was wearing a black mini vinyl dress and black heels. That was it. Vinyl was his weakness and she knew it. There was something incredibly sexy and powerful about the tight, dark and shiny fabric. His will power completely drained the instant he saw Mistress Sarah standing above him in the vinyl dress and heels. His mind and body surrendered to her control.

With her standing directly above him on the steps, he could clearly see her shaven pussy. He had dreamed about worshipping her pussy over and over again. In the virtual world, Mistress Sarah had ordered him to lick her pussy many times. Now the real thing dangled above him like succulent fruit. His mind drooled at the sight.

Joe's eyes slowly worked their way up her tight body. Never before had he seen such perfect mounds of cleavage. The dress held her tits tightly, presenting them like a delicious dish. Joe was dying to see what was under the wrapper. Finally his eyes settled on her glamorous face. Her glistening red lips looked delicious. Her eyes brows curved perfectly overtop her deep black eyelashes. A hint of green eye shadow brought her beautiful green eyes. She looked so perfect. Joe guessed that her other slave, Julie did her make-up. He hoped he would get to meet Julie later.

"You look amazing Mistress," complimented Joe.

"I know pet. That is a perfect response from you," said Mistress Sarah. Joe was pleased of her approval. "You may worship my toes now."

Mistress Sarah held onto the stair rail and lowered her foot down to Joe's lips. He eagerly licked and kissed her freshly painted toes through her open toed shoe. Joe's soft wet tongue sent chills through Mistress Sarah. His obedience energized and excited her. She could feel the dampness in her pussy grow into pure wetness.

"Good girl," she complimented as he worshipped her foot. Then she teased, "Treat each toe like its own little sex organ pet. Give them lots of attention with your tongue and lips."

Joe enjoyed her direct orders. He drifted deeper into subspace. When Mistress Sarah was satisfied that he had given each and every toe enough attention, she lowered her other foot for worship. Joe was thrilled to obey. He felt completely submissive and this excited him more than ever. All he cared about was pleasing his Mistress.

Joe's lips and tongue on her toes was quite relaxing. However, Mistress Sarah was not in a mood for relaxation. She wanted to tease and play with her pet. She pulled her foot away and ordered Joe to turn around. Joe obeyed and waited on his hands and knees. He felt the tip of her shoe trace his ass cheeks and then slide gently into his ass crack.

"Cute little ass, slut," said Mistress Sarah. Then she gave a little tap on his ass with her foot and ordered, "Crawl over to the living room pet."

Chapter 2: Mistress Inspects Her Property

Joe crawled back to the center of the living room. Mistress Sarah ordered, "Stand-up. I want to inspect my property."

Joe stood up. At 6 foot 2 inches he was much taller than Mistress Sarah but his size was no threat to her. She had all the control. She had tamed him into a pretty and obedient kitty. Mistress Sarah placed a finger on the center of his chest. Then she slowly walked around him, her finger tracing his body.

"Mmmm. Such nice property," she whispered.

When she was behind Joe she placed the palms of her hands on the back of his shoulders and gently slid them down his back. This sent chills through Joe's body. Her hands traced up and down his arms and gently squeezed his muscular biceps.

"My property," she whispered into his ear. "My kitty."

Joe's cock throbbed. He was happy and excited to be owned. He liked the feeling of being her slave. Mistress Sarah hugged him tightly from behind. She whispered to Joe, "Say it Josie. Tell me whose property you are."

"I am Mistress Sarah's property. I belong to you."

Mistress Sarah kissed Joe's cheek. Her lips were wet and felt delicious against his skin. "Yes, you are mine," she said firmly. Joe could sense lust in her tone. He knew her pussy was dripping and this excited him.

Mistress Sarah's hands dropped down to his cock. She squeezed his hard cock and enjoyed the smoothness of his balls. He was completely shaved per her orders. She held his cock and balls firmly with both hands. Seductively she said, "hmmmm. Kitty's got a swollen little clitty. Didn't I say not to be hard," she questioned with disapproval.

Joe blushed at her reference to his cock as a clitty. It was another way for her to reinforce his feminization. She had trained him to always refer to his cock as his clittie in his e-mails. Hearing her say it out loud for the first time was humiliating but exciting for Joe. "Sorry Mistress. I couldn't help it. You're driving me crazy."

"Did you even try," she asked mockingly.

"Yes. Yes, I tried hard."

Mistress Sarah laughed and walked in front of Joe. "Look at me slut," she ordered.

Joe looked into her eyes. She locked eyes with him and said, "Let this be a lesson Josie. I own your clitty. You have no control over it, no matter how hard your try. Understand?"

Her lips formed a devilish grin. She had clearly proven her point. Joe nodded in agreement. His arousal grew even stronger knowing how much control she had over him.

"Good kitty," she said approvingly.

Her hands moved up to his nipples and gently teased and played with them. Joe moaned in delight.

Mistress Sarah noted out loud, "Seems that you have very sensitive nipples Josie. Sensitive nipples, just like a girl."

Then she pinched his nipples hard startling him and making him gasp. She laughed at his weakness and pinched his nipples hard one more time. The quick sensation was filled with pain and pleasure. Joe enjoyed the strange effect it had on him. He was thrilled at her power; at how she could make him flinch and feel weak in an instant.

"Mmmm. I love that," cooed Mistress Sarah.

Then she placed the palms of her hand on each side of his chest. She enjoyed the hardness of his pecs, even thought that was not her primary intention. Sarah pushed her hands inward, squeezing his chest together. His muscles formed a small amount of cleavage. She observed out loud, "The right bra or corset, will show off your tits nicely pretty Josie."

Mistress Sarah, released her grip and watched with amusement at how his chest muscles instantly sprung back to shape. Then she ordered, "turn around slut and let me see your pretty pussy."

Joe turned so that his ass was to her. She firmly placed her hand on the center of his back and pushed forward and commanded, "bend forward slut. Pull your ass cheeks apart for me."

Joe did as instructed.

"Wider," demanded Mistress Sarah.

Joe took pleasure in the stretching sensation as he pulled his ass cheeks as far apart as he could. He felt completely submissive and vulnerable on display for his Mistress. Mistress Sarah gently blew into his ass and watched his sphincter muscle quiver at the unexpected sensation.

Mistress Sarah laughed, "See I even control your tight little pussy. Miss May is going to have fun breaking you in."

Joe's cock twitched at the mention of Miss May. She was one of Mistress Sarah's friends and lovers. Miss May had teased Joe online many times and continually talked of pegging him hard in his ass. Over the past few months Mistress Sarah and Miss May had transformed Joe into such a horny slut that he was looking forward to the moment when his 'pegging' would finally happen.

His fantasy thoughts of Miss May were interrupted by the jingle of a bell. "I have something special for my kitty," said Mistress Sarah as she walked in front of Joe. In her hands was a pink ribbon with a small bell tied in the center. She had Joe stand up and then she tied the ribbon around his neck.

Mistress Sarah smiled at the bell dangling from his neck and said, "Yes, a cute little bell for my pretty little kitty so that I can hear you prancing around. Mmm...and the pink ribbon looks so pretty on my delicate Josie."

She had Joe get down on his knees and walk around the room. "Come on kitty, prance around. Let me hear that bell jingle."

Joe crawled around the room, making sure the ribbon swayed so that the bell would jingle. He was delighted to hear Mistress Sarah giggle and clap with approval. Her pleasure and happiness is what he strived for and what excited him. She patted him on the head and complimented, "Good kitty...Good kitty."

Joe wished he could purr like a real kitten to show his happiness. Instead he just whispered, "purrr....purrrr."

Mistress leaned down and kissed him on the check. "That's what I like to hear kitty." Then she giggled and said, "but that was much too deep for my pretty girl kitty. Let me hear a higher pitched purr."

Joe purred a higher pitch. He thought it sounded silly and he blushed at the silliness but Mistress Sarah was delighted. "That's better sweetie. You really are my pretty kitty aren't you?"

Next Mistress Sarah retrieved her cat-o-nine tails whip and made Joe kneel on the couch, facing the back of the couch so that his ass was exposed to her. His cock rubbed against the furry fabric of the couch. The soft fabric felt amazing against his sensitive cock.

"Enjoying the fur," commented Mistress Sarah.

"Yes. It feels so good. I could hump your couch," joked Joe.

"Maybe I'll let you do that later slut, if you're good."

Mistress walked behind Joe. The whip in her hands was named after its shape. Nine knotted strands of cotton cord dangled from the handle. Mistress Sarah lightly slapped the soles of his feet with the cat-o-nine tails..

It's time for a spanking," announced Mistress Sarah. "Kitty's been a little naughty, haven't you?"

Joe just knew to answer yes. Chills filled his body as she slowly traced the whip up his legs, around his ass, and up his back. His body tensed slightly, wondering when the spanking would start. Mistress teased him like this for a minute or two. Before he could get too excited Mistress brought the whip back and gave him a quick slap on the ass. This startled Joe and his whole body flinched. As he flinched his cock pushed into the furry couch and he was rewarded with a burst of soft pleasure.

Mistress Sarah laughed at his weakness. She whipped his ass again and again, harder and harder each time. Joe did not expect such harshness. He tried to be brave but he finally cried out, "Ow! That hurts Mistress."

"Of course it does," exclaimed Mistress while whipping him two more times. "I want you to take pain for me slut. Will you do that for me?"

Joe wanted to say no, but he knew better. "Yes," he responded.

"Then ask me to whip you slave."

"Please whip me Mistress," asked Joe in a wavering voiced.

Mistress Sarah whipped his ass again, taking pleasure in the bright red marks left from the chords. The she shouted, "Not good enough slave! Tell me you want to be whipped hard."

Joe tensed his body and responded, "Please whip me hard Mistress."

"Much better slave," replied Mistress Sarah. Then she gave him three hard whips across his ass and the back of his legs.

Joe cringed in pain. Then he felt the whip being lightly dragged over his hot skin. It felt soothing. Mistress Sarah kissed him on the cheek and whispered, "Good girl. It's all over now Josie. I am proud of you being so brave."

"Thank you," replied Joe, happy to get her approval.

Mistress walked behind the couch so that she was facing Joe. Her finger reached beneath her latex dress and dipped into her dripping pussy. She moaned and said, "Your whipping made me very hot Josie kitty. Your pain is my pleasure sweetie." Then Mistress Sarah placed her glistening finger up to Joe's lips and quietly said, "Taste how excited you made me pet."

Joe eagerly took her fingers into his mouth and tasted her reward. His cock had grown slightly flaccid during the whipping, but now suddenly it was hard and throbbing.

Mistress Sarah had Joe stand up and then she reached down and squeezed his hard cock. Her fingers teased the tip of his cock and rubbed over the tiny hole until they were covered in pre-cum. Once again she moved her finger to his lips. Joe's mouth was already accepting her cum covered fingers when she said, "Seems like somebody else is a little excited too. Lick it all up pretty Josie. I know how much slutty girls like you love cum."

Being fed his own cum and called a pretty girl, had a profound effect on Joe's mental state. It was clear evidence of her power over him. Joe did not fully understand this strange pleasure but he liked it and could not resist it. Mistress squeezed more cum onto her fingers and brought them to his lips again. "Good girl," she complimented as he licked up the stickiness. She repeated this over and over again, making Joe lick up his cum. The more cum he licked, the deeper he fell into submission and the more he mentally transformed into Mistress Sarah's pretty girl.

Chapter 3: The Feminization Begins

Mistress Sarah took a step back and admired her slave's nakedness. Then she said, "Well, I have a blank pallet to work with. Are you ready to be transformed into a beautiful girl Josie?"

Joe blushed. He knew that's what Mistress Sarah wanted. That's what this weekend was all about. She had already partially feminized him as her online slave. It started as a fun game for Joe. He played along just to continue the online fun with Mistress Sarah. He never expected it to get too far but her sex appeal and seductive words were too irresistible for Joe and so he found himself feminizing himself more and more simply to please his Mistress.

The more he pleased her, the more rewards he received. After wearing panties to work, he was rewarded with her sexy picture, which he gladly worshipped every morning.. Stockings earned him an online role playing session with her. One night she got him so horny and sexed up for her, that he agreed to lick up his own cum. The next day he was ashamed to think about what he did, but he was also horned up at how hot the session was and at how submissive and slutty she made him feel. Soon, licking up his cum after an orgasm became a regular routine for Joe.

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