Discovering Mistress Sarah's World Pt. 06


Throughout the night, Julie kept reminded Josie to apply his lipstick. Mistress Sarah had assigned her as his beauty consultant. At Julie's command, Josie would open his purse, pull out his lipstick and apply it. At one point Julie took Josie into the Women's room and touched up his face with cover-up and powder.

Mistress Sarah noticed Julie and Josie going into the Women's room. She waited a few minutes and then went in. "Hello slaves," she said amusingly. "Mistress needs attending to. Come with me." Her commanding presence was immediately felt by Julie and Josie

Like well trained soldiers Josie and Julie followed her into a large handicap stall. Mistress Sarah put the lid down on the toilet and sat on it. "Show me your pussies," she ordered.

Without hesitation, Julie slid her shorts and panties down to her ankles and stood straight up for Mistress Sarah. Josie was taken by surprise at the sudden command and instant reaction from Julie. He found himself staring at Julie's cleanly shaven pussy. His mind seemed to be stuck. Mistress Sarah snapped him out of it. "Josie, I gave you an order!"

"Yes Mistress," replied Josie. Unlike the military precision from Julie, Josie clumsily slid down his shorts and first layer of panties. He left on the panties with the sewn in pussy. Julie remained at attention next to him with her pussy fully exposed to Mistress Sarah.

Other girls were moving around the bathroom. Mistress Sarah did not care. She was Supreme and need not be bothered with what other people thought. Her right hand massaged Julie's pussy and her left hand caressed Josie's fake pussy. "Mmmm. This is nice."

Although Josie was being fingered through a fake pussy, his arousal heated up. Seeing Mistress Sarah rub between his legs like she was fingering him, set his mind on fire. His cock swelled and twitched in its bent position and tried to break free. Josie could hear Julie moan quietly. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lip. She started rocking against Mistress Sarah's fingers. Josie thought he should do the same. Slowly he humped her fingers.

"Good girls," complimented Mistress Sarah. Then she ordered, "Julie. Take off your shirt and bra."

Julie obeyed and hung them on a silver hook that was in the stall. She was now standing in front of Mistress Sarah and next to Josie completely naked except for a pair of black heels.

"She has beautiful, perky tits, doesn't she Josie?"

Josie looked over at Julie. She looked amazing naked. She had a slender body with perfectly sized breasts and a tightly shaped ass. Her skin was flawless, smooth, and inviting. Her nipples were already swollen. "Yes Mistress," replied Josie.

"Lick them," ordered Mistress Sarah firmly.

Josie was enthused at her words. He leaned to the side and started to slowly lick and kiss Julie's breasts and nipples. Julie cradled the back of his head, holding him close to her breasts. She moaned. "Mmm. Don't stop Josie. Your pretty little tongue feels good"

Mistress continued to finger Julie and Josie in the bathroom stall. The girls were in their own erotic world. The sounds of women chatting and moving around outside their stall were barely noticeable to them. Mistress Sarah raised her glistening fingers to Josie's mouth. "Taste my pet's luscious juices," she commanded to Josie.

Josie eagerly accepted her wet fingers and sucked off Julie's sweet nectar. It made him hungrier for her. No words were spoken. Josie just knew what was expected next. He kneeled down on the hard tile floor between the toilet and Julie and pushed his tongue into her wet naked pussy. A soft moan echoed through the stall.

Mistress Sarah edged forward on the seat, her thighs and knees entrapping Josie between her and Julie. She pushed his head, forcing his lips and tongue to press harder into Julie's fleshy pussy.. Josie enjoyed the helpless feeling of being smothered between the two Goddesses. "Make her cum for me Josie," whispered Mistress Sarah.

Josie lapped harder at her pussy while Mistress Sarah reached up and pinched Julie's erect nipples. Julie's hands found the back of Josie's head and she held him tight while she humped his tongue and face and quietly moaned in rhythm. Josie could feel her pussy spasm against his flicking tongue. Her wetness covered his tongue, lips, and cheeks. Excitedly he lapped it all up like a puppy enjoying a new treat. He did not want to stop but Julie finally pulled away when she had enough.

"Thank you Mistress," said Julie. Although Josie did most of the work, she did not even acknowledge him. The purposeful exclusion made Josie feel objectified and it excited him.

"You deserved it pet. You're too damn sexy. Now go fetch the other two girls."

"Yes Mistress."

Julie dressed herself and slid out of the stall leaving Josie and Mistress Sarah alone.

Mistress Sarah ordered Josie to turn around. She spread her legs and said "Now it's my turn slut. Come lick my pussy."

Still raging and excited from the fun with Julie, Josie's tongue quickly lapped at Mistress Sarah pussy. She squeezed her legs tight around his head and firmly said, "slow down slut. Nice slow licks."

Sorry Mistress," apologized Josie. Under her direction he slowly licked her puffy pussy lips up and down and in between.

"Mmmm. That's good," cooed Mistress Sarah. "Keep that nice steady pace until my other two sluts arrive."

Josie only licked for what seemed like a few seconds before Mill and May made their way into the stall. There were a few excited giggles at what they saw. Then almost instantly they joined in on the fun. Josie continued to lap at Mistress Sarah's pussy while Mill and Miss May ravaged Mistress Sarah's lips and tits with lustful kisses.

No one undressed but shirts were being pulled up and shorts unbuttoned to allow wandering fingers and lips access to the most sensitive areas. Josie was at the center, on his knees, engulfed in erotic moans, arousing scents, and sinful pleasures. The girls were consumed with each other. No one was touching him. His clitty was still tucked between his legs beneath his panties but he was in heaven from al the sights, sounds, and scents. It pulsed and throbbed in his panties just like a real pussy.

With Mill and May ravaging Mistress Sarah's tits and Josie pleasuring her pussy, it did not take long for Mistress Sarah's body to erupted with orgasm. When the magical wave hit, Mistress firmly pressed Mill and May's heads into her tits and she squeezed her thighs tight around Josie's head. She felt powerful and at the top of the world. Her followers were doing everything they could to pleasure her and bring her ecstasy.

Pleased, Mistress Sarah composed herself and said, "Josie slut, you've got two more girls to satisfy." She giggled and continued, "You wanted to be lesbian lover. Now you are getting lots of practice."

Mill and Miss May smiled delightfully at each other as Mistress Sarah left them alone with Josie. Josie's knees were beginning to ache from kneeling on the hard bathroom floor. He wanted to get up and stretch but Mill and May were too eager to continue with the fun. They each took turns fucking his tongue and cumming all over his face.

When they were done, they had Josie stand and lean over the toilet with his hands pressed against the back wall. "We have a nice surprise for you Josie," said Mill with a hint of cruelness. Miss May pulled down his pussy panties allowing his cock to come free. It instantly grew hard and dripped cum from all the pent up arousal.

Miss May Squeezed his cock and said, "my, my, what a horny little slut you are." Her fingers expertly spread the oozing cum all around the head of his cock. The slickness felt amazing on his cock and he struggled not to cum. She moved her fingers up to his lips and without hesitation Josie sucked off all the stickiness. "Good slut. I know how much you love this," said Miss May.

"Time for your surprise," announced Mill. Suddenly Josie felt a plug being pushed into his ass. It happened so fast. In an instant he was filled. It was a startling but arousing sensation.

Mill laughed in delight at how Josie gasped and jumped from the sensation. "We thought it would be fun to keep your pussy filled all night. You like that don't you slut?"

"Yes," admitted Josie. Both girls giggled. They pulled up his panties but did not tuck his cock back.

Miss May looked at the unsightly bulge and laughed. "You need to do something about that slut. Hide it away before you come out."

Mill added, "and fix your make-up. You're a mess."

It took about 10 minutes for Josie to return back to the table after Mill and May left him in the women's room. Miss May joked about how long it took him but she also complimented Josie on how well he touched up his make-up. Josie was happy to receive the compliment. He smiled and sipped his pink drink.

Still feeling devilish, Mill looked over at Josie and loudly said, "Josie honey, aren't there a lot of cute guys here?"

Not wanting to blow his identity among the crowd of people he bashfully responded in a shy girly voice, "umm...ahh....yes."

Miss May joined in on the fun. "Tell me sweetie, which guys do you think are cute?"

Josie blushed. He was quiet, unsure how to respond.

Mistress Sarah was pleased with the predicament that her girls had put Josie in. "Go ahead princess, it's o.k. It's just fantasy right? Which guy do you think is cute."

Wanting to please his Mistress Josie looked around the crowded room sizing up the different guys. He could have picked any guy but instinctively he wanted to impress the girls and pick a good one. Without really comprehending it, he found himself looking for attractive qualities in the men. He finally settled on one.

In his bashful feminine voice he said, "The one in the red shirt by the bar is cute." Josie could hardly believe those words spilled from his lips.

"Why do you think he is cute," asked Mistress Sarah forcing him to blush even more.

"I don't know," mumbled Josie.

Miss May quickly jumped in, "There must be something that attracted you to him Josie. What do you like about him?"

Josie knew the answer. After all he did spend time picking him out of the crowd. It was just hard to admit it but he knew the girls would not let up. Finally he conceded, "Well, his arms are muscular and he's in great shape."

Mill giggled. "Yes he is. He got a cute butt too, don't you think Josie?"

"Yes, a cute butt too." Josie was surprised at the words coming out of his mouth.

Mistress Sarah agreed with Josie, "he is cute. Now pick out another guy Josie. If I were to bring home a guy for you tonight, who would it be?"

Josie's heart pounded fiercely in his chest. He knew Mistress Sarah was playing mental games with him and challenging his male psyche. The problem was he did not know how far she would go with it.

Josie responded, "The guy standing on the dance floor over there."

"Go on," she said. The other girls listened intently.

Josie's cock twitched in his panties and his arousal level started to rise again. His horniness was not from the guy but rather from the situation his was in. Mistress Sarah was clearly in control of him and forcing him into an awkward situation. She was challenging his limits and he was too enraptured in her supreme power to resist. This was exciting for Josie.

This time Josie did not need encouragement. He was comfortable with his feminine psyche "he seems nice, he has a cute face."

"Very good pet," said Mistress Sarah. Then she turned and walked toward the guy. She immediately engaged him in conversation. It was obvious that he was thrilled to be noticed by a Goddess.

Josie became nervous. He wondered if she was inviting him back. She was just teasing him he thought. Then Mistress Sarah pointed to Josie and the guy looked over. Josie glanced away and blushed. When he looked back he was surprised to see the guy walking toward him with Mistress Sarah.

Amazingly Josie stayed calmed. Deep down he knew he was at the Mercy of Mistress Sarah. She had a power over him that was irresistible. He was her puppet. He knew he would do whatever Mistress Sarah had wanted and that realization calmed him.

The guy came right up to Josie and said, "I hear you are the birthday girl tonight. Your friend here says you've got to do shots from strangers." He raised a shot glass filled with a blue liquid that had whip cream on the top.

Mistress Sarah winked at Josie. "Time for you to do a blow job," she laughed.

She made the guy sit down and hold the shot glass between his legs. Mill and Miss May cheered Josie on. "No hands allowed," yelled Miss May.

By now the commotion had gotten the attention of several others in the bar. Josie leaned forward towards the guy's crotch. He could feel the plug in his ass pushing deep inside him as he bent forward.. Everything about the situation was twisted and perverted and in Josie's new world he loved every second of it. He put his lips around the shot glass and flipped his head back. The butt plug teased and pleasured him with every movement. Everyone cheered and laughed. Josie enjoyed the excitement of the moment. He smiled and laughed with everyone and licked the excess whipped cream off his lips.

Before he knew it another guy appeared with a big smile and the same shot. Millicent egged him on this time and soon Josie was doing another blow job shot to the cheer of the crowd. He did two more before Mistress Sarah and the other girls expertly shooed the silly boys away. Mistress Sarah and Miss May each grabbed one of Josie's hands and walked him toward the door. Mill and Julie followed.

"Time to go princess," said Miss May. "Your inner slut really came out there. Now it's time to put a show on for us. You're going to be our slut tonight."

Josie felt dizzy and aroused as he walked. The drinks and shots had put him into a drunken state. The liquor had also relaxed him, allowing him to fully immerse himself into his feminine persona. There was something about the way Miss May was talking to him the excited him. He wanted to be a slut for them. He wanted to be dirty and kinky and slutty. He was ready to do anything they wanted.

Mistress Sarah added, "you were so sexy and slutty doing those blow jobs Josie. The guys were checking out your breasts and cute ass as you leaned over. I bet anyone of them would have licked the cream off your lips. I could tell you were having fun pretty. It is fun when you let the girl in you runs free isn't it.?

"Yes," admitted Josie imagining life as a girl.

Mistress Sarah quickly replied with a giggle, "Just wait until you do a real blow job."

Josie's mind was whirling with crazy thoughts and emotions and in his drunken state he could not process the thoughts. He did not know how to respond. Before he could think of anything Miss May said, "It's a good thing we saved you Josie. There's no telling what those boys would have done to you." Miss May laughed and added, "Another few minutes and they would have started whipping out their cocks. Then again, you're such a slut you would have probably liked that, wouldn't you?"

Josie was in a mood for impressing and obeying the girls and felt completely girly and slutty so he responded, "yes".

Everyone laughed. Mill said, "You really are drunk Josie. Perfect for us."

Chapter 17 Josie's First Lesbian Fest

Josie barely remembered the car ride home. There was lots of laughing and teasing of Josie. He was quickly whisked into Mistress Sarah's bedroom. Josie had the look of a helpless animal surrounded by a pack of wolves. In a matter of seconds the girls stripped down their prey to nothing but his panties. Millicent took pleasure in ripping the tape from his chest and seeing him flinch at the quick and sudden sting.

The girls also stripped off their clothes. Josie was the only one left with panties on. His cock was still pushed backwards between his legs in the shape of a pussy and his ass was still filled with a plug. The girls each took turns rubbing between his legs and kissing his nipples and telling him how pretty and sexy his was. While one girl rubbed another was lowering her tits to his lips and ordering him to lick.

Before meeting Mistress Sarah, Josie had never experienced a threesome and now amazingly he found himself in a room with 4 naked girls. The girl all knew what to do. Josie saw Julie licking Mistress Sarah's pussy. Mill was between Miss May's legs and Mistress Sarah and Miss May were both teasing and playing with Josie. Josie was overwhelmed and did not know what to do other than lay there like helpless prey.

Eventually his panties were pulled down and his cock sprung free and hardened instantly. Warms hands and lips pulled at it and teased it. Other hands pushed on the butt plug, teasing his ass. He was in complete heaven. Had it not been for the liquor he probably would have exploded into an orgasm almost instantly.

Mistress Sarah was the first to lower her pussy onto his face. Josie lapped at her wetness while she humped him. At the same time Mill slowly stroked and licked his cock while Miss May and Julie serviced Mistress Sarah's tits. It was not long before Mistress Sarah's thighs tightened around his face and her pussy smothered him and convulsed into a deep pleasurable orgasm.

Josie barely caught his breath before Miss May assumed the position on his face. This time it was Julie teasing his cock and balls while Mistress Sarah and Mill played with May's tits. Josie continued to lick and fuck Miss May's pussy with his tongue, bringing her as much pleasure as possible. Soon Miss May was smothering him and cumming all over his face with her wet pulsing pussy. The scene was repeating again with Mill and then with Julie. Josie eagerly licked and pleasured each one of the girls. There was lots of laughter, giggles, moans, and teasing the whole time.

All four girls had powerful and satisfying orgasms while Josie was left fully aroused and horny. His cock was so sensitive and hard from all the teasing and excitement that it was practically twitching on its own. The liquor was wearing off making it harder for him to refrain from cumming. He had a strong desire to cum but he knew he was not allowed. .

Mill and Miss May disappeared out of the room, leaving Josie with Mistress Sarah and Julie. "Go fetch my strap-on slut," ordered Mistress Sarah to Josie.

"Yes Mistress." Josie scampered off to get her strap-on. He returned with it and helped Mistress Sarah slide it on. Josie kneeled before Mistress Sarah with the rubber cock bobbing in front of his face. He was eager to lick and suck it for his Mistress.

"Very good slut. You will get your time with this soon enough." Mistress Sarah turned away from Josie and toward the bed where Julie was lying naked on her back.

Mistress Sarah picked up a purple vibrating dildo that was lying on the bed. Josie heard it start to buzz and he watched as Mistress Sarah teased Julie with it. He had a perfect view of her pussy. With eyes wide-open and his cock hard as a rock, he watched Mistress Sarah slowly push the dildo in and out of Julie's pussy. Mistress Sarah used her other hand to play with Julie's nipples. Every now and then she would lean forward and suck her nipples or give Julie a long tongue kiss.

Julie could not help but writhe on the bed in erotic twists and moans. The vibrating pleasure forced her eyes shut and caused her lips to part in arousing breaths. She too wanted to cum. Josie could see the look in her eyes. He knew how she was feeling and he was jealous that it was not him lying on the bed, legs spread, and pussy throbbing for Mistress Sarah. He was jealous but he was also excited to see his Mistress in action with Julie. The mere sight of Julie's pleasure and Mistress Sarah's manipulative power kept Josie fully aroused.

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