Discovering Mistress Sarah's World Pt. 06


When Mistress Sarah felt that Julie had been teased enough she turned to Josie and said, "Kitten, fetch me another strap-on. I'm in a mood to see one slave fuck another."

Josie retrieved a second strap-on, wondering which slave would be fucking which. Either prospect was an exciting thought. Mistress Sarah took the strap-on from Josie and turned to Julie. She carefully slid it up Julie's smooth legs until it was snug against her crotch.

"Ooohh. That looks sexy on you pet," cooed Mistress Sarah. "Stand-up and show our little slut your cock."

Julie's expression was filled with arousal and lust and she stood before Josie. She had used a strap-on with other girls before but never with a boy. She was submissive by nature but the thought of taking Mistress Sarah's sissy sub with a strap-on caused a sudden unexpected wave of pleasure to course through her.

"Doesn't her cock look delicious Josie," asked Mistress Sarah seductively.

"Yes Mistress."

"You know what to do kitten. I know your slutty little tongue is dying to give it a lick."

Without hesitation, Josie took Julie's strap-on in his mouth. He looked up at her as he took it in. He loved the view of the underside of her naked tits. He could see her nipples swollen and pointing out. He could see her young and pretty face filled with uncertain arousal. He was sure he heard a soft moan escape her mouth when the tip of the strap-on disappeared into his lips.

Julie was gentle as she pushed the strap-on in and out of his mouth. This was not acceptable to Mistress Sarah.

"Push harder," demanded Mistress Sarah. "She is a slut Julie. She can take it."

Julie quickened the pace but it was still not satisfactory. Mistress Sarah moved behind Julie. A riding crop seemed to magically appear in her hands. She gave Julie a light tap on the ass with the crop. Julie instinctively twitched and thrust her ass forward at the sudden slap, which caused the strap-on to quickly thrust into Josie's mouth. Josie accepted it with no problem.

Mistress Sarah said to Julie, "Much better pet." Then Mistress Sarah slapped her ass again with the riding crop and ordered, "Harder!"

Mistress Sarah continued to spank Julie's ass and command the she fuck her slut. Each swat became harder and quicker. She was in effect controlling the rhythm at which Julie fucked Josie's mouth. Julie's thrusts increased in intensity and her ass grew warm from the spanking. Julie felt like a puppet. She enjoyed this control that Mistress Sarah had over her.

She also took pleasure in fucking Josie. It was her first time fucking a sissy and it was exciting seeing her strap-on push into his mouth and to see him kneeling and accepting it. She could tell he was struggling to keep up with the fast pace. This new power over him caused a mysterious pleasure within her.

The combination of submissiveness, power; pleasure and pain was overwhelming and quickly took Julie into a deep state of arousal. She could feel an orgasm rising within her. Her body and soul felt as if they were suddenly possessed by a lustful whore with a desperate need to cum. She grabbed Josie's head with her hands and began to thrust hard in and out of Josie's mouth. There was no escape for Josie. He simply had to accept Julie's strap-on and try not to gag. He was her fuck toy.

Mistress Sarah was delighted with Julie's sudden aggressiveness. She stopped spanking her and said, "That's it pet. Give her a good fucking!"

The mental pleasure of fucking Josie's mouth was uncontrollable. Julie moaned as she thrust her strap-on. The orgasm that ripped through her body took her by surprise. She did not think it was possible for the phantom cock to bring orgasmic pleasure to her. Julie held on tight to Josie's head and fucked him hard and moaned as her body coursed with pure pleasure.

"That was incredible," whispered Julie when she pulled her cock from Josie's mouth.

Mistress Sarah gave Julie a kiss on the cheek and whispered back, "I know. Sissy's are fun to fuck." She then turned to Josie and ordered him to kiss Julie's feet and thank her.

Mistress Sarah moved behind Josie while he was bending forward. As he was kissing Julie's soft feet, he felt a slap on his ass and heard commands form Mistress Sarah, "Get your ass up in the air bitch! Keep kissing Julie's feet."

Josie raised his ass and felt Mistress Sarah's lubed strap-on push into him. He was thankful for the plug that Miss May had pushed into him earlier. Although it was a bit painful when he initially took it, he was certain it was the reason why he was able to accept Mistress Sarah's strap-on with minimal pain.

Mistress Sarah began to fuck his ass. "You're our bitch tonight Josie, aren't you?"

"Yes Mistress,"

"That's right sissy slut. Keep worshipping Julie's feet while I fuck your pussy. She is my slave but you are her bitch."

Josie did his best to kiss her feet. It was hard to concentrate on her feet with Mistress Sarah pounding his ass. Julie noticed his lack of attention. Not being shy with her new found power she pushed his head downward and said, "Kiss them bitch-girl. Smell my feet. Worship me!"

Josie inhaled deeply. The scent of Julie's feet took him deeper into submission. He enjoyed his predicament. Josie's mind was transformed into emptiness. He did not think. He simply did all he could to obey the commands that were spilling from Julie and Mistress Sarah's mouths. He loved that he was being used like a slutty girl.

Subconsciously Josie's mind reeled in pleasure at the total degradation of the situation. Not only was he being emasculated by Mistress Sarah's strap-on and forceful words, but he was being required to submit to another slave. This contradiction established a new level of submission; a grander hierarchy in which Josie was at the very bottom. It seemed that the more he was humiliated and pushed down, the more he was compelled to obey and serve.

Mistress Sarah thrust hard and deep into his ass and kept calling him her sissy, her bitch-girl, and a slut. At the same time Julie pressed her delicate feet and toes into Josie's face for him to lick, smell and worship. Josie also felt Mistress Sarah's hands pulling and teasing at his cock as she fucked him. His cock was dripping and wet. He wanted to cum but he knew it was forbidden so he did all he could to hold back.

When he thought he could not hold back anymore he begged for release. He begged to cum. Mistress Sarah released his cock and thrust deep into his boy pussy. She laughed and sternly said, "No slut! Be strong for me!"

His denial seemed to fuel the fire inside Mistress Sarah. Josie simply braced himself and accepted her thrusts as Mistress Sarah pushed harder and harder and enjoyed her own orgasm at the mercy of her slave. Before finishing with Josie, she thrust her strap-on one last time into his sissy boy-pussy. She paused for a few long seconds, letting her cock fill his pussy and remind him of her power over him. Her strap-on demanded his attention and reinforced who owned him.

Josie's insides were alight with sensations. The strap-on milked cum out of the tip of his cock. The slightest touch on his cock would have sent him over the edge. He was at the mercy of Mistress Sarah. He hoped she would show mercy and allow him to cum. Before he could beg again she slowly withdrew her cock from his 'pussy.' He was left empty and wanting more.

"Please Mistress! Please don't stop," he begged.

Mistress Sarah laugehd, "You've turned into such a slut Josie. Pull yourself together."

Mistress Sarah slid off her strap-on and tossed it by the door along with Julie's. Go clean them up slut. We'll see you in the morning."

"Yes Mistress," whimpered Josie. He crawled over to the door, gathered the fuck toys and headed off to the bathroom. It was going to be another night of sleeping in the hallway, uncomfortable yet fully aroused.

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