tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersDiscovering Mistress Sarah's World Pt. 07

Discovering Mistress Sarah's World Pt. 07


CHAPTER 18 A Life Changing Decision

Sunday morning was not much different than the day before for Josie. He woke-up on the floor outside Mistress Sarah's bedroom, dressed in a silk night-gown and his cock was hard and aroused when he awoke. Just like Saturday morning, he crawled into the bedroom. Mistress Sarah was waiting for him. She was lying on her side facing the door. She smiled at Josie and patted the sheets in front of her.

"Come here pretty kitten," she said in almost a whisper.

The soft sheets were wrapped around Mistress's body, covering everything up to her breasts. Josie knew she was naked underneath. He could not wait to join her. He climbed onto the bed and Mistress unraveled the sheet and allowed Josie inside the warm cocoon. Josie gave Mistress a kiss on the lips. It turned into a long sensual kiss that made Josie's cock throb even harder.

Mistress playfully grabbed his cock. "Somebody's excited to see me. Don't you ever put this thing away," she teased.

"I can't help it. You make me feel this way," confessed Josie.

"Good girl," complimented Mistress Sarah.

Julie was in the bed also. Her arm draped over the side of Mistress Sarah. She was still asleep, exhausted from the night's events. She was in her own dreamy world but her presence alone added to the excitement for Josie. He was thrilled once again to share a bed with two beautiful girls. Life couldn't get better he thought.

Mistress Sarah made Josie turn over so that his back was to her in a spooning position. The warmth of the covers and the heat of Mistress Sarah's naked body pressed against his back were comforting. She slid up his night gown and slowly stroked his cock. Her strokes were long and steady like she was petting a kitty. Josie was growing fond of these 'stroking' sessions with Mistress Sarah. In his sleepy state they soothed him. He was her kitten and he purred inside.

Josie drifted in and out of sleep while Mistress petted him. His cock remained hard, his arousal level held at a steady soothing level. He was enjoying this comatose state of mind when suddenly it occurred to him that it was his last day with Mistress Sarah. He would be heading home later in the day. The thought was depressing.

Josie sulked quietly in his girly voice, "I can't believe I have to go home today."

"Why is that kitten?"

"I've just had so much fun with you these last few days. I can't believe it's over already."

"Mmmm," purred Mistress Sarah. She gave his cock a nice firm squeeze. "It has been fun. Once you let the girl in you run free, you discovered a whole new world didn't you princess?"

Josie hadn't really thought of it as letting the girl inside him free, but Mistress Sarah was right. That's really what the weekend had been all about. He truly was falling in love with all the feminine things that the girls had helped him discover.

Josie thought out loud to Mistress Sarah, "Yes Mistress, it has been fun dressing in sexy clothes and hanging out with you and your friends. I just wish it didn't have to stop."

"It does not have to stop sweetie. I want you to continue to wear all these pretty things. You'll have to buy your own wig and continue to practice putting on your make-up."

Josie thought about what Mistress Sarah was saying. He responded, "Mistress, I want to do all those things. I just can't imagine doing them at home without you. At home I would be laughed at and teased. I would be so embarrassed."

"Kitten, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Be a proud sissy. You have discovered an exciting part of you that is now free. Think of how much more fun you have had as a sissy. Much more fun that you had as a boring man, don't you think?"

Mistress Sarah skillfully changed the pace of her strokes. Josie barely noticed the lighter more teasing strokes. He was unaware that his arousal level was slowly rising until a quick charge of arousal hit him and caused his whole body to tense at the unexpected rush. His mind was already drifting into a blank subspace.

Josie was becoming more accepting of being referred to as sissy, but the term still caused him to twinge slightly with embarrassment. He thought about the last two days and how thrilling they were. He had been with four beautiful women and had the most thrilling sexual experiences of his life. If that's what it meant to be a sissy, well then Mistress Sarah was right -- being a sissy was much better than being a man. He just had to learn to accept it.

Josie admitted to Sarah, "Yes, this weekend was by far the best weekend of my life. It's just so different with you Mistress. When I am here with you, it's like another world. You and your friends are accepting of me as a sissy. You make me want to be pretty and sexy and girly."

Mistress Sarah was pleased with what she was hearing. There was just a very thin thread holding him onto his past male world. She encouraged him, "You are pretty and sexy Josie."

Mistress Sarah let Josie ponder those words silently. She continued to stroke his cock. She was keenly aware that her light teasing strokes were driving him crazy and bringing him to the edge. Josie was beginning to lightly thrust his cock into her hand in an effort to feel more pleasure. She was delighted at these futile attempts.

Everything that was happening seemed spur of the moment to Josie but Mistress Sarah was not doing things completely off the cuff. She had her own specific intentions. She knew that her teasing was putting him into a weak state of mind. Pleasure was affecting his ability to think and making him completely open to her suggestions. She was leading the conversation to a very important decision for Josie. She was ready to sever the thread.

When she felt Josie's cock twitch and his body shudder with pleasure, she licked his ear and seductively sucked on his lobe and whispered, "It doesn't have to change Josie."

"What do you mean," asked Josie wondering what miracle solution she had.

Mistress Sarah tugged on his arm and made Josie lie on his back on the bed. By now Julie was awake. When she was in her semi-sleep state she was picking up bits and pieces of their conversation. It didn't take long for Julie's instincts to sense that Mistress Sarah was in tigress mode, which meant that she wanted something from Josie.

Julie had experienced this once before with another guy. It was thrilling to watch how Mistress Sarah conquered others with her feminine seduction and power. Not wanting to miss the excitement, Julie lay quietly on the bed next to Mistress Sarah and listened intently.

Mistress Sarah lay on her side, along side Josie. Her full breasts were on display for Josie. Her beautiful face was only inches from his. Josie stared into her eyes and melted even more. She was sexy and hypnotic.

Mistress Sarah teased his cock until the point where his breaths became deeper and the pleasure caused his eyes to close so that he could take in the bliss and concentrate on not cumming. Through half open eyes he could see Mistress Sarah's tongue slowly lick around her lips like he was a tasty treat. Then she explained her plan in a slow and seductive manner.

"Well Josie, you don't have to leave sweetie." Mistress licked his ear lobe and slowly teased the tip of his cock. "You are part of my family now. You belong to me and so you have a place in my house."

Josie opened his mouth but before any words could escape Mistress Sarah put a finger to his lips and shushed him. "Shhhh princess. Just listen to me." Her other hand continued to tease his cock. "Mmmm. Your 'clittie' is so hard (giggles). I can tell you really like this. You really want it." Josie closed his mouth and sunk deeper into a thoughtless haze.

Mistress Sarah continued to explain. "Think about how exciting it will be to serve May and me every day...." Josie watched the tip of her tongue peak out and seductively glide across the bottom of her upper lip. "..pampering us and pleasing us. Playing dress up and always wearing sexy things for me. You are our slave, our maid and mmmmm, our sex toy. Just imagine how much fun it will be licking my pussy day in and day out - your lips against my lips..." Mistress Sarah let out muffled giggle.

Josie liked the mental picture she was painting. It was making him hotter and hornier by the second. It was definitely something he had fantasized about over and over again. It was hard to fathom that it could be real. To leave behind his job and friends on a whim was monumental and would seem foolish to any rational thinking person. As crazy of an idea as it was, Josie found himself considering it and wondering if he could really do it. Josie was so deep in arousal that he could barely talk. He whispered, "I like the sound of that Mistress."

"Mmmm. You will make a good pet around the house kitten."

"What about my job," questioned Josie, forcing himself to try and be rational despite the onslaught of pleasure.

Mistress Sarah licked her lips again and stared into his eyes. Josie's mind grew softer, weaker, and more obedient as he gazed at her wet lips and hypnotic eyes. "Pretty pet, the only job you need to worry about is pleasing May and me. I will take care of you princess. Nellie has a partnership in his company and supports me financially so you don't have to worry about that. You're existence will simply be about serving us. Exciting thought, isn't it?"

It was an exciting thought. "Yes, it would be a dream come true, but what about my family and friends?"

Mistress Sarah corrected him, "It is a dream come true pet," she said, emphasizing the word 'is'. "It is happening to you lover. There's no turning back now. I know it's what you what. You can still visit your friends and family. Just tell them you met the love of your life and are moving to be with her."

"but my parents would have a hear attack seeing me as Josie."

"Oh Josie, don't worry about that." Mistress Sarah laughed and gave him a motherly kiss on his forehead. "That silly boy Joe is still a part of you. He's just tucked down deep inside. When you visit your family you can put on those boring boy clothes and pretend to be a boy. It really is a silly costume for you Josie but if that's what your friends and family want to see, then that's fine with me. I might even let Joe play with me every now and then. Often times I get the urge to be fucked good and hard. Mmmm. I'm thinking I need a good fucking soon...maybe tomorrow. You wouldn't want to miss that would you Josie?"

"no, I'd want to be there for that," answered Josie quickly. His cock throbbed.

"Your clittie is so hard Josie," exclaimed Mistress Sarah. "You want this. I know it."

Josie faced a fierce determination in Mistress Sarah that was unbeatable. The more he talked with her the more he wanted to be with her and obey her. The images she was painting in his mind and the continued teasing of his cock put him in a highly aroused state, making it hard for him to continue talking. He was losing any bit of control that existed.

He admitted, "I can barely think Mistress Sarah. You are making me feel so good. I want to cum so bad."

Mistress Sarah nibbled his ear. "I know sweetie. You don't need to think. Slaves don't think. They just do what I want."

"Yes Mistress," agreed Josie.

Mistress Sarah's voice changed from sweet and seductive to a firm and commanding tone. "This is a big decision Josie. I know you want it to happen but you do not have to commit to it just yet. Here is what you are going to do."

Mistress Sarah stopped stroking his cock. Instead she grasped his cock firmly and held it in the palm of her hand as she talked. "You are going to spend a few more days with me. I have more training to do with you. You can not be left unattended right now or you'll go back to your silly boyish ways."

"Yes Mistress," agreed Josie without hesitation.

Mistress Sarah's firm grasp on his cock was driving him crazy. The warm tightness around his cock felt incredible. He was overly aroused from all the teasing and his natural instincts were telling him to thrust against her hand but he knew that the slightest movement would send him over the edge. It took all his will power to remain still. He was teetering on the edge of erotic bliss. The urge to cum was so powerful that he wished he could stop being submissive, lose all inhibitions and just fuck with wild abandon. It was an intense mental struggle to stay still but the domination and control that Mistress Sarah instilled in him was strong and he remained at her mercy.

Mistress Sarah continued with her demands, "You are going to call your work this morning and tell them you will be out until at least Wednesday because you have personal matters to take care of."

"Yes Mistress." Josie was mindless now. He simply agreed with everything.

"Then you are going to cook us a nice breakfast. May and Mill are about the house somewhere so make enough for them. Those cute little sluts are going to be hungry after all the fucking last night."

"Yes Mistress."

"While we eat breakfast you are going to write in your sissy journal about how much fun you had being a girl last night and about how you can't wait to move in with me."

"Yes Mistress."

"That's enough for now pet." Mistress released his cock. She slapped it playfully and said, "Put this away now. Find some panties to hold it in its proper place."

The slap to his cock almost sent him into an orgasm. "Please can I orgasm Mistress," pleaded Josie.

Mistress Sarah laughed, "No slave. You have things to do. Maybe once you make the final commitment to stay, I'll let you cum."

Desperately Josie exclaimed, "I'll stay Mistress! I want to move in with you and be your permanent slave."

Josie was a little shocked at the words that came out of his mouth. In a move that was worthy of publishing in 'Reverse Psychology Today,' Mistress Sarah said, "Silly girl, you are just saying that because you want to cum. It wouldn't be fair for me to accept that."

She gave his butt a slap. "Now go and do your tasks. Calm yourself down."

Mistress Sarah's rejection made him want to cum even more. It fueled his desire for her and his desire to live with her. His eyes looked at her pleadingly. She slapped him again and ordered him out of the bed. "Get to work slave."

"Yes Mistress," sulked Josie. Ho got out of bed. His cock stood straight up against his silk night gown.

"Put that silly thing away," scolded Mistress Sarah.

Julie's pretty eyed peered over the side of Mistress Sarah. "It looks so vulgar," she commented in a sleepy voice.

Mistress Sarah smiled at Julie adoringly and petted her long black hair. "Ahhh, good morning pet. My pussy is dripping from all the excitement. Come attend to it."

Josie's watched Julie crawl over top Mistress Sarah's pussy. Her head dipped down and her tongue disappeared into Mistress Sarah's wet folds. Mistress Sarah let out a satisfying moan. Josie's cock throbbed, wanting to be a part of the excitement. He was pondering the idea of sliding back into bed with the girls. Mistress Sarah did not give him the chance. She shooed him away. Sternly she said "Run along Josie before I have to punish you."

Julie's head bobbed up and she looked at him with a devilish smile. Mistress Sarah pushed her head down to her pussy and moaned, "Don't stop pet. I'm close to cumming."

Against his will, Josie walked out of the room. He was jealous that Julie got to pleasure Mistress Sarah and Jealous that Mistress Sarah was going to have an orgasm. On the other hand, his cock was raging hard and dripping. He was thrilled to be denied and at the mercy of Mistress Sarah's control.

Even though Mistress Sarah had wanted him to stay for just a few more days, Josie decided to take the whole week off. He figured he would need a few days to recover. After he made the call to his work he headed to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

The girls came down in pairs as the smell of bacon and eggs wafted through the house. First it was May and Mill. They both laughed at his erection. When Mistress Sarah and Julie ventured in, Mistress Sarah immediately scolded, "I thought I told you to put that thing away."

"Sorry Mistress. I can't help it. I'm super horny."

"I'll take care of it," announced May. She was in a playfully cruel mood. "Come over here Josie," she ordered.

May had Josie bend over and place his hands on the kitchen table. Then she took a wide spatula and started whacking his ass with it. All the girls were sitting around the table giggling as May whipped his ass. May took great pleasure in seeing Josie's body flinch with each swat of the spatula.

"Come on Josie, calm down," she demanded. "We're trying to eat here."

The girls giggled. May announced to everyone, "His ass is getting nice and red." Then she looked over at Julie and ordered, "Go get some ice Julie. Help me get rid of that nasty boy hard-on."

Within seconds, Julie was kneeling by the table and pressing ice cubes into Josie's balls. Josie moaned in discomfort at the sudden coldness on his hot balls. May responded to his groan, "That's right bitch-boy. I brought the heat and Julie has the ice. Fire and ice. Feel it bitch boy."

Being assaulted on both ends was extremely effective in extinguishing his arousal. Josie's cock shrunk and shriveled. Mill was the first to comment on it. Mockingly she said "Awww. His cock is all soft. What's the matter sissy, you don't like your whipping? You don't like having your balls iced?"

"Hold your clittie into place bitch," ordered May. "That's it bitch. Now Julie, pull up her panties. Hold that clittie in place."

Julie pulled the panties nice and snug around Josie's waist. The tight panties held his bent cock between his legs. Julie rubbed her hand between his legs, along the underside of his cock. Then she declared, "Her pussy is all ready."

"Very good," said May. She gave Josie's panty covered ass one last swat just for fun. May threw the spatula onto the table in front of Josie. "Now serve us our breakfast slave," she demanded as she joined the rest of the laughing girls at the table.

"Yes Miss May," responded Josie immediately. "Thank you for helping me," he said as he stood up.

Mistress Sarah leaned over to May and gave her a kiss on the cheek and complimented her. "Well done pet."

Josie happily served the girls breakfast. Once all the eggs were served and drinks were poured, he stood at attention alongside the table, awaiting any requests or orders. The girls enjoyed their food and talked amongst themselves. Josie looked around the table and could not think of a better way to spend the morning. It was thrilling to serve four beautiful women and be able to admire them in their lingerie and pajamas. He felt lucky. The idea of moving in with Mistress Sarah was growing on him, even if it meant leaving his job and uprooting his current life.

Sunday turned into a lazy day. Julie headed off to the airport to return to NY. She had a modeling gig first thing Monday morning and needed to be back early so that she could rest and look refreshed on Monday. After Julie left, Sarah and Mill decided to hang out at the pool. Josie helped them into their bikinis. Mistress Sarah wore a plain white bikini but she looked far from plain in it. Her large firm breasts were barely contained in the small bikini top and her ass look incredible in the soft stretchy bottom. Josie knew she would be the center of attention at the pool.

Miss May wore an emerald green bikini with a stylish wavy like top. Josie thought the green color looked beautiful against her tanned skin. The bikini showed off her slender body and sexy hips when she walked. Since it was a pool day for the girls, Mistress Sarah insisted that Josie also be dressed in a bikini. She helped him into a pink metallic thong bikini. The bikini was decorated with a pink flower at his crotch and one on each breast. His cock was tucked back into its clittie position and breast forms were pushed into the skimpy top to give him real looking breasts. Mistress Sarah also made him put on the blond wig that he wore to the night club. She touched his face up with foundation, eyeliner, and pink glossy lipstick.

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