tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDiscovering My Kink

Discovering My Kink


This is the story of the night I discovered what turned me on. I still get goose bumps when I remember how I went from a shy girl who had never had an orgasm...to a wild woman who had learned that displaying herself in public and coming in front of strangers was best.

I was a 19 year old college sophomore and I was sexually frustrated and curious and filled with yearnings I didn't really understand. My parents had been very strict in high school and I had not been allowed to date unless I was in a group situation and supervised. My first liberating year in college I had been in two serious relationships that each led to sex, but the sex had been brief and unfulfilling and part of the reason I ended each relationship. Neither guy knew how to make me come, and I was too inexperienced and unfamiliar with my own body to help them much. The only masturbating I had done was pressing my pussy up against the dryer when it was vibrating and feeling a strange pulsing inside, but I had always been afraid of being caught and had never pressed long enough to see where that feeling might lead. So while I wasn't technically a virgin, I was an orgasm virgin, and I wanted desperately to learn what all the fuss was about.

I am a natural blonde, fairly petite, with long wavy hair that falls almost to my waist. I have DD cup breasts that are too big for my small frame, very round and full with big pink nipples. I often catch men staring at them, which I secretly enjoy, but the attention makes me blush. And when I blush, it isn't just my face that turns beet red. I feel the flush spread down my chest, into my nipples, and the more embarrassed I feel, the longer and harder my nipples get. If I get really embarrassed, I can feel the blood rushing to my clit. But in the fall of my sophomore year I had not yet made the connection between my embarrassment and sexual pleasure, and maybe that was why I had not yet had an orgasm. Letting a familiar boy touch me in the dark was simply not my kink, and that was the extent of my sexual experience.

But on to the night of my story...Rick, a guy I knew from econ class, had invited me to a party he was throwing at his apartment. It wasn't a date; we were casual friends and he just said a lot of guys were attending and that he hoped I would come and bring a girl friend to help even out the boy-girl ratio. I asked my friend Katie to come with, and she agreed, but at the last minute she bailed on me. I was almost finished dressing and excited about the party when she called and cancelled, and I knew that good girls didn't go to parties alone, but I was sick of being a good girl. "What the hell," I thought. "I want to meet a guy that turns me on, and I'm not going to do that sitting home in my room. Katie or no Katie, I'm going to that party."

I didn't have a car and had never been to Rick's apartment before, but the address was less than a mile away, so I decided to walk. I took one last look in the mirror and smiled. I knew I really looked hot that night. I had spent time shaving my legs, making up my face, painting my nails, and brushing out my hair. I had borrowed an outfit from my roommate, a retro-looking one-piece pantsuit, kind of like something the hot girls in the Austin Powers movies would wear. It was a beautiful blue color and it clung to my curves. My roommate was a size smaller than me, so it looked a little slutty, the way it clung to my breasts and bottom, but that was what I wanted. The pantsuit had a long zipper down the front with a big circle pull, which had been part of the outfit's appeal. I liked the thought that I could display more or less by tugging the zipper up or down.

Under it, to reduce the panty line, I wore the briefest, flimsiest panties I owned. The panties were white, lacy, and see-through. My blonde curly pubic hairs were visible through the front, and the crack of my bottom was visible from the back. I felt very sexy in them and hoped I would find somebody to show them to. My bra was an underwire, which I always wore since my breasts were so large, but the material covering the nipples was the same, flimsy see-through fabric as the panties. The bra pushed my breasts upward, making my already substantial cleavage even more impressive. I took one last look in the mirror, took a deep breath, and tugged the zipper down another inch, until it was halfway between my breasts and the edge of the lacy bra and the inside curve of my breasts peeked out. Then I strapped on my chunky platform heels and headed out for the night. I felt good striding down the sidewalk, confident and full of anticipation. A couple of guys whistled or yelled compliments as they drove by, which made me smile.

When I was just around the corner from Rick's apartment, I heard someone behind me, and I looked back. A guy on a bike was close behind me. He rode past me, then turn to look at me and flashed me a huge smile...and while he was staring, he hit a rock and fell off his bike.

I went over him and leaned down. "Are you okay?" I asked.

He grinned and rubbed his knee, where his jeans were torn and he was bleeding a bit. "Damn, you are one sexy lady. Lean over a little more, will you?" Then his gaze went from my eyes, very deliberately, to my breasts.

He was a good looking guy, kind of dark and foreign looking, well-built, with a gorgeous smile and white teeth and lively, happy brown eyes. He had a bit of an accent that I couldn't place. For some reason I just instinctively liked him, and I guess I felt bad that he had hurt himself ogling me, so I played along and leaned down a bit more and put my breasts closer to his face. "You mean like this?" I replied.

His smile grew even wider. "Do you want to come to my place and play doctor?" And then he reached up, very slowly, and extended his index finger and touched my cheek. He trailed his finger down my face, down my neck, and to my left breast. When he got to the nipple, he scraped his fingernail over the fabric covering the nipple and I gasped and jerked upright, feeling a blush spread over my body and both nipples grow hard.

He got to his feet. "Very interesting," he said softly. "Your nipples say you like me." I blushed even harder and looked down. Both nipples were clearly pressing against the clingy fabric.

"I want to see your breasts." He reached for the zipper, but I stepped back and instinctively crossed my arms over my chest. I was very turned on, but scared and confused. I had never had a guy come on to me so directly and so confidently. "Not so fast," I stuttered. "I don't know what you think you are doing!"

"I would never hurt you. You are just so beautiful I can't help myself. I'm sorry if I scared you." He held out his hand for mine. "My name is Juan. And I want to do whatever you want to do."

I placed my hand in his hand, and his brought my hand to his mouth and kissed it, gently. "I'm Leah," I replied. "And I want you to slow down!"

He smiled and pulled me closer. "I don't think you know what you want." He bent his head as if to kiss me, and he smelled good, and a throbbing started between my legs. I leaned into him, my heart pounding like crazy. He whispered, "I think you want me to kiss you?"

Dumbly, I nodded. He kissed me gently, a soft, steady kiss with just a hint of tongue. While he was kissing me, he brought his hand up and took hold of the zipper pull. I could feel the weight of his hand resting on the circle of silver that could bring my zipper down from my breasts to my crotch. He didn't move his hand, but just knowing that he could practically strip me in an instant made me faint with lust.

He pulled back and looked me straight in the eye. "Please show me your breasts. Right now. Right here." Shocked, I tried to pull away, but he held me firm. Still looking me in the eye, he lowered the zipper. I stilled, petrified, and let him pull it down, past my breasts, down to my waist. Then he let go of the zipper and reached up and opened the fabric out wide to the sides of my breasts. Then he stepped back and stared at me, standing there on a public street with my breasts covered only by a thin piece of transparent lace, blushing furiously.

Suddenly I panicked. What was I thinking? I didn't even know this guy, and I was in a public place. I zipped up as quickly as I could and stumbled to the other side of the street. I looked back over my shoulder, and Juan wasn't pursuing me, he was just standing there, looking sad. "Wait," he called. "I'm sorry I scared you. But I respect that you aren't ready for this yet. When you change your mind, you call me. I'm going to leave my name and number right here." He pulled a pen and a torn piece of paper out of his shirt pocket and wrote something, then bent down and placed it under the rock that had tripped up his bike. As I stood there, debating whether to say goodbye or just walk away, he looked up and called out softly: "One last thing, Leah. You should know that what I love to do best is cunnilingus. I can lick you and make you come over and over again until you faint."

Maybe if I had had something to drink before I met Juan, or if I was more experienced or less uptight, I would have crossed back over the road and gone with him, because his words sent an electric jolt right to my clit. But it was too much and too fast. Even though I was more turned on than I had ever been in my life, I was overwhelmed and too scared to act upon it. "Sorry," I said. And I turned and walked as quickly as I could to the corner and turned down Rick's street. In front of a large apartment building in the middle of the block, several people stood out on the lawn, smoking. Music pounded from an inside apartment, and I knew I had found the party.

I strode toward the front door, fully aware that I was wet and slickery between my legs, wetter than I had ever been making out with a boyfriend. I knew my body had lubricated for Juan in a way it had never done before. I could smell a faint musk rising up from the wetness between my legs, and felt a little light-headed. I didn't know it then, but Juan had just primed my pump for an incredibly erotic night. It's amazing what the right foreplay can do to a girl....

I pushed my way into the party, which was crowded, and looked for Rick. Somebody handed me a drink, which tasted like grape Kool-Aid, but which I knew was spiked with some kind of alcohol. I drank it down quickly and asked for another one to calm my nerves. Somebody else tried to hand me a joint, but I turned it down. I didn't see Rick; in fact I didn't see anybody I knew. Finally somebody told me that Rick's apartment was upstairs from the party and that he had gone up to get more beer.

I walked up the stairs, drink in hand, and knocked on the door. It was opened by a tall, barefooted, good looking guy with dirty blonde hair and a Pepsi in his hand. He told me that Rick had gone to the store, that he was Rick's roommate, Michael, and that I should come in and wait for Rick in the apartment.

"Thanks," I said, walking into the place, noticing that Michael seemed to be alone. The TV was on and there was a single plate on the coffee table. "I didn't know anyone down there and I was feeling a bit out of place. So why aren't you partying?"

Michael shut the door and shrugged. "I'm not much into parties where the music is so loud you can't talk. Plus I'm competing in a triathlon next week, so I don't want to get fucked up and mess up my training schedule."

He turned off the TV show he had been watching, offered me a drink and invited to sit next to him on the couch. Music from the party drifted up, but it was muffled and actually a very nice volume. He pulled out a backgammon set, and before I knew it we were laughing and playing and getting along great. He was a wonderful storyteller, and he had many interesting views. I felt myself relax. I was very impressed that he was a triathlete, and by how fit and muscular he looked. He told me about his workouts, which sounded grueling, and I found myself wanting to see and feel his body. The talking turned into flirting, which turned into kissing, and suddenly I heard myself say, "Want to make this interesting and play strip backgammon?"

Now, had it not been for Juan turning me on so much, and the alcohol, I doubt I would have been so forward. But I was so horny and so ready for release that I just couldn't help myself. Michael looked surprised, but grinned and said, "You are on! But only if you agree that shoes and earrings and stuff like that doesn't count, girls sometimes cheat like that. I have on only three things that count: jeans, boxers, and this shirt. How about you?"

I stood up and turned around slowly. "I have on only three things that count, too. My pantsuit, my bra, and my panties. Think you can get them off of me?"

I admit I played badly on purpose. I wanted to display myself to him, to feel exposed and vulnerable. So at the end of the first game, I was the loser, and Michael leaned back into the couch and put his arms behind his head with a wicked grin. "So that thing you're wearing is mine, Leah! Stand up and peel it off!"

I stood up and faced him, watching his eyes as I moved my hand to the zipper. I slowly zipped it down as far as it would go, but held the fabric together over my breasts. I turned around and peeked back at him over my shoulder as I shrugged my arms out of the sleeves and began lowering the top part down. When I got the fabric down to my waist, I faced him again and saw how his eyes shot to my barely clad breasts. He let out a soft groan. "This is the best game I've ever played, Leah."

I shivered in anticipation and turned away again, and slowly lowered the fabric past my buttocks. I dropped the outfit to the floor and bent over slowly from the waist, and freed one foot at a time from the legs of the outfit. I was still wearing my shoes, so I had to stay bent like that while I wiggled my feet out, my lace-covered pussy and ass facing him. I could feel that the crotch of my panties was soaking wet with my juices, and knew that he could see the wetness and knew how turned on I was, and that the wetness made the panties as transparent as glass and that he could see my pussy lips. I had never felt so exposed, so embarrassed, as sexy as I did right then, bent over in front of a man I had just met.

Then I stood up and turned to face him again, feeling naked in my scanty underwear. He was adjusting an enormous bulge in his jeans. He stood and walked over to me and grabbed me and kissed me fiercely, grinding his erection up against me. Since he was barefoot and I was in platform heels, it was just the right fit and I could feel my pussy lips part and fit against his jeans-covered cock. It felt so sexy to be mostly naked and held by a fully clothed man. I moaned, but when I felt him try to snap open my bra, I pulled back and said, "No, boys want to cheat like that, but you have to win my bra." I liked being almost undressed in front of him and wanted to play the tease a little longer.

I walked over to his kitchen table and dragged a hard chair into the living area and placed it on the other side of the coffee table that held the backgammon game and sat. "I'm going to sit over here, " I said, "because I don't trust myself to sit next to you on the couch."

Michael sank down into the couch across from me and nodded. "I love the view," he said. "But if you're going to sit there, you need to spread your legs open. Wide open."

I blushed then, and literally felt my clitoris grow larger. I spread my legs open and looked down, seeing the transparent fabric pressing into my glistening pussy lips and my blonde pubic curls peeking out from beneath the panties. My clit was harder than it had ever felt before, and I could see it. I knew Michael could see it also, and the thought made me squirm.

I lost the next game, and told Michael he could remove my bra. He took it off so slowly, and as soon as my aching nipples stood free, he sucked them and licked them and then gently took one in his teeth and pulled it out from my body. I was ready to give in then, to quit playing the game, but now Michael was the one to say no. "I want to win you fair and square. I don't want you have any excuse to say no to all the things I plan to do to you. So sit back down and open your legs again."

I struggled back to my chair and sat, obediently opening my legs wide for his viewing pleasure. I loved the feeling of my breasts being exposed and free, and of being so close to being naked. Michael sat and faced me, leaned closer and breathed in deeply through his nose. "You know I can smell you, Leah? I can smell how much you want me to fuck you. " I blushed deeply. "Now I want to see how you like to be touched. Cup your breasts, touch your nipples. Show me what you like."

I cupped my breasts and pulled on my rock-hard nipples, imagining his hands on me. The look on his face of pure desire made me feel crazy and I slipped my hand down the front of my panties to touch myself. That did it. Michael stood up, pulled me up, and growled, "I can't wait any longer to get you naked." And he pulled my panties down to my knees with one hand and grabbed my breast with his other and kissed me hard.

I spread my legs, feeling my cunt lips open and the panties stretching between my legs. Michael reached between my legs and found my clit immediately, and started stroking. I fumbled for his jeans zipper but his erection was so big I couldn't pull the zipper down. He stopped touching me for a second to yank his jeans open and his cock sprang out. I put my hand on his cock and he put his hand back on my clit and within second I was shuddering and crying out and coming so hard I almost fell down. It was amazing, the most incredible feeling, and I knew then why people did crazy things for sex.

When I finished shuddering, I opened my eyes and looked at Michael. He laughed softly and kissed me. "Are you okay?"

I was panting. "I've never been better. Oh, Michael, that was wonderful. Thank you so much!" I hesitated, wondering if I should tell him it was my first orgasm, but I felt too shy to admit that to him. Instead, I started to unbutton his shirt. "Now it's your turn. Get naked."

He was out of his clothes in seconds. He laid down on his back the rug and said, "Here, like this." He positioned me on my knees, with one knee on each side of his head, facing his feet. "I want to watch your pussy and taste your pussy while you suck my cock."

I bent down and took his cock in my mouth. I loved the smell and taste of him, the velvety smoothness of his cock, the large vein pulsing down the underside of it. I began sucking while pulling him slowly in and out of my mouth, my hand wrapped around the base of it since it was too large for me to take all the way into my mouth. While I was doing that, I felt his hands spread my ass cheeks wide and his tongue touch my clitoris. I didn't know I could be ready again so fast, but the feeling of being exposed and spread open, coupled with the taste of him in my mouth and him sucking on my clit, brought me right to the edge again. I could feel another orgasm building up inside me.

Then I heard the door to the apartment open. And there I was, ass towards the door, naked and wet and spread-eagled for whoever was coming in to see.

Michael didn't even pause. Either he didn't notice our audience or he didn't care, and since I was too embarrassed to acknowledge our visitor, I decided to pretend I hadn't noticed either. With my hair hanging down over the sides of my face and my face away from the door, no one would know who I was. I kept sucking and felt Michael's cock suddenly grow even longer and harder and then he started to pulse and I kept sucking and swallowed all of his come.

"Leah!" he cried out. "Leah, fuck, yes!"

I froze, petrified, aware that our visitor now had a name to put to the pussy he was viewing. I let Michael's cock fall out of my mouth and put my head down on his thigh, completely mortified. Then Michael put his sweet lips back on my clit and between his marvelous tongue and my complete and utter humiliation, I completely lost control of myself. This orgasm was even stronger than the first one; it swept through my entire body and shook me to my core. I even saw flashing lights.

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