Discovering My Nasty Wife


I had always wanted to go to a club, then have her come in after me and join me at the bar as though we were not together. Then I wanted to watch the other men try to pick her up. Of course, she would never do that in the past. So, I challenged her to it now.

She smiled. "You don't think I'm up for the challenge?"

I shook my head. 'No!' "I want you to be a good submissive wife tonight and show me that you are serious." I said.

She looked at me for a few moments. "Why don't you pay the bill while I go freshen up". She said.

I did and when she returned, she had a sensuality in her walk and I could see her breast swaying under the sheer black top. She discreetly handed me her black panties and bra. "Would you be a doll and drop these off in the car on your way. I don't think I'll need them tonight."

How was I going to walk out of the restaurant with this hard on standing out in front of me? I thought.

"I'll stay her and finish my drink until you have time to get in and find a place at the bar." She said. "I'll be right there."

She joined me shortly after I ordered my first drink. She ignored me at first, as though she didn't know me. I offered to buy her a drink and she played her part well, with only a casual thank you.

It took no time until guys were hitting on her. She brushed them off one at a time. I leaned over and asked if she wanted to go home, thinking she wasn't into it.

"Oh no!" She said looking across the room. "I'm just waiting for the Latin guy across the floor. He keeps making eyes at me, but hasn't come over."

She turned back around to face the bar. "If I'm going to play, I'm waiting for what I want." She said and took a sip of her drink.

In no time he made his way across to her. She was coy with him at first, then flirted, flipping her hair and giving all the female signs.

She loves to dance and soon they were on the dance floor. Before long, they were one of the couples dirty dancing, him wrapping his arms around her from behind and swaying their hips together to the sounds of Latin music. It took them no time to dissolve into the crowd, but she kept within site of me at the bar. I could see them holding each other, her spreading her legs around one of his as she rotated her hips on it.

They seemed to never leave the floor, accept to occasionally come back for drinks and a breath, then they were back out dancing. She would always come back next to my stool and rub my leg or cock as he tried to kiss her neck or run his hands over her body.

Once I saw her feeling his ass as they stood there, then she ran her hand around to the front of his crotch letting her hand brush his cock as she felt mine with the other hand.

When she did, I ran my hand under her skirt from the rear, gliding it up behind her thighs and between her legs. I felt her wet pussy as she wiggled it to me. My fingers easily slid between the slick folds of flesh. There I was, in public where no one could see, feeling her pussy as she felt my cock in one hand and the cock of the stranger next to her in the other. He looked like he was going nuts.

When his attempts to get her outside failed, he pulled her off to dance again. She turned and winked at me.

Soon a friend of his joined them on the dance floor, another Latin fellow. The three of them began dancing, sandwiching her in between them. She was loving it, her arms raised high as they pressed against her, then she would wrap her arms around the guy in front of her, holding his ass while the other rubbed up against her from behind.

When she pealed herself away from them and we went home that night, I devoured her, all but ripping her clothes of her. While we made love she told me how much it had turned her on having him rub against her and practically fuck her there on the floor in front of everyone and me.

I asked her if she enjoyed feeling his cock.

"Oh yea, I felt both their cocks when they were dancing with me. It was so exciting feeling two cocks at once rubbing up against me and their hands feeling all over me. My pussy got so wet."

Needless to say, we made love more than our usual 'once' and I must have filled her to overflowing until we collapsed into each other's arms.

"Can we do it again next week?" She whispered quietly before I dozed off.

What I didn't know was that day by day she began loving it more, and soon our sex life was about to change for ever!

First Nights Out

Chapter 4

The first week was much the same, accept for our sex life, which was instantly better. She would talk trash to me in bed, telling me how she had always thought it would be sexy to have two cocks at once, how she thought it would be fun torturing me by licking another cock in front of me. And she constantly made me tell her how I wanted her to do it.

She was warm and upbeat with me, flirting with me much more. She kept herself looking beautiful, almost flaunting it in front of me, she would tease me by walking around half nude and changing in front of me.

The owner of our gym, Phil, an ex attorney, had always tried to strike up conversations with Karin while we were working out, even when I was right there. Though she had continually ignored him in the past and politely brushed him off, I was stimulated by his approaches and a bit jealous of him. Things were now different.

Now she was not brushing him off. And now he was always over at her machine talking and laughing with her, both of them flirting like two high school kids, as though I wasn't there, accept for her occasional glance over at me with her sweet smile.

He was my first real twinge. I couldn't help myself. Of all people, this would be the guy.

Phil was a good-looking guy, a real fitness nut and has a great body. Not bulked up or over build, just nicely chiseled. He is more outward personality than me, more of the charmer type and can be a bit cocky at times, but the kind of guy that everyone likes and wants to know. Now, he seemed to have become her personal trainer, with hands on attention. This all made me feel insecure, but it did turn me on at the same time.

After her workout one night, she got dressed, came over to me as I still worked out and told me that Phil had invited her out for drinks with some friends from another gym. "You don't mind do you Sweetheart?" She added for a special touch.

I looked over her shoulder and Phil was there in the doorway, watching us and waiting. I could feel myself going flush, from that invading turned-on-feeling, knowing she was going out with another man.

I heard myself say. "Sure Hon, have a good time." My stomach was full of butterflies.

Catching my voice when it cracked, she winked at me, puckered me a light 'air kiss' and turned back to Phil smiling, and with a light-footed scamper, totted off to the door. I finished my workout thinking of nothing but them being out together.

I looked over and saw Tonya, her new girl friend, on the cycle across the room. When she saw me watching the two of them leave the gym she looked at me and smiled. It looked like 'a happy smile for Karin', as though she was proud of her.

All night long, it was all I could think about. I was tortured. I couldn't help wondering and fantasizing about what they might be doing. I wanted her home, but at the same time loved the excitement of it. It's crazy, I know. I don't know what it is about some of us guys that this turns us on. I don't understand it myself. I fantasized all night about her kissing him, and her legs opening to his exploring hands.

She came home in a couple of hours and said little about it other than they talked a lot.

She didn't get home until about 11PM. She was obviously tipsy from the alcohol and her hair was just slightly rumpled.

She winked at me seductively and kissed me on the lips. Her full soft kisses always made me shutter.

But this kiss put me in shock!

Not because I needed it so badly, but because I thought that I caught a whiff of cock on her breath. I knew that sexy smell and taste. I knew it from when we would kiss, after she had gone down on me.

It was cock on her breath! I was sure! I didn't know what to do, how to respond. So I acted as though I didn't notice.

She smiled and kissed me again but deeper and sexier. "You like?" She asked and then licked around my mouth kissing me a third time and giggling.

I love to kiss and I needed it so badly, and god she was a good kisser.

In the past, when I would taste myself on her lips, after she had gone down on me, I would often fantasize that the taste and smell of cock on her kisses was from her going down on another cock instead of mine. It always drove me crazy to imagine that.

But this was real, absolutely real. I was sure that she had sucked his cock that night. I was inflamed by my fantasy and at the same time, I was torn with intense fear and jealousy. Had my wife had been out drinking with another man and sucked his cock, but I was so turned on about it that that overruled anything else. The image raced through my mind of her kissing down his flat stomach and then licking his cock, and taking it in her mouth. It was terrible, but what a wonderful torment this was.

I could smell his cologne on her neck. She was buzzed. Then she gave me another one of her deep wet French kisses. The smell of sex seemed even more evident. There was no doubt. His cock had been in her mouth.

My reflex quickly drew back. She closed her eyes and giggled, slightly swaying from the drinks. An electric current went through my body, but I tried to contain myself and act as though I had not noticed the sex on her breath.

'She had sucked Phil's cock.' 'She had really sucked Phil's cock.' The thought kept hammering itself into my brain, as though trying to make me realize the gravity of her act. My sweet conservative wife had actually sucked arrogant Phil's cock, not in some fantasy of mine, but humiliating reality.

She slipped her arms around me. My legs went weak. My mind was confused. I felt trapped by the insult. I didn't know what to say or how to react, because, deep down it was what I wanted, what I'd always wanted. I wanted to run and at the same insane time I wanted her to tell me what she had done.

"Do I taste good Sweetheart?" She teased. She wanted me to know without saying it. She wanted me to know that if she wanted to, she not only could, she was going to suck other cocks.

I played dumb. "You taste wonderful Honey! Very sexy." My heart went through the floor as I tried to contain my emotions and not wanting her to know what I was going through. I loved it that she had cock on her breath. I couldn't believe that I was thinking this to myself, but I was. I wanted her to kiss me again, I wanted her to make me taste it again. But she didn't.

"You like my kisses don't you Tom boy?" She taunted again, enjoying the fact that I knew and couldn't say a word. "I told her that I thought she was the sexiest tonight that I had ever seen her." The thing is, she was. She was radiant and her messed up hair just added to her sensuality.

"Yes!" I said. "I love them.

She kissed me on the forehead and said. "Now go get me a drink like a good boy."

I did and took it to her. She was enjoying this game.

She kissed me deeply again and led me by the hand into the bedroom where we made love like never before. She pussy was so turned on that I couldn't believe it.

As I began to approach my orgasm she told me how she couldn't wait until to let another cock fuck her. She told me how much she wanted me to slide my cock into her after another man had fucked her.

She was changing, making me tell her again how much I wanted her to be a bad girl and I did, uncontrollably exploding my load into her waiting pussy.


Chapter 5

The next few days my thoughts of them possessed my mind at work. I could think of little else.

A couple of nights later we were at the gym and it started out much the same. We worked out and then she simply waved with a smile and left with Phil again.

Thoughts of them flooded my mind until she got home.

When she got home again late, I was on the sofa thumbing through a magazine and listing to Enigma on the sound system. She came in, and quickly sat straddling me, lightly pinning my arms beside my thighs with her legs, and then laid a big wet kiss on me. She had had more than 'one too many', and again she tasted like sex.

She slowly ground her pussy against my groin. "You didn't get bored tonight did you? Did you have plenty to think about?" She asked. Pecking kisses on my forehead and smiling. She closed her eyes and licked my lips coating them with his musty smell, and then kissed me passionately wrapping her arms around my neck.

She pulled back keeping her smile and looked me dead in the eye. "Did you miss me?" She said, as though we were the closest of lovers and she had been out shopping.

She wrapped her fingers into the hair on the back of my head, and pulled it back, exposing my neck as she began to nibble and lick all over it. Then she gave me another moist deep kiss. His sex was again all over my lips, neck and cheeks and I could feel myself trying to get my breath.

She nibbled on my earlobe and whispered into my ear. "My kisses turn you on, don't they Tom?" Her warm breath and words rushed through me. I felt deliciously ensnared, pinned under her body, her words, and this blatant awakening.

Her kisses did turn me on, beyond what she could have been imagining. I sat there looking up at her, wanting her to kiss me again. "Tell me you like my kisses." She prodded.

"I do! I love your kisses." I admitted, and when I did, she laid a deep French kiss on me again licking all into my mouth and all over my lips. The taste and smell was strong male. I had to catch my breath I was so turned on.

What was she doing to me?

She kissed me deeply again. Her words had pushed me over the edge and I began falling deeply, head over heels into it, savoring what taste I could find and thinking that my wife had been out sucking another cock that night. I realized that I was hungrily kissing her deeper and licking her lips trying to taste more.

"Tell me you can taste it," she said, "and tell me to kiss you again."

My cock was aching for release under her and my head was spinning as she toyed with me. I licked her all over like an insane man, not wanting to stop to answer, not wanting to give these erotic kisses up. Tonight she was blatantly bringing me face to face with her indiscretion. I was no longer trying to get her to play my game. She had forced me to play hers, and she was playing me like a violin.

"Ohhhh yea you like it alright. You can taste it and you like it." She leaned back, her eyes looking at my lips. "Yesssssss! You taste him. Don't you?" She purred at me. "We both love it, don't we?"

She slowly rolled off of me lying back on the arm of the sofa. Sensuously lifting her skirt and sliding her hand up between her legs, she began to toy with her pussy. She slowly spread her legs for me, revealing her soaked panties.

She pulled her panties to the side so I could see her lips, tugging on them.

"I am soooooo horny! She said. "Phil is such a sexy man. Look how wet he made my pussy tonight!" My heart was pounding out of my chest, trying to grasp her words. She pulled her damp panties down her legs, over her ankles and tossed them lovingly into my face. Spreading her legs more and revealing her trim pussy completely, her lips separating for attention. "See?"

I nodded my head, more in disbelief at her words than anything. The alcohol was helping her hit me point blank with the facts that she had been playing with Phil and how wet he had made her pussy.

Her pussy was dripping wet. "Would you like to taste it?" She slid one finger inside. "She needs so much attention and she's not been getting enough. I haven't let him fuck her yet you know."

It was like a knife.

She had not ever been this self-assured before, never been this nasty, but I loved it.

"He is dying to fuck me, but I've just enjoyed teasing him, so far. I love getting him so turned on. I think one night he may just take me and rape me or make me fuck him." She smiled devilishly trying to push me to the edge.

"He just doesn't know how ripe I am for fucking! Does he"? She said.

I was paralyzed! I couldn't say a word. I just listened as I looked down at her laying back against the sofa arm, her legs spread and teasing me to taste her pussy that someone else had made dripping wet. A rush flashed through me. I was so turned on I could hardly contain myself.

"Now get down here on the floor on your knees and lick her like a good husband."

I obeyed her and got down on my hands and knees on the floor between her legs and looked into her eyes.

"Now be a good boy and lick my pussy." I looked down her fingers holding the lips apart for me.

"We have a new rule." She said.

A chill went through me. I loved the way she said that. I looked up at her excited to hear what it might be.

"From now on whatever my pussy wants, I let her do. Do you like that attitude?" She asked. "And whatever my pussy wants you to do, you do!"

"OK!" I agreed. "That sounds very sexy." I looked at her large sexy pussy and wanted to please it, whatever it wanted. I wanted to her to please it. "I'll do what ever turns your pussy on!" I said.

I was a man in trouble. I wanted to show her how much I loved her like this. I wanted to please her and to reinforce her being in control like this.I loved that another man and his cock had turned her on and gotten her so slick and that she had brought her juices home for me to lick up.

I lowered my head and touched my lips to her abdomen and kissed my way down and found the top of her lips under her light bush. She scooted forward so that her pussy was right to the edge of the sofa, then she settled back into the pillows as I inhaled the wonderful smell of womanhood. I touched my lips to her folds and felt that wonderful 'first slickness' on the tip of my tongue. Then my tongue reached out and lightly flicked her lips apart, separating them, feeling the additional inter slickness inside.

I went in deeper and felt a flood of her cream that he had stimulated. She was soaking. I licked her pussy, as I never have. I buried my face in it, trying to lick as deeply as I could, wanting to taste all of her. Lust was overtaking me and I could feel my ears going flush then my entire head and body. I had always been a man that loved licking pussy, but her new mind-set was lifting the experience to some altered state.

Karin had begun this for whatever reason, but now she was enjoying it. She was stretching back on the sofa grabbing the back and armrest as her pussy wiped itself all over my face. The chants and dream music of Enigma was flowing in the background. That type of erotic music can almost put you in another mental world by itself, but especially during the depths of good sex

"Ohhhhhh, I think you like this." She said in heat. "You like tasting his cock on my kisses." My eyes never opened I just kept tasting and lightly licking her clit, making love to her with my mouth, and showing her my appreciation for her being so erotic with me.

"Do you like my pussy being turned on by another man?" She asked between breaths. I looked up and our eyes met again.

"He does turn my pussy on you know." She said reading my mind. "He hasn't fucked her yet, but I have been sucking his cock for her!" She said, talking as though her pussy were telling her what to do. She looked at me waiting for a responds. "She likes it when I suck his cock, can't you tell? That's why you've been enjoying my kisses so much lately. Isn't it?"

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