tagLoving WivesDiscovering Paula

Discovering Paula

byRay Dario©

Paula stormed from the house, furious at her husband, Bob. Damn it! Didn't she do everything he wanted? Well almost everything anyway. She sucked his cock. She fucked him almost every night. Fuck him! She was a good wife and a hell of a lover! But was he satisfied? No! He could not get over his obsession with having her fuck another man. Damn him!

She slammed the car door after she got in and rammed the key into the ignition. Why did he want her to be with another man? Was it some kind of macho bullshit, see I told you I was better than him, kind of thing. She started the car and slammed it into reverse. Recklessly backing out of the driveway she slammed her hand into the steering wheel. Fuck him! As soon as she was in the street she jammed the car into drive and took off roaring down the road. Fuck him! She really needed fucked tonight. Work had been tough. Waitressing was not an easy job. Every customer was demanding and rude and she had to be polite to each and every one just to make the fifteen percent tips that the damned bloodsucking government stole from her every fucking payday. Why couldn't he just love her the way she was. Most men would love to have a faithful adoring wife.

Didn't she do enough for him. She was never against trying new things, a little bondage, some tickle fun, oral, anal, whatever he wanted, but it always came back to fucking other men. He just wants an excuse to fuck around on me! She thought, but she suspected that was not the reason. He had shown her the stories in magazines about men with "slut" wives. Lots of men must fantasize about this, she realized. As she drove she calmed down a little. She hated fighting with Bob. He was a good husband and, she admitted to herself, a good lover. He just had this one little quirk.

Bob watched Paula storm out the door. He'd blown it again. They had been cuddling and petting each other, getting very hot, then he had mentioned another man to her again and she just went off. He watched her go. So beautiful, soft shoulder length brown hair, perfect figure, firm eager breasts, gorgeous full ass. God he loved that ass. It really filled out the tight jeans she was wearing. Her face was angelic, with striking green eyes that bore into his soul like lasers and seemed to know his every desire. Damn it why did he have to fuck it up with this stupid obsession of his. Why did he want to see her fuck another man so badly.

It had started as an innocent enough idea. They had gone out dancing and she had danced with a couple of other men. That had been so hot that he had grabbed her and pulled her into the bathroom and fucked her right there in one of the stalls. Men coming in and going out the whole time. She really got off on the risk thing and loved public sex, but what got him going was the fantasy of her fucking the men she had danced with.

That had been the start of his fantasies, and the start of his problems with Paula. He really wanted to see her with another man or even other men, but she wouldn't even consider it. He knew he should just drop it and be happy with the incredible wife he had, but now that the bug was in him he couldn't seem to shake it. After several minutes of thinking and cursing himself for his own stubbornness and stupidity, Bob decided to go after his wife and tell her he was sorry and that he wouldn't bring it up again. He walked out to his pickup. He was pretty sure he knew where she had gone. She always went shopping at the mall whenever they fought.

Ahead of him Paula stewed in her car. It was Friday, just after eight in the evening. The mall would be open and that's where she was headed. Almost there, she passed a singles bar with it's neon lights flashing and a big sign advertising that it was ladies night. What the hell she could use a drink. She pulled her car into the parking lot of the bar. At the door she was admitted without a cover charge and made her way around the small dance floor to an empty table. Before she could even signal the waitress a tall fit man with curly blond hair walked over to her table.

"Paula? Hey Paula how are you?"

She looked up at the man and recognized him immediately. "Richie! Hi, I didn't expect to see you here." Richie had almost been a lover once just a year or so ago. They had met at the restaurant she worked at and had hit it off instantly. Twice she had gone for a drink with him after work, but they had only kissed a couple of times. She had not wanted to be unfaithful to Bob.

"Mind if I join you?" he said looking around.

"Not at all. Sit down." Paula gave him her best winning smile.

He signaled a pretty waitress wearing a very short skirt and then turned his attention to Paula. "So where's Bob?"

"At home, we had a fight."

"Sorry to hear that, what about, if you don't mind me asking."

"Nothing important." For just a second she considered telling Richie about her husbands newest fetish, but couldn't bring herself to do it.

"Hmm, must have been something to send you to a bar. As I recall you always went shopping when you and he fought."

Paula laughed. "Well actually I was going to the mall. I'm not sure what made me turn in here."

"Fate!" Richie stated emphatically. "We were meant to meet each other again."

"Maybe so. Maybe so." Paula smiled at Richie and an evil idea began to creep into her mind.

Out on the highway, Bob was headed for the mall but as he passed the singles bar he was sure he saw his wife's car in the parking lot. He circled back and checked again. Sure enough it was his wife's car. Without thinking he parked his pickup in an empty space across the lot and made his way to the door. He paid his cover and slipped into the dark club. It took several seconds for his eyes to adjust to the dim light and then he scanned the room for Paula. When he finally located her he was shocked. She was sitting with another man and it was obvious even from across the room that they were flirting. He moved around the bar, carefully avoiding his wife's view. It wasn't hard, her eyes were locked on her companion. He took a seat near the bar where he could easily keep his eye on her without attracting attention. He ordered a Tom Collins from the sweet young bartender and smiled at her when she poured his drink and then returned his attention to his wife.

Paula sat, smiling at Richie. As they talked she reached across the table and touched his arm lightly. "You still look so good." She said, a sparkle lit her eye.

"You too, I can't believe we are here together. Imagine how many times I tried to get you to go out with me and now we just meet by chance." Richie was obviously enjoying flirting with her.

"I don't think anything is by chance. Do you?"

"No, I don't guess so."

They made more small talk, each small flirtation bringing their heads closer together until their lips met above the table. They kissed for just a few seconds before Paula pulled back smiling. The band began to play a slow love song, the kind that people can really dance to, and she grinned to him. "Dance with me." She said sexily, "I'll make it worth your time."

Richie stood up and gallantly offered his hand to her. "May I have this dance?"

He led her to the dance floor and pulled her into his arms. She pressed into him, letting her breasts crush into his chest and grinding her crotch against his swelling groin.

"Mmm, I think you like dancing with me." She whispered into his ear.

"You have a wonderful effect on me." He shot back, taking the opportunity to lick her soft ear lobe as he talked.

"Mmm, so nice. I should have done this a long time ago." She let one hand slide down his back to slowly run over his muscled ass.

"Better late than never." Richie could not believe what was happening.

They had worked together for nearly a year and he had tried to get her to go out with him the entire time. She had always said, "No, I'm happily married and I intend to stay that way." Now she was practically throwing herself at him. Don't look gift horses in the mouth! He thought and brought his lips together on her neck, tasting her salty sweat.

They continued to dance through the next song, again a slow one, and then made their way back to their table. They were both so centered on each other that neither noticed Bob sitting at the bar. His face showed the conflicting emotions that were consuming him. On one hand this was what he wanted. He wanted to see her with another man or at least to know she had been fucked by him. But he had always thought he would be the one to start it. Now she was obviously flirting with this guy, maybe she had even intended to meet him here. He didn't know. He also didn't know how far she would take this.

He should stop it. He should go to her and take her home. Tell her how sorry he was and that he loved her. He should, but he didn't. Instead he sat and watched her dance with him. Saw him kissing her, saw her touching him. All the while his emotions warred inside him and he did nothing. He watched them together at their table after the dances. They were talking, enjoying each others company. He was not a part of this. If he interrupted, it would end. Or would it? Would she come home with him if he were to confront her now? He couldn't take the chance she wouldn't, so he watched.

Her third drink of the night had been ordered but she no longer wanted it. Paula knew what she wanted right now and she looked across the table at Richie. "Take me to your place and make love to me." She said in as sultry a voice as she could manage and still be heard above the noise of the bar.

"Wow!" It was stupid for him to say it, but he was floored by her proposition and could come up with nothing more. He looked in her eyes, searching to see if she was for real and decided she was. "My car is right outside." He said finally.

Bob sat in mixed horror and excitement as Paula and her new lover left the bar. He thought about following them but instead ordered anther Tom Collins. Would she take him to their house or go to his? Would she ever come home? If she did what would she say to him when she did? Would she still love him? He slowly drank the bitter liqueur and then paid his tab and drove home.


Paula sat in Richie's apartment, on a couch that, while comfortable, gave the apartment that bachelor feel. She looked around the small room while she waited for the drink he was fixing her. Guy stuff filled the room; a stereo, TV, VCR, several stacks of video tapes and a couple of men's magazines. She was already feeling a buzz from the drinks, but if she was going to go through with this she thought she needed one more drink. Richie came back to the couch carrying the promised drink and one of his own.

"You are a beautiful woman." He said, looking deep into her eyes as he handed her the drink.

Paula blushed at the compliment but did not look away from him as she quickly took a long drink from her glass. Her eyes followed him as he sat on the couch next to her and took her into his arms gently. They kissed. A long deep kiss that started slowly and quickly built in passion. Both wanted this. Both knew the other wanted it too, and Paula lost the last bit of reluctance as she felt his tongue slip past her lips and into her willing, adulterous mouth. The first kiss lasted until both were forced to breath. They shared excited, eager looks and then both sat their drinks down on the low coffee table in front of them and returned to their passionate embrace.

Richie moved slowly, savoring the moment, relishing her taste and feel, reveling in the passion arcing between them. He slowly removed her blouse and then her bra. She relaxed and pushed her shoulders back, exposing her breasts to a man other than her husband for the first time since she had taken her solemn vows. He gently kissed his way down her neck, letting his lips barely brush her soft sensitive skin, until he reached the gentle swell of her chest. He paused here and let one hand slide from her back around to her breasts. He explored them gently, feeling her firm softness contrast with her pebbly hard nipples and then lowered his mouth over one tit. He sucked her gently, holding her erect nipple between his teeth and swirling his tongue around it.

Her breathing quickened as Paula gave herself over to the moment. Forgotten was her husband, her vows, her love for Bob. All that existed was Richie's mouth on her breast and the spark of orgasm already blossoming between her legs. She moaned in pleasure and took her lover's head in her hands, guiding him down lower. She pushed his head down and he took the hint quickly, kissing his way down to the tight blue jeans she was wearing. He began to unbutton them and soon they were discarded on to the floor, leaving only Paula's thin cotton panties between him and paradise. He kissed down over the light fabric, enjoying the musky smell of her sex as his lips passed over her pussy without actually touching it. He kissed her inner thighs sexily, moving from one side to the other, teasing her, delighting in the little quivers his attention was drawing from her.

Finally she could take his teasing no more. She grabbed his head and forcefully shoved his face into her panties. "Eat me dammit! Eat my pussy!" She growled in mixed passion and frustration.

Richie did not hesitate. He sucked her pussy greedily through her wet panties. He tasted her juice as it soaked through the material and instantly loved her taste. Roughly he pulled her panties down and off, quickly returning his mouth to her, now gaping, hole. He sucked deeply on her dripping pussy, tasting her exquisite juices as they poured from her velvety lips and across his tongue. He lapped at her ravenously, as if she were the last meal he would ever have. He sucked her clit into his mouth and let his tongue play with it gently but vigorously.

Paula held his head between her legs, gyrating her hips in perfect rhythm with his tongue. Her orgasm grew from the fire between her legs to consume her entire body. she screamed as her climax mounted. A scream of relief and desire. An expression of lust and release.

She had never felt so wicked or so satisfied from any orgasm her husband had ever given her. Her body jerked and convulsed, but she didn't release her lover's head, instead she held him tightly forcing him down on her pussy through her orgasm's peak until it began to subside. Finally she relaxed, letting him breath again.

When she released him, Richie slid up her body, a wide smile on his wet face. He kissed her on the lips, letting her taste her own juices on his tongue. She smiled at him and pushed him off her.

"Let's go to your bedroom, so that I can fuck you good!" She said huskily, her throat still slightly raw from her screams of passion.

"Mmm, I love it when you talk like that." Richie said standing up and helping her to her feet.

They padded down the short hallway to his bedroom. He stripped at they went and was completely naked by the time the reached the bed. Paula looked him over, her eyes stopped on his erect cock. He was not as long as Bob but significantly thicker. His pubic hair was light and thin, also very different from her husband, and she thought his nearly bare cock looked very sexy as it jumped and swayed in front of her. She knelt in front of him and took his cock in her hands. Her eyes devoured his meat for a long moment before she lowered her head and gently licked the throbbing tip. It was so unlike Bob's cock, thicker and softer, and the taste was different. It was very erotic, just the thought of kneeling here sucking another man's cock turned her on and she felt the spark ignite between her legs again. She pushed down, taking all of Richie's meat into her mouth, feeling it stretch her jaw with it's girth. She worked up and down, letting her tongue massage the underside of his shaft. She brought one hand up to cup his balls as she continued to fuck his thick cock with her mouth and tongue. She concentrated her whole being on his cock, devoting herself to it and to pleasing him until she felt the first twitch in his heavy sack. As exciting as the idea of him cumming in her mouth was to her, she wanted him to fill her pussy with his seed. She pulled her mouth off his cock and looked up into his glazed eyes.

"Fuck me now. Fill me with your cum. I want to go home to my husband full of your sperm."

Richie didn't understand why she wanted this, but was more than willing to help her. He guided her onto the bed and arranged her so that her ass was just barely supported at the edge. She spread her legs, inviting him in, and he positioned his throbbing cock at the entrance to her gaping hole. As he slid his cock into her tight tunnel they both sighed deeply. She was so hot and slick and her pussy gripped his cock with such delicious pressure that he almost couldn't keep from cumming on the first stroke.

Paula's hole had never felt so full. The thickness of Richie's cock stretched her walls like she was a virgin. As he began to move inside her, she clenched her muscles around his cock, squeezing him and then relaxing and then squeezing again. She wanted his cum inside her. She imagined Bob's face when she got back home and showed him her well fucked pussy. Maybe she would make him eat her before she cleaned up. Would he like eating another man's cum from her? The idea burned in her mind as she fucked her lover and the two sensations built within her until she exploded in her second orgasm of the night.

Richie felt her shudder and then tense. He thrust deep into her again and she clamped her legs around his waist tightly. She began to rock violently as she screamed to him to fill her with his cum. She sat up suddenly on his cock and grabbed his shoulders fiercely, her nails biting into his skin as she clawed at him. His body yielded to the intensity of the moment and his balls convulsed sending copious volumes of his hot sperm deep into her womb. The two lovers clung to one another until the moment had passed and then climbed farther onto the bed and laid beside each other in exhaustion. Paula turned so that her head lay on Richie's chest and she smiled to herself.

She could feel the wet stickiness of his sperm inside her and dripping down over her ass. She thought about what she had done. It was the first time she had been unfaithful to Bob since they had married. She was now an adulteress. She smiled at the thought. Bob wanted her to fuck other men. Now that she knew how wonderful it could be she would give him what he wanted. She would be his slut wife. The only question was how slutty would she get. Even she didn't know the answer.

Many minutes later she raised up and gave Richie a soft kiss. "I'm going home. Call me tomorrow okay."

"Your car is at the bar, do you want me to drive you?" Richie said, his eyes still closed.

"Yeah, I guess you better. I'll give you my number on the way."

It was after two in the morning when Paula pushed the button on her garage door opener. The door rose granting her access to park her car in the garage. Bob's pickup was in it's usual spot in the driveway and the house was dark and quiet. She made her way down the hallway toward the master bedroom. Surprised to find a light still on she paused outside the doorway.

What if Bob was angry with her? What if he became insanely jealous or violent? What if he didn't love her anymore? A thousand questions and doubts flooded her mind in the few seconds she stood there and then she heard the bed springs creak. She backed up as quietly as she could, just a few steps, unsure of what she should do.

"Paula, is that you?" Bob's voice came from the bedroom before he stepped into the hallway. He was dressed only in a short robe and his eyes were red and swollen. His hair was gently mused and large black bags hung above his cheeks giving further testimony to the fact that he had been crying. "Oh Paula! You came home. Please forgive me. I'm so sorry." His voice tapered off as he looked at his wife.

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