tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDiscovering Rachael Ch. 01

Discovering Rachael Ch. 01


Three years into our marriage, the sex was still okay. Rachael and I did it a few times a week; however, it was mostly the standard, in-the-bedroom fare. It wasn't until I discovered another, secret side to my wife that our marriage turned into more of a crazy sexual fantasy than the normal reality that many couples experience...opening Rachael up in ways that I would never have dreamed were possible.

My first clue was the day, last summer, that I got off work early and headed home. I didn't call Rachael, I wanted to surprise her and take her to a movie.

Turning the corner, I saw the pool cleaner's van parked in the driveway. They send someone once a week in the summer to clean the pool in our backyard.

Parking on the street, I went in through the front door and plopped my gear on the couch, expecting to see Rachael.

Calling her name, I looked around the house, but couldn't find her. Finally, I rounded the corner into the kitchen and stopped dead in my tracks.

Through the sliding glass door to the backyard, I saw the pool cleaner at work. My beautiful wife lay facing him on the lounge directly across the pool.

She was naked from the waist down.

Her red bikini bottom lay bunched up and useless on the ground next to the lounge. She had her top on, but as she stretched out, talking to the pool cleaner from behind her sunglasses...her totally bare, shaved pussy was on full display for him.

I was stunned.

I stood a moment, gaping at the strange scene...struggling to believe what I was seeing.

Why was she bottomless in front of the pool cleaner?

Her discarded bikini bottoms were evidence that her actions were intentional.

I knew that Rachael sometimes went nude around the pool with me, her husband...she loved showing me her enormous tits and luscious, tanned body. But that was different. That was for me.

The fact that her bikini bottoms were lying next to her while she willingly showed her naked pussy to the pool cleaner meant that she had obviously slid them off in his presence.

I fumed. I was angry, hurt, and jealous.

But as I watched my wife her flaunt herself, another unexpected feeling surfaced. My cock thickened, hardening in my jeans. I was totally turned on.

Wanting to wait this out a bit, I stepped behind the partially closed blinds and peered through, trying not to be seen. Rachael was unaware of my presence, and I wanted to keep it that way for now.

The pool cleaner worked on, but I could see that he was gobbling her with his eyes. Rachael chatted casually, talking with her hands as she does, all the while, acting as if she wasn't laying there with her nude pussy in his face.

What happened next made my cock jump in my jeans.

As the pool cleaner turned away to retrieve a piece of equipment from the side of the house, Rachael reached down and rubbed her clit.

My eyes nearly popped from their sockets. Unable to help myself, I squeezed along the length of my hard-on through my pants, watching my gorgeous wife play with herself only feet from a complete stranger.

Reaching behind her, she unhooked her top and pulled it away, baring her huge, naked globes. Her top joined the bottoms on the ground next to her.

My blonde wife was now totally and utterly stark naked.

As the pool cleaner returned, he stopped and stared.

I didn't blame him.

Rachael, now naked, was lightly rubbing her clit, right in front of him as if there was nothing at all unusual about it.

I saw that her pink, swollen, aureole and her nipples stood out with excitement as she openly played with herself.

Unzipping my jeans, I took my pounding cock in hand and stroked fast to the sight of my incredibly hot, nude wife masturbating her pussy while the pool guy watched.

I couldn't really make out what they were saying, but it didn't matter. I stroked, while my wife fingered her clit in front of the pool cleaner. I do commend him, he tried his best do his job while a gorgeous, busty, naked blond masturbated right in front of him...no easy feat.

Rachael's diddling increased, until she was actually sliding her fingers in and out of her sopping, naked pussy, and thumbing her clit with her other hand.

Then, spreading her legs wider, she slapped at herself with her palm...spanking her pussy...I'd never seen her do that before, and it nearly made me cum on the spot.

The pool cleaner seemed in a complete state of shock.

Masturbating for him, she spread her legs wide as possible, pointing her toes straight out, slapping at her pussy and pinching her clit. Her massive tits heaved and lolled with her efforts....hard, pink nipples jutting out in excitement.

Taking one heavy tit in her hand, she lifted it, and placed it to her mouth, sucking on her own stiff nipple, while her other hand jammed and slapped at her horny cunt.

I jerked myself furiously.

The pool cleaner just stared.

A few seconds later, Rachael came hard.

She pushed two fingers into herself and turned them over, tickling her g-spot. Suddenly she erupted...squirting her orgasm far out in front of her, soaking the end of the lounge with her cum-juice. Her huge tits shook, and her whole body convulsed violently in the lounge.

"OH...GOD...FUCK!" she yelled, moaning loudly enough to be heard through the glass door, rubbing her clit furiously and squirting hard.

Licking, sucking and biting at her heavy tit, she clamped her teeth down on a nipple, in the throes of orgasm...riding it out like a wave.

I came, shooting thick, white ropes of hot cum all over the blinds and rocking back on my heels...feeling as if I was going to pass out...I leaned forwards and grabbed the kitchen counter top for support, jerking my cock fast and hard.

As her orgasm subsided, the pool cleaner came to his senses, and started quickly packing up his equipment.

Rachael lay, spent and naked, smiling at him.

Zipping up, I hurried back out to the car, not wanting either of them to know that I had been there.

Pulling away, I drove around the block and parked.

Several minutes later, the pool cleaner's van appeared at the stop sign, then turned the corner and was gone.

Starting the car, I drove back to the house and parked in the driveway.

As I got out, I noticed that I was nervous and shaking a little. My emotions wavered between anger, jealousy, hurt, and incredible sexual excitement. Seeing my hot, naked wife brazenly masturbate to orgasm in front of someone else had me so worked up that I couldn't think.

Still, I still wasn't ready for her to know that I had seen her.

Walking through the door, I went to the kitchen. The sliding door was still closed. Peering through it, I saw Rachael, still on the lounge...only now, she was wearing her bikini.

Opening the door, I called out to her.

"Hi honey!" she said sweetly as I approached, "home early?"

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