tagLoving WivesDiscovery


byD H LAW©

Squish... squish... squish... The room was dark, except for the sliver of light from the bathroom door that we had left ajar to keep us from falling down or bumping into things in the strange surroundings of the motel room, but the sounds made me strain for visual acuity. Jen's not asleep. We've been together long enough for me to tell. I am laying against her back. We are facing in the direction of the noise. But, her breathing is deep and regular. Not like the slight huffing from the other side of the room. I reach out to her and she grabs my hand. "Matt likes the thrill of maybe getting caught.' she whispers. "Me too!" I whisper back as my other hand finds the resilience of her right breast. She struggles to contain the giggle that would give us away as well.

My eyes have adjusted enough to realize that our roommates are not in bed. Just then the thud of an extremity hitting the far wall mixes with the hush of a withheld exclamation. Jen's nipple hardens under my palm. Sudden lingering silence is slowly replaced by the slight squish of intimacy. A steady, regular, rhythm almost perceptively quickening. Accompanied by the quickening of breathing, mine, Jen's, Matt's, and Lisa's. It was so in unison that one could not be distinguished from the other. My hand leaves the comfort of her breast and tickles south to a more warm and inviting receptacle. I push past the waistband of her panties. I find her more moist than I had anticipated. The outer folds puffy almost hot to the touch. Jen has been enjoying this as well.

Matt's head appears above the bed. His back flexes with the movement of his hips. The squish is accented by slaps of flesh. The breath quickens. My middle finger seeks refuge, the molten waters part, and the heat engulfs... squish... an echo. I can't detect their breathing. Jen's is in my ear. Her lips brush mine and her tongue follows. We explore the rising tides of passion. Two fingers, clothes escape, the bed creaks. Jen's hand finds the steel rod hardon between my legs and grasps. She squeezes and my hips involuntarily jerk forward in blind search. Jen throws a leg over my hips and I aim again. Forward I lunge and refuge is mine. "OOHHH." Silence. Deafening silence. Dead quiet. Matt's head disappears.

Conspiring whispers. Ever so slowly, secretly, timidly... squish... echo... squish... echo... squish... echo. Lisa's long blonde tresses show above the bed, then shoulders. Louder... squish... echo... squish... echo... squish. Breathing... louder... then breasts above the bed. Pert small breasts and long proud nipples. Long proud nipples. Lisa throws her head back and stretches upright on her hips. Obviously impaled by Matt's standing upright cock. I love it. "Look, Jen, Lisa's tits."

"No thanks, I've seen them before, but go ahead enjoy. Just don't stop what your doing."

" I don't think I could even if I wanted to."

"SSSHHHH, they will hear us!"

"Too late I think... look." Lisa's face was definitely turned our direction and her eyes were wide open a smile on her face. I rolled to my back and Jen came along. Now she sat upright with both legs over my left side toward Lisa and Matt's bed. Their eyes met and without a word Jen slowly reached down and pulled her nightgown over her head. Her ample 38D breasts were now on full display with her nipples as hard as rocks. Squish... echo... squish... echo... Lisa's head disappeared to be immediately replaced by Matt's. His eyes opened even wider. Jen momentarily froze but it was too late. As the realization hit home, she slowly relaxed. Matt had already seen more than this in their backyard pool. But that was just skinny dipping, this was different, Jen was impaled and aroused. Lisa was impaled and aroused. Matt and I were impaling and being aroused just about eight feet apart. The air was heavy and thick with the aroma of arousal. It was intoxicating. I loved the look of Lisa's tits and Matt apparently liked the looks of Jen's. God, were we high or what?

Just then Matt stood up, lifting Lisa (still impaled) with him. He flopped noisily on the bed on his back. Jen's eyes popped. She had seen them in the pool as well but this was very very different. Lisa was straddle of Matt's hips and he was thrusting upwards. I grabbed Jen's left leg and spun it above my head and down to my right side. Jen went with the flow and found herself facing me in the superior position. She liked that position... usually. But she could not see and right now seeing was important. Jen put her hands on my shoulders and pushed herself up to straddle my thighs. Now she could see Matt's face and he hers. I could see Lisa's face and she mine. We looked each other in the eye, explored the rest of each others bodies, thrust, and squished. We were in uncharted waters of passion but no one reached for a life line.

I had never been so rock hard in my entire life. Here we were with our best friends in a motel sharing a room to save money. But what had happened was we discovered something else. WE LIKED TO WATCH. I don't think it even hit me till that very minute but I also liked being watched. Jen had said that Matt liked the thrill of maybe being caught. Well I think he liked catching others too.

Wait... if Jen knew that... then she and Lisa had talked about this possibility! I wonder how far that talk went? The thought started to fester and grow in my mind. "Hey, don't go to sleep on me." Jen said.

"No possibility of that happening." I started to whisper back, shaken out of my reverie, then caught myself. It was obvious we were all awake and aware. "I'm not sure I'll ever sleep again... " I continued in normal tone "for sure if Matt and Lisa are in the room."

"Sorry if we're keeping you from your beauty sleep, Dan." said Lisa. "Yea." Matt echoed.

"No problem, I'll miss lots of sleep to watch you two." I replied. Jen surprised me with a "Me too."

Matt said "Well, I've enjoyed watching you too but, I've got to get down to business." And with that he did. Jen and I stopped moving and just watched. He nearly threw Lisa off with the force of his sudden thrust. But the rider she was, she hung in there. Her slender, runners legs, locked at his hips. More than that she rode with abandon. What had been a secretive squish... squish... became a dynamic slap of flesh on flesh. What had been rapid but controlled breathing became a gasping for air. What had been hot and steamy became searing. As their passion grew so did the noise level. The headboard banged the wall, springs creaked, and sex filled the room. Lisa rose up on each stroke almost disengaging. This exposed almost all of Matt's erect cock. I stole a glance at Jen who seemed to be trying to get a closer view without leaving our bed. Her eyes were riveted to the spot where Matt and Lisa were joined. Lisa had really started to get into it and was moaning louder and louder. She was slamming down as hard as Matt was slamming up. Her smile had been replaced with a look I can only describe as concentrated passion. I knew Lisa to be passionate about having fun and politics and family. And I must admit to wondering in the past on more than one occasion if she was as sexually passionate. I had my answer. She was fighting passionately for sexual release. Matt seemed to be fighting just as hard. Suddenly Lisa announced loud enough to be heard three doors down I'm sure, "I'M GONNA CUM... OH GOD... OH GOD... I'M GONNA CUM... YES... YES... I'M CUMMING... CUMMING... I'M CUMMING... " Then just as Lisa began to get quiet, Matt yelled out "HERE IT COMES... SHOOTING... TAKE IT BABY... TAKE IT!" They gradually quieted and stopped moving. They rolled onto their sides facing our bed and quietly announced it was our turn.

Jen squeezed her cunt muscles and pulled all but completely off me before slamming back so hard she nearly knocked the air from my lungs. I could see she was trying to match Matt and Lisa stroke for stroke and who was I to argue. My cock had swelled to it's greatest size and hardness ever. No point in wasting it. I spun Jen under me. I was so stimulated from what I had just witnessed, I had to get control or I would scald her cunt any second. On top I could hit my stride, give her long deep steady strokes. Her nails gouged my back and tore into my buttocks. I slammed her. I was on my hands and toes, giving her the full length on every return. She gripped with all her strength as her breathing became almost like a spasm. I had never seen her this excited. I knew she was close. So was I. The churning deep down was almost audible.

"Yes... Yes... YYEEEEEEEEESSSSSS... YYYYYYYEEEEEEESSSS... " Jen screamed. The jaws of the vise closed and held me suspended in velvet clamps. I could hold back no longer. Jen's spasming cunt was squeezing my cock so hard I couldn't withdraw. So instead I slammed forward as deep as possible in the struggle to be one. I let go and yelled as the fist volley of sperm shot from my dick into Jen's passage. I don't remember ever cumming that much. It must have lasted through a dozen volleys. My arms and legs were weak from the exertion. I collapsed and at the last second thought to roll left so I wouldn't fall on Jen.

I looked over and found Lisa's eyes staring back. A smile had returned to her face, she watched Jen come down from her climax and smiled in pure joy. Now, Matt spoke kind of hoarsely, "Wow, that was quite a show!" It could be described as nothing else. Primal heat finally quenched. Just as quiet settled over the room, a long sighed "wow" echoed about. No one quite sure where it originated but agreement seemed obvious.

I laid down on my left side facing the rest of the room and met Matt's gaze from across Jen and Lisa.

Who are we? Where did we come from? How did we get here?

Well, as I said, best friends sharing a motel room to save money. But also a lot more. We were next door neighbors. Jen and I had found a nice ranch style house that we loved right next door to Matt and Lisa. Lisa and Jen were best friends for years before Jen and I met and years before Matt and Lisa had married. Lisa was Matron of Honor at our wedding and had met and married Matt a couple years later. I'm a thirty year old policeman and Jen is a thirty year old police dispatcher for another department (that's how we met, actually through a mutual friend). Lisa, twenty-nine, and Matt, thirty-one met thru work with the Animal Control Unit of Jen's department.

Anyway we were friends, neighbors, really liked each other, all of us. Jen and Lisa spent a lot of time together and enjoyed the same things. Matt and I spent time together and enjoyed the same things. The four of us spent a lot of time together and were very comfortable with each other in any situation. Even once getting a little drunk and going skinny dipping in Matt and Lisa's pool.

My name is Dan, I'm 5'11" tall, weigh right at 200lbs, have brown hair, hazel eyes, Jen and I in a silly amorous mood once measured my circumcised cock at nine and a half inches long and five and half inches around. Jen is a very voluptuous 5'6", 145lbs., dark brown hair with a touch of red in direct sun and the deepest brown eyes I've ever seen. As I've already said 38D breasts with large areola and responsive nipples, full soft hips, a natural (untrimmed) brunette bush, great legs, an inviting hourglass shape, and (although I'm admittedly prejudiced) the most exquisite ass I've ever felt. In short I love this woman. She is my absolute ideal.

Now... Matt is about 5'8" tall and weighs about 155lbs and muscular. He has blond hair, blue eyes, and according to Jen is "just cute." From what we just witnessed his cock is not quite as long or big around as mine, but has a curve to it (that has Jen intrigued). Lisa is just slightly taller than Matt (5'8 1/2 or 5'9"), about 120lbs, a muscular but molded feminine frame, middle of the back long dishwater blond hair, with green/hazel eyes, and those runners legs that go all the way to her beautiful heart shaped ass. Her bush consists of a neatly trimmed blonde landing strip just above a narrow set of lower lips. And as I just discovered pert small breasts with long pointy nipples. Well I knew about the breasts (from skinny dipping) but those long pointy nipples, wow!

That covers who we are. Where did we come from? Well Jen and Lisa were both from the same small village where we live now. Jen was born there and Lisa moved there with her now ex-husband (his hometown) and two sons shortly after he got out of the military. Matt and I both lived in the next city about fifteen miles away until we met and married Jen and Lisa.

How did we get here? Sharing a motel room and sex in the same room. Well that's going to take a little longer to explain (if I even can).

We had been friends for a long time and always comfortable with each other. Gradually over time we got so close we were comfortable with each other in any combination. When I was working long days or odd shifts, Matt would help Jen around our house if she needed it. When Lisa and I were both off work and ready for a workout we would run or ride bicycles together. Those long legs of hers nearly killed me more than once. We enjoyed spending time together whatever we did. Lisa and I both drank rum and cokes. Matt and Jen liked Margaritas. I don't know who suggested it but I'm sure it was one of us guys. One night we decided, while sitting in Matt and Lisa's basement watching TV, to watch a porno movie. I think it was our way of trying to get something started. It worked... almost. We both got our hands in the girls shirts to work on their boobs. Pretty soon as things started to heat up, Matt and Lisa went into one of the bedrooms in the basement and never came back out. Jen and I had passionate sex on the couch in front of the TV and then went home for more.

But I think that was the start of things changing. I know after that I fantasized about what went on in that basement and what I wished had gone on. As I said earlier, on another occasion after consuming a considerable number of drinks we went skinny dipping in Matt and Lisa's pool.

Now are we up to speed? Up, well yes there were signs of life. "God, can your believe we did that?" I asked.

"It sure took long enough." Matt chipped in.

"Wow, that was really wild wasn't it, Jen?" asked Lisa.

"Yes it was," said Jen "I can't believe I let you all see me naked."

"You were a lot more than naked, honey." I pointed out.

"That is an understatement." said Matt "I'd love to get a closer view of you though."

"By closer would you mean the same bed?" Lisa offered.

"Absolutely, he did." I added "Are we all sure we want to go there?" I asked checking Jen's eyes for an answer. There was just the hint of a smile and a mirror of the question. I grabbed her and we made the leap together. Narrowly missing a collision as Lisa moved quickly nearly throwing Matt to the floor. Both girls giggled nervously. No one touched but we were very close. A strange silence gripped us. After what seemed like a minute or two, Jen suggested we had better discuss some limits. Lisa offered that no one should do anything they did not want to. Matt and I laughed together that that left things pretty open.

I said, "Matt, would you like a closer view?"

"I sure would." he responded. Jen's eyes agreed again.

I raised up and she slid away from me toward Matt. Lisa rolled over Matt and off the bed. She came around and laid down next to me. Jen was to my left with Matt to her left and Lisa was to my right. (Thanks to the man that invented king size beds) Matt cupped Jen's left breast and gently tweaked the nipple with his thumb and forefinger. God, what a sight. Another man holding Jen's breast. Just as the thought was completely sinking in, a soft gentle hand found my hardening shaft. I sucked in air. I don't think Jen even noticed. Matt now had both breasts in his hands, hefting their weight, exploring their points.

Exploring hands were now examining the head, the ridge behind the head, the veins, the scrotum, the testicles, gentle but insistent exploration. My hands began to be busy as well. But I didn't stop with hands. My tongue found a nipple on a small, firm, pert little breast. But that nipple grew and grew at least a half inch long, maybe more. It looked like a small cock, I explored it with my tongue. I found it's twin and did the same. God, this was sweet. The aroma of sex once again filled the air. I moved toward it. I counted ribs, moved across the flat plain of soft belly, through the valley of navel, and into the slight course forest of light colored pubes. My chin connected with flesh, obviously warm moist flesh. My tongue followed close behind and entered the sweet garden.

I explored the lips and their division. I explored the hood and it's protected. I was rewarded with cries of pleasure and an even more aromatic flow. There was a slight saltiness, not unpleasant, but a reminder of my predecessor. It could not overpower the sweetness of her nectar. I thirsted and was quenched. I thirsted more and was quenched more. I thrust through the soft yielding passage and gathered more. Again and again, it was wonderful. My ears hurt... my ears hurt... hands then thighs... strong muscular thighs... those of a walker/runner... clenched thighs and more intimate muscles climbing, clenching, cries, loud cries. "OOOOHHHHHH GOOOOODDDDDD... GOD... YES... YES... I'M THERE... YES... YES... GOD... "

Those were not now the only sounds. Now that I had my ears back. I could clearly hear my wife nearing her own reward. Looking to my right for the first time in awhile, I found Jen with her mouth around Matt's cock and her pussy in his face. It was obvious they were both doing fine. Jen is a excellent cock sucker and she was doing her best to show Matt. And by her sounds Matt was at least a fair pussy eater. As I watched her head bobbing up and down on Matt's rigid pole, I could almost feel it. A wonderful sensation. A warm wet willing mouth engulfing your manhood. As I watched I slowly began to realize I was feeling it. Lisa has beautiful lips. But I was enjoying the show. Jen was getting real close any second now... she stiffened and shook, she cried out around his cock, she locked her thighs, but through all of that she kept her head moving until Matt could take no more. He slammed home and held it there. I could see her throat working to swallow it all, but a small white trickle escaped, only to be captured a moment later by a warm red tongue. That was an amazing sight and it was having an effect on me. I could feel the building orgasm of my own.

I pulled Lisa's mouth from my prick and with my hands in her armpits tugged her up along my body till I could feel the sparse forest tickling the glans. I told Lisa that I needed her and she shook her head, yes. Her hand reached between us and guided me home. As the head spread her open, I was surprised at the tightness. She was warm and moist but almost painfully tight. Then as I passed the opening a million velvet fingers caressed the shaft. It was simply wonderful. But the best was yet to come. As I sank into the warm moist cavern of Lisa's cunt my attention was drawn to Jen. I found her lying on her side facing us completely engrossed in me screwing her best friend. Behind her with his left hand cupping her right breast again was my best friend Matt. His eyes were locked on Lisa's. I bottomed out pelvic bone to pelvic bone and slowly withdrew only to plunge back just as intently. I rotated my hips, I think as much for the show as for the pleasure. From the sounds she made Lisa was enjoying herself but her eyes were on Matt. Lisa asked Matt, "Is this what you wanted to see?" He shook his head yes. We screwed slow and long and deep for as long as we could but inevitably friction and sensation got the better of me (and I think... no, I know Lisa). All too soon we were banging bones almost painfully, me struggling for release and Lisa matching me stroke for stroke. I was gone. As the first volley of 4th of July fireworks passed the horizon my first stream of semen passed Lisa's portal to be quickly followed by another and another and another. It seemed it would go on forever and yet end too soon. It did. I mashed my lips to Lisa's and shoved my tongue into her mouth. We kissed passionately our most intimate act until with a whimpered "squish" my softening rod slipped out.

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