Discretion is the Better Part...


"Mr Carson, if you would assist please."

He realized that a set of shackles was woven around the base of the device and bent to lock them around the young woman's wrists and ankles, while the older woman secured her snugly at waist and armpits with a set of velcro soft restraints. He noted with some interest that not only were the nipples on the freckled breasts hard and ridged, but that her snatch was swollen, pink and starting to drip wetness down the crack of her ass. Licking his lips he wondered with brief longing how she would taste, not realizing the woman opposite him apparently saw everything and missed nothing.

"Do you want her, Mr Carson? She is here to serve the needs of those who come to this house."

He watched as the woman's hands stroked the silky skin below them, pinching and twisting a nipple with one while the other separated the labial folds, sliding down to disappear into the girl's streaming cunt, sliding back out wet and glistening in the harsh overhead lighting. His cock stiffened and rose as he watched her hand repeatedly plunging into the wet depths. Fleur was moaning now, the first sounds he thought he'd heard from her, and tossing her head.

"It is to her shame that the little slut enjoys it so much," she said while pinching and twisting the girl's clit hard.

He saw the freckled body try to arch against the restraints holding her down as a sudden gush of moisture flowed from her. Motioning him again, the Mistress moved a covered device closer to the end of the table holding the girl's body. Uncovering it he discovered a tandem piston motor with large dildos attached to the ends of the arms. Sliding them forward he realized the girl was attempting to slide down to reach them as well. Inserting them in her pussy and ass and turning on the motor he heard her sigh with pleasure as the machine began forcefully fucking her holes.

He was hard as a rock now and oozing pre-cum when he turned found the older woman feeding one of her breasts into the eager mouth of the restrained girl, weighted nipple clamps now attached to each of her own hard teats. He thought he saw her swallowing forcefully, when the corseted woman said -

"That's it, Precious. You LIKE Mama's milk don't you? Almost as much as you like Mama's pussy juice..."

Oh gawd, he thought, that is TOO fucking hot as he began to stroke his rod watching. Seeing his movements out of the corner of her eye she lifted her breast free, milk continuing to stream from the reddened nipple, the girl watching its flow and licking her lips hungrily.

"Mr. Carson...May I call you Curtis?" She continued at his nod, "Curtis, perhaps you would like to join in and play as well, or perhaps we can find something else that interests you?"

Like a man in a dream he moved forward, dropping to his knees in front of her, reaching hungrily toward her breast. He saw her lift both the large nippled breasts free of the corset and took them from her, delighting in the weight and fullness of them. Closing his eyes reverently he tongued one hard tip as it entered his mouth, realizing from the immediate rush of warmth and sweetness that the milk flow started immediately. He barely needed to suck, only to swallow as her warmth filled his mouth, nourishing his body and his soul. He felt her hands stroking his hair as she murmured softly. He still stroked himself occasionally with one hand, holding her breast with the other, and when she pulled away from him he grunted in protest.

"Come with Mama, Curtis" she said, beckoning him further into the room.

As she walked he saw her pushing down the lace of her thong until, past her hips, it fell to the floor and she stepped out of it.

"Bring Mama's panties Curtis, " and smiling hugely at him, "There's a good boy!"

His cock ached now, throbbing in time to the sway of her hips as she walked.

She settled into an over-stuffed rocking chair, sliding forward until her ass rested on the edge of the seat. Spreading her thighs she beckoned him forward -

"C'mere baby! Let Mama see if you have any other talents besides woodwork."

As he buried his face in her wet pussy, eagerly tongue fucking her, slurping her wetness and nuzzling at her clit, she cooed, "Such a pretty baby in his lacy undies."

"Sweeeeet, sissy baby, " she sighed as she began to rub against his face.

Eager to cum again now he began to stroke in time to her movements, only to have her stop and shove him away from her.

"NAUGHTY BOY!" she scolded. "Mama did NOT say it was your turn yet. You take those hands off your peepee or Mama will SPANK!"

At her words his heart nearly leaped out of his chest. YES, he thought, oh YES! THIS is it! And deliberately, never taking his eyes from her face, he stroked again.

"All RIGHT then, Mr. Slutty Boy! Get your ass up here - Mama's gonna paddle your ass till you can't sit for a week!"

Reaching into the top drawer of the side table she pulled out a ping-pong paddle, watching as he rose, his cock now drooling pre-cum freely. He draped himself gingerly over her lap, his rigid tool now nestled warmly between her thighs. He flinched at the first solid whack across his buttocks, feeling the immediate sting and heat, as well as a building pressure in his nut bag. She connected solidly half a dozen times, alternating cheeks each time. His whole ass was on fire but with each bounce as she struck he got that much closer to cumming, feeling her firm thighs warmly massaging his length.

"Are you sorry yet, Mister?"

At his head shake she reached into the side table again, pulling out an enormous black dildo. Wagging it under his nose she told him firmly -

"You better lick this boy! Show Mama what a good little slut cock-sucker you are!"

As he licked and slobbered around the head of the huge toy, she gave him another couple smacks with the ping-pong paddle, keeping the fire in his ass burning. Moving the ebony rod away from his face he soon felt her fingers feathering along the crack of his ass, ultimately separating the cheeks, as he felt a strong pressure against his anus. Trying to relax into it he heard her crooning -

"That's it. Is Mama's little slutty boy's boy-pussy virgin or does he like being fucked?"

She rubbed her thighs together stimulating him almost unbearably as the pressure against his ass increased until he finally felt the head of the enormous dildo pop past the anal ring. Not content though she kept up the pressure until the entire length of the 10 inch tool was buried in his ass. As she hit the vibrator switch on the end, cranking up the vibrations to full strength, his system went into overload and bouncing on her lap, fucking himself with the toy she held firmly, while simultaneously stroking his aching cock until he fairly exploded with white hot ropes of jism between her thighs and running down her legs.

"Now just look at the mess you've made," she scolded. "Get down here and lick this up and then we have to go release Fleur, she's pissed all over the pleasure bench again."

As he dutifully bent, licking and sucking his cum from the stockings she wore, she ruffled his hair, "THAT's a good baby! Mama's guests are gonna LOVE her new sissy boy and his tight little slutty, boy-pussy. And the GARDENERS! Oh MY....the gardeners just LOVE slutty little sissy boys!"

As he finished and helped her to her feet she added -

"Now tell me Curtis, wouldn't it be a good idea and save time if you just moved in to this big old house with Fleur and Mama?"

And he felt his cock stirring again...

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